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List Name Gnostic Thought Study Group (Gnostic Thought)
Purpose: The traditional Christians have hundreds of bible study groups. At last here is a study group for those who want to discuss books about the Gnostic path. This is not a scholar's list to study ancient Gnosticism. It is for those who wish to learn more about the modern Gnostic path by discussing various books relating to modern Gnosticism.

The literalist Christians study the bible. We study books by modern Gnostics, about Gnosticism and some which are not considered Gnostic but which are similar to Gnosticism. And yes, we do study a couple of books about ancient Gnosticism. This is for background and is not intended to be a scholary discussion.

You don't need this list to learn to be a Gnostic. In fact we cannot teach you to be a Gnostic, so donít join the list and ask when you are going to be instructed. All the knowledge you will ever need is already inside you. All you have to do is wake up and remember what you already know, have always known.

This list is for the discussing of books and experiences , the rest is up to you. No priest, guru or preacher can lead you to it. You can't buy your way in no matter who you pay or how much you spend. Salvation/Waking up/Enlightenment is a do it your self project.

George Harvey
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Created: Nov 26, 2001
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