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The Haunted Places Report 11/27/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Nov 25, 2001 06:57 PST 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



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IMPORTANT NOTICE from our publisher, Dennis William Hauck

Shortly you will receive a notification from Topica that you have been
added to a new subscription list. This is simply to transfer your
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I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. My favorite part of
Thanksgiving is the few days afterward. It means lots of great leftovers
including cold turkey sandwiches with plenty of mayo and pickles...YUM
Once again, we have made some changes to the newsletter. Beginning
with this issue the “Current Paranormal Events” column is gone. It was
hard to decide if an article should go in this column or the “In The
News” column. All articles of this type will now be placed in the “In
The News” column.
If any of our readers come across any ghost related news items in
their local newspaper please send them to us so we can share them with
others. Also, while speaking of news articles, please remember that Troy
and Amy Taylor are seeking ghost related newspaper clippings, etc.. for
the Ghost Museum that they are founding. You can contact them thru there
website at : http://www.prairieghosts.com/
We have also added a new column. This column is titled “Investigative
Results” and we need your help to make it a success. This column will be
the story behind and the results of paranormal investigation from
haunted sites around the world. We ask that if you or your group does an
investigation, please send us a story about it. All stories received
will be published in this column. When sending the story please include
a brief background about the location and it’s haunting, how you found
out about the haunting and the results of your investigation plus any
interesting tid bits of information. Also, be sure to included an email
address where other readers can contact you with questions about your
investigation and if you have a website, your URL. Hopefully in the near
future we can develop a web page were pictures from each investigation
can be posted.
We are busily coming up with a few contests and have some great
prizes. If you have written a book or sell any ghost related items, and
would like to donate one as a prize please contact me at:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com . All donated items will be acknowledged in
the newsletter with information about each one. We’ll have more about
the contests in upcoming issues.
I’m sure that you have noticed over the past year that “The Haunted
Places Report” has grown larger. Every week we receive email from
readers stating how much they enjoy the newsletter and with suggestions
on how to improve it. We really enjoy hearing from the readers and there
are lots of good suggestions. However, it is starting to get very time
consuming to publish the newsletter weekly. Therefore, in order to
maintain it’s currently quality and to implement new ideas, we are
looking for a few dedicated people to help out. First, we need someone
who can act as any assistant editor. In the past we have had several
assistants who have helped with an issue or two and than seemed to fade
from sight. This is a volunteer position (as are all positions on the
newsletter) and it will require a few hours each week of your time.
Secondly, we are looking for some feature writers. Currently we have one
feature writer, Brandy Stark. We would like to have a few more to help
contribute stories. These stories would consist of paranormal events,
how-to-articles, interviews with well known (and not so well known)
members of the paranormal world, etc... You can submit your own story
ideas or choose one of the many assignments we have in the works.
For more information or to apply for one of these positions, contact
me via email at: Haunted-@neo.rr.com.



Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.

From: Dave Juliano, Co-Director of South Jersey Ghost Research, Founder
of The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings

South Jersey Ghost Research ("http://www.sjgr.org") is now accepting
applications for trainees which will start their training in January
2002. Membership is open to anyone in NJ, Eastern PA, DE and NYC areas.
Please inquire at "membe-@sjgr.org"
SJGR is the Delaware Valley's Oldest Active Paranormal Research Group.
We are a professional research and investigation group with years of
experience dealing with ghosts and hauntings. We conduct ghost research,
discreet investigations and promote the learning and understanding of
ghosts and other psychic phenomenon. Our group consists of experienced
investigators some of which have been investigating ghosts and the
supernatural for over 17 years. We also welcome and train amateur
investigators. We come from all walks of life, from law enforcement to
grandmothers. Our ages range from eighteen to the sixties. We are all
serious about the pursuit of knowledge; the assisting of those in need
and we invite all open-minded individuals to join us in our quest to
understand ghosts better. We offer all our services for free. SJGR is an
official 501(c)(3) Non Profit, Tax Exempt Organization.



The following is from Bumps In The Night Website (
http://www.bumpsinthenight.com/ )

Little Known Terms of the Paranormal
by Dina Ely

A collection of lesser-known terms and concepts relating to the
paranormal, parapsychology, and parascience. Includes phone calls from
the dead, deathbed visions, kachinas and more. The following is a
collection of lesser-known paranormal & parapsychological /
parascientific terms and concepts.

Animal Psi (or "Anpsi")
Anpsi is the apparent ability of animals to experience various
clairvoyant phenomena, such as telepathy, precognition, and sixth sense.
Though the studies into anpsi hardly present conclusive evidence for or
against the existence of anpsi, many pet owners are firm in their belief
in the clairvoyant abilities of their pets.
It is worth noting that owing to the fact that humans are also
animals, if animal psi truly does exist then it would exist in all
species, including humans.
Manifestation of anpsi includes, but is not limited to:
The ability to see ghosts and spiritual beings
The ability to sense events in the very near future (such as the return
of a loved one to the pet's home, before the loved one's car can be
heard, etc.)
The ability to sense impending danger or death of a loved one
The ability to find the way home, oft against seemingly impossible odds
(homing instinct)
The ability to "psi trail" (to find its owner if separated, returning
even across tremendous distances)

An apport is an object created by mediums and poltergeists, which
materialises out of thin air and takes solid form. Most are small
objects like coins and jewelry, but larger objects like books and
newspapers have been reported. The Scole Experiment Group has had
tremendous success with apportation, as the “spiritual scientists”
(deceased humans working from the afterlife to achieve contact with the
living) wove energy into matter to produce extremely rare artifacts
during their sessions.
Most apports are considered gifts from spirits, but some mediums claim
to pull objects from other dimensions, or that objects existing in other
places are disintegrated, transported by the medium into the medium’s
location, and then reassembled--all by the power of the medium’s psyche.

The Sufis of Islam and Hindu swamis are well known for their delicate
and precious apports.

