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3 Simple Tactics To Catapult Your Quit Smoking Efforts  Peter Jeffries
 Jan 26, 2009 05:29 PST 

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Article Title:
3 Simple Tactics To Catapult Your Quit Smoking Efforts

Article Description:
Want to easily quit smoking? It's easier than you think
once you understand 3 "Simple" tactics of calling it quits.
This article provides tricks and tips you need to make
quitting a walk in the park.

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Written By: Peter Jeffries
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3 Simple Tactics To Catapult Your Quit Smoking Efforts
© Copyright 2009 Peter Jeffries

It's unbelievable to see many smoker's going about
quitting the wrong way. They simply miss a few of the
key tactics that are essential to boosting your chances to
quit and stay quit.

And no, you don’t need nicotine patches, dangerous
prescription medicines or a myriad of other things on the
market in order to quit.

Let me share with you some of the steps my client’s use
to quit these nasty cancer sticks for good.

STEP 1 – Don’t Expect To Quit Overnight

Your smoking habit has been ingrained into your thinking
over many years, and as it has taken a strong hold over
you, and so you will need some pretty heavy elbow work
to remove this habit. Like all things great in life, your
success comes about by putting in the necessary
foundations and building upon these. If you quit
overnight, your foundations will be weak, and you will
relapse before you know it.

Having said this, you should still expect success within
weeks rather than months. Be careful not to go to the
other extreme and procrastinate your quit date.

Aim for about a month or less to quit your nasty habit.

STEP 2 – Take One Day At A Time

No doubt, quitting smoking is a large task at hand. Like
any large task, they can be daunting at the start as you
just have so much ground yet to cover.

So don’t think about it as a “large task”. Think about it as
“today”. What do I need to do to get through today.
What do I need to do to get through “this evening”.

It’s like eating a steak. You would never plop the whole
thing in your mouth and try to swallow it. Instead, you
would cut it up into small pieces, chew it, and then
swallow it. The same goes with quit smoking.

You’re addicted to nicotine. You love a fag that first thing
in the morning. You cannot imagine enjoying an upcoming
dinner without lighting up. There will always be excuses
and challenges. And did you know that the majority of
these excuses are only in your head? You’re merely
looking for an easy way out so you have an excuse to
why you failed.

It’s time to stop thinking about the future and the huge
task ahead of you. You cannot control this. Instead,
concentrate on what you can control – the present.

Stay focused on the day at hand where you have control
of what’s in front of you now.

STEP 3 – Stop Thinking Negatively

You ultimately become what you think. If you think about
your failures, how tough things are, how things wont
work, then in the end, these thoughts will materialize
into your present life.

It’s time to think you can and will. The powers of positive
thoughts help create the leaders and successes of
today’s world.

There’s no point beating yourself up for things you can’t
change, or for your past failures. This achieves squat.

Action will follow more easily if you learn to suppress your
negative thoughts, and concentrate on how your
changes are now making a positive impact on your life.

Do yourself a favour and start using these tactics. It will
make the whole process of quitting that so much easier.

Cessation is a journey. Learn to take a step at a time,
and before you know it, you too will be an ex-smoker.

Peter Jeffries makes it easy to quit smoking, quickly &
easily. Grab these 3 simple keys to staying quit. To
receive your freebie report visit:
http://www.quityesterday.com today.

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