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The Haunted Places Report 9/04/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Sep 03, 2001 10:45 PDT 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



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* In The News
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* Upcoming Events



   I wanted to thank each and every subscriber of the "Hauck Report" for
your support for the last four years. Your feedback, subscriptions, and
articles have helped make it the most respected newsletter of its kind.
The vast majority of our subscribers are paranormal investigators
actively working in this field.
   The recent name change to the HAUNTED PLACES REPORT was done to more
properly identify the subject matter of this unique weekly newsletter.
Within the next month, you will be transferred over to the Haunted
Places listserver and sent a confirming email to which you will need to
reply to continue your subscription. I also wanted to clarify that I am
still the publisher and work closely with editor Ron Beach, who has done
a wonderful job expanding the newsletter and keeping up with the hectic
weekly schedule.
   Thank you once again for your interest and support. Together, we have
made paranormal research a respected and cutting-edge tool in the search
for truth in the universe and greater meaning in our lives.

Dennis William Hauck



Once again, I would like to apologize for not being able to send out a
newsletter last week. Things have finally settled down around here and
everyone is feeling fine. Thank you to everyone who sent us email
wishing us well and offering prayers. Your email and prayers really
helped us thru a rough time.


Recently we have had many request to post information concerning
commercial ventures such as tours, ghost equipment sales, etc... While
we will continue to post information about lectures, conferences, and
other upcoming events, we don’t feel that it is fair to the readers to
fill the newsletter with advertising.
In response to the numerous requests for advertising our publisher,
Dennis William Hauck, has set up a page on the Haunted Places Website (
"http://www.Haunted-Places.com/tours.htm" ) for advertising. If you have
a commercial type event or items to sell they can be listed for only
$3.00 a month or prepaid for a year for only $20. For more information
to view the ads please visit the web page at the above link


   Have you written paranormal related book, newsletter or sell a
paranormal related product that you would like to see reviewed in the
Haunted Places Report? Contact us at “ Haunted-@neo.rr.com “ about
doing a review. Our newsletter reaches over 1400 subscribers and news
groups worldwide!

   Do you have a favorite paranormal website? How about sharing it with
others? Send us the URL and if we feature it in the Haunted Places
Report, that site will be awarded the "Haunted Places Website of the
Month" award. We ask that you only recommend non-commercial sites; not
sites that are selling a product or service. Sites that include a page
to sell their club shirts, cups, etc... are eligible to win the award.



From John James at "gtjj-@hsonline.net" : Some of my friends and I
have a small local cable access television show, it has become fairly
popular among our town. We are running out of new material to shoot, so
we thought we would try to find some places that have known ghostly
happenings and try to capture something happening. I was wondering if
you could give us any locations in Indiana (besides the Hannah house)
that we could try and investigate. We live in Seymour Indiana, which is
50 miles south of Indianapolis on interstate 65 and 50 miles north of
Louisville on interstate 65. We would be willing to travel in a 100
miles radius from Seymour.

I received an email from Troy Taylor informing us that the October
31st investigation / event at the Avon Theatre is sold out. They are,
however, taking names and reservations for the waiting list, but no new
applicants at this time!

From Dennis William Hauck ( www.hauntedplaces.com ):

   I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in my own
research. If you know of any corrections or additions to the haunted
places directories, please email me with details. I am currently working
on an updated edition of HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY, due out
from Penguin-Putnam in October of next year, and want to make sure all
the details are up-to-date and accurate and that it contains the best
cases from across the country.



