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The Haunted Places Report 12/11/01  Rev. Ron Beach
 Dec 09, 2001 13:06 PST 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
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Thank you for transferring to the new list for Haunted Places! If you
have any questions or problems, please let me know. I also wanted to
take the opportunity to let you know the latest edition of the ALCHEMY
JOURNAL is now available for viewing if you are interested in the
Hermetic arts. You may view or print out the current issue at
"http://www.AlchemyLab.com/AJ2-5.htm" . For AOL and no-frames viewers,
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We had a great response from people wanting to be feature writers for
The Haunted Places Report. I wish to thank everyone who offered their
help and I’m pleased to welcome aboard a fine group of writers.
This is a very fine and talented group of writers. Beginning with
this issue, our feature writer Brandy Stark will be joined by John
Weaver, Kelly Weaver, Pat Fitzhugh, and Patty Wilson. We also have two
assistant editors Linda Davis and Jennifer Willison who will be
providing stories for the “In the News” section.
   I’m hoping that in the near future we can setup a webpage that will
contain photos, bios and contact info for each of our staff members.
Please joining me in welcoming these fine people aboard!



Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.

From: Dave Juliano, Co-Director of South Jersey Ghost Research, Founder
of The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings

South Jersey Ghost Research ("http://www.sjgr.org") is now accepting
applications for trainees which will start their training in January
2002. Membership is open to anyone in NJ, Eastern PA, DE and NYC areas.
Please inquire at "membe-@sjgr.org"
SJGR is the Delaware Valley's Oldest Active Paranormal Research Group.
We are a professional research and investigation group with years of
experience dealing with ghosts and hauntings. We conduct ghost research,
discreet investigations and promote the learning and understanding of
ghosts and other psychic phenomenon. Our group consists of experienced
investigators some of which have been investigating ghosts and the
supernatural for over 17 years. We also welcome and train amateur
investigators. We come from all walks of life, from law enforcement to
grandmothers. Our ages range from eighteen to the sixties. We are all
serious about the pursuit of knowledge; the assisting of those in need
and we invite all open-minded individuals to join us in our quest to
understand ghosts better. We offer all our services for free. SJGR is an
official 501(c)(3) Non Profit, Tax Exempt Organization.

From Thomas at: barne-@att.net

Anyone in the Chicagoland area that has a haunting that needs to be
investigated, please contact Thomas Barnett at "barne-@att.net" for
help. We are a non-profit group looking to help people with any



Feature writer Brandy Stark gives us an article with little different
“twist" to it.

October is the month that hosts Halloween, the popular cultural climax
of spectral activity. Though still dwelling in the realm of mortals, the
SPIRITS of St. Petersburg were no less active than their ghostly
After a flurry of interviews by Channel 8, WUSF 88.9, and Thunder
103.5,the team members were featured as guest presenters at Tampa
Theater. Shown and discussed with the public were the results of the
team's investigations into the Theater's paranormal phenomena. At the
end of the month, the SPIRITS gathered all remaining energies to teach a
course on ghost hunting mechanics 101 through Baywinds Learning Centers,
Tampa campus.
Needless to say, once November came around the team needed a break for
some well-deserved rest and relaxation. So, instead of the usual ghost
hunt, several team members participated in a meditative healing sound
session hosted by the Center for Healing, Inc. One-named wonder and
self-taught artist, Pipsa, produces the concert of soulful sounds.
Sessions are held in low-lighted rooms, where candles flicker around a
circle of large white bowls. In the center Pipsa sits. She slides
suede-covered wands across the bowls' opaque surfaces to produce notes
of sumptuous music, which sound like a combination of whale songs and
wind chimes.
Ironically, the bowls are a side effect of the computer manufacturing
industry. Silicon, used in computer chips, is grown in the 99.8% pure
quartz containers, which, upon retirement, are reincarnated into crystal
singing bowls. According to the artist, each singing bowl creates a
specific frequency and vibration, which both relaxes the mind and body.
Often, brain waves slow down and alternate states can be reached. "My
goal is to bring peace, healing and love into this world by working
through sound, person by person, and group by group," Pipsa explains.
"I, myself, see sound as a powerful tool for spiritual development and
growth." It was sheer chance that Pipsa came in contact with the
"I had already begun doing work with sound healing utilizing the voice
and other musical instruments when my husband came across a singing bowl
on a business trip in Holland. He was told he could buy singing bowls
from a location in Texas. Knowing this was something I would love to
work with, he ordered me a set of 7 bowls. When I started to experiment
with them, to play them, I instantly felt that this was right for me. My
bowl collection expanded with my skills; I have added many more to my
original set."
She also found inspiration through The Sounds of Healing, a book
written by Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor. A cancer specialist and practicing
medical doctor, Gaynor used crystal singing bowls to aid in the healing
process of his patients. Along a similar vein, Pipsa has played for
patients at Moffitt Cancer Center, and continues to perform individual
and group sessions at several local venues.
In addition to the bowls, Pipsa uses toning techniques to help relax
her listeners. Toning is a vocal excursion requiring no musical ability.
It is neither singing nor speaking but falls within the same family as
chanting. It is the inner vibrations created by the voice, Pipsa
believes, that help massage the body from the inside out. "I have had
many people report different results to me. Nearly all feel peaceful and
relaxed after a session. Some say they feel bodily sensations, in
different places with different tones. Others report experiences of
higher awareness, and heightened creativity. Still, others believe it
helps them to overcome pain and fatigue. I have even had reports of
seeing certain colors with certain notes, the sensations of flying or
floating, and reaching states of perfect stillness."

