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Haunted Places Report 10/02/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Oct 01, 2001 19:05 PDT 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



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Halloween will soon be upon us. Does anyone have a favorite Halloween
activity or recipe they’d like to share? Just email it to me at:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com and we’ll publish it in the next issue.

Be sure to check out our upcoming events section! Lots of events all
over the country taking place in October.
    If you have an event you’d like posted please send the information
to me at: Haunted-@neo.rr.com. In the subject line, be sure to put
“Upcoming Event”. Remember, this newsletter has an international
readership, so even if your event is not in the U.S. we’ll still post



We received the following email from Brandy at:

Can you post an inquiry to places that ask for ghost stories? I wrote a
horror story/ghost story based upon a picture I saw....it's in diary
form, but as a creative writer I'm interested in seeing who might be
in posting it.....

Can anyone suggest some places to Brandy?



The following is from the Strange Nation website

Do It Yourself EVP
By Mark Poysden at: su-@xs4all.nl
Anyone with an interest in the study of survival of the human
consciousness beyond physical death stands to learn and grow from
investigating and/or conducting his or her own EVP research.
There are many ways to approach the possible manifestations of
post-mortem survival; perhaps the best attitude to take is to consider
it a mix of both science and spirituality. Most researchers conduct
recording sessions in their homes, on a regular basis. Frequency and
consistency seem to aid in obtaining results.
What do you need to tape?
1: A tape recorder, obviously. Early recordings were made on
reel-to-reel machines, then cassette decks. Anything with a built-in
microphone or speakers has proven unreliable as they increase distortion
and often pick up too much local motor noise, if recordings are made at
high levels. The introduction of digital technology has greatly improved
recording quality and is a still more preferable medium.
2: A microphone. Condenser mikes are not up to scratch. You will end up
hearing yourself talking and there will more than likely be a wall of
hiss in the background. Good quality microphones can be bought at most
hi-fi stores.
3: Decent headphones always come in handy. They can help to pinpoint
sounds more specifically if used simultaneously with (loud) speaker
4: Good loudspeakers that can tolerate high volume levels, a stereo
amplifier to drive them, and if possible, a graphic equalizer, so that
you can filter out unnecessary frequencies.
5: A sound source. Try tuning to a frequency between stations on an
AM/FM radio. You will probably achieve better results on the AM
waveband, as FM contains so much bleeding between the stations on an
already overloaded dial. Seek out areas where white noise is the
dominant sound. This same procedure can be applied to short-wave radio,
where there are less frequencies.
6: If utilizing the AM/FM or short wave bands doesn't appeal to you, try
the air bands. These are frequencies air pilots and control towers use
to communicate. The only earthly voices you are going hear will be
clearly evident as air traffic communications, so if someone says, "This
is your dead uncle," you can be sure it isn't a British Airways pilot.
You might also try playing a record or making a tape of running water.
Apparently both of these methods also work well.
7: A commitment to taping.
What should you expect?
Do not expect to hear anything the first time you tape, or perhaps the
ten times after that. It seems to take about two weeks before most
tapers get anything, or before their ear has been trained to distinguish
a spirit voice, which might sound like a whisper, be low and tonal in
pitch, be faster or slower than normal speech, or oddly accented.
If you are successful, you will undoubtedly hear voices uttering
strange, seemingly unintelligible words and phrases. You may hear calls
for help from distressed souls. You may never receive messages from the
people (in spirit) you love best, or if you do, you may hear from them
only once or infrequently.



