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The Haunted Places Report 03/12/02  Rev. Ron Beach
 Mar 10, 2002 16:26 PST 
“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
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I wish to thank everyone that helped us by responding to our emails
during the recent updating of the group listings on our website
“Haunted-Places.com” . Although the website is still accessible, the
changes have not been published because our host is currently updating
equipment and software. As soon as this is finished we’ll have the
changes posted. This also has prevented us from updating the upcoming
events list however, this also will be changed as soon as possible.



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.

From Feature Writer Brandy B. Stark at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
( This letter is in regards to last week’s Grandmother Louise story.)

Hey, the story looks good. I'm glad to see Grandmother Louise made it,
but I apologize as there are several mistakes still listed in the story.
I ended up editing this so many times. I don't know why it was so hard
to write...perhaps lingering memories revive lingering sadness at her
However, I know she would be happy to know that she has been the source
of an article. Like me, she LOVED to see her things in print. :)
Anyway, the most corrected version exists on my web page:
It's essentially the same, theoretically written better. Also, I agree
with the message post, or perhaps hosting a weekly chat
session with your newsletter.

From Keeper of The Keys at: espres-@ghostvillage.com

I am a subscriber to the Haunted Places newsletter. I always enjoy
reading it, and the nice info can come in handy! I've been studying
paranormal phenomena/ghosts since I was about 8 years old, if you count
reading Hans Holzer a "study."
This week in your newsletter, a reader named Patti Star mentioned that
she would like a "message board" of some kind to keep in touch with.
Great news!! I have been working on a web site for months now, a site
called ESPressions. It's a refuge for people who study and research the
paranormal to those who enjoy it as a part-time hobby. In ESPressions,
there is a message forum for viewers to communicate with each other, a
monthly newsletter they can sign up for, a page to post their links, and
opinion articles they can submit.
I've already written some brief articles about paranormal creatures,
such as dragons, ghosts, faeries, the Tuatha de Dannan, EVP, the
Leprechauns, the banshees, and the Black Shuck. Readers can submit
ORIGINAL articles and opinions, and after being reviewed, I will publish
In the monthly newsletter, I will include top paranormal headlines from
the month, and some that may not fall into a certain category but
nonetheless that I found intriguing.
This website is just getting off the ground. As a matter of fact, for a
few days, it's stuck in the mud. My redirection service, Bravenet,
experienced a hacker attack and has shut down their servers for (they
said) a few days. I'm anxious for them to get back up and running, but
they are checking all their servers to make sure they're safe for use.
This means the features of my site are rendered unusable for the time
I would like to ask you if you would give me a few lines occasionally
in your newsletter to keep the other readers informed and up-to-date on
ESPressions. My site isn't for profit, and I would like to include a
link to Haunted Places on it as well, if there is no problem with it.
While none of the features on ESPressions are working, I hope it will
be up by the end of this week, in time for next week's Haunted Places
report. However, for now, you can still view the page, and the articles,
and email me. The site redirection name I wish to use for the public is
but until later this week, you will have to visit
To sum it up, the first paragraph in this letter would be an excellent
description for the web page, if you wish to use it in your "letters to
the editor" section next week. I apologize for the Bravenet fallout,
this has never happened to me before and I hope it will be repaired
soon. At any rate, thank you.
--The Keeper of the Keys,

From: Feature Writer Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

More info will be coming on the Independent Ghost Hunters Conference.
We have close to 100 people attending and I'm getting more daily.
The Iron Kettle has opened their dining room up for the group in
addition to the banquet room so we can take more people who want to join
us that night. We have 65 so far!