These are the results obtained by SPIRITS participants:

Brandy: I have been to two crystal singing bowl concerts. The first
time I was pretty relaxed when I came in. I felt as assortment of
phenomena. At one point, I felt that I was floating in a warm tub of
water, my arms and legs felt weightless. Later, I found myself
visualizing flight, following the path of a bird-shaped beam of light.
What is most odd is the few moments I had of simply being, feeling,
thinking, and sensing nothing. The second time I went with the SPIRITS.
Upon arrival, I was very tense and it took me longer to relax. After
that, I quickly hit that state of stillness, which surprised me. Coming
out of it, I felt as if my arms had become very heavy and warm, and I
almost felt as if heat was radiating out from them.

Karen: I must tell you the experience was more than wonderful and
relaxing: it was transcendental. Pipsa's creations of tones & vibrations
were so moving! The first half of the concert I listened enjoyed and
seemed to become part of the tones and vibrations. During the second
half, Pipsa invited us to participate by creating our own sound to
release negativity, to become positive. It was phenomenal! I actually
felt and could see the negativity leaving and then felt so calm,
positive and relaxed. Yet I was energized at the same time.

Lee: This was my first experience listening to a bowl concert, and I
must say it was beautiful. I totally relaxed and was without any cares.
I had a feeling of weightlessness. I found that I did not have to try to
visualize; it came naturally as the music flowed. I especially loved the
water ripples and different colors I visualized. The music seems to
produce different images in the mind, through the use of tones.

For more information, contact Pipsa at "mailto:Pip-@ozline.net", or
through PO Box 254, Oldsmar, Fl 334677-0254, or contact the Center for
Healing, Inc, 1045 - 9th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, at (727) 895-4625.



Pulling Back the Curtain (Spirits Between the Bay Series)
Written by: Ed Okonowicz - Illustrations by: Kathleen Okonowicz
Published by Myst and Lace Publishers - 1386 Fair Hill Lane - Elkton,
Maryland 21921
Copyright 1992 - ISBN: 0-9643244-0-7
Paperback, 58 pages with B/W illustrations.

Pulling Back the Curtain is book number 1 of the 13 volume “Spirits
Between the Bays” ghost and legends series. An area rich in history, the
Delmarva Peninsula (made up of the state of Delaware and parts of
Maryland and Virginia) has no shortage of ghostly tales and legends. The
author has traveled the entire area in order to bring you this series of
chillingly true ghost stories and local legends / folklore.
Between to covers of Pulling Back the Curtain you’ll read 6 of these
ghost stories plus 2 local legends. Among the true ghost stories you’ll
read about a ghost named Chaffe who “adopted a family and a Delaware
family that is haunted by a deceased farmer and his bride. The 2 stories
in the legends and lore section of the book will tell you about the
Headless Horseman of Welsh Tract Church and Blackbeard’s Pirate
This is one book that every ghosthunter would be delighted to find
under the tree on Christmas morning. Be sure to watch future issues of
the newsletter for reviews of more books in this outstanding series!


“Dowsing for Ghosts” with Patti Starr

Are ghost real? This seems to be a topic of discussion more today
than ever before. So many of us are taking notice to the unexplained
sounds, visions, touches, and anomalies in our photos. Because of our
curious nature many of us have become ghost hunters. It’s easy to find
the haunted locations, but not so easy to find the ghosts. Then, once
you find the ghosts, how do you communicate with them?
Would you like to find out why they are there, who are they, how long
have they been there, are there more than one ghost, etc. Learn how to
dowse for ghosts and through one- rod communications find out who is in
your home, at work, or in a friends basement. Patti Starr will
demonstrate proven methods of dowsing to locate and communicate with the
spirits and ghosts. She will instruct you to the type of questions to
ask and what certain movements of the rods mean. You will learn how to
capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) during a dowsing “question
and answering” session. When using the TriField Natural EM meter and
making contact with a spirit, the meter will some times register a
presence just as Patti starts asking questions of the spirit. You will
witness first hand communication as she ask question of a male spirit
that is in a home and doesn’t want to leave.
   Learn how to dowse for ghosts and spirits with Ghost Chasers
International President, Patti Starr! Learn how to find and talk to
ghosts using centuries old, proven practice of dowsing with techniques
Patti has developed especially for ghost hunters.
The video is 50 minutes and includes many other subjects about dowsing
on a ghost investigation. You will hear stories of how the dowsing
results were verified by history research, genealogy techniques, and
personal knowledge of the spirit contacted. Patti will show you how to
find the spirit with two “L” shaped brass rods and then with one rod how
to ask the “yes and no” questions. These are the same methods that she
instructs her students attending the Advance Ghost Hunting course that
Patti teaches at the Lexington Community College in Lexington, KY.    
“Dowsing for Ghosts, with Patti Starr, $19.95 plus shipping and
“Dowsing Rod” designed by Patti Starr, $19.95 plus shipping and
For more info or to order visit:



