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The Haunted Places Report 02/05/02  Rev. Ron Beach
 Feb 03, 2002 13:46 PST 
“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
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We have received several emails from readers who had the same complaint
about the upcoming events section. It seems that they feel it is
becoming to long and repetitive. They feel that listing the details of
each event week after week was not necessary and made it hard to see any
new entries. I totally agree with them and think that we have solved the
Beginning with this issue we are only running a short piece about each
event. If you would like more detailed information about an upcoming
event you can visit Haunted-Places.com website. The URL for the events
page is: http://www.haunted-places.com/tours.htm

OK, how many of you have seen The Mothman Prophecies? What did you
think? Did it live up to the pre release advertising? Send your comments
to us at: Edi-@haunted-places.com



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
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From Jean at: jus-@adams.net

Hi there,
I signed up for your newsletter a couple of weeks ago, and I just love

From Pat Fitzhugh, Author/Researcher
The Bell Witch Web Site: "http://www.bellwitch.org"

Please remove the listing for my radio show (The Bell Witch and Other
Paranormal Mysteries). The show has a great listenership but is still a
cost burden, so I've decided to discontinue it. Monday, January 28th was
the last segment.
Editor’s note: This was a really great program. We’ll miss it!

From: Kristin at: mcgra-@earthlink.net"

Good Evening to you! I am enjoying my first visit to your website
tremendously! I am hoping to be added to your mailing list. Possibly for
the first time I can feel comfortable in sharing experiences without
that look of doubt I usually receive when I open myself up to others.
Having been cordially visited on numerous occasions by the other side
since my early teens, I have held a passion within to learn about
paranormal investigations and life beyond.
Now, as I work in a Trauma Hospital and deal with death almost daily I
feel the need to take my passion off of the back burner and move
forward. I look forward to hearing from you.

From Zafar at: zafarh-@hotmail.com

Thank you for mailing 'The Haunted-Places Report', it is interesting
but less informative, it seems that people in west have very little
knowledge about supernatural or paranormal things & events.
I am from Pakistan, here the people have enough knowledge to
recognize the paranormal places or events & to help the haunted
person & to clean the haunted places. If you grant me permission,
I will discuss the Facts & Theories about paranormal things & events.

Editor’s response: I tend to agree with Zafar. Those of us in the west
do not seem to have the knowledge and understanding of those in the
east. I’ve invited Zafar to future share his thoughts and opinions.
We’ll post them in future issues.



Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.

From SpookyPlaces at: spooky-@loosecanon.tv

The Spooky Places cast and crew will be working production in
Virginia City, NV from June 7th to the 14th. We are staying in Reno and
driving back and forth each day.
If anyone would like to contact us or perhaps meet us while
on location in Virginia City, NV please feel free.

From Matt at: Emge-@aol.com

I am interested in creating a paranormal investigation team to cover the
"Gulf Coast" area of the southeastern US . The areas of interest would
be not limited to, but including: New Orleans, LA.; Gulfport, MS;
Biloxi, MS; Mobile, AL. The name of the group will be “The Gulf Coast
Paranormal Investigation Society". The group will be a nonprofit
organization that enjoys looking into the paranormal solely for insight
and a better understanding of this extremely exciting phenomena. People
wishing to join the organization for a truly enlightening journey into
the unknown, should contact me via e-mail at: Emge-@aol.com ( be sure
to put "Gulf Coast Paranormal Investigation Society" in the subject

From Jean at: jus-@adams.net
GhostBumps - Paranormal Researchers of West Central, Illinois.
( Website: http://www.geocities.com/ghostlybumps/ ). Stop in and check
out our photos. We even have a section where you get to decide if the
photos are paranormal or not. We welcome all opinions, as long as you
are nice about it !!! LOL, anyhow stop in and say hi so we know that you

From Jon at: cherr-@mindspring.com

Western Pennsylvania ghosthunters have reorganized under the banner of
ALLEGHENY MOUNTAIN GHOSTHUNTERS. The group has conducted investigations
from northern Maryland and West Virginia to State College, Penna. You'll
find familiar names as well as interesting stories, pictures, sounds and
more at their new web site
http://www.amghosthunters.com . Inquiries about membership or
investigations may be sent to AMGhu-@cs.com



The Morgue
Written by: Thomas D’Agostino
Email: ramt-@aol.com

Southern Rhode Island hosts some of the most inconceivable tales and
legends one’s ear could ever lay claim to. Vampires, banshees, ghostly
coffins, and Indian spirits are among the many acknowledged narratives
of folklore and history that enrich the lower half of this minute state.