From Zafar at: zafarh-@hotmail.com

Dear Editor,
Hope you will be fine & doing fine too. I am sorry, due to illness of
my wife, I could not contact for a long period. It was my pleasure to
read the mail of Sindra in reply of my mail to you, at least one person
did respond, though in a critical way. I do agree with her that she &
other American people have retained their traditions & beliefs & society
has trained most people to be analytical, that is really what I meant to
say, we must have some analytical approach towards the paranormal things
or events we undergone by.
I would like to discuss some fundamental differences of analytical
approach towards paranormal or supernatural experience in life.
It is our firm belief that the Spirit or Soul once exist from the body
lives in Heaven under the transition state called 'Barzakh' and can not
come back to earth by its own consent or wish. The Spirit or Soul will
return to the body , it belongs to, only on the Last Day by the consent
and order of God.
As we all know that spirit or soul lives 'In' the body there is an
another ultra light transparent hollow object lives outside and covers
the whole human body called 'Aura' which is also charged as negative or
positive according to the human characteristics of the person it belongs
to. The principle of vice & virtue applied here.
The Aura lives with human beings since birth till death, when the
deceased body buried or burnt the Aura also buried or burnt with the
body. If the dead body does not buried or burnt the Aura keep wondering
for some time and gradually discharged & evaporated because it received
charging power from the body to which it was
attached.(The train driver saw the Aura of the deceased signal man -
Editor‘s note: Referring to the article about the ghost along the train
tracks.) In the mean time if caught by evil forces they use the Aura for
their own interest.
If the readers show their interest, next time I will discuss some other

topics related to analytical approach.
Zafar Haider



Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.


We have a winner in the “What Should Kelly Wear” contest! Although
Kelly’s husband thought the entry about the leopard print skirt, fishnet
stockings, 4” spike heels should win, Kelly chose Sue’s entry of: Purple
Velvet Pantsuit, with an off-white French poet's shirt, and an old cameo
Sue wins a copy of the book, “Electronic Projects for the next

( Editor’s note: I agree with Kelly’s husband...LOL )

From: One of our feature writer’s Brandy Stark at:
sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us :

I finally resorted to cleaning up my desk area and found many things I
had forgotten I had. Among them was the original copy of the field form,
for a ghost hunt. I have posted it on my SPIRITS site at
if anyone wants to see it.

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How to Conduct a Safe Ghost Hunt
By Feature Writer Brandy Stark

