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The Haunted Places Report 10/16/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Oct 15, 2001 17:08 PDT 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



* From The Editor
* Announcements
* Book Review
* In The News
* True Experiences
* Upcoming Events
* Media Listings



Halloween will soon be upon us. Does anyone have a favorite Halloween
activity or recipe they’d like to share? Just email it to me at:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com and we’ll publish it in the next issue.

Be sure to check out our upcoming events section! Lots of events all
over the country taking place in October.
    If you have an event you’d like posted please send the information
to me at: Haunted-@neo.rr.com. In the subject line, be sure to put
“Upcoming Event”. Remember, this newsletter has an international
readership, so even if your event is not in the U.S. we’ll still post


We’ve had a couple great Halloween sites submitted to us.:

The first comes form my wife Tammy at: tcraw-@neo.rr.com
This site contains information up coming haunted house and other
Halloween events. It also has ghost stories, instructions for creating
some neat Halloween effects. There is even an online “haunted drive in”
where you can watch scary movies, an internet radio with scary stories,
and much more. It can be visited at:

The next site come to us from Cheri at che-@fabulousfoods.com .
Cheri writes: In response to you request for Halloween material, we
have an EXTENSIVE Halloween channel on my website, Fabulous Foods that
includes recipes, pumpkin carving (including some awesome free
patterns), decorating and craft projects, costume and makeup ideas,
haunted place to travel (even a review of Dennis' book) and much more.
Find it at:

From Allie at:Lioness-@aol.com comes this great Halloween treat for
the kids:

It’s not really a recipe but its something fun to do for kids on
Halloween....all you need is a few ingredients and a whole lotta of

Things you need.....
Clear gloves
Candy corn most definitely....

Place a piece of candy corn in each of the fingers they are supposed to
represent fingernails then either fill each finger with candy or
chocolate bars half way up to the hand or fill with popcorn....tie a
orange and black ribbon to close and you have a witches hand....we did
it one year for our office and the kids who came around it was such a
success that we do it every year now....

From Patti at: holly-@qx.net we received the following treat for
young and old alike:

Kitty Litter Treats:
This is a funny yet nasty looking treat to have at Halloween. The kids
love it and everyone at my gallery gift shop insists that I fix this
every Halloween.

1 New cat litter pan, or square disposable aluminum pan
1 New kitty pooper- scooper
1 Box of your favorite brownie mix
1 Box confectioners sugar
1 Box of Grape Nuts cereal

Prepare the brownie mix as directed on the box and when finished
cooking cut them into small squares. Before they cool, take the small
square and squeeze them into a long rolled shape to resemble the kitty
droppings. (I'm sure you have figured this one out). Make the "Kitty
Litter" by tossing the confectioners sugar with the Grape Nuts in the
cat litter pan. For a great effect you can bury some of the treats under
the sweet litter and then add more fun by putting the pooper-scooper in
the litter pan so your family or guests have to dig out the treats. This
can create a lot of attention and the treats are really tasty. I serve
this with ice cream and sprinkle the litter over the top and it makes a
wonderful crunch to the dessert. Be sure to have your camera ready to
snap the expressions on everyone's faces as they bite into the little
rare delights. Who knows, there might be a ghost or two waiting in line
for their turn and you'll get them in your photo.

From William at: aesga-@hotmail.com , We received his pet peeve
about Halloween.
William writes: The one Halloween pet peeve is that all the so-called
haunted houses that pop up. All have this thing, obsessed with serial
killers, chainsaws and blood. What do these have to do with a haunted
house? What is wrong with putting up a Halloween attraction that really
is a haunted house ? Why can't someone put up ghosts, strange lights and
sounds ? Why does everyone cop out with violence ?

Editor’s Note: I agree with William. What ever happened to good old
fashioned Halloween scares like ghost and such. We’d love to hear what
our reader’s thoughts are on this manner.



