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Re: {GNLIB} Comic Book Checkouts  Menzies
 Nov 03, 1999 12:43 PST 
Hi Kris, My name is Xavier from the Riverdale Public Library, a small
south suburban public library. We barcode each comic book and they all
circulate. Yes they will get mutilated because of normal usage. What I
hate the most is when they take the comic book and leave the cover with
the barcode. For the most part, kids seem to almost respect them unlike
anything I've ever seen because you think that every issue could just
walk out the door and we'd be left with the covers laying around. The
folks at the circ desk hate the childrens dept. for our puppets that are
barcoded and have bags along with the comic books, etc. What can we do?
Our job is to make the popular desired age-appropriate materials
available for the patrons. (Generic definition of collection development
in youth services) Good Luck! On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Kris Bell wrote:


I was just wondering how everyone handles circulation of comic books (not
necessarily trade paperbacks or graphic novels that could be barcoded and
shelved)...At a library I used to work at, we had a few subscriptions
and just put them out on browsing shelves...of course they were
stolen, multilated, and quickly disappeared. Do you just chalk it up as a
loss (well, loss to the library and gain to patrons) or do you try to
control it somehow by requiring them to be checked out or holding them
behind a desk to be asked for and then returned? It seems if you could
hang on to them, they could be bound after a year and then shelved with
other graphic novels?

Any thoughts/suggestions/comments??

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