In response to our story about Pug dog ghost we received the following:
From Jacqueline at jlhami-@home.com : My name is Jacqueline and I
am 32 yrs old, married with twodaughters in Colorado. Before I got
married almost 13 yrs ago, my husband and I adopted a small malnourished
black and white cat, and we named him Cody.
   The mother of Cody was a stray and we happened upon her and her son
one day while in the yard. My husband and I grew very close to Cody, and
we cherished him, and to me he was my first born. Last December, he
began looking as if he was sick, oily looking fur, and his eyelids were
closing strange. I took him to the doctor on December 26th in the
evening, and the doctors said he had FIP (Feline Intestinal Paratinitis)
I think that is how you spell it. Anyway, I was advised to put him to
sleep. Now keep in mind that we have had our Cody since before we were
married 13 yrs before.
This was so awful and so heart breaking to me, especially because my
husband took him in to have it done, and it was his 35th birthday,
December 27th,2000. My husband took him and they put him to sleep and
Dan brought him home for burial. Just seeing him so lifeless was awful,
and I became very distraught. Oh my, tears are in my eyes as I type
this. I loved him so very deeply.
   Cody always fancied sitting outside the shower and meowing for the
fresh water off of the bathtub while we were showering.. Since he died,
I have heard him several times, meowing while I am in the shower,
wanting his fresh drink. Not only that, I feel him jump up onto the bed
at night to cozy up to us in slumber. I know that animals have souls.
How could they not? We are alive, and we have souls, so what makes them
any different from us? They have such a capacity to love and be loved.
They are, in some ways,
better people than most. I wanted to share my story of Cody with you
all, hoping you could understand that they come back, as we do. Delores'
Pug is proof of it. Thank you for listening. And *hugs* to all out there
who have had an animal succumb to death. And always know, that they are



From the Ananova News service, originally published in the Published on
August 15, 2001, St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) :

Gangster's Ghost Appears at Wedding
   The ghost of a Prohibition-era gangster is thought to have put in an
appearance at a wedding. Jack Peifer's ghost is said to haunt the former
Minnesota Federal Courthouse which is now the Landmark Centre in St
   Kimberly and Joseph Arrigoni's 11-year-old niece spotted the
uninvited guest when they got their wedding pictures back. "We didn't
even notice him when we first got the pictures back," Kimberley told the
Pioneer Planet <http://www.pioneerplanet.com>. "My niece, Jamie Ness,
who is only 11, was the first to look really closely. 'Who's that?' she
asked. Nobody knew the man."
   Jack Peifer was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment at the former
courthouse for his part in the kidnap of brewery heir William Hamm.
Apparently he was so aghast at the sentence he committed suicide in the
Ramsey County jail by ingesting potassium cyanide.



From Lisa at LANDM-@worldnet.att.net: I live next door to my
grandparents home where I was raised since the age of 1 1/2. My
grandfather was a very strong willed person who always wanted to take
care of everyone.
   He passed away in 1989 at which time a few strange occurrences haven
take place. My mom, my brother, his family, and I had been doing some
yard work and I started inside the house. I could not enter because the
sliding glass patio doors were locked which could only be done from the
inside! We all thought this was very strange, but thought maybe the door
had been jarred causing the inside lock to catch. I went around to the
front door to enter, but this door too was locked! The solid outside
door was unlocked, but the inside glass/screen door was locked. This has
to be done from the inside by moving a "flip" lock. The eerie thing
about this is that there was no one in the house!!!
   I came home from work one afternoon and the bread, mayonnaise, and
deli ham were lying out on the counter as if someone were making a
sandwich, but no one was in the house. Neither my mom or I had left
these things out!
   I have two puppies ,one of which is a miniature Schnauzer. Sometimes
he will sit-up in the bed in the middle of the night and look around the
room barking as if someone or something is there!!
   My mom has also experienced the hall light coming on by itself when
she is the only one home!
These episodes do not frighten us because we believe somehow it is my
grandfather keeping an eye on us.



Dave Juliano, Co-Director of the South Jersey Ghost Research -
"http://www.sjgr.org" as informed us of the following lectures and
seminars being given by his group:
Lectures include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A. Seminars also
include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A plus equipment demonstrations
and group interaction.
October 11, 2001: Lecture at Blackwood Public Library, Blackwood, NJ
October 12, 2001: Booth at The Witches Ball, Mt Holly, NJ
October 19, 2001: Seminar at the Historic Gabreil Davies Tavern,
Glendora, NJ
October 24, 2001: Lecture at Bellmawr Public Library, Bellmawr, NJ
October 28, 2001: Seminar at Camden County Historical Society
October 29, 2001: Lecture at Atco Public Library, Atco, NJ


THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT !!! Taking names and reservations for the waiting
list, but no new applicants at this time - - -

Want to Spend the Ultimate Halloween Night?