The following item was submitted to us by Troy and Amy Taylor of the
American Ghost Society (website: "http://www.prairieghosts.com" )

Looking for ghosts? Well, we are!
WE NEED YOUR HELP: October is upon us and its time for the media to
start trying out their annual ghost stories in magazines and newspapers!
They don't realize that ghosts are around all year long but we have to
take advantage of this one time when they wake up and start reporting
them. Here's where we need your help!
If you find stories about ghosts and haunted places in your area... or
perhaps you're a local ghost hunter who is featured in a regional
newspaper... or even if you find a good ghost story in a new magazine or
paper you are reading.... SEND IT TO US! We are trying to collect more
materials for the "Haunted Museum" files that once they are more
complete, can be opened to the public and to researchers. The collection
continues to grow, but we are looking for more! We'll even be happy to
credit the postage that you
spend toward books from the catalog!

Here's our address:
History & Hauntings Book Co.
515 East Third Street
Alton, Illinois 62002



The Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook
Written by: Troy Taylor
Published by: Whitechapel Productions Press
First Printing 2001
Paperback 212 pages

As a very respected writer of the paranormal, Troy Taylor has done a
wonderful job with the new, revised and updated version of his book “The
Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook”.
I have seen ghost hunting courses costing over $100 that do not cover
ghost hunting as fully as this book. does. Troy takes a no nonsense
stand in his writing style. This makes for very easy to read and
understand book.
This complete guide will take you everywhere from finding a haunted
site to what to do with all your information after an investigation. Of
particular note is the chapter with suggestions on working with other
ghost hunters and the media.
I highly recommend this book not only for the beginner but also for the
experienced ghost hunter.

This book can be purchased at your local bookstore, from Amazon.com, or
directly from Troy by visiting his website at:



From the Ananova News Service
Website: http://www.ananova.com/home.htm?072550
Story filed: Tuesday October 2, 2001
Haunted Tower Broadcast for Halloween
A Halloween ghost hunt from the Tower of London will feature live TV
and web broadcasts. There will be a one-hour show on UK Horizons and 14
hours of webcasts. Ghostwatch Live will follow paranormal investigators
around what is said to be one of Britain's most haunted buildings.
The broadcasts, which include specially commissioned documentaries,
will be hosted by Babylon 5's Claudia Christian and Paul Darrow of
Blake's 7. Ghostwatch's two seven-hour webcasts will feature footage
from unmanned cameras, interviews, latest news and features.
Andrew Sewell, executive producer for Ghostwatch Live, says the program
is an attempt at a genuine investigation., He said: "Ghostwatch Live is
a credible exploration of the subject and not a Halloween spoof
event."For the first time, the Tower of London is permitting
unprecedented broadcast access live from within its walls."
The program will be produced by BBC Worldwide and will be broadcast on
UK Horizons as part of its Haunted weekend which starts on October
26.BBC America and BBC Prime will also carry some of the content for
broadcasting on TV and the internet.



