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The Haunted Places Report 01/08/02  Rev. Ron Beach
 Jan 06, 2002 16:10 PST 
The Haunted Places Report
Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Website: "http://www.Haunted-Places.com"



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I hope everyone’s holidays were safe and happy. I got a great present
for Christmas, an antique tombstone! It is dated 1852. Don’t worry, it
is not stolen from a grave. The story about how I got it is too long for
the newsletter. If you every see me at a conference or other event, ask
me about it and I’ll be happy to tell the story.
As announced in past issues of the newsletter, I’ve taken on the job
of webmaster for The Haunted-Places website. This will mean a few
changes for the newsletter. First is my email address. Although I am
keeping Haunted-@neo.rr.com as my personal email address, any email
concerning the newsletter should be sent to: edi-@haunted-places.com .
Email concerning the website can be sent to me at
webma-@hauntedplaces.com .
Another change will be to our “Upcoming Events” section. Many readers
have said that the section is getting hard to read due to the large
about of information on different conferences that appear in each issue.
They feel that posting all this same information week after week is
very repeative. So, what we are in the process of doing is designing a
page on the website to post detailed information about each event. The
newsletter will continue to list the event in a condensed form with a
link to the site so you can obtain more info on the events you are
interesting in attending.
The next change will involve our book reviews. When we review a book we
will added to the “Haunted Bookstore” on the site. Thru the bookstore
you’ll be able to order the books without leaving the comfort of your
Another feature in the plans for the website, is a page that will list
information about the staff and writers of the newsletter. Letting you
get to know us a little better should add a more personal feeling to the

As most of you know, one of my major pet peeves is when “wanna be”
ghost hunters (i.e. thrill seekers) ruin things for the serious ghost
hunter. Here is an email, in part, that I received and my reply to it.
I bet that this is one more site, due to trespassing, that the serious
ghost hunter would be unable to get permission to investigate.
Trespassing may even be one of the reasons this building is being torn
down. If the story is true or not is not what my main concern is. After
reading my reply you’ll understand my concern.

Have u ever heard of DeSale Heights? If not u should do some research!
Me and a few of my friends went there cause we had heard some rumors
about it. We didn't believe it was true till we went there ourselves.
When u go in there are a lot of halls u can go down and if you are
really quiet u can here the nuns talking and walking around. In one
certain room you can hear a nun cry and a preacher bless her (it sounds
like the nun is in a lot of pain).
On the second floor down when u walk back threw the hall you come to a
door boarded up and when you try to pull the boards off the door your
light will quite working till you walk up the hall. When we tried to
pull the boards loose and turned around to walk back up the hall there
was a ghostly looking preacher standing there he said to stay away from
that room that nothing good could come from it.
We ran up the hall and it sound as if someone was chasing us. We ran
outside and in to the shed behind the building and the door slammed shut
we were stuck in there for a half an hour before it came unlocked and
when we were in there u could hear nuns crying about all the pain they
were in and a preacher blessing them.
I have went back only once since then and we saw the preacher walk
down the hall he turned looked at us and walked away. We then traveled
to the basement and I couldn't go past the bottom of the steps. You
could hear all of the screams and nuns walking around. You could hear
the nuns praying and if you go there on the right night you can actually
see them having rituals. The state plans to tear it down so if u wanna
visit it u better do it soon. West Virginal, Parkersburg.

Signed: WV girl

And my reply:

Thank you for sending your story. Did you have permission to be in
this building? If not, than you were trespassing. Did you have
permission to try to pull the boards lose from the doorway? If not, than
you were destroying property.
The reason it is getting harder and harder for serious ghost hunters
to get permission to enter a site, is because to many "thrill seekers"
are trespassing and destroying property!
In the future please get permission before entering a site and never,
ever start tearing things up!

Best Regards,
Rev. Ronald E. Beach



Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.

From Thomas at: barne-@att.net

G.A.T.E. Is a non-profit ghost research group in
Northern ILLINOIS. If you have a haunting of any kind
and would like an investigation done, contact Thomas
Barnett at "mailto:barne-@att.net" and we will be happy to
come out and do an investigation

From Misty at: mitz-@yahoo.com

I know of at least two well-documented haunted places in Kansas. The
first is the Brown Mansion in Coffeyville, Kansas--many of their
employees and know of the ghost of Mary Brown (I'm pretty sure that's
her name, but talk to the museum folks themselves) who sits rocking at a
window, gazing out at the cemetery where her sons are buried.
The second is a ruined factory town called La Hunt, outside of
Independence, KS, near the Elk City Reservoir. In contrast to the rather
benevolent but sad ghost of the Brown Mansion, La Hunt is a bad place. A
brick factory where so many of the workers involved in its construction
(i.e., the man who fell into the concrete of the foundation as it was
being poured--the intrepid and observant visitor can still find the
crossed shovel and pickaxe embedded in the foundation at the spot where
his body lies) and its first years
of operation, died in mysterious and usually gruesome ways. So many of
their family members, who lived in the on-grounds worker’s town, fell
ill from undiagnoseable diseases and perished, that the entire endeavor
was abandoned within a few years.
There are definitely disturbances there--many visitors, including
myself, experience phenomena such as brand-new flashlight batteries
refusing to work until off the premises, bouts of nausea, compasses
turning like pinwheels, clocks running very quickly backwards and then
stopping, and car headlights dimming and dying until away from the site.
On top of all that, just across the ridge from the factory site is a
cliff (well, okay, in Kansas we call a 60-foot drop a cliff) at the edge
of which one often feels an irrational urge to jump, and several people
(including myself) have fallen from that point. I woke at the bottom
with no memory after leaving my car, with broken bones in my back, leg,
and sternum, and endured an hour or so of decidedly mirthless laughter
seeming to come from nowhere before the paramedics showed up.
Okay, that's what I know of my little corner of the world. I'm sure
that a little digging will turn up more accurate historical data that I
can provide; I just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know they
were there.


We are the Phantom Hunters and we do free investigations around Texas.
We have the equipment needed to find and document your ghost. If you
have a haunting or know of one please email us. We would love to hear
from you.