From Jacqueline at: jlhami-@home.com

Hello, and Happy Holidays to you all! After reading that we have a new
column for investigation results, I’ve decided to write in with my
little adventures I’ve been partaking in for the last 6 months or so.
My name is Jacqueline, and I am an amateur paranormal investigator. I
have had a few experiences, but since I have very little equipment (Nice
video camera for now), I haven't been able to gather much, but I did get
some things on the tape.
It was June 3rd and my husband and I decided to go up to Central City,
Colorado, and poke around in the hills. We love to just take a drive,
and have no agenda. We just drive to enjoy, when we came upon a very old
graveyard, tucked way back in the Mountains. I instantly loved the
place. It was so quiet, so beautiful, and after deciding many years ago
to be cremated, have decided to be buried there after being there and
feeling the energy.
It was about 8:PM when we arrived back up there that same night, and
the darkness was so thick. The air was cool, and again, it was dark. I
was so very excited, this being the first time I was going to do a ghost
hunt. The conditions were perfect, no rain, or sleet, or fog. It was
still and dry that night. It had rained a bit earlier, but that had gone
away, and the ground stood a tiny bit damp. We got out of the Blazer,
and began to walk towards the cemetery. It is surrounded by barbed wire
fence, and it has a few hundred graves, and there are Pine trees
everywhere. The air is spooky but not scary, not heavy there.
I turned on my camera and began shooting the walk up to the gates. We
stepped in, and shined the light around to see what we were filming. We
took no more than a dozen steps when my camera started making funky
noises. I hoped it was okay and pushed on, my heart thundering in my
chest. All at once (this happened so fast) A thick patch of mist swept
past me from my left side to my right. It came from behind me, and
around my shoulder, just touching my flesh. My husband on the right side
of me stopped, as I did, and stared at it. It swooped slowly past my
shoulder, and down in front of me. It stopped when it came right in
front of our faces. Well, if the conditions weren't perfect for this, I
would have still sworn it was an entity of some kind. It wasn't fog, it
had life to it. It moved so quickly to be able to stop without
dissipating. As we stared in wonder, it hovered there right in front of
us. It was as if it were trying to stop us. I felt it and so did my
husband. I said "That's it, Vie had enough"
At this point my heart was hammering so hard I thought I’d pass out. I
turned on my heels and got out of there, taking the light with me. My
poor hubby! He being a man though, he stood for a moment longer and
watched it. He said it stayed right there with him, until he turned
around, and then it was gone. He said it simply vanished. I got a few
pictures, of some questionable things on tape, and it still spooks me,
every time.    Tell me, is it common for someone whose heart and soul is
into paranormal investigations to be that afraid??   Anyway, my husband
and I went back to our Blazer, and sat silently for awhile, and then we
began to discuss it. We decided to go back, again and again and again.
And we have, and every time we did, the power in my camera was sucked
clean, and I never even got in the gates again without my batteries
The sign which hung up on the graveyard was vandalized by someone
shooting a gun, and holes were punctured clean through it, so I got the
idea, of an OFFERING to the spirits of the Graveyard. So, I started
planning a sign. I had a sign made out of thick hardwood, with the
letters burned by laser into the face. It came out beautiful.
We had the official sign hanging a few weeks later. Want to know
something really cool? Since we put that sign up, Vie ventured into the
cemetery completely alone with my camera, and not once has the power
been drained, not once. I hope that I have instilled some trust in the
spirits, and that they have accepted my offering, my gift, and have come
to accept and tolerate my presence there in their home. We even spent
the night across the dirt road from the graveyard one night, and believe
it or not, Vie never had a better nights sleep that I can remember.



A Ghostly Find - Antique sofa brings 'guests' home
By Gretchen McKay
PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Copyright © 2001, Newsday, Inc.
November 25, 2001
   Pittsburgh - For most of her life, Mary Zeremenko attributed strange
bumps in the night to squirrels in the attic or the normal creaks and
groans of an old house settling. But ghosts? "I wasn't a real believer
in that type of stuff," she says, laughing.
   So 10 years ago, she thought nothing of it when her 2-year-old
daughter, Alexandra, started talking to "the people" in the living room.
Didn't all little kids have imaginary friends? Even when Alexandra
started directing people away from the antique Victorian sofa and table
the family had acquired at an estate sale, the mother of two thought
nothing of it. "I'd go to sit down on the sofa, and she'd say, 'You
can't sit down. Somebody's already there!'" Zeremenko recalls, smiling.
"I'd try to reassure her that nobody was there, but she'd point and say,
'Then who's that?'"
The furniture, purchased from neighbor Bonnie McNally-Brown, had once
graced the home of McNally-Brown's four unmarried aunts, who'd lived
together their entire lives. The two pieces fit well in the Zeremenkos'
1920s Colonial. "We have the kind of house that screams, 'Put antiques
in me,'" Zeremenko says.
But when Alexandra's younger brother Max started seeing "the people"
too, well, Zeremenko found it difficult to laugh off. Max would walk
into the living room and wish his invisible visitors "good morning" or
ask them how they were. Other times Max, then 2, would burst from the
room and exclaim, "Mommy, people fighting!" and then point toward the
sofa. He even had conversations with them under the Christmas tree. "I
thought, 'This is too weird!'" remembers Zeremenko, an administrator at
H.J. Heinz Co. "He was definitely interacting with whatever was there."
Still, the idea that "the people" might be ghosts never crossed
Zeremenko's mind until about a year later, when a crying Max raced into
the kitchen, clutching his hand."People hit Max!" he sobbed. Leading her
into the living room, the 3-year-old pointed to the sofa table, where an
heirloom leaded-glass lamp atop a lace doily tottered precipitously
close to the edge. In tears, Max relayed how he'd been tugging on the
doily when he felt a sharp rap on the wrist. Realizing her son could
have been seriously injured had the lamp crashed to the floor, Zeremenko
did the only thing that made sense: "I whispered, 'Thank you,' as I
walked away."
A short time later Zeremenko threw a party with psychic Howard Taylor,
who died almost a year ago. Yes, there were spirits in the house, he
concluded, but only in the living room. Then came the kicker: He was
pretty sure they had come with the furniture. Sometimes, Taylor
explained, people without families end up attaching themselves to their
possessions. When they die, they don't want to let go. "He reassured me
they were harmless," says Zeremenko. The ghosts, he said, were just
"miserable old witches who hated each other."
A short time later, McNally-Brown and her sister, who was visiting
from Florida, stopped by with an old family photo album. With Max on her
lap, McNally-Brown started flipping through the pages. What happened
next sent shivers up everyone's spines. "There's my people!" Max
exclaimed when they happened upon a photo of McNally-Brown's aunts,
Alice and Marie. They were sitting on the very same striped sofa. "My
sister just about fell out of her chair," says McNally-Brown.
Not everyone believes in the ghostly activity. Zeremenko says her
husband, Dan, who has never seen or heard "the aunts," as the ghosts
have come to be called, has an easy explanation: "He thinks we're all
nuts," she says, laughing.
Alexandra, a seventh-grader, and Max, a fourth-grader, no longer see
or hear them, and in July McNally-Brown's 14-year-old daughter was in
the basement when she heard voices and people walking around on the
first floor. But when she went upstairs, no one was there.
Zeremenko is glad the ladies feel so comfortable in her home. She says
they're welcome to stay as long as they like. "It means we're never
alone," she says.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com . Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