This next assemblage of strange encounters took place over the period
of several years and has many characters in it. I will now share my hair
raising experiences with you concerning a building of vivacious
antiquity all of the involved aptly called “The Morgue
The edifice is located in Coventry, Rhode Island. This decrepit three
story structure was once Gorton’s Funeral Home until shortly after the
20th century when they moved to a more modern facility up the street
from the decaying temporary dwelling of the departed.
Abandoned and dilapidated for almost a half century, this building
stood ominously towering over the street as the brick sidewalk was it’s
only boundary between it and the pavement it overshadowed. It came into
our hands when we were searching for a place to rehearse with our band.
A group of us were able to rent the cellar for a reasonable fee and
began to make it rehearsal ready. The only other occupant became an
antique book store shortly after we had moved in. Soon, though, the
proprietor was off to Florida for better things and we were the sole
inhabitants of the whole abode.
The atmosphere of the place was eerie even in the rays of daylight. We
would enter through the large doors the deceased were transported
through on their way to the embalming table which sat right in the
middle of our room!! The main floor housed an old office quite unkempt
with the passage of time. There was a bathroom with shelves full of
embalming fluids and other apothecaries of the last century. The wide
stairs allowed for the coffins to be carried by the pall bearers on
their way to the spacious viewing rooms of the second and third floors.
Just having to climb them gave one a shiver of the brief mortality were
suffer and how we would too one day traverse these stairs in a different
shroud. The remains of the elevator shaft, crumbled and in dangerous
repair sat impetuously at the southern wall. The elevator was added in
the 1920’s for ease of operation but now posed a threat to anyone who
would dare venture within these walls after dark without the aid of a
Laced across the massive rooms were a few couches and artifacts of the
dead. Clothing trunks and wheelchairs from the 19th century lay askew
among the rubble and rodents. canes and other aids of the bygone era
strewn among the dust which permeated one’s lungs when they chose to jar
the long resting fine soil. No one would touch or take any of these
curios for the inherent fear of what they might posses within their
components. Yes, we were very superstitious and a little afraid.
Any hour was unnerving to walk the looming corridors but mostly at
night when the small lamps cast but a faint, uncanny glow upon the
massive walls and ceilings where shadows of nightshades could almost be
seen dancing in the feeble luminescence of the substandard lamps. Some
rooms had no electricity at all making them even more of a mysterious
cryptogram to behold after the safety of day had waned away.
One night as I entered the cryptic building through the usual double
doors, I noticed a strange man coming towards me. He strolled right past
me as I stood on the small staircase descending into the cellar and
walked right through the old furnace seven feet in front of me!
Another incident involved two of my friends and myself one night late
when rehearsal had expired and we were capping up the night. A figure of
a man dressed in baggy clothing definitely not from this century
appeared in the middle of the room and walked right through the
partition we had erected to seal our practice space.
Another night we were constantly being interrupted by crashing and
banging coming from a little room just outside of our practice space.
Every investigation proved futile yet the discord continued through the
night despite us locking the chamber each time we left it.
One night I left the Morgue from the upper door where a 2 by 4
staircase had been erected. As I turned around to secure the door, the
configuration of a small man wearing glasses and a gloomy gray suit
appeared out of the darkness and shoved the door shut from the other
side. The specter had a solid stone face with no solace as he gazed at
me from the other side of the windowpane for about six seconds before
fading into thin air before my eyes. I would later explore the old
office only to discover that the face I saw several nights before, was
the same countenance gracing the antiquated portrait on one of the
walls. It was one of the original undertakers of the funeral home.
One of our taping sessions was interrupted by the boom of the double
doors leading to our rehearsal space,/former embalming room,/recording
studio. When we replayed the tape to see if the recorder had picked up
the possible nuisance, we heard to our astonishment, not only the doors
rushing open but the wailing and pleading of a female’s voice as well.
Yet, as usual, the doors were locked.
Frightful shrieks and unearthly moans would saturate the confines of
the sepulture at all hours as if history was replaying the mourning of
passed loved ones. One night three of us crept up to the third floor to
see who was screaming tumultuously. It was such a clamor that we heard
it from the basement. When we reached the large open room, we flicked on
the light. The only concrete elements present in the massive expanse to
greet us were an old couch, a clothing trunk (filled with clothing of
the dead who would have their garments picked out for burial) and a few
boards. The screaming stopped the very moment the light illuminated the
chamber. There was only one way out and that was the way we came. The
elevator shaft was open but yielded a forty foot drop to rocks, rubble,
and a piece of the mechanical gear that once helped it to function.
Many occasions saw the lights turn themselves on and off with no human
hand to guide them. At least fifteen people reported ghostly noises or
had seen something beyond explanation in the massive morgue.
Over a period of time, the original renters dwindled until my band was
all that remained. The name of the band, Blackbird 13, were now the sole
living entities within the building. We became easier targets for
occurrences. Tape players now would shut themselves off as would
amplifiers in the middle of songs. Microphones would vault from their
stands as if some veiled energy force was pulling them from the clips
and flinging them. One night I found my mandolin, which had been locked
in the recording booth for safety on the floor of the main room totally
and neatly dismantled. The neck had been skillfully removed from the
body it was glued to!
Soon the building was sold and renovations began on the decrepit
interior. Within time our “morgue” had a facelift with a new exterior as
well. No more sitting outside on a windy day dodging the coffin nails as
they were wrenched from their vocation of holding the siding onto the
swaying edifice which menaced above us. The building was once again
solid. The elevator shaft was removed. Even the carriage house behind
the building where the horse drawn hearses reposed was made into a
woodworking shop for the new owner. The only area that was left
untouched by time and progress was our studio. That too soon came to
As I closed the massive double doors for the last time in the fall of
1991, I felt a legacy had ended. An unforgettable seven years had passed
and all would remember forever, the most haunted building they had ever
rambled within.
As for the ghostly encounters, well, they still continue to this day
amidst the new walls and ceilings which gave new life to a dying funeral