The Pennsylvania Ghost Guide Vol. II
Written by: Patty A. Wilson
Published by: Piney Creek Press
ISBN: 0-9700650-1-9
Copyrighted 2001
125 pages with photos

   Follow author Patty Wilson as she takes you on a guided tour to some
of Pennsylvania‘s most haunted sites. The Pennsylvania Ghost Guide Vol.
II picks up where Volume 1 let off, with over 30 new stories. You’ll
read about the curse of Blair County, a child who grew up in a haunted
house, the haunted U.S. Hollidaysburg Hotel. Return to Camp Hill, a site
where psychic Kelly Weaver has encountered ghosts. Visit the beautiful
Fulton Opera House and find out what horrible acts of the past cause it
to be haunted.
   If you have any doubts that the stories are true, there are over 25
ghostly photographs that will change your mind. This book is a must read
for the serious ghost hunter or those that just like to read a good
ghost story.   



UK 'Haunted House' Owners Lose case
From the BBC

   A couple who refused to pay the full price for their cottage because
they said it was haunted have lost their case. Josie and Andrew Smith
said they should not have to pay £3,000 of the cost of their home in
East Staffordshire because of a ghost.
   But Judge Peter Stretton at Derby County Court ruled in favor of the
previous owners, Susan Melbourne and her sister Sandra Podmore. He said:
"I do not accept that it is haunted now or has been at any other time."
He called the Smiths' actions "extraordinary". The Smiths said that
Lowes Cottage in Upper Mayfield, Staffordshire, was possessed by spirits
which caused walls to weep and objects to be moved. On occasions they
even attacked the occupants, the Smiths said. They had refused to pay
the final £3,000 installment on the £44,000 house saying that the
sisters who sold the property knew of the ghostly presence and had
failed to declare it.
   During the case, Josie Smith, 36, told Derby Crown Court that she was
assaulted by the spirit as she lay in bed and felt like she had been
raped. "I felt something touching me beneath my nightdress," she said.
"It only stopped when I shouted 'no'." Mrs. Smith said she had
experienced a number of strange things, including visions of a little
boy with bright red, piggy eyes.
   The Smiths said the sisters had failed to tell them about the ghost
before they bought the house in 1994 and moved in with their children
Daniel, Stephen and Lindsey.
   The couple asked for help from a priest, the Rev Peter Mockford, who
specializes in the paranormal. He told the court he believed that there
was a paranormal presence in the house.
   Giving evidence, both sisters said they had no knowledge of ghosts in
the house or that the house had ever been haunted. Mrs. Melbourne told
the court: "I have never experienced a ghost and I have never heard of a
haunted house in Mayfield. I do not believe in ghosts." Their lawyer,
Thomas Dillon, told the court that the Smiths had invented the story to
avoid paying the outstanding money.



From Jennie at: Jennie-@co.nevada.ca.us

   In approx. 1975, I was split from my 1st husband and living in a
flat, built around 1895. My children were little, but my son (who is now
30) remembers vividly the vision he watched every night for a few weeks
floating over our heater (it was a converted fireplace). He never told
me about it,.
   One night, I was sleeping on my back in the living room on the
daybed, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, popped open my eyes in the
direction of the heater and there it was!. A black robed, faceless
spirit, legs crossed. Telepathically he told me what his name was, but
also said never to repeat his name. He was a good spirit, I never felt
in danger or frightened, but I sure was shocked!.
Weeks later, my son and I began comparing notes and he mentioned
first, I might add, of the "ghost" he had seen earlier. His description,
even though he was only 4 years old, was identical to what I had
witnessed. I feel that whoever it was, was protecting the children and
I, as we had escaped a violent marriage. I have never seen my friend

From Gloria (No Email address given:

   This past summer, I was in the bedroom of my apartment, fast asleep.
I heard a loud noise, almost like an explosion. I jerked awake and saw
the figure of an older woman with long black hair, straw hat, and white
dress staring at me from my open closet.
   I was scared and hid my head under the covers. When I peeped out from
beneath them, I saw her slowly disappear. I described her to my mother,
and she says it sounded like her mother, who died of cancer, when Mom
was 14.
   I told my sister about her and she told me that she used to see the
same woman when she was a very little girl in the house we grew up in. I
moved, shortly after this experience, to a different apartment.
   One day I walked into the living room and the image of an angel had
been smudged or smeared on the mirror above my couch. I do not have
children, and I really don't have any visitors creative enough to do
that on their own. My only assumption is that maybe my grandmother is
letting me know that she's still with me.