In a past issue we reviewed a book by D.B. Lyn titled “The Dead Won’t
Hurt You”. The website is finally up and running. The site has some
great photos of the house and it’s ghosts.
Be sure to check it out! and if you’ve read the book please sign the
guest book with your comments. The site can be found at :

How many of our readers have visited the site for the new upcoming
movie “The Mothman Prophecies” (website: www.themothmanlives.com )?
Want to win some promotional items from the movie? Just be one of the
first to email us with the answer to any of these questions and we’ll
send you out some free stuff!

1. When will the movie be released in theaters?
2. Who is the male lead in the movie?
3. Who is the female lead in the movie?
4. Where was the first Mothman sighting?
5. How long did the Mothman terrify this town?
6. When was the first Mothman sighting thought to be?
7. When was the first sighting in this town?
8. What type of complex was he seen in?
9. Where else have Mothmen been sighted?
10. You is a well known Mothman author?
11. What does the Mothman look like?
12. What studio is releasing the movie?

Remember you need only be the first to answer just one of these
questions to win a prize!



Scientific Theories
By: Scott Crownover

Through the use of infrared cameras, digital still cameras and ever
more sensitive 33mm cameras the field of ghost hunting has been
changing. Just click onto the net and you will see some very interesting
photographs, video snippets and audio (EVP's)--possible documentation of
the paranormal that can't be logically explained. I would like to put
out some theories that might explain these anomalies in a scientific
way. These are only theories,
and not fact, I am putting this forward as my opinion and not the
collective opinion of the group. Feel free to disagree; I would like to
have your input.
In the still photos we have seen orbs, supercharged energy and
ectoplasm. None of these were visible to the eye when the photos were
taken. Why is that?
Scientifically, I would like to suggest that the answer lies in the
nature of light, our eyes, and film. A possible explanation comes to
mind when examining the nature of light. There is a duel nature to
light. It acts like a wave and also like a particle. Visible light is
only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum goes
from very short wavelengths (gamma rays and x-rays) to very long
wavelengths (radio waves). Visible light is somewhere in the middle.
Photons, the particles of light, carry energy. Shorter wavelengths carry
more energy; longer wavelengths carry less energy.
Our eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation in the 400-700
nanometer range; this is what is called visible light. We see because
the retina on the back of our eyes acts like a piece of biologic "film."
Nerve endings are stimulated by these wavelengths and transmit them as
electric impulses to the brain. The brain then converts them to images.
That is why we see things from violet to red. Photographic film is
sensitive to a broader spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Film uses
grains of Silver halide that becomes unstable with exposure to this EM
radiation. The developing process uses these unstable grains to produce
and image.
Perhaps these entitles are only visible in the longer wavelengths
(i.e. infrared). This would explain reports of animals that seem to see
something that is not apparent to us. Many animals are sensitive to
longer wavelengths than humans are. Film may be capturing something that
is also not visible to us, but is within its own sensitivity spectrum.
It seems possible to capture some very good video in infrared. This is
usually achieved through the use of a Nightshot camera that has a
setting that allows it to record in infrared. The objects on the video
are very obvious, but we saw nothing at the time with the naked eye.
Infrared requires less energy than visible light.
I believe that is why we cannot(generally) see anything with the naked
eye. In instances where people have actually seen something, cold spots
have also been reported. These cold spots may be caused by the entity
"sucking" the electrical heat from the surrounding air in order to
convert it in some way to help it manifest.
Ghosts seem to have an increased need for energy to project in the
visible spectrum. When considering this theory, think about the many
accounts of ghosts where the person says that they saw the cold spot
BEFORE they realized that they were experiencing something paranormal.
Often, critics will say that the cold spots are actually imagined after
the person has the paranormal experience, but in virtually every case
we've examined the person before the cold BEFORE they had the experience
and that would tend to indicate that the cold feeling is a real
experience and is perhaps due to the loss of heat in the air as the
entity struggles to manifest in some tangible way.
Audio recordings, likewise, have a possible scientific explanation. It
is the norm to hear nothing unusual on site but to find unexplained
sounds on the audio tapes after the fact. This has nothing to do with
the human ear, but rather with the nature of audiotape.
Audiotape is a thin plastic ribbon with a coating of ferric oxide.
Tape recorders use small electromagnets to make a recording. When you
push "record" on the machine, several things happen. Sounds are changed
from vibrations to electrical impulses by the microphone. The impulses
are sent to small electromagnets in the recording head. The
electromagnets convert these impulses to a varying magnetic pattern or
"flux" that is "remembered" by the ferric oxide on the tape as it is
pulled across the recording head. Playback is just the opposite. The
electromagnet converts the pattern on the tape to electrical impulses,
which are in turn converted to vibrations by the speaker. Our ears and
brain convert these vibrations to the perception of sound.
We know that an electromagnetic field detector is useful in finding
these entities. That gives an indication that these entities have some
magnetic properties. I think it is possible that the sounds we get are
put directly onto the tape. That is why we only hear them on playback.
The entities may be causing their own magnetic flux on the tape and
bypassing the microphone altogether. An experiment to test this is
possible. If you used a tape recorder with an external microphone jack,
you could use a dummy plug to cut off the microphone. Technically, you
should have nothing on the external
microphone because it was not working. However, if there is something on
the tape... well that would be most interesting.
The advent of affordable digital recorders offers yet another arena
for capturing these entities on "tape." Digital recorders directly read
and record electrical impulses. If these entities are working in the
electrical field, and it seems that they are, then would a digital
recorder be better at capturing them than a standard recorder? The
potential is there, but it will require much testing and a
trial-and-error period before we can tell for sure if digital recorders
will hold up to the promise of their potential.
I hope that you did not find my theories too technical or boring, but
I wanted to share my thoughts about some possible scientific
explanations. I have on occasion been told that science takes away from
the "fun" of ghost hunting, but I couldn't disagree more. Science will
be needed to explain hauntings, but the mystical fact of life continuing
on in some form will always be the central and most amazing part of
ghost hunting to me.