I n the modern world, where technology makes so many things are
explainable; the realm of the supernatural remains one of the last
uncharted scientific quadrants. Ghosts, with their cross cultural and
historical allure, are an easy supernatural target to research. What
neighborhood does not have a house reputed to be haunted? With the
advent of more accessible and cheaper tools and gadgets almost anyone
can hunt ghosts. However, even advanced technology does not ensure human
safety on a ghost hunt, common sense and reasoning does.
One of the first things to remember is that ghosts very rarely hurt the
living. It is the living's reaction to ghosts that does harm! Culture
has taught us that the supernatural is something to fear, therefore a
common reaction when confronted by the supernatural is to flee.
Unfortunately, in instances like this concentration is not focused upon
any particular destination nor upon any particular pathway. The only
conscious thought it to get away from the area. This distraction leads
to situations where people may run into walls, trip over furniture and
other unhappy fates in which injury may occur. If ever confronted by a
supernatural entity the first reaction MUST be to REMAIN CALM. Always
remember that the living have more power than the dead.
YOU are in control of yourself and the situation.
Several sources, both psychic and scientific, have recommended
imagining yourself surrounded by an impenetrable white light bubble of
mental/spiritual energy. While this may sound rather unusual, it is
supposed to offer the living protection. Regardless of whether the
bubble is actually drawing sustenance from an unknown energy or not, it
is a method to help focus the mind, boost confidence, and offers the
living a means of defense against the unknown.
Always hunt in a group. This serves two purposes: one is to offer more
eyes to witness a situation. The other is to offer more eyes to look out
for one another. Pay attention to your own situation and offer verbal
warnings to other teammates to avoid potentially unsafe locations.
Next, always wear sensible shoes. Comfortable shoes are essential
because ghost hunts usually entail a lot of walking around. Make sure
shoes have good traction to help secure your footing when crawling
through attics or scrambling around a bush.
Sensible clothing is also recommended. Jeans or pants are preferable;
it's harder to scratch, scrape, or bruise skin that is not directly
exposed to the environment. Clothes should offer a good amount of room
for movement, however. Reaction time can be essential in a ghost hunt
should any instruments register potential paranormal powers or should a
ghost be sited.
Bring a very strong flashlight. Many ghost hunts take place at night.
Strong lighting is not always available. Flashlights also help to see
into those dark and hidden places along a trail or in a home.
Heavy-duty flashlights are preferable, though they can be bulky and
tiresome to carry. One option is to have different members of the team
bring different types of flashlights from hand-held to heavy duty.
Always bring more than one flashlight and spare batteries with you.
Adding a first aid kit to your ghost hunting kit is also a good idea.
Ointment and bandages should always be available just in case an
accident does happen to you or a member of your crew.
Leave a copy of the address where you and your team are ghost hunting
and an approximate time to expect the team's return with a reliable
person who is not on your ghost hunting team. A list of names and phone
numbers of team members might also be of benefit in case of a
large-scale emergency. If one or more members of a team are injured, or
the team becomes lost and disoriented, this outside person will be
available to locate the authorities and launch a search. Granted, this
happens rarely, if ever, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
This is a simple precaution to take.
It may be advisable to remain within reach of a telephone or a cell
phone. If you bring a cell phone make sure it is turned off unless there
is an emergency, or set on vibrate. Ringing cell phones can cause
distraction during hunts, interviews, to other people on the team, and
possibly to the ghost itself!
Despite this list of tips, ghost hunting usually is not a dangerous
sport if you pay attention and keep your mind focused on the surrounding
area. However, always be prepared for an emergency and have a plan
worked out in advance with your teammates in case an injury does occur.
Good luck, and safe and happy hunting!



Do you have a ghost hunting tip you’d like to share with our readers?
Send to us at: Edi-@haunted-places.com



Town welcomes Mothman publicity
Sunday March 3, 2002
By The Associated Press
All copyrights acknowledged