Do Ghosts Haunt Many of State's Venerable Hotels?

By Lillian Ross
Special to The Denver Post
Sunday, January 27, 2002
All copyrights acknowledged

If you believe in ghosts, this story will be no surprise. If you're a
non-believer, you may find yourself questioning your convictions. The
volumes of stories about Colorado's colorful settlers carry with them
reputed tales about resident ghosts in many of the state's historic
buildings and hotels - benign apparitions who usually do no harm, except
to startle or frighten today's guests. No manner of repainting or
renovation, it seems, will dispel the spirits who, somehow, want to
remain within the walls where they may have met their demise.
In Fairplay, the historic Hand Hotel, bordered by dirt streets and
filled with century-old furniture, is home, still, to Grandma Hand.
Grandma, it is said, likes her room just as she left it. Once, when a
guest tried to take a nap in his (Grandma's) room, he kept hearing a
woman's voice asking for her rocking chair. After searching other rooms,
he brought back a rocking chair and the voice was stilled.
The ghost of a dark mastiff has been seen repeatedly at the Hand Hotel.
One guest saw and felt the dog pull the bed covers off her. When she
tried to re-cover herself, the dog bared its teeth and disappeared. Five
years ago, a young boy was attacked by the mastiff as he and his father
were building a haunted house for Halloween in the hotel's basement.
Former hotel owner Pat Pocius confirmed dog bites on the boy's hand, as
did a doctor.
The Fairplay Hotel has a ghost named Julia, a prostitute who spent much
time there. Julia broke her own heart by refusing to marry her lover,
saying it would tarnish his reputation. She committed suicide and is
buried in the Fairplay cemetery, but returns to the hotel. She moves
bottles in the bar, and pots and pans in the kitchen through the night,
according to owner Anita Ely. You can hear her footsteps on the
creaking, wooden floors. As one guest prepared to shower, drawers and
doors in his room opened and closed by themselves, he said. Because of
the large numbers of sightings in Fairplay, Joanna Erickson, a Denver
teacher, conducts ghost tours in the town. They can be arranged through
the Hand Hotel.
Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, a favorite retreat of Teddy
Roosevelt, takes its ghost stories in stride. It's not unusual for
guests to report having seen a little girl in the hallways, bouncing a
red ball, even though no children were staying in the hotel. Each report
of her sighting over the years describes similarities; the girl never
ages, her clothing never changes. Also, some guests hear running
footsteps of many people coming directly at them. When it seems the
thundering herd will run them over, the sounds disappear.
At Black Hawk's Gilpin Hotel (now the Gilpin Casino) in the 1980s, a
travel-weary guest checked in, retired to his room, tossing his duffel
bag on the floor, and stretched out on the bed, exhausted. Almost
immediately, he felt something thrown on his chest; it was his duffel
bag. He ran from the hotel, not even bothering to wait for a refund. It
seems the Gilpin Casino has inherited one or more of the old hotel's
ghosts. Manager Randy Reker is positive he saw a woman entering a
second-floor room. When he approached the room, no one was there. He's
sure it was Lucille Malone, who jumped from the building to her death a
