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More on atmospheric oxygen depletion  Mike Johnston
 Dec 09, 2007 09:17 PST 

Right now I am workin on a story about climate change. Last week I
posted a note about the line of thought that led me to start asking
questions about the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere. Since then I
have started gathering data on the subject.

My theory is that as we burn fossil fuels we are converting atmospheric
oxygen into CO2 and H2O. Ok, so if we are producing these byproducts at
a faster rate than they can be absorbed by the environment and converted
into carbohydrates and O2 then perhaps we are also removing O2 from the
atmosphere faster than it can be replenished.

So far I have found data that suggests that, yes, oxygen levels in the
atmosphere are falling and have been since at least 1989 when a record
started being kept. This data is from Scripps Institute through NOAA so
it is pretty reliable. It is an aspect of Climate Change that no one is
talking about. I emailed one of the lead writers of the UN Climate
Change Report and asked him why no one is including this aspect in the
Climate Change discussion.. Waiting for a response.

Before I finish the story I want to make sure that there is a least a
possibility that the oxygen depletion is coming about due to the causes
I am thinking about and not something else.

Another aspect of the story deals with what the source of the water that
is raising ocean levels by 2mm a year is. The ocean is rising by 2.4mm a
year and published reports I have seen tend to only account for .4mm of
that rise and attribute that to melting ice. One possible source for
that other 2mm of water is actually the exhaust of your car and every
other vehicle and device that burns hydrocarbon fuels. For every gallon
of gasoline that is burned 19lbs of CO2 and 8lbs of water is produced.
It would take 18 trillion gallons of water to raise the level of the
ocean by 2mm. World production of petroleum right now is 29 trillion
gallons a year, a majority of which is refined into fuels... so there we
have a source for the 18 trillion gallons of water that raises the
ocean. And the oxygen that is part of the H2O molecules in all that
water used to be part of our atmosphere...

I will keep you posted as I learn more.

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