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. - The real Mothman is long gone. Tourists and
reporters now haunt the residents of this small Ohio River town
portrayed in the film, "The Mothman Prophecies."
Carolyn Harris is so used to having her picture taken since the movie's
mid-January release that she suggests to a photographer the best places
to pose in her Main Street steakhouse.
Ruth Finley, owner of the antique-filled Lowe Hotel, has been
interviewed on at least 10 radio talk shows and hosted actor Will Patton
for two nights while he was preparing for his role as town resident
Gordon Smallwood. She has photos of her husband and Patton handy at the
front desk.
Hilda Austin of the Mason County Area Chamber of Commerce has a long
list of reporters she has talked with. "Like all of a sudden I'm the
spokesman for Mothman," Austin said.
The Mothman, an ashen-colored, 7-foot-tall manlike creature with large
wings and glowing red eyes, appeared near Point Pleasant several times
during the 1960s.
Two couples who said they were "chasing parkers" at the former West
Virginia Ordnance Works, known as TNT, first saw the creature in
November 1966. Sightings tapered off after Point Pleasant's Silver
Bridge collapsed in December 1967, killing 46 people. Mothman was last
seen in late 1968, but the creature has reappeared as a mysterious
presence in the movie starring Richard Gere.
Small-business owners along Main Street hope the new notoriety brings
prosperity to the town of slightly fewer than 6,000 residents, which had
promoted its Revolutionary War history before the movie. Some consider
the 1774 battle between American Indians and troops led by General
Andrew Lewis to be the first of the American Revolution.
At Criminal Records, in-person and Internet sales of Donnie Sergent and
Jeff Wamsley's book, "Mothman: The Facts behind the Legend" are good.
Mothman T-shirts and sweatshirts abound. Mothman toys and even
refrigerator magnets can be purchased. A Mothman video game is in the
works. Resident Angela Roach has a friend who has joked about financing
her retirement by grinding up green plastic foam and selling it as
Mothman poop.
A new tourism committee is now trying to take advantage of the movie by
pushing the town as a destination for the curious. A Mothman lighted
like a Christmas display greets visitors at a new welcome center, and
there are plans for a Mothman festival. The curious appear to be
interested. Dozens of tourists have trekked to Point Pleasant.
Richard and Melissa Fujio of Los Angeles, who go someplace different
every year to renew their wedding vows, thought Point Pleasant would be
the best location to celebrate their 11th anniversary, the Parkersburg
News & Sentinel reported. They repledged their troth in the banquet room
of the Lowe Hotel, then ate a Mothman pizza.
The attention, while welcome, can be exasperating. Austin complains
about one national TV crew that took up half her day and only used
footage of her hand holding the Mothman plush toys she and her husband
created. Instead, the television show featured a Point Pleasant resident
who claims to have seen the real Mothman, said Austin, rolling her eyes.
Many residents know someone who saw Mothman or remember going Mothman
hunting as teens. When asked if they believe the creature existed, many
smile and say they believe people saw "something," clearly not wanting
to imply their friends and neighbors are crazy.
Karen Mattox, 30, is too young to remember Mothman. Her home abuts the
rural TNT site, which she didn't worry about until she saw a Mothman
documentary. "That night, I was watching for the red eyes to be out my
front window," she said.
Residents who saw the movie have a few bones to pick with its makers.
"They made our Mothman look like he was bad. He never hurt anybody,"
Harris said. Also, Mothman never talked to anyone, as he does in the
movie. The movie also doesn't mention the hundreds of UFO and alien
sightings that occurred around the same time.
Residents' biggest gripe, however, is that the movie was made near
Pittsburgh. Co-Executive Producer Richard Wright says Point Pleasant was
just too small.
A re-creation of the Silver Bridge collapse is the climax of the movie.
Point Pleasant residents did not like that scene. Since the John Keel
book, the movie was based on, made the connection between the bridge and
Mothman, the movie had to show the collapse, Wright said.



Submitted by Feature Writer Brandy Stark at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us

I don't know how I get these, but I get these! Enjoy:

What's a ghoul's favorite game?

Why do ghouls and demons hang out together?
Because demons are a ghoul's best friend!

Why was the little ghost sent to his room before dinner was over?
Because he was goblin too fast!

What is a ghost's favorite type of pasta?
Spookgetti !!!

Why did the ghost go into the bar?
For the boos.

Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?
He didn't have a haunting license.

Who was the most famous ghost detective?
Sherlock Moans.

Where does a ghost mail his letters?
At the ghost office.

Why don't ghosts like to go out in the rain?
Because it dampens their spirits!

When do ghosts usually appear?
Just before someone screams.

What's a ghost's favourite breakfast?
Ghost toasties with booberries.

What is a ghost's favorite food?
Boo-loney sandwich.

Where do you take a ghost who's backed into a lawn mower?
To a liquor store. That's where they retail spirits.

How do ghosts earn points in a football game?
They kick the ball between the ghoul posts!

Why are so few ghosts arrested?
It's hard to pin anything on them.

What do baby ghosts drink?
Evaporated milk.

What should you say when you meet a ghost?
"How do you boo, sir? How do you boo?"

What is a ghoul's favorite fast food meal?
A handburger!

What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
"Do you believe in people"?

What time would it be if five ghouls were chasing you?
Five after one.

What do ghosts and goblins drink on Halloween?

What do ghosts serve for desert?
I scream.

What do ghosts put on top of an ice cream sundae?
Whipped scream.

What is Beethoven doing in his coffin right now?

What do ghouls order at McMonsters?

What do you call a roomful of ghosts?
A bunch of boo-boos.

What type of music do ghosts prefer?
Spirituals, of course.

