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[FWD: Nu-age TV]  Elonna Byxbee
 Aug 20, 2000 09:42 PDT 
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From: "Randy Fasig" <drfa-@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 00:28:30 EDT
To: Clayaura_a-@topica.com
Subject: Nu-age TV

The following message was in my mail and I did promice to ask if there
interest within this list. So.... is there any interest in this type of
programing or anyone who is qualified who might want to be employed
If so please send me any responces off list and I will forward them to
Steve. All communications will be held in strict confidence and no
information will be retained by myself, Airdale Enterprises, Fasig
Enterprises or Thaumaturge books for any reason.(damn i hate lawyer

    Randy V. Fasig

Several people from both the trans/post-human/extropian spheres, and
from pagan/nu-age/alternative medicine E-lists have contacted me
about the practicalities of starting cable TV channels to support
both of these constituencies ... both of which minorities are under-
represented on mainstream media.

Response to the Extropian & Nu-Age TV/ Radio prospectus have been
quite good (I see them as two separate things from a programming
perspective, but maybe sharing infrastructure & advertising.

I am putting together a roster of people who are interested in
providing input of various types (we have a wiccan TV broadcast
engineer, extropian interactive web-TV company, experience (8 years)
transhuman cable TV presenter, various content providers & business
activists, alternative therapists and so on.

Please e-mail me ste-@multisell.com if you feel you want to help
make either/ both these channels come about. If the Scientologists
and Christian cultists can do it, then why not us?

In the Great Work
Director, Bundex TV & Film
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