Motor automatisms are unconscious muscular movements which are
apparently guided by spirits or the psyche of another person. Automatic
writing is a type of motor automatism. In automatic writing the medium
clears his or her mind of all thought and invites the spirits of the
dead to "possess" his or her hand, and write whatever they will.
Automatic painting is a similar phenomenon, only with painting instead
of writing. People with little or no artistic ability or experience can
suddenly produce tremendous masterpieces, claiming to be guided by
Sensory automatisms include hallucinations, dreams, sudden inspiration
and visions. It is not uncommon for sensory automatisms to include
voices that give instructions, sometimes in conjunction with motor

Book Test
The "book test" was a test of life after death, which has its origins
in the early 20th century, by an English medium named Gladys Osborne
Leonard. The test involved a communicating spirit that delivered message
to one of the living via a medium. The method for discerning the message
was that the spirit would specify (to the medium) a book which the
medium would not have readily accessible, and given the room and the
shelf in which the book rested, and the page number on which the message
could be found. By finding the book and reading the given page, the
message would be revealed to the person for whom it was intended. These
messages were oft of a personal nature. Leonard had a great deal of
success with the book test, and the test itself was common after World
War I, when interest in communicating with the dead (no doubt, the
recently deceased soldiers) peaked.

Clairsentience, oft used in conjunction with clairvoyance ("clear
vision") and clairaudience ("clear hearing"), is the psychic perception
of emotions, taste, smell, and other physical sensations. Clairsentience
is largely based on "gut feeling" or intuition. Though not all
clairsentience is a result of ghostly presence, it is a psychic tool
that can be employed in the sensing of and communication with ghosts.

Deathbed Visions
Apparitions of the dead, or significant religious figures, that
manifest to the dying. These visions are said to bring peace to those
who are about to die. Incidence of deathbed visions has been recorded
since ancient times. Regardless of race, gender, education, age and
other discriminating factors, deathbed visions all share common traits
like extreme beauty, bright light, and the glowing forms of people
significant to the dying.

Drop-in Communicator
A spirit that presents itself suddenly and unexpectedly at a seance,
without attempt to contact it prior to its appearance. Experiences with
drop-in communicators can lend validity to a medium and to the entire
concept of communication with the dead, as the most stellar cases
provide information that is not available to the public and only known
by a few. This demonstrates that the spirit entity is not simply a
figment of the medium’s subconscious. Occasionally drop-in communication
is accompanied by physical manifestations of spiritual

A kachina is a spirit of the ancestral dead, worshipped among the
Pueblo. Kachinas were believed to perform beneficial actions, such as
bringing rain. Some kachinas, however, were said to murder ruthlessly.
Kachinas were considered to be the spiritual equivalent of an
intermediary between humans and the gods. In Zuni beliefs, kachinas are
called "koko," and they reside at the bottom of the Lake of the Dead.

Newspaper Test
Similar to the book test, and developed by the same medium. Spirit
communicators, in theory, would give a medium information about a news
story that would be published the next day, including the page number
upon which the story would appear. The medium would then read the next
day's paper to see if the spirit's prediction came true. Like the book
tests, newspaper tests were remarkably successful, but not considered
conclusive evidence of life after death.

Phone Calls From the Dead
Quite literally, a phone call from a deceased person. The phone may
ring normally, but the line may sound flat or the reception/connection
may be poor. The voice of the dead can be heard, usually softly, and oft
fading abruptly. Sometimes, if the person being called does not realize
the caller is dead, the conversation can continue for up to thirty
minutes. The purpose of the call is usually to say "goodbye," or to give
an important piece of information to the living.
My own grandmother believes that she receives a phone call from her
deceased sibling every year on the anniversary of his death. True
enough, someone in the family will always receive a phone call that is
picked up after the first ring, and there is nothing but eerie silence
on the other end of the line. Whilst no voices are heard, the fact that
the phone call comes every year on the anniversary certainly adds to the

The 19th century precursor to the Ouija board, the planchette was
developed to open a person up to the phenomena of automatic writing or
automatic painting. Mediums used the planchette to communicate with the
dead, or to look into the future. The planchette consists of a
heart-shaped platform on three legs, two of which are on wheels and the
third is a pencil. Placing one's fingertips on the planchette invites
spirits to communicate through the planchette and write messages or
sketch pictures.

Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience by Rosemary
Ellen Guiley

Noteworthy Links:
The Scole Experimental Group
( http://www.psisci.force9.co.uk/ ), official web site

Occultopedia entry for "Planchette"
( http://www.occultopedia.com/p/planchette.html )

Dr. Carla Willis-Brandon’s research into deathbed visions
(http://www.near-death.com/deathbed.html )



Death, The Beginning
Written by: Tatiana Elmanovich
Published by: Tanika’s Books - P.O. Box 4322 - Costa Mesa, California
Paperback, 293 pages with B/W photos

The cover of this book states “From writing about celebrities to
writing about spirit entities: A life story that led to the
communication with the spirit world”. This book is much more than that.
The main subject of the book is the story of the author’s life as a
film critic in her native country of Estonia and her escape to America,
where she starts to receive messages from the spirit world. I found this
true story to contain so much more. In fact, this book would be of
interest to many different types of readers.
For the history buff, it contains much information about the history
of Estonia and the Soviet Union. For the film buff there is lots of
information about the inner workings of a Soviet controlled film
industry and an inside look at the lives of those involved in that
industry. For the reader of thriller novels, you’ll enjoy how the author
and her family dealt with government officials and death threats. Those
who like to read about human interest will be absorbed by the heart
breaking escape from Estonia and the author’s struggle to make a new
life for herself and her “adopted” son in America. And finally, for the
reader of the paranormal, we come to the main subject of the book.
After arriving in America the author begins to receive messages from
the “other side”. These messages come from friends, family members and
even celebrities who have crossed over. With the help of such people as
James Van Praagh and Brain E. Hurst, the author struggles to understand
why she was chosen to receive these messages and how to tell the world
about this gift.
I highly recommend this book for your own collection or to give as a
gift during the upcoming holiday season.