   Author & Ghost Hunter Troy Taylor has secured the haunted Avon
Theatre in Decatur, Illinois for the ultimate Halloween Ghost Hunting
Adventure! A few lucky visitors will have the chance to get signed up
for an all-night paranormal investigation of the Avon!
   For the first time ever, a group of ghost hunter will be able to
prowl the dark hallways and auditorium of the theater in a all-night
search for the legendary theater's myriad of
haunts! Led by Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society, investigators
will be able to experience this spirited spot by themselves! Will you be
among the lucky few to Join in
the hunt for the Avon's ghosts?
   The evening begins at 8:00 on Halloween Night and lasts until the sun
comes up the following day! Attendees must arrive at the starting time
for the event and if they are too afraid to spend the night and leave
the theater, the door locks behind them! No one who
departs from the building will be able to return that night!
   The evening will include a presentation on the history of the Avon
Theatre and a chronology of the theater's haunting, presented by Troy
Taylor, author of the book "Flickering Images: History & Hauntings of
the Avon Theatre" and president of the American Ghost Society. Following
this, Taylor will also be conducting tours of the
theater and then a presentation on conducting paranormal investigations.
This session will feature ghost photography, equipment demonstrations
and how-to use ghost detection devices.
   Then, at midnight, the attendees will be divided into teams and the
investigation of the theater will begin! And while we cannot guarantee
that anything supernatural will occur during the evening... the Avon has
long been regarded as one of the region's most haunted spots! This may
be your chance to meet one of the Avon's ghosts face-to-face!

What to Bring to Haunted Halloween at the Avon:
- Flashlight
- Notebook and Pen
- Camera and plenty of film
- Video Camera (optional)
- Any Ghost Hunting Equipment that You want to Bring

   Admission to the Event Includes All-Night access to the Theater and
to the Presentations on History & Hauntings, Tour of the Theater, Access
to the Paranormal Investigations, plus:Copy of Troy Taylor's book
"Flickering Images" OR Copy of "The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook" OR
$10 off any Ghost Detection Equipment in our catalog OR
a $10 Gift Certificate to the Catalog to be used at a later time!

This is not "Fear" or "Scariest Places on Earth"... this time the
participant is YOU and what happens is REAL!

Sign up now at <https://www.prairieghosts.com/avon31.html>


DelMarVa Ghost/History Gathering
October 6, 2001


   These topics and more will be featured at the first annual DelMarVa
Ghost/History Gathering, to be held at the start of the Halloween
season, on Saturday, Oct. 6, from 8 a.m.-8:30 p.m., in North East, Md.
In-person registration begins at 8 a.m. at the Crystal Inn, conveniently
located off Interstate 95 on Maryland Route 272. The day-long event
includes experienced speakers, fascinating topics and a panel
discussion, then ends with a guided Cemetery/History Tour-presented by
conference hosts Ed Okonowicz and Mike Dixon. SEATING IS LIMITED, make
your reservations EARLY. Cost is $45 per person.

Conference Schedule:

8-9 a.m. Registration - Crystal Inn lobby (Morning refreshments, such as
coffee, orange juice, tea, fruit and cheese filled Danish will be

9:15 a.m. Welcome and Introductions - Ed Okonowicz, author of Spirits
Between the Bays series and regional storyteller; and Mike Dixon,
historian, Historical Society of Cecil County, columnist and noted

9:30-10:15 a.m. History, Haunts and Ghost Hunting Experiences - Ed
Okonowicz, author, ghost writer and storyteller, who will share unusual
incidents and behind-the-scene experiences while writing his ghost

10:15-11:15 a.m. Spirit Photography and How to Capture Ghosts on Film -
Rick Fisher, founder and director of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters
Society and a nationally recognized ghost hunter and researcher from
Lancaster, Pa., will provide examples and practical instruction.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Do You Have a Haunted Antique? - John Klisavage, a
paranormal consultant and owner of Washington Street Books and Antiques
in Havre de Grace, Md., will share his insight and experiences with
haunted objects.