Aykroyd To Explore Paranormal

Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) will take an entertaining look at the
paranormal as host of Dan Aykroyd's “Out There“, The SCI FI Channel's
upcoming late-night interactive talk show. Aykroyd, a self-described
"believer" and lifelong paranormal enthusiast, will host the half-hour
five-day-a-week series that just began production in New York City. “Out
There” is scheduled to launch during the second quarter of 2002.
The Channel described the show as a cross between CNN's Larry King and
PBS' Charlie Rose. It will act as a companion series to SCI FI's popular
Crossing Over With John Edward. Guests will include Aykroyd's celebrity
friends, professionals and members of the public who will discuss
unexplainable phenomena. The series will also invite viewers to weigh in
on the show's topics through SCIFI.COM, via email at:
"danay-@www.scifi.com" and by phone.
Robert K. Weiss (Sliders), Aykroyd and his brother, Peter Aykroyd,
will executive produce the series.

Along the same note:

The SCI FI Channel is proud to announce a new reality series, and we
you -- NEED you -- to be a part of it!

In production right now, SCI FI has an interview show like no other.
Not a
hoax, not a put-on, it's a real-life nightly journey to the borderland
the unexplained and the frontiers of the improbable.
Each night, our celebrity host and new guests work from YOUR questions
and comments as they answer, explain and recount their fascinating

E-mail us your questions, comments, experiences, theories or
explanations --
the more specific the better! -- related to any of the topics below.
use selected ones during each episode, and we may even invite you to
phone-in during taping!
Send your e-mails to outt-@www.scifi.com. Make sure to put your
in the subject line. If we plan to use your e-mail, or to phone you to
participate live, one of the producers of the series will follow up.

Here's a list of topics that may be featured during our December 2001
January 2002 tapings:

* Roswell, Area 51 & Government Cover-Ups
* Alien Technology
* Sightings, Abductions & Alien Encounters
* Alien Archeology
* Lost & Hidden Planets
* The Apollo Moon Landing "Hoax"

* Angels & Demonic Possession
* Miracles & the Power of Prayer
* Poltergeists, Hauntings & Ghostbusters
* Nature Spirits & Fairies

* Visions & Prophecies
* Astrology
* The Bible Code
* Shared Dreams

* Witchcraft, Spells & Hexes
* Werewolves & Zombies
* Paganism, Santeria & Voodoo
* Nazis & the Occult

* Bigfoot, Yeti, & the Chupacabra
* Sea Monsters & Living Dinosaurs
* Genetic Throwbacks & Hybrid "Monsters"

* Psychic Spies, Psychic Surgery & Animal Psychics
* Mediums, Out-of-Body Experiences & Remote Viewing
* Levitation, Telekinesis & ESP
* Spontaneous Human Combustion
* Super Intelligence

* Anti-Gravity & Weather Control
* The Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project & Nikola Tesla
* Free-Energy Devices
* Mind Control
* The Raelians & Cloning
* Suspended Animation
* Time Travel & Parallel Universes

* Lost Cities & Continents
* Mysteries of the Pyramids
* Ancient Astronauts

* Strange Weather, Crop Circles & Forteana
* Geomancy & Dowsing
* Hollow Earth

Watch for episodes of our new show on SCI FI in early 2002.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Haunted-@neo.rr.com . Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From B B at: totoand-@yahoo.com

Is there a local group of ghost investigators in the Tulsa, Oklahoma

From Brandy at: <bbbl-@iowatelecom.net>

I have some more questions. I am still trying to get help with my
ghost/entity problem. Does anyone know how to tell if you are being
tormented or haunted by a ghost or a demon? What are some of the
different signs to look for? Thanks I am getting kind of desperate.

From Butch at:madm-@webtv.net

I’m looking for a list of hauntings in Connecticut.

From Mr. Casper at: MR-CAS-@webtv.net

There is a tape that
I once had, in my collection, a movie about the Smurls, called “The
Haunting: A True Story”. The babysitter recorded over it.
It is on Sci Fi every so often and is not on VHS or for sale anywhere.
Does anyone have a copy of this movie? If so, would you be willing to
help me out so that my favorite haunted movie is back on my shelf.

My name is Susan Smitten, and I'm a writer for Lone Pine Publishing. I
am currently in the research stage of a book titled Ghost Stories of
Oregon; it's the 17th volume in Lone Pine's series of true ghost stories
set in particular regions of North America. While virtually scouring the
countryside for supernatural tales and folk stories of the state, it has
occurred to me that the custodians of the past - institutions such as
local historical societies and museums -might possess rich resources for
this kind of investigation and be able to provide valuable information,
contacts and actual stories.
   If there are any famous folktales or ghostly legends in your
community, I would love to hear from you. I can be e-mailed at
"mez-@telus.net" . I am interested in reference material of any kind:
already published works, contact information for individuals who have
had first-hand paranormal experience or accounts of your own. I
guarantee anonymity to any persons who would rather not have their names
mentioned in the upcoming volume.
I realize that we're getting into a busy holiday season, but if you
could find a few minutes to send on any information that you think would
help to make this a top quality collection of stories, I would very much
appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

It has come to our attention that one of our writers, Susan Smitten,
has gotten in touch with your newsletter about her “Ghost Stories of
Oregon” project. There are two other volumes currently in the works
“Ghost Stories of Ohio“ and “Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania“.
Contact for these two projects would be at
"edit-@lonepinepublishing.com". The mailing address for the central
office is Lone Pine Publishing, 10145-81 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T6E 1W9. Or
we can be reached at our toll free number, 1-800-661-9017.
Thank you for your time,
Dan Asfar and Edrick Thay



From Mattie at: matt-@yahoo.com

Some years ago, one of our neighbors, named Mary Anne, was killed in a
traffic accident. She was the pianist for our church.
Several months after her death, I was sitting in Sunday School. with
my head bowed during a prayer. As I raised my head after the prayer,
much to my surprise, there sat Mary Anne in her usual place at the end
of the pew in front of me! I recognized her dress, although I never saw
her face. She never moved, and when I blinked, she disappeared!
My only regret is not asking Mable, the other pianist, who was sitting
next to Mary Anne, if she felt anything different that Sunday. Mable has
now died, as well, but I've never seen her!