From Judy at: judyri-@earthlink.net

I would like to tell my experiences with my friend, who I have named
(Charlie). About 11 years ago we moved to Texas from California, into a
normal home in a normal neighborhood. We have a three bedroom home and
two of the bedrooms are separated by a bathroom with a hallway.
My daughter was 14 years old at the time. She would tell us that the
house was haunted and we would tell her it was just her imagination.
However, I had heard what sounded like someone walking in the attic, and
other unexplained noises. But as for myself that was all.( I did not
believe in ghosts). My daughter would tell me that on occasion she would
see a green shadow move down the hall way. Our dog would go crazy
barking some nights for no reason at all.
We moved after 4 years, to another town. My daughter said that the
ghost went with us but that she did not notice it as much as she did
when we lived in the old house. We lived there 5 years, when my husband
and I divorced. I moved to an apartment, my daughter stayed with my
At that time I had purchased a lamp and the touch adapter to make it a
touch lamp, and the lamp began to come on all by itself, at first I
thought I had forgotten to turn it off, but would jokily say my ghost
had turned it on. When my old house was vacant (we still owned it) I
moved back in. I had at that time purchased another touch lamp that is a
wall lamp. I’d come home in the evenings from work and the lamp in the
den would be on, and I still jokily said it was the ghost. Well, my
boyfriend definitely would not accept the fact that it was anything but
a short in the lamp, so he removed the touch adapter, and the lamp
stopped coming on.
A short time later the touch lamp (which by the way was purchased that
way) started coming on after we'd turned it off and left the room, or it
would be on when we came home. I told my daughter and she said "I told
you that you had a ghost".
One night I saw him out of the corner of my eye as I was leaning over
the kitchen counter, I thought it was my boyfriend who had gone into the
bedroom, but when I looked up my boyfriend was sitting on the couch.
When I questioned him, he said he had not even left the couch!. I then
told my boyfriend that we did indeed have a ghost and that it was a
male, that was when I started calling him Charlie. My boyfriends
daughter took care of the house when we went on vacation last year and
the ghost played the same little tricks on her and she kept thinking
she'd forgotten to turn off the light. But when my son came to live with
us for 4 months, it all stopped. When a couple of days after my son had
moved out, my then husband told me "Charlie is back", I asked “How do
you know?” and he said, “Because he is playing with the lamp again. When
you try to turn off the lamp he blinks it quickly 4 or 5 times, or when
you turn it off he turns it back on, and sometimes he will play like
this for a full 3 minutes or so.” I talked to him just like I would
anyone else, at first I got angry because he wouldn't let me turn off
the lamp. He wouldn't not communicate with me for about a month, then he
started up again. I have felt him touch my arm at night. And a week ago
my daughter came over and he touched her arm, just to let her know he
was there I guess, because when we were talking he turned on the light,
and I said "Thank you" and then a few minutes later he turned it off
again. When we went to go to dinner, he would not let me turn the light
off with out playing awhile.
One day when I went to use the computer, the keyboard would not work and
when my husband went to check the connections, it was unplugged. I had
not unplugged it nor had my husband, and it is too far from my feet for
me to have done it accidentally. One night he knocked a large bottle of
water off a table in the bedroom. And last night while I was in front of
the window in the kitchen he was rattling the mini blinds. I don't know
who he is but he has followed me from home to home. I think he is great,
not everyone can say they have a ghost.

From Jenn at: Jenn3-@cs.com

Before I moved in 1997 I lived in a house that was built on a street
behind Farmington Mansion in Louisville, Kentucky. Farmington is one of
Louisville's historical homes. This huge mansion was the earliest built
in the area and was a tobacco farm. Thomas Jefferson was the architect
who had drawn up the plans for this beautiful home.
My house was built over what had been the farm houses' slave burial
grounds. In 1992 I was just getting to sleep in my upstairs bedroom when
I felt an odd presence in the area around my bed, I felt uneasy and my
dog was asleep at the foot of my bed. I happened to move and push her
off, the second that I did this a clammy wet very real feeling hand
picked up my foot and threw it off of my bed. I was so scared that I was
vertically frozen in my bed and didn't move, something made me stay
there and not make a sound.
After that night I found out that my house was built on the burial
site. At that point I had found my answer to the episode that I had
encountered. I am an avid dog lover, but since then I definitely think
twice before I move them at night.



The Madison Ghostseekers Society (website:
http://hometown.aol.com/ssofsky/MGSindex.html ) in Madison, Wi. will be
holding a very unique Halloween event.
They will be presenting a Halloween concert of haunting Baroque and
Renaissance music. This event will be on Friday, October 26, 2001 at
8:00pm, at the Gates of Heaven Synagogue, 300 East Gorham Street,
Madison, Wi., with a suggested donation of $10. for adults and $5 for
students and seniors.
This event will feature the, Madison Consort, presenting music that
entertained kings and commoners alike, many years ago, often played on
authentic instruments. Madison Ghostseekers Society, will act as
master-of-ceremonies with presentations of period writings and tales of
period hauntings.
Built in 1863, the Gates of Heaven Synagogue is one of the oldest
surviving synagogue buildings in the United States and is one of
Madison's historical icons. Threatened with destruction, this building
was relocated from it's original location, at 214 West Washington Ave.,
to James Madison Park on the shores of beautiful Lake Mendota in
Madison's downtown area.
Come as you are but in the Halloween tradition, costumes are welcome
too! They hope to see you there!

On Oct. 20th, the SPIRITS (Website:
"http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html" ) is leading a tour of
the Tampa Theater in Tampa, Florida at 12 p.m. for the public. The tour
is free to the public, though they ask for donations at the end (for a
restoration project).