   On Oct. 20th, the SPIRITS (Website:
"http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html" ) is leading a tour of
the Tampa Theater in Tampa, Florida at 12 p.m. for the public. The tour
is free to the public, though they ask for donations at the end (for a
restoration project).

   L'Aura Muller co-founder the NJ Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
"http://njghs.net" ) will be presenting the new & expanded slide
presentation "Ghost Hunting 101"?

Oct. 17 at 7:30 PM in Clark, NJ. at the Clark Historical Society's
meeting They are estimating about 300 people in attendance.

Oct. 19 at 7:30 PM The Salt River School in New Providence for the Cub

Oct. 22 (8 PM - I believe) at Xavier Hall for Seton Hall University in
South Orange, NJ

   The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society will be hosting a
Ghost hunting seminar on October 21, 2001 from 3:00 – 5:00 at Sister
Sojourn in Wheat Ridge Colorado.
   If you would like to attend please e-mail them at:
"he-@rockymountainparanormal.com" . There is a very limited seating
   They are also working with several people in the media for the
upcoming "Ghostly season" check back with the web site for updates.
Website at: "http://www.rockymountainparanormal.com"

   Dave Juliano, Co-Director of the South Jersey Ghost Research -
"http://www.sjgr.org" has informed us of the following lectures and
seminars being given by his group:
   Lectures include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A. Seminars also
include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A plus equipment demonstrations
and group interaction.

October 11, 2001: Lecture at Blackwood Public Library, Blackwood, NJ

October 12, 2001: Booth at The Witches Ball, Mt Holly, NJ

October 19, 2001: Seminar at the Historic Gabreil Davies Tavern,
Glendora, NJ

October 24, 2001: Lecture at Bellmawr Public Library, Bellmawr, NJ

October 28, 2001: Seminar at Camden County Historical Society

October 29, 2001: Lecture at Atco Public Library, Atco, NJ

Upcoming events of the American Ghost Society (Website:
http://www.prairieghosts.com/ags.html ):
For those of you in the Illinois / Missouri area (and for some out of
it!), Troy and Amy Taylor hope to see some of you able to turn out for
these entertaining and sometimes chilling events!

presenting a lecture on the Most Haunted Places & The Greatest Ghost
Stories of St. Louis and the Metro-East. 6:30 PM (Call 314-595-4237 for
more information)

October 4: FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS PUBLIC LIBRARY: A Presentation by Troy
Taylor on the History & Hauntings of Illinois 7:00 PM

October 6-7: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy & Amy Taylor and the American Ghost
Society at Six Flag's Fright Fest in St. Louis! Come visit our haunted
bookstore and hear presentations on the ghosts and hauntings! Every
weekend in October!

October 9: NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY: A presentation by Troy Taylor on
Graveyard Ghosts & Hauntings! 7:00 PM

October 10: GLEN CARBON PUBLIC LIBRARY: A presentation by Troy Taylor on
the History & Hauntings of Illinois 6:30 PM

October 11: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 12: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:00 PM

October 13: CENTRAL ILLINOIS AUTHOR'S FAIR: Join Troy Taylor and other
authors from Central Illinois for book signings and presentations at the
Decatur Public Library in Decatur, Illinois. Hear a special presentation
on "Central Illinois' Most Haunted" by Troy Taylor at 1:00 PM

October 13: FRIGHT FEST: Join the American Ghost Society at Six Flag's
Great America in St. Louis with special guest speaker John Brill!