century ago, when she learned her lover was run over by a wagon in front
of the hotel. One of the casino's restaurants bears her name.
At the Redstone Inn, in the utopian mining community near Carbondale, a
spirit inhabits the third floor. The staff has named him George and,
from reports, he's a busy guy. There are sounds of furniture moving,
doors opening, toilets flushing, and music coming from the attic. No
housekeeper will go to the inn's third floor alone.
Aspen's painstakingly restored Hotel Jerome has investigated many
sightings of a lost, soaking wet little boy running into room 310. As
guests tried to follow him, he vanished, leaving only footprints. Rumors
say a child drowned in the hotel's swimming pool 100 years ago; the
original pool was below room 310.
At Denver's venerable Brown Palace Hotel, sounds of happy children can
be heard in some hallways - though there are no children among the
guests. One of the Brown's night engineers tells of seeing the figure of
a man dressed in a train conductor's uniform slowly disappearing through
the wall into the adjacent United Airlines ticket office. Years back,
this office was used to sell train tickets.
In the old rough-and-ready mining town of Leadville, the Delaware Hotel
is a classic Victorian jewel - period antiques, crystal chandeliers,
brass fixtures, and ghosts. During one recent, warm summer, a painter,
restoring one of the hotel's hallways, felt a frigid blast of air pass
by him. He didn't wait for its return; he left his task unfinished.
Perhaps, he experienced the spirit of Mary Coffey, who was shot in the
back and paralyzed by her husband in their room at the hotel in 1889.
Now, the vision of a woman haunts the Delaware, appearing only from the
waist up.
The Hearthstone Inn, comprised of two Victorian mansions in Colorado
Springs, suffered through a severe lightning storm in 1999. In the days
after the storm, two separate guests requested relocation from the same
room on the third floor of the north house. The first guest gave no
reason. However, the second said she saw a picture of a woman with
piercing blue eyes hanging on the wall. The eyes were so piercing that
she removed the picture. The next day, a custodian discovered a mirror
face down on the floor, leaving to question whose reflection was in the
Of course, what story about hotels with ghosts would be complete
without mentioning the gracious Stanley Hotel in Estes Park? It was
here, in room 217, where Stephen King wrote half of his classic
thriller, "The Shining." The author, anxious to write a story about
isolation, found the Stanley's classic stature a natural inspiration.
Though the motion picture depicted the lodge at Mount Hood in Oregon as
the hotel in the story, the made-for-TV version was produced at the
Stanley. Estes Park's stately hotel is not without ghost stories of its
own. About 20 years ago, the hotel's night manager heard a piano playing
in the grand music room at the far end of the lobby. Upon opening the
door, the manager could see the piano keys moving, though no one was
there. As he entered, the music stopped. The fourth floor of the Stanley
Hotel is active with spirits. The sounds of happy children emanating
near room 418 is a common occurrence.
Staying in hotels reputed to have ghosts may give you the rare
opportunity to experience a paranormal phenomenon. If so, consider
yourself privileged to be chosen by a past spirit.

