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The Haunted Places Report 9/11/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Sep 09, 2001 10:18 PDT 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



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   I wanted to thank each and every subscriber of the "Hauck Report" for
your support for the last four years. Your feedback, subscriptions, and
articles have helped make it the most respected newsletter of its kind.
The vast majority of our subscribers are paranormal investigators
actively working in this field.
   The recent name change to the HAUNTED PLACES REPORT was done to more
properly identify the subject matter of this unique weekly newsletter.
Within the next month, you will be transferred over to the Haunted
Places listserver and sent a confirming email to which you will need to
reply to continue your subscription. I also wanted to clarify that I am
still the publisher and work closely with editor Ron Beach, who has done
a wonderful job expanding the newsletter and keeping up with the hectic
weekly schedule.
   Thank you once again for your interest and support. Together, we have
made paranormal research a respected and cutting-edge tool in the search
for truth in the universe and greater meaning in our lives.

Dennis William Hauck



Recently we have had many request to post information concerning
commercial ventures such as tours, ghost equipment sales, etc... While
we will continue to post information about lectures, conferences, and
other upcoming events, we don’t feel that it is fair to the readers to
fill the newsletter with advertising.
In response to the numerous requests for advertising our publisher,
Dennis William Hauck, has set up a page on the Haunted Places Website (
"http://www.Haunted-Places.com/tours.htm" ) for advertising. If you have
a commercial type event or items to sell they can be listed for only
$3.00 a month or prepaid for a year for only $20. For more information
to view the ads please visit the web page at the above link.


We recently received the following email. If you’d like to join Debbie
group please send her an email or visit their website:

    I receive your newsletter and have for quite a long time. I was
wondering if you would be able to put my organization in your newsletter
so more people will notice we're out there.
   My group is the Springfield Ghost Society and we meet in Springfield,
Il once a month. We do field work and research on alleged haunted
places. This group has been in existence since January 2000. We are
looking for new members and of course more places to investigate. There
are several gifted people in the group who have great knowledge of the
different religions including Wicca and Paganism. They also have
experience with Native American ways and rituals. We are inexistence for
one major reason, like everyone else, we are trying to prove to the
general public that ghost actually do exist. I'd appreciate any help you
can give us. If you need to contact me my information follows.

Debbie Lowery, Founder/President Springfield Ghost Society
Email: djlo-@famvid.com"
Website: "http://www.angelfire.com/il/ghostsociety"

From John James at "gtjj-@hsonline.net" :
   Some of my friends and I have a small local cable access television
show, it has become fairly popular among our town. We are running out of
new material to shoot, so we thought we would try to find some places
that have known ghostly happenings and try to capture something
happening. I was wondering if you could give us any locations in Indiana
(besides the Hannah house) that we could try and investigate. We live in
Seymour Indiana, which is 50 miles south of Indianapolis on interstate
65 and 50 miles north of Louisville on interstate 65. We would be
willing to travel in a 100 miles radius from Seymour.

   I received an email from Troy Taylor informing us that the October
31st investigation / event at the Avon Theatre is sold out. They are,
however, taking names and reservations for the waiting list, but no new
applicants at this time!

From Dennis William Hauck ( www.hauntedplaces.com ):

   I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in my own
research. If you know of any corrections or additions to the haunted
places directories, please email me with details. I am currently working
on an updated edition of HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY, due out

from Penguin-Putnam in October of next year, and want to make sure all
the details are up-to-date and accurate and that it contains the best
cases from across the country.