October 14: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis with special guest speakers
David Goodwin (author of the upcoming book, "Ghosts of Jefferson
Barracks") and Robbi Courtaway (author of "Spirits of St. Louis")

October 14: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 15: PEKIN PUBLIC LIBRARY: Join Troy Taylor for a presentation on
Graveyard Ghosts and Hauntings 7:00 PM

October 17: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 18: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 19: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:00 PM

October 20: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 21: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 21: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 24: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 25: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 26: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:00 PM

October 27: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 28: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 31: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT !!! Taking names and reservations for
the waiting list, but no new applicants at this time - - -
   Author & Ghost Hunter Troy Taylor has secured the haunted Avon
Theatre in Decatur, Illinois for the ultimate Halloween Ghost Hunting
Adventure! A few lucky visitors will have the chance to get signed up
for an all-night paranormal investigation of the Avon!
   For the first time ever, a group of ghost hunter will be able to
prowl the dark hallways and auditorium of the theater in a all-night
search for the legendary theater's myriad of haunts! Led by Troy Taylor
and the American Ghost Society, investigators will be able to experience
this spirited spot by themselves! Will you be among the lucky few to
Join in the hunt for the Avon's ghosts?
   The evening begins at 8:00 on Halloween Night and lasts until the sun
comes up the following day! Attendees must arrive at the starting time
for the event and if they are too afraid to spend the night and leave
the theater, the door locks behind them! No one who departs from the
building will be able to return that night!
   The evening will include a presentation on the history of the Avon
Theatre and a chronology of the theater's haunting, presented by Troy
Taylor, author of the book "Flickering Images: History & Hauntings of
the Avon Theatre" and president of the American Ghost Society. Following
this, Taylor will also be conducting tours of the theater and then a
presentation on conducting paranormal investigations. This session will
feature ghost photography, equipment demonstrations and how-to use ghost
detection devices.
   Then, at midnight, the attendees will be divided into teams and the
investigation of the theater will begin! And while we cannot guarantee
that anything supernatural will occur during the evening... the Avon has
long been regarded as one of the region's most haunted spots! This may
be your chance to meet one of the Avon's ghosts face-to-face!

What to Bring to Haunted Halloween at the Avon:
- Flashlight
- Notebook and Pen
- Camera and plenty of film
- Video Camera (optional)
- Any Ghost Hunting Equipment that You want to Bring

   Admission to the Event Includes All-Night access to the Theater and
to the Presentations on History & Hauntings, Tour of the Theater, Access
to the Paranormal Investigations, plus:
Copy of Troy Taylor's book "Flickering Images" OR
Copy of "The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook" OR
$10 off any Ghost Detection Equipment in our catalog OR
a $10 Gift Certificate to the Catalog to be used at a later time!

This is not "Fear" or "Scariest Places on Earth"... this time the
participant is YOU and what happens is REAL!

Sign up now at <https://www.prairieghosts.com/avon31.html>

DelMarVa Ghost/History Gathering
October 6, 2001


   These topics and more will be featured at the first annual DelMarVa
Ghost/History Gathering, to be held at the start of the Halloween
season, on Saturday, Oct. 6, from 8 a.m.-8:30 p.m., in North East, Md.
In-person registration begins at 8 a.m. at the Crystal Inn, conveniently
located off Interstate 95 on Maryland Route 272. The day-long event
includes experienced speakers, fascinating topics and a panel
discussion, then ends with a guided Cemetery/History Tour-presented by
conference hosts Ed Okonowicz and Mike Dixon. SEATING IS LIMITED, make
your reservations EARLY. Cost is $45 per person.

Conference Schedule:

8-9 a.m. Registration - Crystal Inn lobby (Morning refreshments, such as
coffee, orange juice, tea, fruit and cheese filled Danish will be

9:15 a.m. Welcome and Introductions - Ed Okonowicz, author of Spirits
Between the Bays series and regional storyteller; and Mike Dixon,
historian, Historical Society of Cecil County, columnist and noted

9:30-10:15 a.m. History, Haunts and Ghost Hunting Experiences - Ed
Okonowicz, author, ghost writer and storyteller, who will share unusual
incidents and behind-the-scene experiences while writing his ghost

10:15-11:15 a.m. Spirit Photography and How to Capture Ghosts on Film -
Rick Fisher, founder and director of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters
Society and a nationally recognized ghost hunter and researcher from
Lancaster, Pa., will provide examples and practical instruction.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Do You Have a Haunted Antique? - John Klisavage, a
paranormal consultant and owner of Washington Street Books and Antiques
in Havre de Grace, Md., will share his insight and experiences with
haunted objects.