   L'Aura Muller co-founder the NJ Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
"http://njghs.net" ) will be presenting the new & expanded slide
presentation "Ghost Hunting 101"?

Oct. 17 at 7:30 PM in Clark, NJ. at the Clark Historical Society's
meeting They are estimating about 300 people in attendance.

Oct. 19 at 7:30 PM The Salt River School in New Providence for the Cub

Oct. 22 (8 PM - I believe) at Xavier Hall for Seton Hall University in
South Orange, NJ

   The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society will be hosting a
Ghost hunting seminar on October 21, 2001 from 3:00 – 5:00 at Sister
Sojourn in Wheat Ridge Colorado.
   If you would like to attend please e-mail them at:
"he-@rockymountainparanormal.com" . There is a very limited seating
   They are also working with several people in the media for the
upcoming "Ghostly season" check back with the web site for updates.
Website at: "http://www.rockymountainparanormal.com"

   Dave Juliano, Co-Director of the South Jersey Ghost Research -
"http://www.sjgr.org" has informed us of the following lectures and
seminars being given by his group:
   Lectures include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A. Seminars also
include videos, photos, equipment and Q&A plus equipment demonstrations
and group interaction.

October 19, 2001: Seminar at Gabreil Davies Tavern, Glendora, NJ 7p-10pm
- ticket info: (856) 784-5243 Money raised goes to the upkeep of this
historic building
October 25, 2001: Lecture at Bellmawr Public Library 21 E. Browning Road
Bellmawr, NJ 08031 856-933-1319 7pm - admission is free

October 26, 2001: Lecture at Gloucester CO. Courthouse, Woodbury, NJ
These includes and walking ghost tour and lecture. 1 North Broad Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096 for info: pubrel-@sjgr.org

October 27, 2001: Lecture at Gloucester CO. Courthouse, Woodbury, NJ
These includes and walking ghost tour and lecture. 1 North Broad Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096 for info: pubrel-@sjgr.org

October 28, 2001: Seminar at Camden County Historical Society For info:
856-964-3333 Park Blvd. & Euclid Ave. Camden, NJ 08103-3697

October 29, 2001: Lecture at Atco Public Library 2204 ATCO Avenue ATCO,
NJ 08004 856-767-7727 7pm - admission is free

Upcoming events of the American Ghost Society (Website:
http://www.prairieghosts.com/ags.html ):
For those of you in the Illinois / Missouri area (and for some out of
it!), Troy and Amy Taylor hope to see some of you able to turn out for
these entertaining and sometimes chilling events!

October 17: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 18: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 19: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:00 PM

October 20: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 21: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 21: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 24: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 25: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:30 PM

October 26: History & Hauntings Tour of Alton 7:00 PM

October 27: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 28: FRIGHT FEST: Join Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society
at Six Flag's Great America in St. Louis!

October 31: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT !!! Taking names and reservations for
the waiting list, but no new applicants at this time - - -
   Author & Ghost Hunter Troy Taylor has secured the haunted Avon
Theatre in Decatur, Illinois for the ultimate Halloween Ghost Hunting
Adventure! A few lucky visitors will have the chance to get signed up
for an all-night paranormal investigation of the Avon!
   For the first time ever, a group of ghost hunter will be able to
prowl the dark hallways and auditorium of the theater in a all-night
search for the legendary theater's myriad of haunts! Led by Troy Taylor
and the American Ghost Society, investigators will be able to experience
this spirited spot by themselves! Will you be among the lucky few to
Join in the hunt for the Avon's ghosts?
   The evening begins at 8:00 on Halloween Night and lasts until the sun
comes up the following day! Attendees must arrive at the starting time
for the event and if they are too afraid to spend the night and leave
the theater, the door locks behind them! No one who departs from the
building will be able to return that night!
   The evening will include a presentation on the history of the Avon
Theatre and a chronology of the theater's haunting, presented by Troy
Taylor, author of the book "Flickering Images: History & Hauntings of
the Avon Theatre" and president of the American Ghost Society. Following
this, Taylor will also be conducting tours of the theater and then a
presentation on conducting paranormal investigations. This session will
feature ghost photography, equipment demonstrations and how-to use ghost
detection devices.
   Then, at midnight, the attendees will be divided into teams and the
investigation of the theater will begin! And while we cannot guarantee
that anything supernatural will occur during the evening... the Avon has
long been regarded as one of the region's most haunted spots! This may
be your chance to meet one of the Avon's ghosts face-to-face!