What do you get when you bite a ghost
A mouth full of sheet

What is a ghost's favorite throwing toy?
A boo-merang !

What would you call the ghost of a door-to-door salesman?
A dead ringer.

Why do ghosts eat only the finest quality health food?
Because its super-natural !

What do you call a ghost in a torn sheet?
A holy terror.

What do you call a ghost that has been locked in a freezer all night?
A cool ghoul!

What do spooks call their Navy?
The ghost guard.

What is a ghost's favorite subject in high school?
Boo-ology of course!

What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost?
Put your boos and shocks on.

What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost when they got into the
"Don't forget to buckle your sheetbelt!"

What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost?
"Don't spook until you're spooken to."

Why did the tiny ghost join the football squad?
He had heard that they needed a little team spirit !

What time is it when ghosts haunt your house?
Time to get a new house!!!

Why does a ghosts phone bills tend to be so high each month?
He is always calling ghost-to-ghost.

Where do ghosts like to go swimming?
Lake Eerie?

Why did the ghost become a sailor?
He wanted to haunt for buried treasure!

What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
A hobblin goblin!

What is a ghost's favorite species of bird?
The scare crow!

What kind of horse does a ghost ride?
Night mare

Why did the ghost go to the doctor?
To get his booster shot?

What kind of mistakes do ghosts make?
Boo Boos

What does a cow say to scare away a ghost?

What TV show do all ghosts love to watch?
Squeal of Fortune

In what room of the house would you never find a ghost?
The living room.

What do ghosts like to do for recreation in their spare time?
They go "booling"!

What do ghosts sing to each other on their birthday?
"Happy boo-thday to you, happy boo-thday to you..."

What haunts your house and honks?

Where do ghosts keep their cars?
In a mirage.

What games do little ghosts like to play?
1. Corpse and robbers 2. Peek-a-boo! 3. Hide & ghost seek

What do ghosts enjoy for lunch?
Boologna sandwiches, peanutbooter cookies & a salad with boocheese

What did the teacher ghost say to his boo-ology students after they all
earned A's?
Well done class! You did a spooktacular job!

What do you use to erase a ghost?

When does a ghost need a license?
During "haunting" season.

What kind of candy won't a ghost ever touch?

What spook lives in the "hundred acre wood"?
Winnie the Boo

What's a ghost's favorite song?
"Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun."

Why are ghosts often transparent?
They are so scary, that when the see themselves in a mirror, it scares
the sheet out of them.

Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
Dayscare centers

What is Shakespeare's ghost's favorite saying?
"To boo or not to boo...that is the question".

What famous financial saying was written on Halloween?
"A ghoul and his mummy are soon parted"!

How does a ghost celebrate New Year's Eve?
He paints the town dead!

What happened to the guy who couldn't keep up payments to his exorcist?
He was repossessed.

How would a ghost make a milkshake?
He'd sneak up behind a glass of milk and yell "Boo!"

What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?

What do you call a ghosts' mistake?
A boo boo.

Who takes care of a grave yard?
A scaretaker!


Has your group recently completely an interesting or unusual
investigation. We’d love to hear about it! Tell us a little history
about the site, why it is considered haunted, and the results of your
investigation. Email your report to: Edi-@haunted-places.com . Be sure
to put Investigative Results in the subject line.

Kennith City Hunt
By Brandy Buchanan, co-founder of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg
SPIRITS website at: http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html