My name is Susan Smitten, and I'm a writer for Lone Pine Publishing. I
am currently in the research stage of a book titled Ghost Stories of
Oregon; it's the 17th volume in Lone Pine's series of true ghost stories
set in particular regions of North America. While virtually scouring the
countryside for supernatural tales and folk stories of the state, it has
occurred to me that the custodians of the past - institutions such as
local historical societies and museums -might possess rich resources for
this kind of investigation and be able to provide valuable information,
contacts and actual stories.
   If there are any famous folktales or ghostly legends in your
community, I would love to hear from you. I can be e-mailed at
"mez-@telus.net" . I am interested in reference material of any kind:
already published works, contact information for individuals who have
had first-hand paranormal experience or accounts of your own. I
guarantee anonymity to any persons who would rather not have their names
mentioned in the upcoming volume.
I realize that we're getting into a busy holiday season, but if you
could find a few minutes to send on any information that you think would
help to make this a top quality collection of stories, I would very much
appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

It has come to our attention that one of our writers, Susan Smitten,
has gotten in touch with your newsletter about her “Ghost Stories of
Oregon” project. There are two other volumes currently in the works
“Ghost Stories of Ohio“ and “Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania“.
Contact for these two projects would be at
"edit-@lonepinepublishing.com". The mailing address for the central
office is
Lone Pine Publishing
10145-81 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T6E 1W9

Or we can be reached at our toll free number, 1-800-661-9017.

Thank you for your time,
Dan Asfar and Edrick Thay



From: StephE-@aol.com

I work at a military installation in Texas. One night while working
late, I heard footsteps in a hallway outside of my office. The hallway
was dark but an outside light at the other end of the building shining
in through a glass door made it possible to see then entire length of
the long hallway. I saw what appeared to be the silhouette of a man walk
into one of the office doors at the other end of the hall. I thought
this was strange because it appeared that he walked into a dark office.
As I walked down the hallway, I realized he walked through a closed,
locked door. The sounds of opening and closing doors as well as people
walking up and down the hallway at night are common.

From: Raven-@gurlmail.com

I grew up in a haunted house. Well, I never saw anything, the history of
the house is too long to tell so I'll just tell a story. Once when I was
a senior in high school I was up at 230am talking on the phone. Then all
of the sudden I started to get really scared. I tried to ignore it and
continue my conversation, but just could not shake the feeling. Now by
this time I was already used to feeling a presence around me. But never
experienced any thing, except this time. I started to grow more scared
and more scared. Then I glance over to my dresser and there was a box of
facial cleanser in the corner. It was sitting against the back wall of
the dresser against the mirror. All of the sudden it tipped forward and
sat on its front edge. Then sat back again. It did this three times then
nothing. I know it wasn't a big deal, but what scared me wasn't the fact
that the box tipped forward. It was the fact that I now had felt as if!
there were a room crowded with people around me. If you'd like to hear
more of my stories, or hear about my house and how even though I don't
live there still effects me, please email me.

From Ed at: eclem-@yahoo.com

I thought I would drop you a line, about some of my ghost experiences.
The first, no contact happened, but if the ghost was there it might have
gotten a chuckle. I was on the Queen Mary Ghost tour a few years back
and they led us into this messed up state room. The door closed
immediately behind us and of course we were locked in. They proceeded to
tell us the harrowing story of a murder in this state room, which really
had several of the patrons on pins and needles. After the story, the
closet automatically opened up to let us out. The guide asked me, as I
was at the back of the group to close the door as I left. The woman in
front of me asked me if I was afraid of the ghost, to which I replied.
I've never met a ghost I didn't like.
Many years before the Q.M. incident, I blew my chance to meet a ghost.
My first wife and I had just gotten married which we inherited a Saint
Bernard puppy. The place where we lived wouldn't let us keep the dog, so
we moved. We now had a place in El Monte Ca, an especially bad
neighborhood, but our Saint was fearless. Critters of both the two
legged and four legged varieties took the warning from him as absolute,
and gave us a wide birth.
Now the ghost part, I had locked and bolted and stuck a chair under
each door and used as much security on the windows, as possible, because
as I said this was a bad part of town. I had been asleep awhile when I
awoke to a cold clammy presence, I didn't open my eyes as I was scared.
About then the Saint was crawling under the bed, with only six inches
vertical space, that was interesting. After the presences moved on I
gained my courage, opened my eyes and got up to check out the situation.
I found wet bare foot prints facing the bed, then they turned, walked
out of the bedroom, across the kitchen, right under the chair leaning
against the door. As I looked out the window I could see the prints on
the porch and down the walk.
I guess I should have opened my eyes and asked him if he'd like coffee
or something, especially since he
didn't return while we lived there.