12:30-2 p.m. Lunch on your own

2-3 p.m. UFOs, Aliens, Abductions and More - George Reynolds, director
of the Mutual UFO Network Northeast Maryland Chapter, noted
archaeologist and an experienced UFOlogist, will present a program on
subjects that are "out of," and increasingly becoming part of, this

3-3:45 p.m. Researching Your Old Haunted House or Land - Mike Dixon,
will tell us how to unearth the history of unusual events that may have
occurred at a site-such as a murder, suicide, or other types of
tragedies. Learn to use such public records as wills, property
documents, marriage and courthouse records and death certificates. An
excellent way to search for and find the "reason" for your unusual

4-4:45 p.m. Paranormal Panel - Audience questions will be directed to
all of the speakers, plus Jim Gerleve, who will demonstrate ghost
photography that evening after the cemetery walk.

5-6:30 p.m. Dinner on your own

6:30 p.m. Assemble - at England's Colony on the Bay gift shop for the
evening's guided Cemetery Walk

7 p.m. Guided Cemetery/History Walk - includes details on local history,
burial practices, tombstone architecture and a demonstration of ghost
hunting photography by Jim Gerleve of Conowingo, Md., a member of the
Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society and Inner Circle of the International
Ghost Hunters Society. (Bring your digital or 35 mm camera with flash.)

SPECIAL GHOST CONFERENCE ROOM RATES have been arranged at $79 per night
(a $50 savings) A limited number of rooms have been reserved. When
making a reservation, be sure to mention you are attending the ghost
conference to get the special rate. The Crystal Inn's toll free number
is 1-800-631-3803.

For more information about the conference or to request a brochure, send
Ed an e-mail message at ed-@udel.edu or call him at (410) 398-5013.


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA’S MOST HAUNTED: A lecture/slide presentation
focusing on haunted locations in northern California will be presented
by Dennis William Hauck at the Learning Exchange on Friday, October 26,
from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. $35. The Learning Exchange, 650 Howe Ave., Ste.
600, Sacramento, CA 95825. To register, call (916) 929-9200 or fax (916)
929-0806. Website: "http://www.LearningExchange.com".


Website: http://community.pennlive.com/cc/capitalghostforum
Email at: Weav-@aol.com

NEW CUMBERLAND GHOST WALK - Kelly is happy to announce that we will be
doing a
ghost walk in conjunction with the merchants in downtown New Cumberland
this year the weekend of Oct. 19-20. She is incorporating the towns
history into the haunted stories. We will be discussing at least 10
haunted homes on this walking tour. It will be held rain or shine. More
details will follow in the upcoming newsletters.

BLAIR COUNTY HAUNTED TOURS will be Sunday Oct. 28th. Each tour includes
at least 10 sites, first-hand ghost hunting, and a meal at a haunted
location. The cost for the entire day is $45.95 Reservations by calling
(814) 793-2260 or (814) 941-1130.

Saturday April 20, 2002
8:30 registration
Event is 9:00 am-midnight
Contact Kelly at: Weav-@aol.com

Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
1150 Camp Hill Bypass
Camp Hill, Pa. 17011
Governors Ballroom (max. Seating is 225)
Free shuttle (24 hour) shuttle service to and from the airport, bus and
train station.