Lillian Ross is a freelance writer who lives in Poncha Springs.



Haunted By Mary Queens of Scots
Written by: Neil Burns, author of Q few special Ghosts I Have Met.
Published by: JocknDoris Publishers
Website: www.jockndoris.co.uk
ISBN # 0 6535748 1 4
95 pages with B/W photos.

Although I found the author’s other book believable, I tend to doubt
the claims made that this book is a true story. Haunted By Mary, Queen
of Scots is well written and a great book to read but, this reviewer has
great reservations about it being true.
Neil Burns tells you his “true” story of being haunted by Mary, Queen
of Scots for over 20 years. The author claims to have interacted with
Mary at places that were important in her life. Such places as Rheims
Cathedral in France, Linlithgrow Palace in Scotland, and Wingfield Manor
in England.
None of these visits by the Queen are threatening or scary, just in my
opinion, a little hard to believe. Such is the account of Mary and her
ladies-in-waiting accompanying the author to an early Christmas party at
the home of a friend, after he rescued them from a freezing winter
storm. There they are introduced to all those attending the gathering,
given plates of food to eat and Mary’s sprained ankle is treated by a
physician who was at the gathering. Also are the author’s claims to have
revisited past times where he served as Mary’s “page” boy and engaged
with her in unusual sex acts. Also using his present day knowledge of
history in an unsuccessful attempt to sway her travels and decisions
which eventually lead to her capture and untimely death.
Still, I highly recommend this book for those who have an interest in
ghostly things and history. The book does show that the author truly
does have a love and respect for Mary, Queen of Scots.



Has your group recently completely an interesting or unusual
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This bimonthly paranormal ezine contains a wealth of information and
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Truly a unique and well written ezine!



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
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From: Patty at: pine-@pennswoods.net"

I'd like to ask if anyone knows of a paranormal research group working
in the State College or Somerset PA areas? If so please contact me at:

From: TxAnn-@aol.com

I am very interested in the paranormal and have been for a number of
years. Does anybody know of any ghost hunting organizations in the Texas
Panhandle area? Any information would be very useful.

From Ronny at: RONZO-@aol.com

I would like to know if there are any groups in the Massachusetts area
that I could join. Any help would be very much appreciated.

From Karyn at: kar-@wyke37.freeserve.co.uk

I am in the process of putting together a large A to Z index and
glossary of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. So far I have covered
over 180 topics ranging from absent healing to zombies and zeuglodonts.
I have a search facility on my site from which I gather information
about those topics people are searching on the most. At present ghosts,
hauntings and ghost hunting are coming up time and time again. As a
result I would like to cover this topic in more detail as I have done
with other topics of interest. I would be so grateful if someone could
point me in the right direction to get hold of a definitive or
comprehensive list of ghost hunting tools that I may post on my site. I
would also be very grateful if someone could point me in the right
direction to get hold of information regarding different types of
ghosts, hauntings and anything else that might be interesting in the
subject area. I also have a lot of problems finding good photos to use
that are not covered by copyright. If there is anyone out there who has
any ghost pictures they could let me use I would be very grateful. In
return I would give full credit to that person on the site and add any
links, by way of thanks. If you would like to get a flavor of what I am
trying to achieve, please visit my site at:
"http://www.paranormality.com" If the link isn't working please try



