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Let Them Eat Cake  Mike Johnston
 Feb 05, 2007 15:15 PST 
February 5, 2007

By Mike Johnston

I am sitting in a truck in Whately Massachusetts going over the daily
Climate Change/alternative energy news feeds and posting stories to the
blog. Sometimes when I am doing this I can't help but be struck by the
irony of seemingly unrelated stories which, when taken together, mean
something totally different than either story meant on it's own.

In the background is REM playing "Its The End of The World As We Know
It (and I feel fine)" and again the irony is delicious. The two stories
today that sparked this line of reasoning are especially fun because
they just add one more layer to an already familiar socio-economic
pattern. The first story is entitled "Global warming to hit poor worst,
says U.N.'s Ban". Now there is a no brainer. Seems like everything hits
the poor worse (including capitalism). How bad will it be to be poor if
the world gets more and more out of whack? Pretty bad according to most
experts. Now there is another good one, if you are an "expert" on
poverty does that make you just an observer or should the
responsibility to end poverty be inherent to claiming that title?

At any rate, while the poor will get poorer and more uncomfortable
sitting in their sweltering hovels/tenements/welfare housing projects
drinking water that has been recycled from their own excrement what
will the rich be doing? Why getting richer of course, what else?

The second Story today that completes the ironic moment is
titled "Financial Firms Detail Climate Change Risks,Opportunities".
Isn't that just sweet? That's right my poor friends, there are
opportunities for financial reward in any situation. After all someone
has to build the sewer system that collects your sewage and channels it
to the recycling plant where it is strained and then bottled to sell
back to you don't they?

While i wrote this I remembered the famous quote often attributed to
French Queen Marie Antoinette. She supposedly said it on the eve of the
French revolution when she was asked what the peasants could do who
could not even find bread to eat. As the story goes her reply was; "Let
them eat cake". While the validity of this quote is in dispute now
among scholars the gut sentiment behind it remains unchanged. So today
when the sweltering masses of the poor look to the rich and ask, "what
can we drink?" apparently the reply is going to be; "Let them drink
piss". We have come so, so far, haven't we?

More info here

Posted By Mike Johnston to H2OPower at 2/05/2007 04:49:00 PM
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