Ghost Hunting Courses at Lexington Community College in Lexington,
Kentucky,Taught by Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, President, Ghost
Chasers International.
Website: "http://www.ghostchasersinternational.com"
Email: holly-@qx.net

All "Introductory to Ghost Hunting" classes are held on four Monday
nights from 6:30 - 8:30 and cost $39.00:

First Class: January 21 - February 11
Second Class: February 18 - March 11
Third Class: March 18 - April 8
Fourth Class: April 15 - May 6
Fifth Class: May 13 - June 3

All "Advances Ghost Hunting" classes include three field trips of ghost
hunting which are held on six Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 and cost
$99.00 (prerequisite: Introductory to Ghost Hunting):

First Class: January 23 - February 27
Second Class: April 17 - May 22
Third Class: June 12 - July 17

These classes fill up pretty quick so you might want to consider making
your reservations early.

On-line registration - "http://www.uky.edu/LCC/CCP"
Phone registration - (859) 257-4426 X4426
Mail Registration - LCC Continuing Education
2659 Regency Rd., Suite 114
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

If you are interested in a weekend course which combines the Intro and
Advance classes into one weekend event you can email me at
"holly-@qx.net" for more information. This is an excellent course for
out-of-town and out-of-state students that would like to come in for a
weekend to take these courses.

Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
April 20, 2002 Camp Hill, Pa
Contact is Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

*Hear Ghost Stories from Nationally Famous Paranormal Authors &
*Learn About the Latest Ghosthunting Techniques & Equipment
*View Ghost Photos and Videos; Hear Recordings of Spirit Entities (EVP)
*Discover how your own intuitive abilities can help you communicate with
the "Other Side"
*Learn about the "Dark Side" of the spirit world and how to protect
*From Beginners to Experienced Ghosthunters, this Conference offers
something for Everyone!
*Hosted by Psychic/Medium and Ghosthunter Kelly L. Weaver, Founder of
Capital Ghost Forum

Why This Conference is Unique?
This conference will offer something for everyone interested in this
fascinating segment of the paranormal, be they a raw beginner or
experienced ghosthunter, or even someone who just likes to hear a good
scary story! We have structured our workshops to different levels of
experience - you won't be bored hearing things you already know, nor
will you feel isolated if this is new to you. There are many different
opinions on and approaches to the subject of Ghosts, and we have
assembled a variety of authors and researchers to share their
experiences and views.

A Full Day and Night of Activities
Registration starts at 8:30am. Conference begins at 9am. Seasonal Fruit
and Berries, Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Rice Krispie Treats, coffee,
tea, iced tea and sodas will be waiting for you. During the morning, you
will hear from several authors who specialize in writing about ghosts
and hauntings. (They will also be offering their books for sale
throughout the day) We will break for lunch around mid-day; lunch is on
your own. (Besides the hotel restaurant, there are several fast-food
restaurants only a minute or two away)
The afternoon will feature a variety of workshops, presented by
knowledgeable individuals. Some are for beginning ghosthunters, others
are structured for those with more experience. You can select any 2
workshops; videos will be available for purchase of any workshop you may
not have taken. Some of the workshops planned are:

*Ghost Hunting for Beginners *How to Use the Latest Ghosthunting
Equipment: Film and digital cameras, Video Cameras, Audio recorders
(EVP), Thermal Scanners, EMF Meters, etc.
* Using your Intuition for Ghost Hunting: Developing your psychic
abilities, protecting yourself from unwanted (and negative) energies!
(Other workshops to be announced closer to conference)

A full course dinner will be held early evening (menu selections to be
announced closer to the event). During the dinner, the floor will be
open for questions, discussion, etc. We are making arrangements to visit
hauntedsites in the greater Harrisburg area, beginning around 7:30-8pm.
An actual itinerary with specific times to be released later

We’re pleased to announce that we have found the perfect spot to do our
ghost investigation on Sat. April 20. This beautiful old building is
called the Rutherford House, formerly, it was called the Rutherford
Mansion. It was built in 1858 and was inhabited by 3 generations of
It became the Dauphin County Detention Center in 1906 and served that
function for more than 60 years! It is now a Senior Citizens Center.
Extremely ACTIVE............ street lights going off and on, signs
falling down, the kitchen, well, we will just let you visit that one on
your own!!!!
John and I investigated this mansion Saturday (Nov. 10th) evening. We
came away with tons of photos AND EVP in the basement. At one point of
the investigation, with the Centers Director, the window's began to
rattle in front of us. Something very unusual the Director said!! Guess
To see ghostly photos of the Rutherford House go to our photo gallery!
"http://community.pennlive.com/cc/capitalghostforum" (click here, then
on the gallery)