From Cassie at: tub-@bellsouth.net

I live in Kentucky. My grandmother lives in the small town of Pine
Knot. There many strange paranormal events that have happened.
One thing that happened: My family was camping out in the woods when
my mother and I awoke at the site of a man, in a late 1800's outfit,
standing on top of the water in the creek! Another is we would always
wake up to the sound of screeching coming from an old blue bottle laying
in the middle of the creek.



From Brandy at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us

The SPIRITS ( website: http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html
) will be doing a seminar via Baywinds on Jan. 16th. Also, on Jan. 19th
they are presenting a segment on ghost photography. to the local chapter

Ghost Hunting Courses at Lexington Community College in Lexington,
Taught by Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, President, Ghost Chasers
Website: "http://www.ghostchasersinternational.com" Email:

All "Introductory to Ghost Hunting" classes are held on four Monday
nights from 6:30 - 8:30 and cost $39.00:

First Class: January 21 - February 11
Second Class: February 18 - March 11
Third Class: March 18 - April 8
Fourth Class: April 15 - May 6
Fifth Class: May 13 - June 3

All "Advances Ghost Hunting" classes include three field trips of ghost
hunting which are held on six Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 and cost
$99.00 (prerequisite: Introductory to Ghost Hunting):

First Class: January 23 - February 27
Second Class: April 17 - May 22
Third Class: June 12 - July 17

These classes fill up pretty quick so you might want to consider making
your reservations early.

On-line registration - "http://www.uky.edu/LCC/CCP"
Phone registration - (859) 257-4426 X4426
Mail Registration - LCC Continuing Education, 2659 Regency Rd., Suite
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

If you are interested in a weekend course which combines the Intro and
Advance classes into one weekend event you can email me at
"holly-@qx.net" for more information. This is an excellent course for
out-of-town and out-of-state students that would like to come in for a
weekend to take these courses.

Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
April 20, 2002 Camp Hill, Pa
Contact is Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

*Hear Ghost Stories from Nationally Famous Paranormal Authors &
*Learn About the Latest Ghosthunting Techniques & Equipment
*View Ghost Photos and Videos; Hear Recordings of Spirit Entities (EVP)
*Discover how your own intuitive abilities can help you communicate with
the "Other Side"
*Learn about the "Dark Side" of the spirit world and how to protect
*From Beginners to Experienced Ghosthunters, this Conference offers
something for Everyone!
*Hosted by Psychic/Medium and Ghosthunter Kelly L. Weaver, Founder of
Capital Ghost Forum

Why This Conference is Unique?
This conference will offer something for everyone interested in this
fascinating segment of the paranormal, be they a raw beginner or
experienced ghosthunter, or even someone who just likes to hear a good
scary story! We have structured our workshops to different levels of
experience - you won't be bored hearing things you already know, nor
will you feel isolated if this is new to you. There are many different
opinions on and approaches to the subject of Ghosts, and we have
assembled a variety of authors and researchers to share their
experiences and views.

A Full Day and Night of Activities
Registration starts at 8:30am. Conference begins at 9am. Seasonal Fruit
and Berries, Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Rice Krispie Treats, coffee,
tea, iced tea and sodas will be waiting for you. During the morning, you
will hear from several authors who specialize in writing about ghosts
and hauntings. (They will also be offering their books for sale
throughout the day) We will break for lunch around mid-day; lunch is on
your own. (Besides the hotel restaurant, there are several fast-food
restaurants only a minute or two away)
The afternoon will feature a variety of workshops, presented by
knowledgeable individuals. Some are for beginning ghosthunters, others
are structured for those with more experience. You can select any 2
workshops; videos will be available for purchase of any workshop you may
not have taken. Some of the workshops planned are:

*Ghost Hunting for Beginners *How to Use the Latest Ghosthunting
Equipment: Film and digital cameras, Video Cameras, Audio recorders
(EVP), Thermal Scanners, EMF Meters, etc.
* Using your Intuition for Ghost Hunting: Developing your psychic
abilities, protecting yourself from unwanted (and negative) energies!
(Other workshops to be announced closer to conference)

A full course dinner will be held early evening (menu selections to be
announced closer to the event). During the dinner, the floor will be
open for questions, discussion, etc. We are making arrangements to visit
haunted sites in the greater Harrisburg area, beginning around 7:30-8pm.
An actual itinerary with specific times to be released later

We’re pleased to announce that we have found the perfect spot to do our
ghost investigation on Sat. April 20. This beautiful old building is
called the Rutherford House, formerly, it was called the Rutherford
Mansion. It was built in 1858 and was inhabited by 3 generations of
It became the Dauphin County Detention Center in 1906 and served that
function for more than 60 years! It is now a Senior Citizens Center.
Extremely ACTIVE............ street lights going off and on, signs
falling down, the kitchen, well, we will just let you visit that one on
your own!!!!
John and I investigated this mansion Saturday (Nov. 10th) evening. We
came away with tons of photos AND EVP in the basement. At one point of
the investigation, with the Centers Director, the window's began to
rattle in front of us. Something very unusual the Director said!! Guess
To see ghostly photos of the Rutherford House go to our photo gallery!
"http://community.pennlive.com/cc/capitalghostforum" (click here, then
on the gallery)

We have added another adventure to our Conference! For anyone
interested, we will have a Haunted Dining Event at a CGF members
Restaurant beginning Friday evening April 19th at 7pm. Everyone will
meet in the lobby of the hotel and car pool to the Iron Kettle
restaurant. This place is very active and you will be able to take
photos and walk around. A hotbed of activity!
This is a bar and restaurant (the cost is separate from the conference
fee). This is just a informal get together, so we can all get in the
“mood” and meet new friends or to just settle down after your travels
and have a good time with like minded people. We will be meeting for
cocktails at 7 (very informal) and then will have a sit down dinner. The
cost of dinner is $22.00 per person. includes tax and tip. Payments may
be made to Kelly Weaver. To reserve your space, I will need your payment
by CHECK (no master card or visa for this one) by March 1, 2002. (you
will have 3 choices for dinner, Haddock, Chicken Parm, or Strip Steak,
potato, salad, dessert and a banquet beverage. Alcohol is not included
in the cost. Very, very good food here! And the spirits aren't bad
either!!!!!!!!! I have a sign up sheet. This room holds only 55 people,
so this on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in the
Welcome dinner, please give me your name/address/phone. Your spot will
be secured.
We are also including a map of other local haunts of interest for those
who may want to venture out on your own on Friday. We will have the
workers/owners of the Iron Kettle telling their ghostly tales that
Friday evening.