The Cassadaga Ghost Hunt and Workshop held June 30,2001
By feature article writer Brandy B. Stark at:

    Harry Potter is not the only one who attends special classes.
During the summer, the S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of St. Petersburg spent one warm
afternoon updating our skills at a ghost hunting workshop held in
Cassadaga, Florida.
   Cassadaga, located just east of Orlando, is a very unusual place.
Established in the late 1800's, it was a southern retreat for
spiritualists, used to encourage the understanding and teachings of
psychic abilities. The town, which appears to encompass approximately 4
city blocks, is still the home of a thriving spiritualist community.
   In addition, the area hosts one of the largest geomagnetic vortexes
in the southeastern United States. This ambient energy, it is said,
attracts ghosts....what better place for a workshop and ghost
   Taught by Jeff Reynolds, this afternoon class offered useful
insights. We learned about poltergeist classification, orb
manifestation, and we gained several useful new vocabulary words. (Did
you know that "plasmaphobia" means "fear of ghosts"?)
   There was some "down time" after the workshop and before our next
lesson, embodied in the Cassadaga ghost hunt. We took advantage of this
break to investigate an old cemetery that was recommended by two
S.P.I.R.I.T.S. team members. We experimented with the use of "ghost
divining rods", but were unable to attain any definite proof of their
accuracy. No images appeared in our photographs, though one
conscientious teammate did clean up a few neglected tombstones.
   Finally, nightfall set in. The group gathered at the Cassadaga Hotel
where we met other ghost enthusiasts interested in doing a hunt. The
combined group was first lead to the areas of the town with the highest
ghostly activities; then we were split into smaller groups to do
   The S.P.I.R.I.T.S. stayed together and started their ghostly tour at
the hotel. Lee and Karen West had prior experiences with this location,
and had captured strange spectral images on film during earlier visits
to Cassadaga. Happily, the ghosts made an appearance before the entire
team. Several unusual shapes were photographed hovering above the
staircase. One white orb even appeared on film, dancing across the bar
area before vanishing. Perhaps this shows that even the dead still
enjoy an occasional indulgence of "spirits"!
   The next stop held a surprise for us all. Upon returning to the
geomagnetic vortex, one of our team, Sandy Bard, had a most unusual
experience. It started with the sensation of someone putting a hand
upon her shoulder, and was accompanied with startling cold. Nothing
could be detected with the human eye, nor with EMF meters. Yet, the
temperature sensitive gauge, a device used to register the temperature
of objects at a distance, revealed a 10 degree temperature difference
between Sandy's two shoulders. Cold radiated from the area, and could
be sensed by others. Slowly, the hand moved from one shoulder to the
next, down to Sandy's own hands, and was followed by the sensation of
being embraced. After an extended period of time, the episode ended.
   "I think I had someone with me. At one point I felt happy and was
smiling. I think this might have been a combination of actually having
an encounter and maybe some feeling from the spirit or spirits," Sandy
said. "I was asked if it was someone I knew and my Dad popped into my
head. I am not sure, however, that it was him."
   Next on our agenda was Medicine Wheel Park. This area contains a
blessed Medicine Wheel, whose stones are attuned with a celestial
calendar. The Medicine Wheel itself is a most interesting area,
surrounded by trees that almost appear to grow around the sacred space,
but not in it. Perhaps due to the lateness of our visit, or the
excitement from the vortex, the Medicine Wheel did not produce any
results. The team moved on.
   Finally, we stopped by Spirit Lake. Our guide had earlier joked that
it was now the "Spirit Gulch" due to its low water levels brought on by
the drought. Still, it was an area that sometimes produced unusual
images on film. The cremated remains of many of Cassadaga's former
residents had been scattered across the lake, so perhaps their energies
remained near by. However, though beautiful, the area did not offer any
substantial proof of spectral activity.
   All in all, it was a very revealing night. The S.P.I.R.I.T.S. passed
the workshop with flying colors, utilizing our own pre-existing
guidelines and procedures. We blended with a group of unusual
individuals, and met other ghost enthusiasts desiring to learn more
about the unknown world around us.
   Yet, the unusual encounter in the vortex served as a reminder.
Though we strive to understand the supernatural, and have come far in
our studies, there are many lessons left for us to learn.



