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 Haunted Places
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Haunted Places Special Report  Rev. Ron Beach
 Oct 23, 2001 18:01 PDT 
To all our subscribers,

This arrived to us to late for publication in the last issue. I thought
everyone would be interested in reading it so, I'm send it out as a
special report.

Rev. Ronald Beach
Editor, The Haunted Places Report

Los Angeles, CA. October 9, 2001 – When you spend the night in a
haunted hotel … locking your door won’t keep out the guests who don’t
need keys.

Premiering October 24th, 28th and 29th on Travel Channel, the first
three episodes of Haunted Hotels offer some tantalizing Halloween fare.
Viewers don’t need to pack a suitcase to journey to the dark side of
these grand hotels, wayside inns and ancient castles; through these
haunting one-hour specials, they’ll be transported to the gates of
France’s 13th-century Château de Puymartin, where the “lady in white”
returns again and again to the exact location where her jealous husband
locked her into a living tomb. They’ll travel to the California coast,
where a gothic-revival church turned bed and breakfast is still home to
a minister from beyond the grave. And they’ll visit the heart of
Louisiana’s Cajun country, where the spirit of a young widow creates
mischief … a century after the feverish night of her death.

Halloween will seem anti-climactic after these medieval knights, lonely
lovers, jilted brides, and murderous pirates have stalked their way
through Authentic ghostly tales. With dramatically filmed
re-enactments, interviews with hotel staff and guests, and
state-of-the-art special effects, we recount the fascinating stories of
the lost souls who have checked in, but never checked out…remaining
forever in some of the world’s most luxurious retreats.

Haunted Hotels is produced by Authentic Entertainment for Travel
Channel. Executive Producers: Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan.
Writer/Producer: Nancy Gunn. Segment Producer: Sarah Wetherbee.
Re-enactment Director: Emre Sahin. Special Effects by Chris Wilson and
Digital Conspiracy. Edited by Lou LaProcido and Jeff Learned. Music by
Donn Wilkerson. Narrated by Dan Riordan.

Haunted Hotels — Episode #1
Premieres October 29th, 8:00pm

"Somebody was there … and somebody was visiting us …"

A lonely soul with ties to the mob… two lovers entangled in a
passionate, unholy affair … and a 14th century knight in black armor …
haunt this episode of Haunted Hotels. We’ll visit Ventura, California’s
Bella Maggiore Inn, where the spirit of a World War II prostitute is
believed to keep lonely businessmen from spending the night alone.
Innkeepers at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel in Scotland say a "gray lady"
haunts the hotel and terrifies guests, as she returns again and again to
the site of her forbidden love affair with a monk. Outside of New
Orleans, a haunting "Lady in Black" is said to be the daughter of the
Oak Alley Plantation’s original owners. Gangsters in the 1930’s were
the downfall of a beautiful young woman named Violet, whose ghost still
pines for a lost love at Lake Arrowhead’s Bracken Fern Manor. And in
France’s magnificent, 10th century Ch‚teau de Saint-Loup, the ghost of a
gothic prince in black armor checks on visitors in the dead of night.

Be our guest … the ghosts are waiting.

Haunted Hotels — Episode #2
Premieres October 28th, 8:00pm

"I would never — stay in that room again."

A 1,000 year-old French Chateau … a gothic church turned bed and
breakfast … and a haunted hideaway for Hollywood’s elite… Terrifying and
unexplainable events have been known to send guests screaming into the
night in this episode of Haunted Hotels. We will visit San Diego’s
Hotel del Coronado, where guests speak of a beautiful suicide victim who
whispers their names at night. A reluctant bride roams Scotland’s
Comlongon Castle, where, long ago, her would-be husband took an axe to
her lifeless body. A murdered soldier from the Civil War has been heard
serenading his lost love at Louisiana’s Loyd Hall Plantation. Terrified
guests have checked out of France’s 10th Century Château de Roumegouse
in the middle of the night after being pinched by invisible hands. And
on the California coast, a converted church, now the Victorian Rose Bed
& Breakfast, echoes with the haunting hymns of a choir singer who
suffered a tragic and violent death.

Join us as we travel a realm of mystery … where anything is possible.

Haunted Hotels — Episode #3
Premieres October 24th, 8:00pm

"If anything goes wrong, I’ll hear the people who are in the haunted
run out."

An isolated inn with tales of an apparition so horrifying that those who
see it refuse to speak of it… a room in a 13th-century French Chateau
that hides a terrible secret… and a violent encounter with a pirate that
still resonates today… In this episode of Haunted Hotels, the ordinary
is not part of the journey…

We begin at England’s Kirkstone Pass Inn, where innkeepers and guests
are terrified by a slithery black apparition. At T’Frere’s in
Louisiana’s Cajun Country, the destructive spirit of a young widow is
said to create havoc … and pull the toes of sleeping guests. Innkeepers
at the Horton Grand, in San Diego’s old red-light district, say the
ghost of a brothel madam still searches for customers among the living.
Locked into a living tomb, the ghost of a straying wife is said to roam
the stairways of the 13th-century French Château de Puymartin. And the
hosts of Louisiana’s Chretien Point Plantation say they are regularly
visited by the ghost of a pirate — and the woman who killed him.

The adventure of travel takes on an extra thrill … when you stay at a
haunted hotel.
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