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Online Ethnography  Bala Pillai
 Apr 13, 2004 09:21 PDT 


I thought you'd be interested in rich thought links below. Apologies for

Bala Pillai ba-@apic.net
Inventor/Producer, APIC Mind Colonies/Halls Without Walls

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   Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 08:59:35 -0700
   From: "Steve August" <ste-@kdaresearch.com>
Subject: RE: on online ethnography (and my introduction)

Hi Katalin,

Thanks for introducing yourself and for your reference to Kozinets. I
have recently become acquainted with his papers and I think he was way
ahead of the curve in recognizing the possibilities with online
communities vis-a-vis market research. He uses the term "netnography"
which he apparently coined back in 1998, when he first started writing
about this topic.

You mentioned that your interest is internet marketing with one focus
point on online communities. Have you read some of Dina Mayzlin's
papers? She's an Assistant Professor at Yale Business school and has
worked on a number of papers in which she attempts to measure the impact
of online word of mouth and promotional chatter in online communities.

Here's the link to her Yale home page:

And links to her papers:

The Influence of Social Networks on the Effectiveness of
Promotional Strategies"
<http://www.som.yale.edu/faculty/dm324/soc_networks.pdf> (.pdf)
Dina Mayzlin
July 17, 2002

Using Online Conversations to Study Word of Mouth Communication
<http://www.som.yale.edu/faculty/dm324/wom2.pdf> (.pdf)
David Godes and Dina Mayzlin
August 2003

Promotional Chat on the Internet
<http://www.som.yale.edu/faculty/dm324/PromoChat2.pdf> (.pdf)
Dina Mayzlin
June 28, 2003

The Effect of Word of Mouth Online: Online Book Reviews
<http://www.som.yale.edu/faculty/dm324/draft10_5.pdf> (.pdf)
Judith Chevalier and Dina Mayzlin
Oct 5, 2003

I thought Using Online Conversations to Study Word of Mouth
Communication was especially interesting in describing the different
parameters of online word of mouth.


Steve August
KDA Research
270 Chattanooga Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

www.kdaresearch.com <http://www.kdaresearch.com>

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From: onlinefac-@yahoogroups.com
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To: onlinefac-@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [of] on online ethnography (and my introduction)

Hello list,

i should introduce myself first, i subscribed recently and i am finding
the list a great place to read and learn already.

I just finished college (B.Sc International Marketing and TQM). My main
interest is internet marketing, with two focus points: online
and their marketing implications and pay-for-performance marketing
was the subject of my thesis). I am located in Budapest, Hungary.

"Steve August" <ste-@kdaresearch.com> wrote:
 We've been
calling our technique virtual ethnography and have added it our more
traditional off-line services.

Hello Steve,

you may find these articles useful regarding "virtual ethnoraphy":

Robert V. Kozinet:
"On Netnography: Initial Reflections on Consumer Research Investigations
of Cyberculture"
"The Field Behind the Screen: Using the Method of Netnography To
Research Market-Oriented Virtual Communities"
"I Want to Believe: A Netnography of the The X-Philes' Subculture of
All available to download here:

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