About The Authors/Lecturers/Instructors
TROY TAYLOR - Noted Author and ghost researcher. Troy is the founder
and president of the American Ghost Society, one of the nation's largest
ghost research groups. He has appeared on numerous television programs.
Troy also keeps readers up-to-date with his "Ghosts of the Prairie" web
page, (www.prairieghosts.com), the Haunted America Update Newsletter,
and offers a huge selection of supernatural books through his History
and Hauntings Book Co. (1-888-ghostly) Troy has written many books
including: The GhostHunters Guide Book, and his latest "spirited work"
is titled No Rest for the Wicked. Troy's topic will be Graveyard Ghosts
- a lively presentation on haunted graveyards & burial grounds,
including: how cemeteries become haunted, common cemetery lore,
vanishing hitchhikers and even how best to investigate your local
cemetery. Troy will present first-hand accounts of his experiences in
haunted cemeteries and some of the most famous graveyards in America!
Hear the legends and real-life accounts behind Bachelor's Grove,
Resurrection Mary and much more!

ED OKONWICZ - An accomplished speaker, author, professional story
teller and member of the National Story Telling Association. He has
written 13 books on the paranormal, including ghosts and spirits that
haunt the Delaware & Chesapeake Bays, as well as topics related to
Maryland's Eastern Shore. Ed is employed as a writer & editor at the
University of Delaware where he received his bachelors degree in
education and his masters in Communication. Based on his 2 unique books
on Possessed Possessions, Ed will discuss how he located the owners of
haunted objects, share their stories and present tips on how to find--or
avoid--bringing home something that has failed to give up the ghost. You
are sure to enjoy Ed's humor!

RENE KRUSE - A field investigator with the American Ghost Research
Society with over 20 years experience. She has many stories of both
haunted sites as well as varying conditions under which investigations
have been conducted, with interesting results. She will be showing us
some wonderful pictures and video she has collected over the years.

D.B. LYN: A member of the Board of Directors for the Tri State
Paranormal Research Group, D.B. Lyn is an LPN and has a life long
interest in the paranormal, having grown up in a haunted house. She
lives next to the site of her childhood home and it too is haunted. She
has co-authored The Dead Won't Hurt You, about her childhood
experiences. Currently, D.B. is writing another book and working on
different ways to photograph ghostly images. "Do ghosts exist? Is there
proof? Growing up in an active haunted house, I have found that what
dies here returns. I enlisted the help of two mediums to help me rid the
house of the entities. Join me in the house after the first exorcism,
when I realized that it hadn't worked, only to make things worse!"

BEN MAZUR and JOHN McCLINTOCK are owners of Digitize-Media, South
Central PA's leading production firm. They have won over three dozen
major awards for their corporate-rate, commercial and institutional
clients. These talented video producer/directors have been active in the
field since 1992. They will be presenting a workshop on filming spirits.
Scott Crownover of the Paranormal Research Foundation will be assisting
them in their presentation.

REV. RON BEACH - Director of the Tri State Paranormal Research Group
(www.tristateghosts.homestead.com/home.html) and an ordained minister
with the non - denominational Church of Radiant Lights. A 14 year Navy
Vet, he served with Special Operations, various MP units and as a
Quality Control Inspector with the Nuclear Sub Force. Ron has formal
training in computers and photography and is working on a degree in
Metaphysical & Paranormal studies. He has been an active investigator
for over 12 years, including several European countries as well as the
US. He is a founding member of the IGHS. Ron is also the editor of The
Haunted Places Report (http://www.haunted-places.com/ ) and an Rep for

LOU GENTILE - Demonologist, Paranormal Investigator & Nationally
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host. Lou has been featured on such shows as
Fox Family Channel's "The Scariest Places on Earth", MTV "Fear",
Unsolved Mysteries, In Search of, The Discovery Channel, TLC along with
hosts of Magazine & Radio Interviews. Lou is one of Ed & Lorraine
Warrens top students and was Ed Warrens last student to date. Lou brings
to you the knowledge and experience that not many can say they had nor
compete with! Learn about the Construction of a Haunting, Possession &
Exorcism, The Real Deal with Orbs & Globules, Ghosts, Poltergeists,
Angels, Demons & Devils. Lou offers a Slide show featuring some of his
most interesting cases, some you may have seen some you have not! See
what Demons & Devils look like caught on film. See a REAL Night Hag!
What does a REAL Possessed person look like? Hear the voices of Demons
Screaming at a Priest during a normal house blessing. Hear EVP's
(Electronic Voice Phenomena) of Evil Spirits screaming and calling
blasphemies! Does this all exist? You be the Judge! WARNING! NO CHILDREN
UNDER 12 PLEASE! They might not sleep again!

KELLY L. WEAVER - A well respected psychic/medium, and the founder of
the Capital Ghost Forum. She has appeared on MTV's Fear as a psychic
consultant, and has done countless television, radio, magazine, book and
newspaper interviews throughout the years. Kelly and her husband John
host a weekly show on pawebcast.com called Visions from the Other Side.
They are also contributing authors for the website PARASEEK.com.

JOHN WEAVER - An art director/illustrator and photographer who does
investigations with Kelly. He also has a long standing interest in all
paranormal subjects, especially UFOs. Once a "skeptic", John now enjoys
using his instruments to "prove what his psychic wife is saying!"