What to Bring to Haunted Halloween at the Avon:
- Flashlight
- Notebook and Pen
- Camera and plenty of film
- Video Camera (optional)
- Any Ghost Hunting Equipment that You want to Bring

   Admission to the Event Includes All-Night access to the Theater and
to the Presentations on History & Hauntings, Tour of the Theater, Access
to the Paranormal Investigations, plus:
Copy of Troy Taylor's book "Flickering Images" OR
Copy of "The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook" OR
$10 off any Ghost Detection Equipment in our catalog OR
a $10 Gift Certificate to the Catalog to be used at a later time!

This is not "Fear" or "Scariest Places on Earth"... this time the
participant is YOU and what happens is REAL!

Sign up now at <https://www.prairieghosts.com/avon31.html>

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA’S MOST HAUNTED: A lecture/slide presentation
focusing on haunted locations in northern California will be presented
by Dennis William Hauck at the Learning Exchange on Friday, October 26,
from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. $35. The Learning Exchange, 650 Howe Ave., Ste.
600, Sacramento, CA 95825. To register, call (916) 929-9200 or fax (916)
929-0806. Website: "http://www.LearningExchange.com".

Website: http://community.pennlive.com/cc/capitalghostforum
Email at: Weav-@aol.com

NEW CUMBERLAND GHOST WALK - Kelly is happy to announce that we will be
doing a ghost walk in conjunction with the merchants in downtown New
Cumberland this year the weekend of Oct. 19-20. She is incorporating the
towns history into the haunted stories. We will be discussing at least
10 haunted homes on this walking tour. It will be held rain or shine.
More details will follow in the
upcoming newsletters.

BLAIR COUNTY HAUNTED TOURS will be Sunday Oct. 28th. Each tour includes
at least 10 sites, first-hand ghost hunting, and a meal at a haunted
location. The cost for the entire day is $45.95 Reservations by calling
(814) 793-2260 or (814) 941-1130.

Saturday April 20, 2002
8:30 registration
Event is 9:00 am-midnight
Contact Kelly at: Weav-@aol.com

Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
1150 Camp Hill Bypass
Camp Hill, Pa. 17011
Governors Ballroom (max. Seating is 225)
Free shuttle (24 hour) shuttle service to and from the airport, bus and
train station.

Conference Reservations:
* The cost is $85.00 per person for the conference which includes the
lectures, morning snack, workshops, sit down dinner and ghost hunting
until midnight. (Lunch is on your own)
* Rooms are available for $89.00 double occupancy
call hotel direct @ (717) 763-7117
* All reservations must be made by April 5, 2002 please indicate you are
coming to this conference

Conference payments must be made to Kelly L. Weaver by check or credit
by March 30, 2002. (when paid in full):
If you desire, you may make 4 easy payments of $21.25.
* First payment is due Aug. 13, 2001
* Second Payment is due Oct. 8, 2001
* Third payment is due Feb.11, 2002
* Fourth payment is due March 11, 2002

The lineup as of September, 2001
(I'm still working on this):
* TROY TAYLOR- noted Author and ghost researcher. Troy is the founder
and president of the American Ghost Society, one of the largest ghost
research groups in the country. He has appeared on numerous television
programs dealing with the "spirit world." Troy also keeps readers
up-to-date with his Ghosts of the Prairie web page,
(http://www.prairieghosts.com) the Haunted America Update newsletter,
features a large number of supernatural books through his History and
Hauntings Book Co. (1-888-ghostly)
Troy has written many books on the spirit world including: The Ghost
Guide Book, and his latest "spirited work" is titled "No Rest for the
Wicked"......... read it if you dare!