Possessed Possessions ( $9.95 )
ISBN 0-9643244-5-8
Possesses Possessions II ( $9.95 )
ISBN 1-890690-02-3
Written by: Ed Okonowicz
Published by: Myst and Lace Publishers

   We all know that places and buildings can be haunted but what about
things? Can previous owners of certain items come back to haunt those
items? Can items take on a spirit of their own? After reading Possessed
Possessions and Possesses Possessions II I think you’ll find the answers
to be “Yes, they can!”
Both of these books contain true stories of haunted antiques,
furniture, and collectibles. The author of 15 books, Ed Okonowicz has
searched country for stories about haunted items.
   Possessed Possessions features stories of 20 haunted objects. You’ll
read about the troubled doll in Maryland and the gingerbread clock in
Ohio. In Possessed Possessions II you will find 40 bizarre tales about
haunted clothing, musical instruments, and even psychic vegetables.
   These are truly one of a kind books dealing with a very interesting
subject matter. A real “must have” for the serious paranormal
investigator or for the arm chair ghost hunter. As one reviewer stated,
“These are the books some antique dealers do not want you to buy.” The
books can be obtained thru your local bookseller or by ordering from the
author at:
Ed Okonowicz
1386 Fair Hill Lane
Elkton, MD 21921

   If ordering from the author please make checks payable to Myst and
Lace Publishers, Inc. and include $2.00 postage for the first book and
50 cents for each additional book. We will be reviewing more of Ed
Okonowicz’s books in future newsletters.



Britain's Favorite Haunts
From the BBC
   As well as being shopkeepers and animal lovers, it seems the British
are also a nation scared of things that go bump in the night. Almost
half of people in the UK believe in ghosts, according to a new survey.
Some 42% of Britons think ghosts, phantoms and other supernatural
apparitions really exist.
   The study by NOP found marked regional differences, with almost
two-thirds of those in Scotland and northern England admitting to having
seen or felt the presence of a ghoul. Those in the south and older
people were found to be more skeptical.
   Mark Graham, whose company Original Ghost Walks takes visitors on a
supernatural tour of York, says it may just be that southerners are more
reluctant to admit their ghostly experiences. "All people are scared of
ridicule, but perhaps those in the North are more willing to admit their
brushes with apparitions." Mr. Graham says skeptics often open up to him
once they learn of his interest in ghost stories."If I go to any public
place, a cafe or a pub, people will tell me the supernatural is all
rubbish, but within 10 minutes they'll be telling me about their own
meetings with ghosts."
Britain's most haunted
   York is one of the places vying for the title of Britain's most
haunted city, boasting at least 140 resident specters. "This is such an
ancient place that people who come here tend to be more receptive and
prepared to look further into the supernatural," says Mr. Graham, who
claims never to have seen a ghost, "only voices and shadows".
   Sherri Steel from the York Castle Museum has tried to get to the
bottom of many of the city's ghostly goings-on. "It's very difficult to
find someone who has actually seen an apparition. It's mostly 'friends
of friends' stories, and as with all great stories, they tend to get
elaborated in the telling."
   York's reported ghouls range from Roman legionnaires spotted marching
through a cellar, to the moans of murdered children buried under the
local "ragged school" in the 1850s. Ms. Steel says the Castle Museum,
housed in a former prisoner where executions were carried out, is also
supposedly haunted. "One attendant said they heard a woman and a child
singing one night, but there was no one there. It's probably just the
history of the building, which can be quite spooky after dark.

Spooky sounds

   "People tend to be far more willing to give odd noises a supernatural
explanation in a place like this." Not all the city's ghosts have a
grisly past. Mr. Graham says York boasts one of Britain's most amorous
spirits. "The Duke of Buckingham II haunts the Cock and Bottle Inn.
   While alive he had quite an eye for the ladies and in death he often
appears in the toilets," says Mr. Graham. "The caress of a hand, that
breath of hot air. You'd be surprised how many people are glad to have
met him."
   The British willingness to believe in spirits goes against a wealth
of scientific evidence. Parapsychologist Simon Sherwood says many
people's experiences of ghosts can be explained quite rationally. "Many
ghost or apparition experiences happen around the time of sleep, when we
are part asleep, part awake." In this state, the scientist from
University College Northampton says people can see faces or figures near
their bed, often taking the form of people they know.