Hotel Reservations:
For those coming from out of town, rooms are available for $89.00
double occupancy. Call the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention
Center direct @ (717) 763-7117. Please mention you are attending the
conference. Room reservations MUST be made by April 5, 2002. The hotel
offers free shuttle service to & from Harrisburg Intl. Airport, Amtrak &

How to Register for the Conference:
Conference cost is $85.00 per person, which includes the lectures,
morning snack, workshops, sit down dinner and ghost hunting until
midnight. (Lunch is on your own) Hotel rooms are separate.
If you wish, 2 payments can be made: The first $42.50 is due by Jan.
25, 2002 (You must pay at least this amount by that date to reserve a
spot). The second payment is due by March 25, 2002. Sorry, but we do not
have secure on-line ordering available; To register by phone using your
Credit Card, call Kelly Weaver at 717-737-7623
To Register by Mail, send your MC or VISA Card Information or Check /
money order payable to Kelly's Magical Garden to:
Kelly's Magical Garden
43 Essex Road Camp Hill, PA 17011

Note: At least 1/2 or Full Payment MUST be received by Jan. 25, 2002 to
guarantee your spot.

Conference Location: Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
1150 Camp Hill Bypass Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 (Held in Governors Ballroom)

Directions to Radisson Penn Harris Hotel
From West: East on PA Turnpike (I-76) to Exit 17. North on Rt 15 for
six miles to Erford Road Exit.

From North: South on I-81 to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South
through three lights (approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop
light. Follow straight through two more stop lights. Radisson on the

From East: West on I-78 which turns into South I-81. Follow I-81 South
to Exit 21 (Enola Exit). Take 11 & 15 South through three lights
(approx. five miles). Turn right at third stop light. Follow straight
through two more stop lights. Radisson on the right. From South: North
on I-83 to Route 581 split (toward Camp Hill) to Route 15. North on
Route 15 for two miles to Erford Road Exit. Go to the "Maps" section of
expedia.com to download a detailed map

Southwestern Paranormal Ghost Conference
April 13th and 14th 2002 in beautiful sunny Yuma Arizona
The Yuma Spirit Hunters in cooperation with the MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa
AZ. Proudly present the 1st annual Southwestern Paranormal Ghost

Tenintive Itinerary (To be finalized February 2002):

Friday evening April 12th, 2002:
There will be a special event scheduled for early arrivals.

Saturday April 13th, 2002:
9:00am to 11:00am -- Digital Ghost Photography Workshop- Learn the
individualized techniques used by the Yuma Spirit Hunters for capturing
and analyzing digital photographs - Presented by Richard Burns Technical
Director of Yuma Spirit Hunters.
To be held at the Oak Tree Inn (coffee and doughnuts will be served at
this event)

12:00pm to 3:00pm-- Family Picnic and BBQ held at the Historic Yuma
Territorial Prison Park. (Menu will be announced February of 2002)
During this time you will be free to tour the Historic Yuma Territorial
Prison, meet others from your field of expertise and compare techniques.
Host staff will be available to answer questions.

5:00pm-- Full Course Dinner- This dinner will be held at one of Yuma’s
many haunted historic sites. (Menu choices will be announced February of
2002) Hosts will again be available during the dinner for a question and
answer session.

6:30pm- Guest Speaker- Kriss Stephens Paranormal Consultant with the MTV
show FEAR she is also paranormal investigator for the New Orleans
Haunted History Tours. As well as doing investigations on her own. She
will be joined by one of the participants of the show that will speak
about the true paranormal phenomena that took place on the USS Hornet.

After the guest speakers we will adjourn to Haunted Historic Old Town
Yuma for a Haunted Historic Tour and or a ghost hunt at your choice of
Several of Yuma’s Haunted Historic Locations (to be announced February

Sunday April 14th, 2002:
9:00am to 11:00am -- Farewell Gathering -- Guest speaker to be announced
February 2002. (Coffee, Juice and doughnuts to be served during the


Conference cost is $60.00 per person this cost includes all events
listed above. Your Hotel Rooms are separate and you are responsible for
making your reservations. Save 10% by registering the full amount early
using Pay Pal. To qualify for this discount full payment must be
received by March 15th 2002.

Easy Pay Option- you can purchase your registration in 2 easy payments
of $30.00 (EASY PAY DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THE 10% DISCOUNT). First $30.00
payment must be received by February 1st, 2002 and the 2nd $30.00
payment must be received by March 15th, 2002.

You may register online at any of these web sites:

Checks and Money orders are accepted. Payments must be postmarked no
later than March 1, 2001

Send to:
Southwestern Paranormal Conference
12734 El Camino Del Diablo
Yuma Arizona, 85367
Please make checks or money orders pay able to: Yuma Spirit Hunters

Yuma AZ area Residents call (928) 520-4207 or (928)342-2955 for more
information or email spirith-@aol.com

Phoenix area Residents call (480) 969-4069 or (602) 292-6796 for more
information or email Naza-@aol.com

Local Hotels and Rates (subject to change):
Yuma Cabana (www.yumacabana.com )
2151 4th Ave.
Yuma Arizona 85364
Telephone 928-783-8311 Fax- 928-783-1126 Reservation Line 1-800-874-0811
Standard rooms $29.99 1 person - $37.99 2 people Queen - $47.99 2P
Double Deluxe

Yuma’s Haunted Historic Hotel Lee
390 South Main Street
Yuma Arizona, 85364
Telephone 928-783-6336 Fax 928-783-0540
$40.00 2 person European Style Hotel
(Room’s Are Limited At Yuma’s Oldest Working Hotel Reserve Yours Early)

Holiday Inn Express of Yuma ( www.azohwy.com/h/holnexyu.htm )
3181 Fourth Ave
Yuma Arizona 85364
Telephone 928-344-1420 Fax 928-341-0158 Reservation Line 1-877-800-6689
$55.00 up to 4 persons call to specify room type


JUNE 20 - 23, 2002
Hosted by Troy & Amy Taylor (American Ghost Society Founders)
at the History & Hauntings Book Co. Building
515 East Third Street - Haunted Alton, Illinois
Detailed information is available and linked from our home page at
Below, you'll find information about the 2002 AGS National Conference
but more detailed information is available and linked from our home page
at <http://www.prairieghosts.com> Check it out and get ready for another
wonderful event! Thanks to the speed at which last year's tickets
vanished, for both the general conference sessions and the "after hours"
events, we suggest that you register early! Tickets go on sale February
This year is going to be a very special conference for reasons that
you may have already heard.. BUT despite what some lovely person has
been spreading around, we will NOT be canceling the conference if Amy
goes into labor before (or even during!) the conference. We have
prepared for that and who knows.. you may get to see the newest member
of the American Ghost Society in person!!