We have added another adventure to our Conference! For anyone
interested, we will have a Haunted Dining Event at a CGF members
Restaurant beginning Friday evening April 19th at 7pm. Everyone will
meet in the lobby of the hotel and car pool to the Iron Kettle
restaurant. This place is very active and you will be able to take
photos and walk around. A hotbed of activity!
This is a bar and restaurant (the cost is separate from the conference
fee). This is just a informal get together, so we can all get in the
“mood” and meet new friends or to just settle down after your travels
and have a good time with like minded people. We will be meeting for
cocktails at 7 (very informal) and then will have a sit down dinner. The
cost of dinner is $22.00 per person. includes tax and tip. Payments may
be made to Kelly Weaver. To reserve your space, I will need your payment
by CHECK (no master card or visa for this one) by March 1, 2002. (you
will have 3 choices for dinner, Haddock, Chicken Parm, or Strip Steak,
potato, salad, dessert and a banquet beverage. Alcohol is not included
in the cost. Very, very good food here! And the spirits aren't bad
either!!!!!!!!! I have a sign up sheet. This room holds only 55 people,
so this on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in the
Welcome dinner, please give me your name/address/phone. Your spot will
be secured.
We are also including a map of other local haunts of interest for those
who may want to venture out on your own on Friday. We will have the
workers/owners of the Iron Kettle telling their ghostly tales that
Friday evening.

About The Authors/Lecturers/Instructors
TROY TAYLOR - Noted Author and ghost researcher. Troy is the founder
and president of the American Ghost Society, one of the nation's largest
ghost research groups. He has appeared on numerous television programs.
Troy also keeps readers up-to-date with his "Ghosts of the Prairie" web
page, (www.prairieghosts.com), the Haunted America Update Newsletter,
and offers a huge selection of supernatural books through his History
and Hauntings Book Co. (1-888-ghostly) Troy has written many books
including: The GhostHunters Guide Book, and his latest "spirited work"
is titled No Rest for the Wicked. Troy's topic will be Graveyard Ghosts
- a lively presentation on haunted graveyards & burial grounds,
including: how cemeteries become haunted, common cemetery lore,
vanishing hitchhikers and even how best to investigate your local
cemetery. Troy will present first-hand accounts of his experiences in
haunted cemeteries and some of the most famous graveyards in America!
Hear the legends and real-life accounts behind Bachelor's Grove,
Resurrection Mary and much more!

ED OKONWICZ - An accomplished speaker, author, professional story
teller and member of the National Story Telling Association. He has
written 13 books on the paranormal, including ghosts and spirits that
haunt the Delaware & Chesapeake Bays, as well as topics related to
Maryland's Eastern Shore. Ed is employed as a writer & editor at the
University of Delaware where he received his bachelors degree in
education and his masters in Communication. Based on his 2 unique books
on Possessed Possessions, Ed will discuss how he located the owners of
haunted objects, share their stories and present tips on how to find--or
avoid--bringing home something that has failed to give up the ghost. You
are sure to enjoy Ed's

RENE KRUSE - A field investigator with the American Ghost Research
Society with over 20 years experience. She has many stories of both
haunted sites as well as varying conditions under which investigations
have been conducted, with interesting results. She will be showing us
some wonderful pictures and video she has collected over the years.

PATTY WILSON - Author of Haunted Pennsylvania, Pa. Ghost Guide Vol. 1 &
Pa. Ghost Guide Vol. 2. Co-founder of the Paranormal Research
Foundation, located in Western, PA. Patty has made a career of writing
about Pennsylvania's wonderful and weird history. She will discuss PA's
most haunted sites. She masterfully tells these spooky stories that will
make your hair stand on end!

D.B. LYN: A member of the Board of Directors for the Tri State
Paranormal Research Group, D.B. Lyn is an LPN and has a life long
interest in the paranormal, having grown up in a haunted house. She
lives next to the site of her childhood home and it too is haunted. She
has co-authored The Dead Won't Hurt You, about her childhood
experiences. Currently, D.B. is writing another book and working on
different ways to photograph ghostly images. "Do ghosts exist? Is there
proof? Growing up in an active haunted house, I have found that what
dies here returns. I enlisted the help of two mediums to help me rid the
house of the entities. Join me in the house after the first exorcism,
when I realized that it hadn't worked, only to make things worse!"

BEN MAZUR and JOHN McCLINTOCK are owners of Digitize-Media, South
Central PA's leading production firm. They have won over three dozen
major awards for their corporate-rate, commercial and institutional
clients. These talented video producer/directors have been active in the
field since 1992. They will be presenting a workshop on filming spirits.
Scott Crownover of the Paranormal Research Foundation will be assisting
them in their presentation.

REV. RON BEACH - Director of the Tri State Paranormal Research Group
(www.tristateghosts.homestead.com/home.html) and an ordained minister
with the non - denominational Church of Radiant Lights. A 14 year Navy
Vet, he served with Special Operations, various MP units and as a
Quality Control Inspector with the Nuclear Sub Force. Ron has formal
training in computers and photography and is working on a degree in
Metaphysical & Paranormal studies. He has been an active investigator
for over 12 years, including several European countries as well as the
US. He is a founding member of the IGHS. Ron is also the editor of the
Hauck Report and an Rep for Homestead.com.

LOU GENTILE - Demonologist, Paranormal Investigator & Nationally
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host. Lou has been featured on such shows as
Fox Family Channel's "The Scariest Places on Earth", MTV "Fear",
Unsolved Mysteries, In Search of, The Discovery Channel, TLC along with
hosts of Magazine & Radio Interviews. Lou is one of Ed & Lorraine
Warrens top students and was Ed Warrens last student to date. Lou brings
to you the knowledge and experience that not many can say they had nor
compete with! Learn about the Construction of a Haunting, Possession &
Exorcism, The Real Deal with Orbs & Globules, Ghosts, Poltergeists,
Angels, Demons & Devils. Lou offers a Slide show featuring some of his
most interesting cases, some you may have seen some you have not! See
what Demons & Devils look like caught on film. See a REAL Night Hag!
What does a REAL Possessed person look like? Hear the voices of Demons
Screaming at a Priest during a normal house blessing. Hear EVP's
(Electronic Voice Phenomena) of Evil Spirits screaming and calling
blasphemies! Does this all exist? You be the Judge! WARNING! NO CHILDREN
UNDER 12 PLEASE! They might not sleep again!