From the Shadowlands (Website:
http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/index.htm )

Globe, Arizona: Main Street Cemetery
By Bernard W. Kelly, Sr. ("bern-@theshadwlands.net")

I received an E mail from someone in Globe, Arizona sometime in July or
August I believe.
In the letter, I was notified that there was some paranormal activity
taking place in a number of sites, throughout Globe. One, was the Main
Street Cemetery, located in Globe Arizona. The second-place was
the hardware store also in the same city.
I responded to the e-mail, as soon as I had received it. I informed
the writer, that I would be unable to investigate the alleged to
phenomenon until sometime in November or December because, I had
committed to an investigation located in the ghost town of Shakespeare,
New Mexico. But I confirmed the receipt of the e-mail and that I would
do my utmost to attempt to make an investigation of
the activity sometime in December. I asked for any information that was
known about the sites. The type of information I was looking for would
be along the lines of P. K. Readings, Voice Prints or anything of that
I was however disappointed, when I received no such information. But I
still decided that I would attempt to investigate the alleged paranormal
phenomenon as soon as possible.
The City of Global, Arizona is about an hour's drive from Phoenix,
where I work out of, for The Shadowlands. The city of Globe is an old
mining town that has seen better days. But the mines are
still there; even though from time to time they shut down or cutback
,dependent on the economy.
On the 20th. Of October, I decided to make the short drive to Globe,
Arizona to make a preliminary investigation of the Main Street Cemetery
site. I took a long, just a few items that I would be able
to get a somewhat idea of the cemetery.
The items I took along consisted of a notebook pad and pencil, four
motion detectors, a digital thermometer, the flashlight with extra
batteries, the tape recorder with extra tapes, the digital tape
measure and an assortment of plastic sandwich bags that I use to collect
samples. i.e. soil, paint, blood, excreta. I also included a 35 mm
The drive itself was uneventful, and being so I arrived at about 10:30
AM. I went directly to the cemetery without much trouble. It was
located, off the main road coming into the city. The cemetery itself did
not have the Sexton or Manager at the cemetery., so I contacted the
Police Department and asked if there were any records available on the
cemetery. After seeing the information I needed, I proceeded back to the
The cemetery itself has not been maintained very well or so it seemed
and it was located directly across the street from residential homes. It
was made up of desert landscaping and most of the cemetery is made up of
ground burial sites. But there is an area that had a mausoleum, named
the Last Supper.
When I finally arrived at Cemetery, it was nearing 3:00 PM I started
my investigation of the Cemetery as quickly as I could. I was hoping to
be home for dinner that night.
I had not received much in the way of information about the site and
so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. But that soon, dissipated and I
started my preliminary investigation.
I decided, that since I was alone it would be best to consolidate the
area that I would investigate. So I chose the mausoleum area of the
cemetery, I set up my motion detectors and recorder. I did a tour of the
area with the use of my compass, in an attempt to establish any
electromagnetic flux. I did not find any electromagnetic flux in the
area as I made my tour.
It was now approaching 5:30 PM, and I decided to call it a day. I
picked up by motion detectors, turned off my tape recorder and went back
to the car. I arrived home in approximately 6:45PM. I had my dinner that
consisted of homemade enchiladas. After dinner I decided to write the
debriefing of my investigation.
The conclusions, although not absolute are as follows;

a.) There seems to be no electromagnetic anomalies in the area of the
mausoleum that are strong enough to affect the rotation of a pocket
directional compass, when I was there.
b.) The area that the cemetery is located, is directly across the street
from residential homes. From interviewing the homeowners that would
speak to me. I was informed, that they had not seen anything
approaching, what they would refer to as paranormal or supernatural in
origin. However they did mention, that from time to time there was a
group of what they referred to as older children meeting in a cemetery
at different times of the year. They found this an unusual situation.
c.) The tape recorder did not record any unusual sounds. i.e. noises,
d.) I found no apparent, occult activity present in the cemetery.
e.) I find, the Main Street Cemetery located in Globe, AZ. to the best
of my knowledge, to be clean.

Recommendation: I was unable, to do a decisive background search of
the history of the cemetery and of the area directly adjacent to it. I
believe any background search of the cemetery may yield some useful
information for further investigation. It may also identify the possible
reasons for the alleged haunting/paranormal activities to be present.



So Transparent (or Why Do Ghosts Wear White )
From: The Scotsman (website: http://www.thescotsman.co.uk/ )
Written by: David Gray
Copyrights are acknowledged.