The 2002 American Ghost Society National "Haunted America" Conference
will be held in Alton, Illinois on the weekend from June 20-23, 2002.
This wonderful annual event is the "original ghost conference" and while
it's often imitated, it's never equaled! This year's conference will
feature nationally known speakers and authors on ghosts and the
supernatural. Presented will be workshops and seminars on ghosts and
ghost hunting; information on spirit photography and conducting
investigations; discussions and question & answer periods; haunted
locations and the unexplained; first-hand reports of ghosts and
specters... and much more!
This our Sixth Annual Conference and as with each year, will give
attendees the chance to gather information about ghosts, hauntings and
the unexplained that you won't hear anywhere else; meet other ghost
enthusiasts from around the country; network and compare notes with
other investigators; and visit Alton, Illinois, "one of the most haunted
small towns in America". Don't miss this event!



TROY TAYLOR: Troy is the president and founder of the American Ghost
Society and will be hosting this year's conference. He is the author of
nearly two dozen books on ghosts and hauntings, including "Haunted
Illinois", "Haunted St. Louis" and the "Ghost Hunter's Guidebook. He has
been actively involved with paranormal research and writing for more
than 10 years. He is also the author of the book "Haunted Alton" and the
host of the History & Hauntings Ghost Tours, based on his book. At this
year's event, Troy will be presenting "Confessions of a Ghost Hunter"..
about his own adventures, and misadventures, with ghost research. The
session will focus on his own unexplainable experiences and sightings as
well as things that can go wrong during an investigation like natural
phenomena, unbalanced witnesses, and much more! Sure to be both
enlightening and entertaining!
Troy will also be hosting three separate "History & Hauntings Tours"
during the conference on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday for
the Deluxe Dinner Tour of the city. These tours are additional, after
hours events for the conference and tickets are sold on a first come /
first served basis for the additional activities!

DALE KACZMAREK: Dale is the president of the Ghost Research Society and
is a returning favorite to the annual conference. He is the author of
the best-selling "Windy City Ghosts" and its sequel and has other
projects in the works on ghost phenomena. He has been involved in ghost
research for more than 25 years and is the host of the "Excursions into
the Unknown" ghost tours of Chicago. At this year's event, Dale will be
hosting a presentation on "More Windy City Ghosts", a further look at
the most haunted (and often little known) sites in the Chicagoland
region. The session will include his own experiences, encounters and
investigations in the field.
Dale will also be hosting a special after hours event on Friday Night!
This year's session will involve the in's, out's and how to's of Spirit
Photography. The after hours event will include photos, slides and video
about ghost photos as well as advice on cameras, film and the best
resources for paranormal photography. This is a hands-on and interactive
session, designed for questions and answers! Tickets for this session
are additional and it is an after hours event for which tickets are sold
on a first come / first served basis!

JANICE OBERDING: Janice is a long-time member and Area Representative
for the American Ghost Society and the author of the book "Haunted
Nevada". She specializes in writing about ghosts, true crime and the
unexplained and also lectures on ghost hunting and writing at a local
community college in Nevada. At this year's event, Janice will be
presenting a session on "Haunted Nevada"... focusing on the silver
state's most haunted buildings and the stories that surround them. The
slide presentation will include the Governor's Mansion, The Fourth Ward
School, Piper's Opera House, Goldfield Hotel, Boulder Dam Hotel and also
a few of the state's more famous ghostly figures like Elvis, Liberace,
Red Foxx and Bugsy Siegel!

PATTI STARR: Patti is the president of Ghost Chasers International and
has many years of experience with ghost research and hauntings. She
teaches a course on ghost hunting at the Lexington (Kentucky) Community
College and is the creator of a video on Ghost Hunting and Dowsing. She
has also been involved with a number of television programs and
documentaries on ghosts and investigating the supernatural. At this
year's event, Patti will be speaking about "How to Dowse for Ghosts"...
a how-to session on how to use dowsing rods to look for ghosts and how
best to use them when trying to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena).
The presentation will also include recordings and photos that were
obtained during dowsing sessions.

DAVE GOODWIN: Dave is a long-time member and area rep for both the
American Ghost Society and the Ghost Research Society and is the author
of the book "Ghosts of Jefferson Barracks". Dave is also a police
officer, security officer for Washington University in St. Louis and a
Captain in the Missouri National Guard. Thanks to his military and law
enforcement contacts, he often has access to stories that you won't hear
anywhere else! He puts this to good use for this year's event. His
session will be called "The Enigma of Haunted Military Posts".... and
will include ghost stories, accounts and first-hand encounters from
historic military posts all over America. The presentation will include
many stories that have never been heard before!

JOHN BRILL: Another returning favorite to the conference! John, with his
more than 30 years of experiences with the paranormal returns again with
another interactive session and what he likes to call a sequel to his
"Strange Stuff".... John again thrills and enthralls the audience with
his own personal encounters and insights into the paranormal. He also
hosts and introduces stories, footage and photos from the attendees and
lets them share their own investigations and encounters with ghost
enthusiasts from around the country! This will be our Friday night
session and if you want to participate, be sure to mark the box on the
registration form... attendees are asked to have any photos that they
intend to share turned into slides in advance of the conference! You
don't want to miss this popular session!

Rick Fisher of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society is hosting the
first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference.
The first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference will be held April
13th 2002 from 9 AM to 5 PM. at the Railroad House in Marietta, PA.