KELLY L. WEAVER - A well respected psychic/medium, and the founder of
the Capital Ghost Forum. She has appeared on MTV's Fear as a psychic
consultant, and has done countless television, radio, magazine, book and
newspaper interviews throughout the years. Kelly and her husband John
host a weekly show on pawebcast.com called Visions from the Other Side.
They are also contributing authors for the website PARASEEK.com.

JOHN WEAVER - An art director/illustrator and photographer who does
investigations with Kelly. He also has a long standing interest in all
paranormal subjects, especially UFOs. Once a "skeptic", John now enjoys
using his instruments to "prove what his psychic wife is saying!"

Hotel Reservations:
For those coming from out of town, rooms are available for $89.00
double occupancy. Call the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention
Center direct @ (717) 763-7117. Please mention you are attending the
conference. Room reservations MUST be made by April 5, 2002. The hotel
offers free shuttle service to & from Harrisburg Intl. Airport, Amtrak &

How to Register for the Conference:
Conference cost is $85.00 per person, which includes the lectures,
morning snack, workshops, sit down dinner and ghost hunting until
midnight. (Lunch is on your own) Hotel rooms are separate.
If you wish, 2 payments can be made: The first $42.50 is due by Jan.
25, 2002 (You must pay at least this amount by that date to reserve a
spot). The second payment is due by March 25, 2002. Sorry, but we do not
have secure on-line ordering available; To register by phone using your
Credit Card, call Kelly Weaver at 717-737-7623
To Register by Mail, send your MC or VISA Card Information or Check /
money order payable to Kelly's Magical Garden to:
Kelly's Magical Garden
43 Essex Road Camp Hill, PA 17011

Note: At least 1/2 or Full Payment MUST be received by Jan. 25, 2002 to
guarantee your spot.

Conference Location: Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
1150 Camp Hill Bypass Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 (Held in Governors Ballroom)

Directions to Radisson Penn Harris Hotel
From West: East on PA Turnpike (I-76) to Exit 17. North on Rt 15 for
six miles to Erford Road Exit.

From North: South on I-81 to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South
through three lights (approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop
light. Follow straight through two more stop lights. Radisson on the

From East: West on I-78 which turns into South I-81. Follow I-81 South
to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South through three lights
(approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop light. Follow straight
through two more stop lights. Radisson on the right. From South: North
on I-83 to Route 581 split (toward Camp Hill) to Route 15. North on
Route 15 for two miles to Erford Road Exit. Go to the "Maps" section of
expedia.com to download a detailed map

Southwestern Paranormal Ghost Conference
April 13th and 14th 2002 in beautiful sunny Yuma Arizona
The Yuma Spirit Hunters in cooperation with the MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa
AZ. Proudly present the 1st annual Southwestern Paranormal Ghost

Itinerary (To be finalized February 2002):

Friday evening April 12th, 2002:
There will be a special event scheduled for early arrivals.

Saturday April 13th, 2002:
9:00am to 11:00am -- Digital Ghost Photography Workshop- Learn the
individualized techniques used by the Yuma Spirit Hunters for capturing
and analyzing digital photographs - Presented by Richard Burns Technical
Director of Yuma Spirit Hunters.
To be held at the Oak Tree Inn (coffee and doughnuts will be served at
this event)

12:00pm to 3:00pm-- Family Picnic and BBQ held at the Historic Yuma
Territorial Prison Park. (Menu will be announced February of 2002)
During this time you will be free to tour the Historic Yuma Territorial
Prison, meet others from your field of expertise and compare techniques.
Host staff will be available to answer questions.

5:00pm-- Full Course Dinner- This dinner will be held at one of Yuma’s
many haunted historic sites. (Menu choices will be announced February of
2002) Hosts will again be available during the dinner for a question and
answer session.

6:30pm- Guest Speaker- Kriss Stephens Paranormal Consultant with the MTV
show FEAR she is also paranormal investigator for the New Orleans
Haunted History Tours. As well as doing investigations on her own. She
will be joined by one of the participants of the show that will speak
about the true paranormal phenomena that took place on the USS Hornet.

After the guest speakers we will adjourn to Haunted Historic Old Town
Yuma for a Haunted Historic Tour and or a ghost hunt at your choice of
Several of Yuma’s Haunted Historic Locations (to be announced February

Sunday April 14th, 2002:
9:00am to 11:00am -- Farewell Gathering -- Guest speaker to be announced
February 2002. (Coffee, Juice and doughnuts to be served during the


Conference cost is $60.00 per person this cost includes all events
listed above. Your Hotel Rooms are separate and you are responsible for
making your reservations. Save 10% by registering the full amount early
using Pay Pal. To qualify for this discount full payment must be
received by March 15th 2002.

Easy Pay Option- you can purchase your registration in 2 easy payments
of $30.00 (EASY PAY DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THE 10% DISCOUNT). First $30.00
payment must be received by February 1st, 2002 and the 2nd $30.00
payment must be received by March 15th, 2002.