From Brandy at: bbbl-@iowatelecom.net

Hi, first of all my real name is Brandy. I am married
w/ 3 little girls. We live in a small town in Iowa.
I really don't know where to start about our ghosts. So much has
happened. We have lived in this apartment for about 15 months. My 4 yr
old started talking about angels. One in particular, it was a little
girl named Jennifer. She also started talking about a blue monster that
was in the closet. She said it was mean & that the angel tried to
protect her. Shortly after I started seeing a male figure around our
apartment. I saw him in the hall, outside our windows, and in the girls'
room. He would always disappear right after I saw him, just vanish.
That's when I realized that it was a ghost, but I never said anything to
the girls because I didn't want them scared. Shortly after that my 4
year old started talking about a man that would wake her up to play in
the middle of the night. When she would say no he would hit, pinch &
bite her. I have seen the marks. She doesn't sleep in there much
anymore. I can't blame her. I have also been hit, had something try to
pull my pillow out from under my head when I was laying down. Everyone
was asleep except my husband, he was in the living room. He couldn't
have gotten out of the room w/out me seeing him.
The ghost has made things move, He has hit my 4 yr old with sticks. She
was hit once in the middle of her back by a plastic stick. She couldn't
have hit herself in that spot and there was no one else around that
could have done it. When I asked her about who did it she said that
there was no one there. That the stick just came up and hit her. He has
made pictures lift up & come off the walls without doing anything to the
nails like pulling them down. He made the 19" color TV fly off our
entertainment center and land on my 4 yr old who was sitting on the
floor about 2-3 feet from the entertainment center. He hides things; you
can look for something in one place and it's not there but, if you go
back it will be there. My 6 yr old has talked about a black thing that
would get in the crib with my baby. She would come into our room crying
about it. I would check and it would be gone. Last week the baby woke up
3 or 4 nights in a row at 2:21 am crying.
There is a little girl ghost. She is about 4. I have only seen her
twice in the last month. She seems to be very quiet and shy. I have
had a team of paranormal investigators here to investigate. They got
Orbs in their photos. Also their temperature gauge would drop about 15
degrees in the girls' closet and in one corner of the room. They said
that they could do an exorcism but they would have to come back. They
also said it would cost about $125 for "gas money".I couldn't afford
I do feel the ghosts when they are near us. They are noisy. In our old
house my daughters, mostly the 4yr old, said their was a boy & girl w/ a
man that was in their room. The "kid" ghosts sometimes get mean. I never
got a good look at the male ghost . I always see him out of the corner
of my eye. This was part of the reason we moved, so they could sleep
better at night & now this! the girl ghost has been
active the last week or so, before this I had only seen her two times. I
have seen her about five times the last week. I have heard my name and
smelled cigarette smoke this past week, which is all new.
I have tried a blessed cross which hangs on my girls' closet door. We
had the apartment blessed but it just made things worse. I also burn
frankincense & myrrh incense. Let me know of anything that might help or
even if you just want to talk.



For complete details of all events listed in this section please visit:


South Jersey Ghost Research will be conducting the following lectures.
For more information visit their website at: http://www.sjgr.org/

Feb. 7th - 7pm - Free lecture with photos, EVPs and video.
Blackwood Public Library, Blackwood, NJ
15 W. Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ 08012

Feb. 2nd - 7pm - Free lecture with photos, EVPs and video.
Bellmawr Public Library, Bellmawr, NJ
21 E. Browning Road, Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Saturday, February 23 - 1:00 PM
History & Hauntings Book Co.
515 East Third Street - Alton, Illinois - 62002
For reservations call 1-888-GHOSTLY or use the form at:

Whitechapel Press announces the following book signings by author Jim

BORDERS BOOKS - February 16 - Dekalb, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - February 19 - Orland Park, Illinois - 7:30 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - February 26- Oak Park, Illinois - 7:30 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - February 27 - Highland, Indiana - 7:30 PM

MARCH 2002:

South Jersey Ghost Research will be conducting the following lecture.
For more information visit their website at: http://www.sjgr.org/

Mar. 8th at - 7:30pm - Free lecture with photo displays, EVPs and video.