12:30-2 p.m. Lunch on your own

2-3 p.m. UFOs, Aliens, Abductions and More - George Reynolds, director
of the Mutual UFO Network Northeast Maryland Chapter, noted
archaeologist and an experienced UFOlogist, will present a program on
subjects that are "out of," and increasingly becoming part of, this

3-3:45 p.m. Researching Your Old Haunted House or Land - Mike Dixon,
will tell us how to unearth the history of unusual events that may have
occurred at a site-such as a murder, suicide, or other types of
tragedies. Learn to use such public records as wills, property
documents, marriage and courthouse records and death certificates. An
excellent way to search for and find the "reason" for your unusual

4-4:45 p.m. Paranormal Panel - Audience questions will be directed to
all of the speakers, plus Jim Gerleve, who will demonstrate ghost
photography that evening after the cemetery walk.

5-6:30 p.m. Dinner on your own

6:30 p.m. Assemble - at England's Colony on the Bay gift shop for the
evening's guided Cemetery Walk

7 p.m. Guided Cemetery/History Walk - includes details on local history,
burial practices, tombstone architecture and a demonstration of ghost
hunting photography by Jim Gerleve of Conowingo, Md., a member of the
Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society and Inner Circle of the International
Ghost Hunters Society. (Bring your digital or 35 mm camera with flash.)

SPECIAL GHOST CONFERENCE ROOM RATES have been arranged at $79 per night
(a $50 savings) A limited number of rooms have been reserved. When
making a reservation, be sure to mention you are attending the ghost
conference to get the special rate. The Crystal Inn's toll free number
is 1-800-631-3803.

For more information about the conference or to request a brochure, send
Ed an e-mail message at ed-@udel.edu or call him at (410) 398-5013.


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA’S MOST HAUNTED: A lecture/slide presentation
focusing on haunted locations in northern California will be presented
by Dennis William Hauck at the Learning Exchange on Friday, October 26,
from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. $35. The Learning Exchange, 650 Howe Ave., Ste.
600, Sacramento, CA 95825. To register, call (916) 929-9200 or fax (916)
929-0806. Website: "http://www.LearningExchange.com".



NEW CUMBERLAND GHOST WALK I'm happy to announce that we will be doing a
ghost walk in conjunction with the merchants in downtown New Cumberland
this year the weekend of Oct. 19-20. I am incorporating the towns
history into the haunted stories. We will be discussing at least 10
haunted homes on this walking tour. It will be held rain or shine. More
details will follow in the upcoming newsletters.

ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD A trip to Antietam will take place on Saturday
September 22, 2001. Rain date has been set for September 29th. Please
sign up if you are interested. We will be carpooling and maps will be

Haunted Bus Tour of Bedford & Blair Counties presented by author Patty
Wilson and the Central Pa. Paranormal Assoc. Bedford Tours will be held
on Sunday Sept. 23rd and Sunday Oct. 21st starting at the Jean Bonnet
with a bus and walking tour of the Bedford area. They will hear EVP and
get a chance to capture a ghost for themselves.
Contact: Kelly Weaver at (717) 737-7623 or at weav-@aol.com


Blair County Haunted Tours are Sunday Sept. 30th and Sunday Oct. 28th.
Each tour includes at least 10 sites, first-hand ghost hunting, and a
meal at a haunted location. The cost for the entire day is $45.95
Reservations by calling (814) 793-2260 or (814) 941-1130.