Why do ghosts wear white? The latest survey into Britain’s most
haunted roads is spooky for lots of reasons, not the least of which
being that some people have actually been gainfully employed compiling
such a list (scene in pub: bedraggled geek trying to chat up unimpressed
lady: "What do I do? Well, I research ghosts on the A1 ... no wait, come
But among the findings in the esteemed Fortean Times magazine is the
key fact that white ladies seem to figure large in the findings.
So, um, why? Hopkirk, from the now legendary original Randall and
Hopkirk (deceased) TV series, was a ghost, and wore a white suit, but
that was because budgets were tight and special effects in those days
meant the only clever option was to have no-one there at all, which in
fact was what happened when anyone but Randall was around. So a white
suit was the answer, presumably because a black one might have been a
little scary for audiences.
Were all the ladies who shuffled off this mortal coil dressed in white
at the time? Being knocked down while out for a walk dressed in dazzling
white seems unlikely, not to mention unlucky. I can imagine ghosts,
perhaps disturbed from whatever ghosts get up to by the building of
roads, being inspired to wander around and have a look at the passing
cars, but why would they be wearing white? Wasn’t that a bit impractical
in the Middle Ages, what with the lack of washing machines and all?
A more likely theory is that the ghosts are those of boffins in their
white coats who were run over while out investigating reports of ghosts
on the roads: a close encounter would doubtless show little ghostly
clipboards and geeky spectacles.
And the haunted highways include a lot more than pale ladies: the
honor of the most haunted highway in the UK goes to the A23 between
London and Brighton, where specters are virtually elbow to elbow along
the hard shoulder: they include a fellow in a white trench coat and one
dressed as a cricketer (the suspicion does arise that just possibly, in
one or two cases, the motorists reporting the ghosts might actually have
seen a real chap in a white trench coat - a lack of fashion sense is not
confined to the undead - who had broken down. The poor lad might have
been wondering why people driving past go ashen-faced and accelerate).
Elsewhere, there are loads of reports of ghostly cars, and
hitch-hikers. The latter is fitting - surely if anyone is going to haunt
a road it should be a hitcher (and possibly the odd highwayman, and
maybe a traffic policeman or two). Indeed, more than a few hitchers have
come to a nasty end while trudging along the side of the road - I hear
of a poor fellow in Italy who was standing with his little cardboard
sign patiently waiting for a lift, and was struck and killed by a
pineapple hurled from a passing car. Cause to make anyone mad enough to
come back and haunt the laybys.
But ghost cars? I mean, REALLY? Since when did people get ghostly
possessions? Clothes, well, that’s fair enough - naked ghosts everywhere
would be a bit much. Horses are more acceptable - headless horsemen
would be a bit laughable if they were on foot, or perhaps on a bike or
even a Space hopper (actually, the Space hopper wouldn’t work - they’re
hard enough to control with both hands, let alone having to spare one to
keep your head on). But a car?
Who gets to take one with them? Is there a ghost pecking order? The
low-ranking ones get a white jacket, the VIPs get a motor? And are the
cars also white? The reports of the survey weren’t overly clear on the
matter, but we have to assume not: a white car with white upholstery and
white trim would have us expecting to see a pimp behind the wheel,
rather than any serious, self-respecting ghost.
Or is it the car that’s the ghost? If - as reports indicate - some
don’t have drivers, surely it must be. But what possible end could make
a car come back as a ghost?
And does that mean we get ghost bikes, and boats and houses and
things? There’s the Flying Dutchman, of course, but somehow a ghost ship
seems more fitting and proper. Life would become a little unsettling if
there were ghost toasters and pot plants.
There were tales, when I was myself a callow hitchhiking youth, of a
ghost car in the Western Isles, of some ancient vintage, driven by a
little old ghost man. A few fellows I met did say they saw it with their
own eyes, howling along a deserted road at dusk, but none claimed to
have been given a lift, exactly. Is such a thing possible? You often
hear ghost stories of drivers picking up pale, somewhat uncommunicative
ladies dressed in white at the dead of night, driving some way then
turning round and seeing there’s no-one in the car at all, but can you
get the opposite? Can you get in a ghost car? Or would you just
foolishly fall to the road and hear phantom laughter fading into the
If you could get a ride, that would be just the very thing - no
pollution, no need for road tax, a car that was perfect for the planet.
We’d all have them. Perhaps the global multinationals who control the
car market know this to be possible and suppress the technology?
And how do we know what we see is actually a ghost? Are they
transparent, always? How does a ghost car differ from a real one?
There’s sadly far too many flesh-and-blood drivers who swerve all over
the roads in the dead of night, howling and moaning, but that can be
attributed to a combination of stupidity and alcohol rather than being
dead. Though a great many driving in such a state will, it’s true, soon
become dead.
Sadly, there seems to be one serious omission in all reported
sightings - you’d think regular encounters would be had with little
white flat hedgehogs, standing, forlorn, at the edge of the
carriageways. Or white ephemeral chickens, mown down in their eternal
quest to cross the road.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com . Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From: Tomy-@aol.com

Are there any ghost hunting clubs in the eastern Massachusetts
/southern N.H. area? I’m interested in participating in investigations
of ghosts and hauntings in this area.

From Georgene at: vlads-@yahoo.com

I live in Nashville , TN and I would like to know if there is anyone
in my area who is interested in ghosts, ghost hunting, hauntings and
other paranormal happenings.

My name is Susan Smitten, and I'm a writer for Lone Pine Publishing. I
am currently in the research stage of a book titled Ghost Stories of
Oregon; it's the 17th volume in Lone Pine's series of true ghost stories
set in particular regions of North America. While virtually scouring the
countryside for supernatural tales and folk stories of the state, it has
occurred to me that the custodians of the past - institutions such as
local historical societies and museums -might possess rich resources for
this kind of investigation and be able to provide valuable information,
contacts and actual stories.
If there are any famous folktales or ghostly legends in your
community, I would love to hear from you. I can be e-mailed at
"mez-@telus.net" . I am interested in reference material of any kind:
already published works, contact information for individuals who have
had first-hand paranormal experience or accounts of your own. I
guarantee anonymity to any persons who would rather not have their names
mentioned in the upcoming volume.
I realize that we're getting into a busy holiday season, but if you
could find a few minutes to send on any information that you think would
help to make this a top quality collection of stories, I would very much
appreciate it. Thank you for your time.



From Tiffany at: MissM-@aol.com

My best friend from high school, Jeannette, and I roomed together our
sophomore year at Boston University. We were placed in Danielsen Hall on
Beacon Street (this would've been fall 1997). Danielsen is a beautiful
dormitory that used to be a hotel -- it overlooks Storrow Drive and the
Anyway, from the first night we spent in there, we did not get much
sleep. We thought it was the excitement of the new school year, catching
up from summer happenings, etc., but then strange things began to
While waiting for the elevator, someone or something ran by me and
Jeannette and bumped into us so hard that we fell against the wall. It
couldn't have been a draft because the elevator is in the middle of the
hall and there aren't any hallway windows. That was one of the first
incidents. Another incident: I lying on my bed studying and I started to
hear someone talking. I checked my suite mate's room, but no one was
home. I returned to my bed to resume studying and then I heard a softly
whispered "hello." I didn't respond. I then felt someone up against my
right side, and a whoosh of air blasted into my ear with the same,
hello! Jeannette reported to me that when I wasn't home, something
similar had happened to her, but he kept asking her who she was. We
thought the ghost was a he because the voice sounded a bit masculine.
Another incident: Jeannette and I were up late talking one night and
suddenly we heard what sounded like someone playing jump rope. When we
became quiet, you could actually hear the mumbling of a child's rhyme
that had the rhythm of a jump rope rhyme. There are two more incidents:
Jeannette was sleeping and I was studying. Jeannette started yelling at
me to cut it out and leave her alone. I looked up from my studies to ask
her what the heck she was talking about. Her top sheet and cover looked
like someone was trying to pull them off of her. She was tugging on them
and someone/something was tugging back!
The final incident that happened was an odd one. We had a single, tiny
closet in that room that Jeannette and I had to share. We had just
finished cleaning our room and straightening out our closet. I had
folded all of my sweaters and stacked them at the top. We closed our
closet door, which was a task in itself...once open it did NOT want to
shut, once shut, well good luck trying to get it open. Jeannie and I
pushed until we heard the click and we settled on my bed to watch some
television. About twenty minutes later, the closet
door burst open and my sweaters flew about 5 feet to land on top of the
television. This activity started to die down after a while, which we
thought strange but we were quite thankful for. Jeannie and I have
always been open to the idea of the paranormal, but it was quite hard to
sleep/study etc. at night and as
a result, we were not in our room very often, instead choosing friend's
places or the library to study, and other friend's to sleep! We did not
want to tell anyone about our experiences, sure that we would be
ridiculed or thought crazy, but we finally couldn't take it anymore and
told two of our RAs separately to see what they would say. Both RAs said
that this type of activity was common, especially between August and
January, and would die down.
Each year they have a priest come in to bless/exorcise the house, but
they never tell any of the students about it. Another student in the
dorm had also been experiencing some activity. Her visitor seemed a bit
nicer than ours -- she said that her visitor would turn the pages of the
book she was reading for her and set out her clothes!