Facing facts

   "Sometimes they don't even see anything, but have a sense of
presence, a presence of something in their room." Unlike dreams, which
have been studied in depth, these near-sleep visions have received
little attention. "The general public don't know very much about these
quite normal visual experiences, so are more willing to accept a
supernatural or paranormal explanation for them," says Mr. Sherwood.
   Sleep paralysis could also result in the kinds of experiences people
often convince themselves are genuine ghost sightings. "When a person
wakes to find they are paralyzed, have difficulty breathing, feel
pressure on their chest and are confronted with visions of faces or
figures, they often jump to a supernatural conclusion."Like the gulf
between Manchester United and Manchester City fans, paranormal believers
and skeptics are notoriously reluctant to see any merit in each others
conviction. However, no matter what side of the argument you stand,
you'd better not stand around too long in the toilets at the Cock and



Submitted by Patrick at: haun-@castles.com :
   Back in the late '70s I was an insurance fraud investigator. In
between the more interesting cases we would conduct Product Liability
and accident investigations to pay the bills. One of these was the
investigation of a plane crash in the very northern tip of the state of
   The small airport in this town had a runway that was in an East/West
orientation to take advantage of the prevailing winds. On the westerly
end, the runway ended at the edge of the cliffs above the Pacific.
Approximately a half mile off the end of this runway was a small rock
island standing alone as it rose about 150 feet above the water; perhaps
a half acre in size. No human had stepped foot on it in 90 years as it
was an official bird sanctuary.
   One clear morning, an experienced pilot who lived in this town and
who had flown countless times from this airport, took off into the west
and proceeded to slam his airplane into this small island; it was our
job to find out why. I should mention from the start that this did not
appear to be a suicide: he was, by all accounts and interviews, a
happily married, successful businessman with every reason to live.
   We helicoptered out to the island two days later to start our
investigation, having to jump off the skids into the foot-deep bird
guano with our camera and measuring equipment. While taking a picture of
one of the pilot's eyeballs that had been flung into the side of a
guano-encrusted rock just past the point of impact, I felt the presence
of someone immediately to my right. Thinking it was my partner, I
continued to photograph this eye from various angles as I made small
talk with my partner, trying not to think too much about what I was
doing and what I was photographing because that's the only way one can
do this kind of work while remaining emotionally dispassionate. Having
gotten my shots, I turned while rewinding the film back into my Nikon's
cassette only to see a stranger standing 2 feet away with this curious
look on his face. "What are you doing here?" was all I could think to
ask, noting my partner was about a hundred feet away with his back
turned as he too went about his work.
   He didn't answer me and just turned around and walked to the broken
cockpit of the Piper, turning translucent then transparent as he walked
through the out structure of the plane. I wanted to call out to my
partner so he could see this but it was too late and I never mentioned
this to him nor did I put it in my final report (DUH!). After all facts
were gathered, it was determined to be caused by "pilot error" but I
never felt good about that. However, no mechanical reason could be found
for him flying straight into this rock that he was all too familiar with
on a clear day.
   I wish now he could have communicated to me at that time in some way
what did cause the accident because the insurance company denied his
family any compensation due to the "pilot error" verdict. If there were
ever a propititious moment for there to be communication between the
living and the dead, that was it...but it was not to be. To this day,
the accident remains unexplained.

Submitted by Jason at: caligu-@yahoo.com
   I was recently in San Diego with my mother and cousin. We decided to
visit The Whaley House, aware of its history as a possible site of
hauntings. First let me tell you that I'm not a firm believer, more of a
"I'llbelieve it when I see it" type.
   We started walking around the house, and downstairs everything seemed
okay. As we ascended the staircase, I started feeling like something was
stopping me from my breathing. I told my mom about this, and she agreed.
She said it was like something was holding your neck. We toured the
upstairs, and a few minutes later my cousin commented that my neck was
red. The whole front of my neck was red, and there was a red line across
one of the sides. The red did not go away for a few hours, proving it
was not just me scratching or anything.
   We later found out that the staircase was the site of the town
gallows before the house was built and this made a believer out of me.
Whatever happened there, I to this day have no idea.



Dave Juliano, Co-Director of the South Jersey Ghost Research -
"http://www.sjgr.org" as informed us of the following lectures and
seminars being given by his group:

Lectures include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A. Seminars also
include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A plus equipment demonstrations
and group interaction.