Wenonah Historical Society
Call Vicki McCall at 856-589-2774 for info.

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
March 9th
$35.00 per person.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Weir
by Conor McPherson

Runs Friday through Sunday, to March 10, 2002
at Ensemble Theatre - Cleveland, Ohio (3130 Mayfield Rd., in the west
wing The Civic East of the corner of Lee and Mayfield)
Preview: $13, Fridays & Saturdays $17, Sundays $15 ($2 off for
Phone: (216) 321-2930, email: ensembl-@aol.com"

In a small rural bar in part of present-day Ireland, local men swap
spooky stories to impress a young woman from Dublin who has recently
moved into the local "haunted house". The tables are soon turned when
she spins a mesmerizing yarn of her own.

Whitechapel Press announces the following book signings by author Jim
BORDERS BOOKS - March 13 - Oak Brook, Illinois - 7:30 PM

Whitechapel Press announces the following book signings by author Dale
BORDERS BOOKS - March 9 - Orland Park, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - March 16 - Oak Park, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - March 23 - Oakbrook, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - March 30 - Highland, Indiana - 2:00 PM

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
March 23rd - First ghost hunt for 2002.
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

APRIL 2002:

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
April 12th - 100 tickets available - This is the first time ever that
this event is open to the public!
April 26th - 100 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
April 12th
April 26th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

Rick Fisher of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society is hosting the
first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference.
For more information call Rick Fisher at (717) 871-8610 or to make your
reservation call the Railroad House at (717) 426-4141.

Southwestern Paranormal Ghost Conference
April 13th and 14th in beautiful sunny Yuma, Arizona
The Yuma Spirit Hunters in cooperation with the MVD Ghostchasers of
Mesa, AZ. Proudly present the 1st Annual Southwestern Paranormal Ghost
You may register online at any of these web sites:

Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
April 20 
Hosted by Psychic/Medium and Ghosthunter Kelly L. Weaver, Founder of
Capital Ghost Forum
Contact is Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

MAY 2002:

Gettysburg Ghost Conference–Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP
May 4th & 5th, 2002
Hosted by the International Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
www.ghostweb.com )

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
May 11th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
May 17th
May 31st
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
May 24th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

Ghost Safari's 2002 Conference,
"Evidence and Enigmas" will convene May 25th all day and into the
evening at the Holiday Inn in Broken Arrow, OK. Ghost hunters,
researchers and paranormal enthusiasts are invited to attend this
informal but jam-packed conference. Featured will be some of the best
ghost investigators in the country presenting the current state of their
research along with photographic, video and audio evidence. The cost is
$30 and includes continental breakfast, afternoon snacks and exciting
door prizes including a Trifield Natural EM Meter, Vivitar 3-D camera,
Gauss Master meters and several other prizes. Attendees will be
encouraged to present their own evidence at several open "Show and Tell"
sessions so bring those photos, videotapes and EVP samples! We'll have
all the state-of-the-art presentation equipment and a bang-up sound
system! The conference will also include vendor and information tables
all in a huge conference room. Email rich-@ghostsafari.com and visit
www.ghostsafari.com for more information and to register on line.

JUNE 2002:

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
June 14th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
June 14th
June 28th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

American Ghost Society 2002 Haunted America National Conference
June 20 - 23, 2002
Hosted by Troy & Amy Taylor (American Ghost Society Founders)
at the History & Hauntings Book Co. Building
515 East Third Street - Haunted Alton, Illinois
Detailed information is available at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com".