From: Gundam-@aol.com

I live in Wisconsin. My House is really old. I don't know how old to
be exact. Maybe it was built somewhere around 1912 .
I was asleep in my room and one night I woke up to a loud noise. One
of my chili cups fell onto the ground. Then a book fell. The house
wasn't shaking or anything. It scared me at first. I tried to ignore it
for a while and eventually fell back asleep.
Then I woke up to a loud moaning, it was frightening! I saw someone
standing in my doorway with a long white dress on. It got closer and
closer to my bed until it was almost in my face. I could see it had no
face what so ever. I pulled my covers over my head and fell back asleep
with tears in my eyes. The next day I woke up and I went to school.
Later that day I came home to find that my friend, who was in jail, had
sent me a letter. Enclosed in the letter was a picture of two policemen
in front of my house, standing in front of their police car . It was
very interesting. I am trying to find out as much as I can about this
house now. There are many other ghostly residence as well living here.
But those are different stories to tell.

From: Submitter requested email address not be posted.

When I was 14 years old, my Father purchased a house in a small town
named High Bridge that is in Kentucky. The house was built in the
1800's, and very few changes had been made to it. Shortly after we moved
in, I began to have a reoccurring dream, about a Church funeral. The
dream was in color and it was like I was seeing everything through
someone else's eyes. However, there was no sound at all. There wasn't
any music, or sounds of weeping or anything. It was like watching a
video without any sound.
In the dream I was walking up the isle of a Church and there are pews
filled with people on both sides of me. Some of the people are looking
at me, as I am walking towards the front of the church, others are
looking towards the front or have their heads down like they are looking
at the floor in front of them and some are crying. In front of the
church there is an open casket, that has beautiful flowers in front and
on both sides of it. There is a beautiful black haired woman lying in
the casket. I'd walk up to the casket and look at her face and then wake
up from the dream.
At first, I thought that it was only a nightmare. However, after
having the dream night after night, I became afraid to go to sleep at
nights. Then one night the dream changed. In my room there was a wood
burning stove, and all along one wall there were closets that went from
the floor to the ceiling. There were long closet doors with smaller ones
above those. The smaller ones were for storing quilts and blankets.
There was also a place to store the wood that was to be burned. The
dream changed from being at a church funeral, to my Father tearing out
the closets that were in my room. In the dream, I am standing there and
my Mother is standing beside me with her arm around my shoulder and we
are watching my dad as he tears out the closet's, when suddenly this
woman's body falls out into the floor in front of us. Then I would wake
up from the dream. Up to this point, I had no idea that my Father and
Mother had planned to tear out the closets that were in my room. My
Mother wanted a walk in closet, and My Father wanted to put in a
When I heard their plans I became very scared, I was having this dream
over and over, night after night and now they were actually going to
tear the closets out. I begged them not to. They kept saying “Oh son
it's just a dream“. Dad started tearing out the closets and I went to my
Mother and told her how scared that I was. She said there's nothing to
worry about, come on we'll watch him together. As we were standing there
watching him, my Mother slipped her arm around my shoulder, and she had
never done that before. Now everything was just as I had dreamed it. No
words could describe how scared I was at this point. I really believed
that this woman's body was going to come crashing out of the closet.
Well, nothing happened, or at least nothing appeared to have happened.
He built the new walk-in closet and my dream ended. So I was very
pleased that the nightmare was finally over, or was it?
What I didn't know is that this was just the beginning. The dreams
stopped, however now the woman began to manifest herself to us in
different ways. Why, she began to do so after the closets were torn out
I don't know, unless somehow her Spirit was trapped inside the closet.
I'm glad that my Mother was the first to see her, because if I had saw
her first, she wouldn't have believed me. My Mother was walking through
the hallway one day headed to the kitchen, as she got to the end of the
hallway a woman was standing there. My Mother described her as having
black hair and being young and beautiful. My Mother said that she looked
like a real person and that she thought that someone had walked into the
house. When she asked her what she wanted, she moved her mouth like she
was trying to say something, but there was no sound, and then she
There were other things, lights turning themselves on and off, organ
music and singing (only in one room of the house), doors opening and
closing, footsteps, objects flying across the room. I guess your average
haunting activities. One of the funniest things that happened, was that
my Mother and Father were talking about it one night, and my Father
said, "There's no such a thing as ghosts!" and a lamp shade came off a
table lamp and flew across the room and hit him. He didn't say anything,
he just looked at my Mother, as she was saying “See, I told you!” One
Morning, not long after my Mother had seen her, I opened my bedroom door
and she was right at my door walking past it, it was like my Mother had
said. She looked like a real person like I could have reached out and
touched her. She was looking straight ahead, then she turned and made
eye contact with me, as if to let me know that she could see me as well,
and then she continued walking down the hallway and into a room at the
end of the hall.
When I finally got my nerve up, I went into the room to see if she was
still there and there was no sign of her. I wish now that I had stayed
with her, she might have been wanting to show me something. My older
brother also saw her one night. She was in the kitchen looking out the
window and brushing her hair, as if she was waiting and watching for
someone. My Mother began to ask around about the history of the house,
and I talked to my Grandmother who had lived in this area all of her
life. My brother went to the court house looking for old records. After
piecing everything together, we learned that a young couple got married
and her husband built the house for her. She was described as being
beautiful and having long black hair. She was pregnant and one winter
while her husband was out hunting she went into labor and had
complications. Her husband came home and found her dead in the closet.
Not having the strength to get wood for the fire, she either collapsed
in the closet trying to get wood, or had crawled into the closed next to
the stove trying to keep warm. No one knows if the baby survived. My
brother thinks that when he saw her looking out the kitchen window that
she was watching for her husband to come home and may be still watching.