October 11, 2001: Lecture at Blackwood Public Library, Blackwood, NJ
October 12, 2001: Booth at The Witches Ball, Mt Holly, NJ
October 19, 2001: Seminar at the Historic Gabreil Davies Tavern,
Glendora, NJ
October 24, 2001: Lecture at Bellmawr Public Library, Bellmawr, NJ
October 28, 2001: Seminar at Camden County Historical Society
October 29, 2001: Lecture at Atco Public Library, Atco, NJ


THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT !!! Taking names and reservations for the waiting
list, but no new applicants at this time - - -

Want to Spend the Ultimate Halloween Night?

   Author & Ghost Hunter Troy Taylor has secured the haunted Avon
Theatre in Decatur,
Illinois for the ultimate Halloween Ghost Hunting Adventure! A few lucky
visitors will
have the chance to get signed up for an all-night paranormal
investigation of the Avon!
   For the first time ever, a group of ghost hunter will be able to
prowl the dark hallways and auditorium of the theater in a all-night
search for the legendary theater's myriad of haunts! Led by Troy Taylor
and the American Ghost Society, investigators will be able to
experience this spirited spot by themselves! Will you be among the lucky
few to Join in the hunt for the Avon's ghosts?
   The evening begins at 8:00 on Halloween Night and lasts until the sun
comes up the following day! Attendees must arrive at the starting time
for the event and if they are too afraid to spend the night and leave
the theater, the door locks behind them! No one who
departs from the building will be able to return that night!
   The evening will include a presentation on the history of the Avon
Theatre and a chronology of the theater's haunting, presented by Troy
Taylor, author of the book "Flickering Images: History & Hauntings of
the Avon Theatre" and president of the American Ghost Society. Following
this, Taylor will also be conducting tours of the
theater and then a presentation on conducting paranormal investigations.
This session will feature ghost photography, equipment demonstrations
and how-to use ghost detection devices.
   Then, at midnight, the attendees will be divided into teams and the
investigation of the theater will begin! And while we cannot guarantee
that anything supernatural will occur during the evening... the Avon has
long been regarded as one of the region's most
haunted spots! This may be your chance to meet one of the Avon's ghosts

What to Bring to Haunted Halloween at the Avon:
- Flashlight
- Notebook and Pen
- Camera and plenty of film
- Video Camera (optional)
- Any Ghost Hunting Equipment that You want to Bring

   Admission to the Event Includes All-Night access to the Theater and
to the Presentations on History & Hauntings, Tour of the Theater, Access
to the Paranormal Investigations,
Copy of Troy Taylor's book "Flickering Images" OR
Copy of "The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook" OR
$10 off any Ghost Detection Equipment in our catalog OR
a $10 Gift Certificate to the Catalog to be used at a later time!

This is not "Fear" or "Scariest Places on Earth"... this time the
participant is YOU and what happens is REAL!

Sign up now at <https://www.prairieghosts.com/avon31.html>


DelMarVa Ghost/History Gathering
October 6, 2001


   These topics and more will be featured at the first annual DelMarVa
Ghost/History Gathering, to be held at the start of the Halloween
season, on Saturday, Oct. 6, from 8 a.m.-8:30 p.m., in North East, Md.
In-person registration begins at 8 a.m. at the Crystal Inn, conveniently
located off Interstate 95 on Maryland Route 272. The day-long event
includes experienced speakers, fascinating topics and a panel
discussion, then ends with a guided Cemetery/History Tour-presented by
conference hosts Ed Okonowicz and Mike Dixon. SEATING IS LIMITED, make
your reservations EARLY. Cost is $45 per person.