Crucible 2001 is a jump-in-the-fire event for anyone interested in
creative transformation. The alchemical adventure will be held on
Saturday, October 13, at the luxurious Delta King Hotel, on the
riverfront in the heart of old Sacramento. Hosted by author and
practicing alchemist Dennis William Hauck, this intensive multimedia
event will focus on the practical and spiritual methods the alchemists
actually used for the transformation of body, mind, and soul.
Demonstrations, experiments, meditations, and other techniques will make
these principles come alive in participants. Before any metal becomes
gold, it must be exposed to the fire of the crucible! The Delta King is
a five-story, 300-foot-long, completely refurbished riverboat with eight
large meeting rooms, a comfortable bar/lounge, an award-winning
restaurant, and spacious staterooms. Built in 1928, it was renovated in
1999 to become what U.S. Today calls "a unique meeting place with AAA
five-diamond ratings." Admission is $79 ($99 after August 1). For a free
brochure, fill out the form at
"http://www.Crucible.org/Crucible2001.htm" .
Contact: : "in-@crucible.org".




   9/03/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Replay of Terence McKenna from 5/22/97
Topic: Nature of time and time travel
Website: "http://www.levity.com/eschaton/hyperborea.html"

9/04/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Katherine Ramsland
Katherine Ramsland holds master's degrees in forensic psychology and
clinical psychology, and a Ph. D. in Philosophy. She has been a
therapist and psycho-educator, and for many years taught philosophy at
Rutgers University.

9/05/01 - Wed/Thu
Guest: Rod and Randa Milliron
Discussing private missions to space and rocket development.
Website: "http://www.translunar.org"
9/06/01 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Andrew Yoder
Andrew Yoder is a hobby radio enthusiast, activist and author. His book
publishing credits include the latest edition of The Complete Shortwave
Listener's Handbook, Pirate Radio: The Incredible Saga of America's
Underground, Illegal Broadcasters, Pirate Radio Operations. Book: Pirate
Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and
Website: "http://www.hobbybroadcasting.com/"

9/07/01 - Fri/Sat
Ghost to Ghost

9/13/01 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Dr. Nick Bostrom
Dr. Nick Bostrom is one of the leading lights of the transhumanist
movement, which argues for the responsible use of technology to enhance
human capacities. He is currently a philosopher at Yale University, but
being something of a polymath he also has a deep background in physics,
computational neuroscience, and mathematical logic. During various
phases of his 28-year existence, he's also been a painter, a poet, and a
stand-up comedian. He founded the World Transhumanist Association in
1998 in an effort to promote understanding of anticipated future
technologies and their impact on humanity.
Website: "http://www.nickbostrom.com/"


Nothing listed



Nothing listed



Nothing listed.



Fri - 9/7 at 9:30pm - All Souls


WB Network:

Tue - 8/22 at 9pm - Dead Last



Thu - 9/6 at 9pm - Night Visions
Sun - 9/9 at 9pm - X Files



Thu - 9/6 at 10pm - Scariest Places On Earth: Best of Scariest Places
on Earth
Fri - 9/7 at 9pm - Scariest Places On Earth: Exorcisms
Fri - 9/7 at 19pm - Exploring the Unknown: Faked Moon Landing



Weekdays at 6pm - X Files



Nothing listed.



Wed - 9/5 at 8pm - Travel Channel Presents: The Haunted
Wed - 9/5 at 9pm - World’s Best: Most Haunted in America
Sat - 9/8 at 8pm - Travel Channel Presents: America’s Haunted Hotels



Mon - 9/3 at 8pm - Forbidden Secrets: Diamonds / Body Lag.
Tue - 9/4 at 9pm - Mysterious Ways: Lost Souls
Thu - 9/6 at 8pm - It’s a Miracle: Bumper Ride / Name Had
Mon - 9/10at 8pm - Forbidden Secrets: Hospital Secrets/ Spy Birds



Thu - 9/6 at 9pm - Science Mysteries: Animal Telepathy
Thu - 9/6 at 9pm - Science Mysteries: Secrets of Levitation



Fri - 9/7 at 11pm - Crypts, Coffins, and Corpses
Sat - 9/8 at 11pm - Haunted History: Ghosts of Gettysburg



Sun , Tue, Wed, Thru at 11 and11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Sat - 9/8 at 9pm - The Chronicle: Let Sleeping Dogs Fry



Nothing listed



Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm
You can also visit the above URL to listen to past programs or see a
listing of other internet radio programs on the PAwebcast network.
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