Hosted by the American Ghost Society (Website:
"http://www.prairieghosts.com/ags.html" )

Our 4th Annual "Spirits of Christmas" Event will be held on December 8,
2001 at the History & Hauntings Book Co. in Alton, Illinois! This FREE
event will start at 5:00 PM and we hope that many of our readers and
subscribers will be able to attend. In addition to being another of our
fun, ghostly gatherings, we'll also be featuring author readings, book
signings and more. Scheduled to appear so far are Troy Taylor (me!), who
will be reading from his new, upcoming book HAUNTED ST. LOUIS and Dave
Goodwin, who will be reading an excerpt from his new book, GHOSTS OF
It costs absolutely nothing to attend this year's holiday event, but
reservations are required. Simply email us with your name and the number
of people in your party so that we'll have an accurate count for chairs!
Come celebrate with us and uphold the age-old tradition of ghost story
telling at Christmas time! Email us with your reservations or call us at
(618) 465-1084!

Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
April 20, 2002 Camp Hill, Pa
Contact is Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

*Hear Ghost Stories from Nationally Famous Paranormal Authors &
*Learn About the Latest Ghosthunting Techniques & Equipment
*View Ghost Photos and Videos; Hear Recordings of Spirit Entities (EVP)
*Discover how your own intuitive abilities can help you communicate with
the "Other Side"
*Learn about the "Dark Side" of the spirit world and how to protect
*From Beginners to Experienced Ghosthunters, this Conference offers
something for Everyone!
*Hosted by Psychic/Medium and Ghosthunter Kelly L. Weaver, Founder of
Capital Ghost Forum

Why This Conference is Unique?
This conference will offer something for everyone interested in this
fascinating segment of the paranormal, be they a raw beginner or
experienced ghosthunter, or even someone who just likes to hear a good
scary story! We have structured our workshops to different levels of
experience - you won't be bored hearing things you already know, nor
will you feel isolated if this is new to you. There are many different
opinions on and approaches to the subject of Ghosts, and we have
assembled a variety of authors and researchers to share their
experiences and views.

A Full Day and Night of Activities
Registration starts at 8:30am. Conference begins at 9am. Seasonal Fruit
and Berries, Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Rice Krispie Treats, coffee,
tea, iced tea and sodas will be waiting for you. During the morning, you
will hear from several authors who specialize in writing about ghosts
and hauntings. (They will also be offering their books for sale
throughout the day) We will break for lunch around mid-day; lunch is on
your own. (Besides the hotel restaurant, there are several fast-food
restaurants only a minute or two away)
The afternoon will feature a variety of workshops, presented by
knowledgeable individuals. Some are for beginning ghosthunters, others
are structured for those with more experience. You can select any 2
workshops; videos will be available for purchase of any workshop you may
not have taken. Some of the workshops planned are:

*Ghost Hunting for Beginners *How to Use the Latest Ghosthunting
Equipment: Film and digital cameras, Video Cameras, Audio recorders
(EVP), Thermal Scanners, EMF Meters, etc.
* Using your Intuition for Ghost Hunting: Developing your psychic
abilities, protecting yourself from unwanted (and negative) energies!
(Other workshops to be announced closer to conference)

A full course dinner will be held early evening (menu selections to be
announced closer to the event). During the dinner, the floor will be
open for questions, discussion, etc. We are making arrangements to visit
hauntedsites in the greater Harrisburg area, beginning around 7:30-8pm.
An actual itinerary with specific times to be released later

We’re pleased to announce that we have found the perfect spot to do our
ghost investigation on Sat. April 20. This beautiful old building is
called the Rutherford House, formerly, it was called the Rutherford
It was built in 1858 and was inhabited by 3 generations of Rutherfords.
It became the Dauphin County Detention Center in 1906 and served that
function for more than 60 years! It is now a Senior Citizens Center.
Extremely ACTIVE............ street lights going off and on, signs
falling down, the kitchen, well, we will just let you visit that one on
your own!!!!
John and I investigated this mansion Saturday (Nov. 10th) evening. We
came away with tons of photos AND EVP in the basement. At one point of
the investigation, with the Centers Director, the window's began to
rattle in front of us. Something very unusual the Director said!! Guess
To see ghostly photos of the Rutherford House go to our photo gallery!
"http://community.pennlive.com/cc/capitalghostforum" (click here, then
on the gallery)

We have added another adventure to our Conference! For anyone
interested, we will have a Haunted Dining Event at a CGF members
Restaurant beginning Friday evening April 19th at 7pm.
Everyone will meet in the lobby of the hotel and car pool to the Iron
Kettle restaurant. This place is very active and you will be able to
take photos and walk around. A hotbed of activity!
This is a bar and restaurant (the cost is separate from the conference
fee). This is just a informal get together, so we can all get in the
“mood” and meet new friends or to just settle down after your travels
and have a good time with like minded people.
We will be meeting for cocktails at 7 (very informal) and then will
have a sit down dinner. The cost of dinner is $22.00 per person.
includes tax and tip. Payments may be made to Kelly Weaver.
To reserve your space, I will need your payment by CHECK (no master
card or visa for this one) by March 1, 2002. (you will have 3 choices
for dinner, Haddock, Chicken Parm, or Strip Steak, potato, salad,
dessert and a banquet beverage. Alcohol is not included in the cost.
Very, very good food here! And the spirits aren't bad either!!!!!!!!!
I have a sign up sheet. This room holds only 55 people, so this on a
first come first serve basis. If you are interested in the Welcome
dinner, please give me your name/address/phone. Your spot will be
We are also including a map of other local haunts of interest for those
who may want to venture out on your own on Friday. We will have the
workers/owners of the Iron Kettle telling their ghostly tales that
Friday evening.