* RON BEACH- Director of the Tri-State Paranormal Research Group based
in Ohio. (http://www.tristateghosts.homestead.com/home.html)
   He is the editor of the very informative Haunted Places Report, an
online newsletter which features ‘real ghost stories', ghost information
from around the world, PLUS, what is on the major television networks
for the coming week dealing with the Paranormal. Very interesting
newsletter! You may subscribe to this FREE newsletter by going to:
Haunted Places website: http://www.haunted-places.com/
Ron will be giving a workshop for beginners on ghost hunting.

* D.B. LYN- author of "The dead won't hurt you". This is a true account
of the authors life growing up in a haunted home. She will recount her
experiences with the spirit world. I'm sure a lot of us will relate to

* PATTY WILSON- author of Pa Ghost guide vol. #1 and the newly released
Pa. Ghost Guide vol. #2.
   She is co-founder of the Central Pa. Paranormal Association. located
in Western, PA. Patty has made a career of writing about Pennsylvania's
wonderful and weird history. She will discuss Pennsylvania's
most haunted sites. She masterfully tells these spooky stories that will
make your hair stand on end!

* KELLY L. WEAVER - is a well respected psychic/medium, and the founder
of the Capital Ghost Forum, located in Camp Hill, Pa. She is also
co-founder of the Independent Ghost Hunters Society and Annual
Conference. She has appeared on national television as a psychic
consultant, and has done
countless television, radio, magazine, book and newspaper interviews
throughout the years. Her latest venture is appearing with her husband
on CAPE TALK South Africa, a paranormal radio show, which can be heard
around the world.
She and her husband John will be regular guests on this radio show
updating listeners on their investigations and encounters with spirits.
Kelly and her husband also host a weekly show on pawebcast.com called
"Visions from the Other Side"
Kelly is the Independent Ghost Hunters Conference hostess and will be
presenting a workshop on Developing your Psychic Abilities and how to
use them while ghost hunting. She will also be a tour guide during the
evening ghost hunt.

* JOHN WEAVER- is a talented artist and photographer who is very active
with his wife Kelly in the ghost investigation field and the Capital
Ghost Forum. He has lectured along with Kelly at local colleges and
Haunted Dining Events. He is a "skeptic" who enjoys using his
instruments to "prove what his
psychic wife is saying!" He is an Art Director and Photographer in an
electronics firm located in Lewisberry, PA.

* SCOTT CROWNOVER - is the co-founder of the Central Pennsylvania
Paranormal Association and if also featured in the book Pa. Ghost guide
vol. #2. He is also a gadget "guru" and will work with John in
instructing a workshop on using equipment while ghost hunting.

We are still lining up others for the lectures and workshops. More
to come. Vendors include:
* Troy Taylor- books
* Patty Wilson- books
* D.B. Lyn- books
* Kelly's Magical Garden- oils, lotions and potions to enhance your
spiritual quest.
* The Inner Connection Metaphysical Shoppe- books, CD's, gemstones,
Tarot Cards and more!
* The PA. Paranormal Association- will be taking orders for copies of
the conferences lectures and workshops
* More to come!!!!!!!



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.


10/15/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Jim Redden
Crime Reporter for Portland Tribune, Jim Redden, will discuss privacy
issues, including how the government recruits informants, private
Intelligence networks, and surveillance technology.
Website: "http://www.feralhouse.com"

10/16/01 - Tue/Wed

10/17/01 - Wed/Thu

10/18/01 - Thu/Fri

10/19/01 - Fri/Sat


Nothing listed



Nothing listed



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed.


WB Network:

Nothing listed.



Nothing listed



Thu - 10/18 at 10pm - Scariest Places on Earth: Haunting the Heartland
Fri - 10/19 at 9pm - Scariest Places on Earth: Island of No Return, The
Venice Dare



Monday thru Friday at 6pm - X Files



Nothing listed.



Nothing listed.



Tue - 10/16 at 9pm - Mysterious Ways: Love is Divine
Fri - 10/19 at 9pm - Encounters With The Unexplained: What Caused the
Dark Ages / Sodom - Gomorrah
Sat - 10/21 at 10pm - Mysterious Ways: 29



Nothing listed.



Sat - 10/20 at 11pm - Haunted History: Haunted Ships



Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Mon thru Thursday at 9am - Sightings
Fri - 10/5 at 7pm - The Chronicle: Here There Be Dragons



Nothing listed



Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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