Conference Reservations:
* The cost is $85.00 per person for the conference which includes the
lectures, morning snack, workshops, sit down dinner and ghost hunting
until midnight. (Lunch is on your own)
* Rooms are available for $89.00 double occupancy
call hotel direct @ (717) 763-7117
* All reservations must be made by April 5, 2002 please indicate you are
coming to this conference

Conference payments must be made to Kelly L. Weaver by check or credit
card by March 30, 2002. (when paid in full):
If you desire, you may make 4 easy payments of $21.25.
* First payment is due Aug. 13, 2001
* Second Payment is due Oct. 8, 2001
* Third payment is due Feb.11, 2002
* Fourth payment is due March 11, 2002

The lineup as of September, 2001
(I'm still working on this):
* TROY TAYLOR- noted Author and ghost researcher. Troy is the founder
and president of the American Ghost Society, one of the largest ghost
research groups in the country. He has appeared on numerous television
programs dealing with the "spirit world." Troy also keeps readers
up-to-date with his Ghosts of the Prairie web page,
(http://www.prairieghosts.com) the Haunted America Update newsletter,
features a large number of supernatural books through his History and
Hauntings Book Co. (1-888-ghostly)
Troy has written many books on the spirit world including: The Ghost
Guide Book, and his latest "spirited work" is titled "No Rest for the
Wicked"......... read it if you dare!

* RON BEACH- Director of the Tri-State Paranormal Research Group based
in Ohio. (http://www.tristateghosts.homestead.com/home.html)
   He is the editor of the very informative Haunted Places Report, an
online newsletter which features ‘real ghost stories', ghost information
from around the world, PLUS, what is on the major television networks
for the coming week dealing with the Paranormal. Very interesting
newsletter! You may subscribe to this FREE newsletter by going to:
Haunted Places website: http://www.haunted-places.com/
Ron will be giving a workshop for beginners on ghost hunting.

* D.B. LYN- author of "The dead won't hurt you". This is a true account
of the authors life growing up in a haunted home. She will recount her
experiences with the spirit world. I'm sure a lot of us will relate to

* PATTY WILSON- author of Pa Ghost guide vol. #1 and the newly released
Pa. Ghost Guide vol. #2.
   She is co-founder of the Central Pa. Paranormal Association. located
in Western, PA. Patty has made a career of writing about Pennsylvania's
wonderful and weird history. She will discuss Pennsylvania's
most haunted sites. She masterfully tells these spooky stories that will
make your hair stand on end!

* KELLY L. WEAVER - is a well respected psychic/medium, and the founder
of the Capital Ghost Forum, located in Camp Hill, Pa. She is also
co-founder of the Independent Ghost Hunters Society and Annual
Conference. She has appeared on national television as a psychic
consultant, and has done
countless television, radio, magazine, book and newspaper interviews
throughout the years. Her latest venture is appearing with her husband
on CAPE TALK South Africa, a paranormal radio show, which can be heard
around the world.
She and her husband John will be regular guests on this radio show
updating listeners on their investigations and encounters with spirits.
Kelly and her husband also host a weekly show on pawebcast.com called
"Visions from the Other Side"
Kelly is the Independent Ghost Hunters Conference hostess and will be
presenting a workshop on Developing your Psychic Abilities and how to
use them while ghost hunting. She will also be a tour guide during the
evening ghost hunt.

* JOHN WEAVER- is a talented artist and photographer who is very active
with his wife Kelly in the ghost investigation field and the Capital
Ghost Forum. He has lectured along with Kelly at local colleges and
Haunted Dining Events. He is a "skeptic" who enjoys using his
instruments to "prove what his
psychic wife is saying!" He is an Art Director and Photographer in an
electronics firm located in Lewisberry, PA.

* SCOTT CROWNOVER - is the co-founder of the Central Pennsylvania
Paranormal Association and if also featured in the book Pa. Ghost guide
vol. #2. He is also a gadget "guru" and will work with John in
instructing a workshop on using equipment while ghost hunting.