About The Authors/Lecturers/Instructors
TROY TAYLOR - Noted Author and ghost researcher. Troy is the founder
and president of the American Ghost Society, one of the nation's largest
ghost research groups. He has appeared on numerous television programs.
Troy also keeps readers up-to-date with his "Ghosts of the Prairie" web
page, (www.prairieghosts.com), the Haunted America Update Newsletter,
and offers a huge selection of supernatural books through his History
and Hauntings Book Co. (1-888-ghostly) Troy has written many books
including: The GhostHunters Guide Book, and his latest "spirited work"
is titled No Rest for the Wicked. Troy's topic will be Graveyard Ghosts
- a lively presentation on haunted graveyards & burial grounds,
including: how cemeteries become haunted, common cemetery lore,
vanishing hitchhikers and
even how best to investigate your local cemetery. Troy will present
first-hand accounts of his experiences in haunted cemeteries and some of
the most famous graveyards in America! Hear the legends and real-life
accounts behind Bachelor's Grove, Resurrection Mary and much more!

ED OKONWICZ - An accomplished speaker, author, professional story
teller and member of the National Story Telling Association. He has
written 13 books on the paranormal, including ghosts and spirits that
haunt the Delaware & Chesapeake Bays, as well as topics related to
Maryland's Eastern Shore. Ed is employed as a writer & editor at the
University of Delaware where he received his bachelors degree in
education and his masters in Communication. Based on his 2 unique books
on Possessed Possessions, Ed will discuss how he located the owners of
haunted objects, share their stories and present tips on how to find--or
avoid--bringing home something that has failed to give up the ghost. You
are sure to enjoy Ed's humor!

RENE KRUSE - A field investigator with the American Ghost Research
Society with over 20 years experience. She has many stories of both
haunted sites as well as varying conditions under which investigations
have been conducted, with interesting results. She will be showing us
some wonderful pictures and video she has collected over the years.

PATTY WILSON - Author of Haunted Pennsylvania, Pa. Ghost Guide Vol. 1 &
Pa. Ghost Guide Vol. 2. Co-founder of the Paranormal Research
Foundation, located in Western, PA. Patty has made a career of writing
about Pennsylvania's wonderful and weird history. She will discuss PA's
most haunted sites. She masterfully tells these spooky stories that will
make your hair stand on end!

D.B. LYN: A member of the Board of Directors for the Tri State
Paranormal Research Group, D.B. Lyn is an LPN and has a life long
interest in the paranormal, having grown up in a haunted house. She
lives next to the site of her childhood home and it too is haunted. She
has co-authored The Dead Won't Hurt You, about her childhood
experiences. Currently, D.B. is writing another book and working on
different ways to photograph ghostly images. "Do ghosts exist? Is there
proof? Growing up in an active haunted house, I have
found that what dies here returns. I enlisted the help of two mediums to
help me rid the house of the entities. Join me in the house after the
first exorcism, when I realized that it hadn't worked, only to make
things worse!"

BEN MAZUR and JOHN McCLINTOCK are owners of Digitize-Media, South
Central PA's leading production firm. They have won over three dozen
major awards for their corporate-rate, commercial and institutional
clients. These talented video producer/directors have been active in the
field since 1992. They will be presenting a workshop on filming spirits.
Scott Crownover of the Paranormal Research Foundation will be assisting
them in their presentation.

REV. RON BEACH - Director of the Tri State Paranormal Research Group
(www.tristateghosts.homestead.com/home.html) and an ordained minister
with the non - denominational Church of Radiant Lights. A 14 year Navy
Vet, he served with Special Operations, various MP units and as a
Quality Control Inspector with the Nuclear Sub Force. Ron has formal
training in computers and photography and is working on a degree in
Metaphysical & Paranormal studies. He has been an active investigator
for over 12 years, including several European countries as well as the
US. He is a founding member of the IGHS. Ron is also the editor of the
Hauck Report and an Rep for Homestead.com.

LOU GENTILE - Demonologist, Paranormal Investigator & Nationally
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host. Lou has been featured on such shows as
Fox Family Channel's "The Scariest Places on Earth", MTV "Fear",
Unsolved Mysteries, In Search of, The Discovery Channel, TLC along with
hosts of Magazine & Radio Interviews. Lou is one of Ed & Lorraine
Warrens top students and was Ed Warrens last student to date. Lou brings
to you the knowledge and experience that not many can say they had nor
compete with! Learn about the Construction of a Haunting, Possession &
Exorcism, The Real Deal with Orbs & Globules, Ghosts, Poltergeists,
Angels, Demons & Devils. Lou offers a Slide show featuring some of his
most interesting cases, some you may have seen some you have not! See
what Demons & Devils look like caught on film. See a REAL Night Hag!
What does a REAL Possessed person look like? Hear the voices of Demons
Screaming at a Priest during a normal house blessing. Hear EVP's
(Electronic Voice Phenomena) of Evil Spirits screaming and calling
blasphemies! Does this all exist? You be the Judge! WARNING! NO CHILDREN
UNDER 12 PLEASE! They might not sleep again!

KELLY L. WEAVER - A well respected psychic/medium, and the founder of
the Capital Ghost Forum. She has appeared on MTV's Fear as a psychic
consultant, and has done countless television, radio, magazine, book and
newspaper interviews throughout the years. Kelly and her husband John
host a weekly show on pawebcast.com called Visions from the Other Side.
They are also contributing authors for the website PARASEEK.com.

JOHN WEAVER - An art director/illustrator and photographer who does
investigations with Kelly. He also has a long standing interest in all
paranormal subjects, especially UFOs. Once a "skeptic", John now enjoys
using his instruments to "prove what his psychic wife is saying!"