Conference Schedule:

8-9 a.m. Registration - Crystal Inn lobby (Morning refreshments, such as
coffee, orange juice, tea, fruit and cheese filled Danish will be

9:15 a.m. Welcome and Introductions - Ed Okonowicz, author of Spirits
Between the Bays series and regional storyteller; and Mike Dixon,
historian, Historical Society of Cecil County, columnist and noted

9:30-10:15 a.m. History, Haunts and Ghost Hunting Experiences - Ed
Okonowicz, author, ghost writer and storyteller, who will share unusual
incidents and behind-the-scene experiences while writing his ghost

10:15-11:15 a.m. Spirit Photography and How to Capture Ghosts on Film -
Rick Fisher, founder and director of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters
Society and a nationally recognized ghost hunter and researcher from
Lancaster, Pa., will provide examples and practical instruction.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Do You Have a Haunted Antique? - John Klisavage, a
paranormal consultant and owner of Washington Street Books and Antiques
in Havre de Grace, Md., will share his insight and experiences with
haunted objects.

12:30-2 p.m. Lunch on your own

2-3 p.m. UFOs, Aliens, Abductions and More - George Reynolds, director
of the Mutual UFO Network Northeast Maryland Chapter, noted
archaeologist and an experienced UFOlogist, will present a program on
subjects that are "out of," and increasingly becoming part of, this

3-3:45 p.m. Researching Your Old Haunted House or Land - Mike Dixon,
will tell us how to unearth the history of unusual events that may have
occurred at a site-such as a murder, suicide, or other types of
tragedies. Learn to use such public records as wills, property
documents, marriage and courthouse records and death certificates. An
excellent way to search for and find the "reason" for your unusual

4-4:45 p.m. Paranormal Panel - Audience questions will be directed to
all of the speakers, plus Jim Gerleve, who will demonstrate ghost
photography that evening after the cemetery walk.

5-6:30 p.m. Dinner on your own

6:30 p.m. Assemble - at England's Colony on the Bay gift shop for the
evening's guided Cemetery Walk

7 p.m. Guided Cemetery/History Walk - includes details on local history,
burial practices, tombstone architecture and a demonstration of ghost
hunting photography by Jim Gerleve of Conowingo, Md., a member of the
Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society and Inner Circle of the International
Ghost Hunters Society. (Bring your digital or 35 mm camera with flash.)

SPECIAL GHOST CONFERENCE ROOM RATES have been arranged at $79 per night
(a $50 savings) A limited number of rooms have been reserved. When
making a reservation, be sure to mention you are attending the ghost
conference to get the special rate. The Crystal Inn's toll free number
is 1-800-631-3803.

For more information about the conference or to request a brochure, send
Ed an e-mail message at ed-@udel.edu or call him at (410) 398-5013.


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA’S MOST HAUNTED: A lecture/slide presentation
focusing on haunted locations in northern California will be presented
by Dennis William Hauck at the Learning Exchange on Friday, October 26,
from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. $35. The Learning Exchange, 650 Howe Ave., Ste.
600, Sacramento, CA 95825. To register, call (916) 929-9200 or fax (916)
929-0806. Website: "http://www.LearningExchange.com".



NEW CUMBERLAND GHOST WALK I'm happy to announce that we will be doing a
ghost walk in conjunction with the merchants in downtown New Cumberland
this year the weekend of Oct. 19-20. I am incorporating the towns
history into the haunted stories. We will be discussing at least 10
haunted homes on this walking tour. It will be held rain or shine. More
details will follow in the upcoming newsletters.

ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD A trip to Antietam will take place on Saturday
September 22, 2001. Rain date has been set for September 29th. Please
sign up if you are interested. We will be carpooling and maps will be

Haunted Bus Tour of Bedford & Blair Counties presented by author Patty
Wilson and the Central Pa. Paranormal Assoc. Bedford Tours will be held
on Sunday Sept. 23rd and Sunday Oct. 21st starting at the Jean Bonnet
with a bus and walking tour of the Bedford area. They will hear EVP and
get a chance to capture a ghost for themselves.
Contact: Kelly Weaver at (717) 737-7623 or at weav-@aol.com


Blair County Haunted Tours are Sunday Sept. 30th and Sunday Oct. 28th.
Each tour includes at least 10 sites, first-hand ghost hunting, and a
meal at a haunted location. The cost for the entire day is $45.95
Reservations by
calling (814) 793-2260 or (814) 941-1130.