The cost is $85.00 per person and includes admission to the
conference, lunch, ghost tour at 7 PM and investigation of a haunted
site to the first 25 who register.
Subjects of discussion will include Bigfoot, UFO's and Ghosts by well
known speakers with many years of experience. Speakers to be announced
at a later date. For more information call Rick Fisher at (717) 871-8610
or to make your reservation call the Railroad House at (717) 426-4141

Gettysburg Ghost Conference–Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP
Hosted by the International Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
www.ghostweb.com )

Join Dave and Sharon in May, 2002 at our fifth annual Gettysburg Ghost
Conference. Our theme is Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP. The
Conference will focus around EVP and the software for evaluating the
voices. Tips and secrets shared. We will demonstrate how clear EVP
voices are as compared to the digital static many confuse with EVP. We
will also be providing a special EVP CD for everyone attending the
Conference, filled with real voices of the dead from our own private
collection. The CD will only be available for those who pre-register for
the Conference.
We do not use mediums, psychics or Ouija boards to claim
communications with the dead because psychic claims cannot be verified.
It may be valid or it may be emotional static. Instead, we focus on the
scientific approach to ghost hunting that can be accomplished by
This will be one of the most exciting and most haunted events that you
will ever attend. The friendships developed may well last a life time.
Come and experience the Ghosts of Gettysburg with Dave and Sharon.
Special Holiday Inn room discounts for members attending the Conference.
Experience the scientific approach to ghost hunting.
We are set up for PayPal orders by going to the Gettysburg web page
at: "http://www.ghostweb.com/2002conf.html".
Also the Online Order Form can be found at
"http://www.ghostweb.com/orderform.html". Be sure to send us the names
of those attending for the name badges.



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

01/06/02 - Sun/Mon
Host: George Noory
Guest: Dr. Leo Sprinkle, UFO Investigator
Dr. Sprinkle, legendary pioneer of UFO contactee research and
reincarnation, began his career in psychology with the idea of being a
conventional, practicing "scientist" in the traditional sense. However,
two close encounters with UFOs shifted his direction in life.
Book: Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by
Website: "http://www.frii.com/~iufor/"

01/07/02 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin, lead writer and researcher for the Alternative Energy
Institute, a nonprofit educational organization based in California,
will address the main components of the current energy situation; the
nonrenewable and polluting factors in using fossil fuels and nuclear
fission to generate power; the benefits and limitations of transitioning
to renewable energy systems, and an overview of the potential
breakthrough energy and propulsion systems that may be developed in the
21st century; including zero point energy, cold fusion, and gravity
Website: "http://www.altenergy.org/"

01/08/02 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D.
Dr. Kelleher, a staff member of the National Institute of Discovery
Science, is a Research Scientist and Deputy Administrator where his
responsibilities include overseeing NIDS research projects.
Website: "http://www.nidsci.org/"
UFO Hotline:(702) 798-1700

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland
Richard C. Hoagland, is the founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipient
of the Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter
Cronkite, author of "The Monuments of Mars", co-creator of the "Pioneer
Plaque", originator of the "Europa Proposal", and principal investigator
of The Enterprise Mission.
Website: "http://www.enterprisemission.com"

01/09/02 - Wed/Thu

01/10/02 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Rob Riggs
In the Big thicket, the unknown makes profound intrusions into what we
call "reality." There are wonders in this region of East Texas and in
Southwestern Louisiana-"ghost lights," phantom Indians, howling ape-like
"wild men," and fireballs that streak through the nighttime skies. Rob
Riggs is a journalist and the former publisher of a series of
award-winning community newspapers in Texas. His interest in "ghost
lights," "wild man" sightings, and related phenomena began as a child
when he heard tales about them in his hometown of Sour Lake in Big
Thicket country. Riggs began writing about the subject more than twenty
years ago while working as a reporter for the Kountze News. Since then
his studies of the phenomena have been featured in the Houston Chronicle
and the Beaumont Enterprise. Riggs has also consulted on ghost lights
for Waseda University in Tokyo and the Harvard College Observatory.
Website: "http://www.mysteriousdimension.com"

01/11/02 - Fri/Sat


Tue - 8th at 9pm - America’s Mosted Haunted Places: Las Vegas
Wed - 9th at 8pm - World’s Best Haunted Places in America
Wed - 9th at 9pm - Most Haunted in Americas


Fri - 11th at 11pm - History’s Mysteries: Big Foot and Other Monsters
Sat - 11th at 11pm - Haunted History : New York


Tue - 8th at 10pm - Movie: Ghostbusters II
Thu - 10th at 8pm - Movie: The Frightners


Sun - 13th at 9pm: X Files
Sun - 13th at 11pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Tue - 8th at 8pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tue - 8th at 9pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Tue - 8th at 10pm - Charmed

NOGG (Children’s Programming ):

Tue - 8th at 8pm - Ghostwriter
Wed - 9th at 8pm - Ghostwriter
Thu - 10th at 8pm - Ghostwriter
Fri - 11th at 8pm - Ghostwriter
Sat - 12th at 8pm - New Ghostwriter
Sun - 13th at 8pm - Ghostwriter
Mon - 14th at 8pm - New Ghostwriter


Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Fri - 11th at 9pm - The Chronicle: Pig Boy’s Big Adventure
Fri - 11th at 10pm: Outer Limits


Tue - 8th at 8pm - Mysterious Ways: Pure of Heart
Fri - 11th at 9pm - Encounters With the Unexplained
Sun - 13th at 10pm - Mysterious Ways: One of Us


Sat - 12th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of Wales
Sat - 12th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of England
Sun - 13th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: UFOs over Phoenix
Sun - 13th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: America’s Haunted Houses


Jeff Rense: Listen at : ""http://www.sightings.com/""
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Bell Witch and Other Paranormal Mysteries
The NightSearch Paranormal Network ("http://www.nightsearch.net")
Host: Pat Fitzhugh, Noted author and researcher
Broadcast the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month
9P-10P ET / 8P-9P CT

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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