Hotel Reservations
For those coming from out of town, rooms are available for $89.00
double occupancy. Call the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention
Center direct @ (717) 763-7117. Please mention you are attending the
conference. Room reservations MUST be made by April 5, 2002. The hotel
offers free shuttle service to & from Harrisburg Intl. Airport, Amtrak &

How to Register for the Conference
Conference cost is $85.00 per person, which includes the lectures,
morning snack, workshops, sit down dinner and ghost hunting until
midnight. (Lunch is on your own) Hotel rooms are separate.
If you wish, 2 payments can be made: The first $42.50 is due by Jan.
25, 2002 (You must pay at least this amount by that date to reserve a
spot). The second payment is due by March 25, 2002. Sorry, but we do not
have secure on-line ordering available; To register by phone using your
Credit Card, call Kelly Weaver at 717-737-7623
To Register by Mail, send your MC or VISA Card Information or Check /
money order payable to Kelly's Magical Garden to:
Kelly's Magical Garden
43 Essex Road Camp Hill, PA 17011

Note: At least 1/2 or Full Payment MUST be received by Jan. 25, 2002 to
guarantee your spot.

Conference Location: Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
1150 Camp Hill Bypass Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 (Held in Governors Ballroom)

Directions to Radisson Penn Harris Hotel
From West: East on PA Turnpike (I-76) to Exit 17. North on Rt 15 for
six miles to Erford Road Exit.
From North: South on I-81 to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South
through three lights (approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop
light. Follow straight through two more stop lights. Radisson on the
From East: West on I-78 which turns into South I-81. Follow I-81 South
to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South through three lights
(approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop light. Follow straight
through two more stop lights. Radisson on the right. From South: North
on I-83 to Route 581 split (toward Camp Hill) to Route 15. North on
Route 15 for two miles to Erford Road Exit. Go to the "Maps" section of
expedia.com to download a detailed map

Rick Fisher of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society is hosting the
first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference.

The first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference will be held April
13th 2002
From 9 AM to 5 PM. at the Railroad House in Marietta, PA.

The cost is $85.00 per person and includes admission to the
conference,lunch, ghost tour at 7 PM and investigation of a haunted site
to the first 25 who register.
Subjects of discussion will include Bigfoot, UFO's and Ghosts by well
known speakers
with many years of experience. Speakers to be announced at a later date.

For more informationcall Rick Fisher at (717) 871-8610 or to make your
reservation call the Railroad House at (717) 426-4141



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

11/25/01 - Sun/Mon
Host: Ian Punett
Guest: Craig Hagstrom
Craig Hagstrom will explain the instinct that drives Osama bin Laden.
And, how obsession mixed with religion breeds fanaticism. Craig has been
a computer analyst for over 25 years, and an amateur anthropologist for
about 40 years. He is the author of, The Passionate Ape: Bad Sex, Strong
Love and Human Evolution, which is being described as a "stunning new
perspective on our sexual and emotional evolution. This book is the
product of an anthropology hobby run amok, rather than a programmer's
attempt to reduce emotion to binary logic.
Website: "http://www.passionateape.com/"

11/26/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Glenn Kimball
Report on the recent discovery of ancient Egyptian artifacts found in a
cave located in Southern Illinois.
Website: "http://www.ancientamerican.com/"

11/27/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Dean Radin, Ph.D.
Topic: Random Number Generators
Dr. Dean Radin is presently Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic
Sciences, in Petaluma, California. For over 20 years he has conducted
research on exceptional aspects of human consciousness, including
psychic phenomena. He has held appointments at Princeton University, the
University of Edinburgh, and the University of Nevada, was a staff
scientist at Bell Laboratories and Interval Research, and co-founded the
Boundary Institute in Silicon Valley. He also spent a year on what is
now known as the CIA's STARGATE program, a formerly secret government
project investigating psychic phenomena.
Website: "http://www.ions.org"
Website: "http://www.boundaryinstitute.org"

11/28/01 - Wed/Thu
Guest: James Van Praagh
Van Praagh is recognized as one of the foremost mediums in the world
today. Using his talents as a medium, he has not only helped the
bereaved reach their lost ones and find peace, but he has also
illuminated the mysteries of death, the afterlife, and rebirth.
Website: "http://www.VanPraagh.com/"

11/29/01 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Leland Gregory
Website: "http://www.wacky911.com"

11/30/01 - Fri/Sat


Tue - 27th at 9PM - Mysterious Ways: doctor in the House
Fri - 30th at 9PM - Encounters with the Unexplained
Sun - 2nd at 10pm - Mysterious Ways: A Time for Every Purpose

Travel Channel:

Tue - 27th at 9PM - UFOs Over Colorado
Tue - 27th at 10PM - UFOs Above America
Wed - 28th at 8PM - Monster Mystery: Loch Ness
Wed - 28th at 9PM - Best Places to Find UFOs
Wed - 28th at 10PM - Supernatural Destinations
Wed - 28th at 10PM - Monster Mystery: Loch Ness
Sat - 1st at 8PM - Weird Places: Mystery House & Coral Castle ( Has a
segment on psychics and mediums )
Sat - 1st at 9PM - Weird Places: Bigfoot & Magic ( Has a segment on
haunted Allton, Ill. )
Sat - 1st at 10PM - Weird Places: Creatures & Curses ( Has a segment on
ghosts of the USS Hornet )
Sat - 1st at 11PM - Weird Places: Mystery House & Coral Castle (Has a
segment on psychics & mediums )

Discovery Channel:

Thu - 29th at 9PM - Atlantis Found
Thu - 29th at 10PM - The Bermuda Triangle


Thu - 29th at 9PM - Movie: “Unsolved Mysteries”: Voice from the Grave


Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards


Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Bell Witch and Other Paranormal Mysteries
The NightSearch Paranormal Network ("http://www.nightsearch.net")
Host: Pat Fitzhugh, Noted author and researcher
Bi-weekly on Mondays
9P-10P ET / 8P-9P CT

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am.
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