We are still lining up others for the lectures and workshops. More
to come. Vendors include:
* Troy Taylor- books
* Patty Wilson- books
* D.B. Lyn- books
* Kelly's Magical Garden- oils, lotions and potions to enhance your
spiritual quest.
* The Inner Connection Metaphysical Shoppe- books, CD's, gemstones,
Tarot Cards and more!
* The PA. Paranormal Association- will be taking orders for copies of
the conferences lectures and workshops
* More to come!!!!!!!


   CRUCIBLE 2001 is a jump-in-the-fire event for anyone interested in
creative transformation. The alchemical adventure will be held on
Saturday, October 13, at the luxurious Delta King Hotel, on the
riverfront in the heart of old Sacramento. Hosted by author and
practicing alchemist Dennis William Hauck, this intensive multimedia
event will focus on the practical and spiritual methods the alchemists
actually used for the transformation of body, mind, and soul.
Demonstrations, experiments, meditations, and other techniques will make
these principles come alive in participants. Before any metal becomes
gold, it must be exposed to the fire of the crucible!
   The Delta King is a five-story, 300-foot-long, completely refurbished
riverboat with eight large meeting rooms, a comfortable bar/lounge, an
award-winning restaurant, and spacious staterooms. Built in 1928, it was
renovated in 1999 to become what U.S. Today calls "a unique meeting
place with AAA five-diamond ratings." Admission is $79 ($99 after August
1). For a free brochure, fill out the form at
"http://www.Crucible.org/Crucible2001.htm" . Contact: :



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.


10/01/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Bob Reiss
If you think the world's weather catastrophes are becoming more frequent
and more powerful, you're right. Ten of the last eleven years have been
the hottest on record, filled with dozens of record-breaking hurricanes,
floods, and droughts. Is this coincidence, or is our civilization
wreaking havoc on global weather? For his new book, The Coming Storm,
Bob Reiss, spent a year traveling the world and collecting personal
stories of victims of extreme weather, politicians battling over the
greenhouse effect, and scientist whose work are proving that humans have
already begun changing Earth?s climate. These personal stories bring the
consequences of global warming to life in a dramatic yet factual way
that answers the big questions and connects the dots. Reiss, a former
Chicago Tribune reporter, has written for The Washington Post, Outside,
Parade, Smithsonian, GQ, and Rolling Stone. He was a National Magazine
Award finalist for his reporting on the Amazon and is the author of ten
novels and two books of nonfiction. He lives in New York City.

10/02/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Ralph Sarchie Ralph Sarchie is a Sergeant in the New York Police
Department, working at the 46th precinct in the South Bronx. During his
16 years on the force, patrolling some of New York City's most dangerous
slums on the midnight tour, he's made over 300 arrests and received
seven medals. For the past ten years, he's moonlighted as a
demonologist, investigating haunted houses and cases of demonic
possession. A devout Catholic, he's assisted in 20 exorcisms.

10/03/01 - Wed/Thu

10/04/01 - Thu/Fri

10/05/01 - Fri/Sat


Nothing listed



Nothing listed



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed.


WB Network:

Nothing listed.



Nothing listed



Fri - 10/5 at 9pm - Scariest Places on Earth: Urban Legends
Fri - 10/5 at 10pm - Exploring the Unknown: Nellis UFO



Monday thru Friday at 6pm - X Files



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed.



Tue - 10/2 at 9pm - Mysterious Ways: Child Of wonder
Fri - 10/5 at 9pm - Encounters With The Unexplained: Did the Red Sea
Part / Super Brain Kids
Mon - 10/8 at 8pm - Encounters With The Unexplained: Who Killed Lincoln



Thu - 10/4 at 8pm - Science Mysteries: Previous Lives
Thu - 10/4 at 9pm - Science Mysteries: ESP
Thu - 10/4 at 10pm - Science Mysteries: King Arthur



Sat - 10/6 at 11pm - Haunted History: Haunted Tombstone



Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Mon thru Thursday at 9am - Sightings
Fri - 10/5 at 7pm - The Chronicle: Pilot



Nothing listed



Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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