You may register online at any of these web sites:

Checks and Money orders are accepted. Payments must be postmarked no
later than March 1, 2001

Send to:
Southwestern Paranormal Conference
12734 El Camino Del Diablo
Yuma Arizona, 85367
Please make checks or money orders pay able to: Yuma Spirit Hunters

Yuma AZ area Residents call (928) 520-4207 or (928)342-2955 for more
information or email spirith-@aol.com

Phoenix area Residents call (480) 969-4069 or (602) 292-6796 for more
information or email Naza-@aol.com

Local Hotels and Rates (subject to change):
Yuma Cabana (www.yumacabana.com )
2151 4th Ave.
Yuma Arizona 85364
Telephone 928-783-8311 Fax- 928-783-1126 Reservation Line 1-800-874-0811
Standard rooms $29.99 1 person - $37.99 2 people Queen - $47.99 2P
Double Deluxe

Yuma’s Haunted Historic Hotel Lee
390 South Main Street
Yuma Arizona, 85364
Telephone 928-783-6336 Fax 928-783-0540
$40.00 2 person European Style Hotel
(Room’s Are Limited At Yuma’s Oldest Working Hotel Reserve Yours Early)

Holiday Inn Express of Yuma ( www.azohwy.com/h/holnexyu.htm )
3181 Fourth Ave
Yuma Arizona 85364
Telephone 928-344-1420 Fax 928-341-0158 Reservation Line 1-877-800-6689
$55.00 up to 4 persons call to specify room type


Rick Fisher of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society is hosting the
first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference.
The first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference will be held April
13th 2002 from 9 AM to 5 PM. at the Railroad House in Marietta, PA.

The cost is $85.00 per person and includes admission to the
conference, lunch, ghost tour at 7 PM and investigation of a haunted
site to the first 25 who register.
Subjects of discussion will include Bigfoot, UFO's and Ghosts by well
known speakers with many years of experience. Speakers to be announced
at a later date. For more information call Rick Fisher at (717) 871-8610
or to make your reservation call the Railroad House at (717) 426-4141

Gettysburg Ghost Conference–Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP
Hosted by the International Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
www.ghostweb.com )

Join Dave and Sharon in May, 2002 at our fifth annual Gettysburg Ghost
Conference. Our theme is Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP. The
Conference will focus around EVP and the software for evaluating the
voices. Tips and secrets shared. We will demonstrate how clear EVP
voices are as compared to the digital static many confuse with EVP. We
will also be providing a special EVP CD for everyone attending the
Conference, filled with real voices of the dead from our own private
collection. The CD will only be available for those who pre-register for
the Conference.
We do not use mediums, psychics or Ouija boards to claim
communications with the dead because psychic claims cannot be verified.
It may be valid or it may be emotional static. Instead, we focus on the
scientific approach to ghost hunting that can be accomplished by
This will be one of the most exciting and most haunted events that you
will ever attend. The friendships developed may well last a life time.
Come and experience the Ghosts of Gettysburg with Dave and Sharon.
Special Holiday Inn room discounts for members attending the Conference.
Experience the scientific approach to ghost hunting.
We are set up for PayPal orders by going to the Gettysburg web page
at: "http://www.ghostweb.com/2002conf.html".
Also the Online Order Form can be found at
"http://www.ghostweb.com/orderform.html". Be sure to send us the names
of those attending for the name badges.



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

12/09/01 - Sun/Mon
Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Devon Jackson
Devon Jackson will discuss some of the world's most famous conspiracy
theories. What do Pan Am flight 103, JFK, mercury fillings, the Mars
Pathfinder, Henry Luce, The Grateful Dead, Teletubbies, and Mad Cow
Disease all have in common? The answer to this question is clearly that
they are all, in some highly explosive, ultra-confidential fashion,

12/10/01 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Major Ed Dames
The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, Edward A. Dames, Major,
U.S. Army (Ret.), is the creator of Technical Remote Viewing, and
co-creator of Mindazzle! An original member of the U.S. Army prototype
remote viewing training program, he subsequently served as the training
and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's psychic
intelligence (PSIINT) collection unit, and currently serves as executive
director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group.

Topic: Domestic terrorism -- Detailed profile and location of an anthrax
letter sender
Website: "http://www.trvinstitute.com"
Website: "Http://www.mindazzle.com"
Website: "Http://www.psispymaster.com" (Info on Terrorist Activites)
Website: "http://www.matrixintelligenceagency.com"

12/11/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Robert W. Morgan
Bigfoot Researcher and Founder of The American Anthropological
Research Foundation
Related Page: "bigfoot.html"
Website: "http://www.trueseekers.org/"
EMail: "mailto:RWM4B-@AOL.COM"

12/12/01 - Wed/Thu

12/14/01 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Hal Lindsey

12/15/01 - Fri/Sat


Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Fri - 14th at 9pm - Movie: Bride of Chucky


Tue - 11th at 9pm - Mysterious Ways: The Last Dance
Fri - 14th at 9pm - Encounters With the Unexplained: Is the Miracle of
Christmas True? / Is the Six Day War a Miracle?


Tue - 11th at 10pm - Journal of the Unknown: Behind the Crystal Ball


Wed - 12th at 11pm - History’s Mysteries: The True Story of the
Philadelphia Experiment


Mon - 17th at 10pm - Stigmata: Wounds of Mystery


Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Bell Witch and Other Paranormal Mysteries
The NightSearch Paranormal Network ("http://www.nightsearch.net")
Host: Pat Fitzhugh, Noted author and researcher
Broadcast the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month
9P-10P ET / 8P-9P CT

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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