   Crucible 2001 is a jump-in-the-fire event for anyone interested in
creative transformation. The alchemical adventure will be held on
Saturday, October 13, at the luxurious Delta King Hotel, on the
riverfront in the heart of old Sacramento. Hosted by author and
practicing alchemist Dennis William Hauck, this intensive multimedia
event will focus on the practical and spiritual methods the alchemists
actually used for the transformation of body, mind, and soul.
   Demonstrations, experiments, meditations, and other techniques will
make these principles come alive in participants. Before any metal
becomes gold, it must be exposed to the fire of the crucible!    
   The Delta King is a five-story, 300-foot-long, completely refurbished
riverboat with eight large meeting rooms, a comfortable bar/lounge, an
award-winning restaurant, and spacious staterooms. Built in 1928, it was
renovated in 1999 to become what U.S. Today calls "a unique meeting
place with AAA five-diamond ratings." Admission is $79 ($99 after August
1). For a free brochure, fill out the form at
"http://www.Crucible.org/Crucible2001.htm" .
Contact: : "in-@crucible.org".




9/9/01 - Sun/Mon
Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: James Chiles
Website: "htpp://www.invitingdisaster.com/"

9/10/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Andrew Yoder
Andrew Yoder is a hobby radio enthusiast, activist and author. His book
publishing credits include the latest edition of The Complete Shortwave
Listener's Handbook, Pirate Radio: The Incredible Saga of America's
Underground, Illegal Broadcasters, Pirate Radio Operations.
Website: "http://www.hobbybroadcasting.com/"

9/11/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Dr. Hank Wesselman
Dr. Hank Wesselman claims that after having sex with his wife, he can
travel into the future. He discusses sex-induced time travel in his new
book, "Vision Seeker". Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD
is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the
worlds. He did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in
Zoology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to
receive his doctoral degree in Anthroplogy from the University of
California at Berkley. For the past 30 years, he has worked with an
international group of scientists, exploring East Africa's Great Rift
Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. He is also
a shaman in training, now in the 20th year of his apprenticeship.
Website: "http://www.sharedwisdom.com/"

9/12/01 - Wed/Thu
Guest: Major Ed Dames
The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, Dames is the creator of
Technical Remote Viewing and cocreator of Mindazzle! An original member
of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program, he
subsequently served as the training and operations officer for the
Defense Intelligence Agency's psychic intelligence (PSIINT) collection
Update: Chandra Levy's murderer
Website: "http://www.trvinstitute.com"
Website: "Http://www.mindazzle.com"

9/13/01 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Dr. Nick Bostrom
Dr. Nick Bostrom is one of the leading lights of the transhumanist
movement, which argues for the responsible use of technology to enhance
human capacities. He is currently a philosopher at Yale University, but
being something of a polymath he also has a deep background in physics,
computational neuroscience, and mathematical logic. During various
phases of his 28-year existence, he's also been a painter, a poet, and a
stand-up comedian. He founded the World Transhumanist Association in
1998 in an effort to promote understanding of anticipated future
technologies and their impact on humanity.
Website: "http://www.nickbostrom.com/"

9/14/01 - Fri/Sat


Nothing listed



Nothing listed



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed. Appears that All Souls will no longer be shown.


WB Network:

Tue - 8/22 at 9pm - Dead Last



Thu - 9/6 at 9pm - Night Visions ( Season Finale )
Sun - 9/9 at 9pm - X Files



Fri - 9/14 at 10pm - Exploring the Unknown: Astrology Parts 1 and 2



Weekdays at 6pm - X Files



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed.



Schedule not available at time of publication.



Thu - 9/13 at 10pm - Science Mysteries: Between Life and Death



Sat - 9/15 at 11pm - Haunted History: Haunted Northwest



Mon, Tue, Wed, Thru at 11 and11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Sat - 9/15 at 9pm - The Chronicle: Take Me Back
Sun - 9/16 at 8pm and 8:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards



Nothing listed



Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm
You can also visit the above URL to listen to past programs or see a
listing of other internet radio programs on the PAwebcast network.
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