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
June 29th - Date subject to change due to the weatherFree
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

JULY 2002:

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
July 12th - 130 tickets available.
July 26th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
July 12th
July 26th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

AUGUST 2002:

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
August 2nd
August 16th
August 30th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
August 9th - 130 tickets available.
August 23rd - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com


The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
September 6th
September 14th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
September 20th - 130 tickets available - Last ghost hunt for 2002!
$50.00 per person.
Tickets NOT on sale yet!
Open to the public.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
October 19th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
November 9th
November 23rd - Last ghost hunt for 2002!
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

02/03/02 - Sun/Mon
Host: George Noory
Guest: Ian Lawton
What secrets does the Giza Plateau really hold? Are the pyramids simple
burial chambers, astronomical devices, or even power plants? Who built
them and the enigmatic Sphinx, and when? Does a Hall of Records await
discovery at Giza, and if so what does it contain? These questions have
animated both the public and a long line of dedicated researchers for
years. Ian Lawton will attempt to answer these questions and many more.
Lawton is a former management information systems consultant. He has
been researching ancient civilizations for more than a decade, and since
1997 has been a full-time writer-researcher.
Website: "http://www.ianlawton.com/"

02/04/02 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Dr. Gregory Little
Edgar Cayce, America's famous "Sleeping Prophet," gave 68 "psychic
readings" between 1925 to 1944 that provided information on America's
Mound Builders and ancient American history. Incredibly, nearly
everything Cayce related about the Mound Builders and the patterns of
migrations to ancient America is true. Dr. Greg Little has a master's
degree in psychology and doctorate in counseling from Memphis State
University. He is a Nationally Certified Psychologist (NAMP) is author
or coauthor of 8 books and 17 workbooks.
Website: "http://www.edgarcayce.org/am/"

02/05/02 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Riley Martin
Riley Martin says it all started when he was seven... they took little
Riley aboard an alien spacecraft to a huge mothership in the rings of
Saturn. Their computers download into Riley's brain... the history of
humanity, alien insights, and a whole lot more... plus beautiful symbols
by the thousands. Riley made friends with this little alien he calls...
Website: "http://www.thecomingoftan.com/"
Website: " http://www.thecomingoftan.com/symbol~list.html"

02/06/02 - Wed/Thu
Guest: Dr. Edward Tenner
If it can go wrong, it will--thus Murphy's Law. Science journalist
Edward Tenner looks more closely at this eternal verity, named after a
U.S. Air Force captain who, during a test of rocket-sled deceleration,
noticed that critical gauges had been improperly set and concluded, "If
there's more than one way to do a job and one of those ways will end in
disaster, then somebody will do it that way." Tenner concurs, and he
gives us myriad case studies of how technological fixes often create
bigger problems than the ones they were meant to solve in the first
place. Edward Tenner, former executive editor for physical science and
history at Princeton University Press, holds a visiting research
appointment in the Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences at
Princeton University. He received the A.B. from Princeton and the Ph.D.
in history from the University of Chicago and has held visiting research
positions at Rutgers University and the Institute for Advanced Study
Website: "http://www.edwardtenner.com/"

02/07/02 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock looks at the hard evidence of inexplicable underwater
ruins around the world. India's a big part of the story, but also Malta
and the Mediterranean, Japan and China, and the Grand Bahama Banks. 10
million square miles of the best lands on earth were submerged at the
end of the Ice Age, just before what we think of as when civilization
Website: "http://www.grahamhancock.com"

02/08/02 - Fri/Sat


Sun - 10th at 7:30 pm - Movie: Ghostbusters II


Tue - 5th at 10pm - Charmed: Lost & Bound


Sat - 9th at 8pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dead Things

NOGG (Children’s Programming ):

Sun thru Sat at 8pm - Ghostwriter


Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Tue - 5th - Outer Limits: Abbadon
Wed - 6th at 8pm - Outer Limits: Inner Child
Fri - 8th at 9pm - The Chronicle: Man and Superman


Tue - 5th at 8pm - Mysterious Ways: Face in the Crowd
Sat - 9th at 10pm - Mysterious Ways: Doctor in the House


Fri - 8th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: Dracula
Fri - 8th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Wolfman, The Myth & the Science
Sat - 9th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: UFOs over Phoenix
Sat - 9th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: America’s Haunted Houses
Sun - 10th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: Dracula
Sun - 10th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Wolfman, The Myth & the Science


Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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