There was always something a little different about the home on 49th
Avenue in Kennith City. Sometimes, it manifested in a lingering
sensation of being watched, at others it was captured in the sound of
footsteps walking down the hall. To homeowner Kay F. these simply
became part of the house she had lived in for the past 30 years.
However, when activity started to increase, culminating in an orb image
that appeared on a picture taken of family Christmas Day, she called in
the SPIRITS to investigate.
This haunting was different from others recently experienced by the
team. The potential entity was very subtle about revealing itself, and
the list of individuals possibly haunting the area was small.
The house was built in 1952 on land once belonging to an old orange
grove. The couple who built it sold it to the current owner, who has
lived in the home since. No deaths or acts of physical violence were
recorded on the property.
Much of the haunting activity started in 2001 when Kay decided to
remodel the bathroom to the master bedroom. Upon tearing out part of
the bathroom wall a razor storage space was revealed. Common to older
houses, the storage consisted of nothing more than a slit in the wall
where used razors were dropped and held in a hollowed out section of the
wall. The cartridges simply remained where they fell, as there was no
access to the area without removing sections of the siding to retrieve
As the wall was pulled out, Kay's son-in-law, supervising the work, was
startled to hear conversations between several unseen people going on in
the living room. He also heard footsteps touring every room around him,
though there was no one else in the home at the time.
The construction workers also complained of an undefined unease.
Exasperated and frightened, the man laying tiles literally jumped out of
the bathroom one afternoon, believing that there was someone else
standing just behind him. The son-in-law, also experiencing similar
sensations within the room, found himself trying to convince the poor
man to stay and finish the job.
Then began the popping sounds and the creaking floorboards, until then
sounds foreign to the house.
And there were the instances when Kay felt someone or something jumping
onto the bed next to her. Unable to determine the culprit, and feeling
no threat, however, she "simply rolled over and went back to sleep."
Shortly before the SPIRITS arrived, the popping sounds were heard. The
pipes in this same bathroom clogged and backed up, causing a miniature
flood to spread into the master bedroom. As the mess was cleaned up,
Kay opted to continue with the investigation as planned.
EMF (electromagnetic fields) readings in the house were minimal. There
were no fluctuations in temperature, though a tapping sound was heard
coming from master bathroom. Upon requesting the potential entity to
reproduce the noises, nothing was heard.
Electronic recordings and video scans also produced little in the way
of results. However, digital and 35 mm film did pick up several
anomalous images. Orbs appeared in the film of two individual
teammates' cameras. One photo showed three orbs above the head of team
member, resting on the bed in the haunted room. Another created lighter
orbs next to a cabinet located just outside the area.
During the interview, the SPIRITS learned a little more about the
previous tenants. A very unusual couple, they had sold the house to
Kay, then asked to live there during the time that their house was
completed. They remained in the home an additional 8 months until Kay
requested they leave as she had agreed to host a wedding in the house.
The day she moved in, they moved out.
In addition, the man returned to the home on three separate occasions,
claiming to have left behind various tools in the garage. After the
third such visit, Kay requested that he take a final look around for it
would be his final time in her home.
It was, more than likely, his old razors deposited into the bathroom
wall. Could it be that the former owner, already past middle age when
he sold the house to Kay, has come back to revisit it in death over 30
years later?
It is also interesting to note that construction done the year prior to
her kitchen produced no such activities. Could it be the intimacy of
the razors that have brought the spirit back? DNA from skin, blood, and
hair undoubtedly clings to the razors' edges. Or, is some other force
at work here?
As long as the activity remains benign, Kay is all right with her
unseen house guest. "I just hope he approves of the way I am remodeling
the home. I think the changes are very nice. I'm sure he must, too."

Sandy's Report
Kenneth City Hunt
January 27, 2002
SPIRITS members Present: Lee & Karen West, Brandy, Sandy Bard
Start time: 6:00 pm
End time: 8:00 pm

An elderly couple by the name of J.B.H. built the house on the sight of
a former orange grove in the late 1950's and the current owner has lived
there for the past 34 years consistently. The couple she bought the
house from showed odd behavior after the transaction in the form of
draperies being slashed and the old man returning on several occasions
to retrieve tools that he said he never sold with the house. Perhaps he
was just noising around to see what all had been done to his former
home. The current owner allowed the H's to stay in the home after the
sale while they fixed up their new apartment. After several months of
occupancy she asked them to move out because a family member wished to
have her wedding in the home. The H's were furious when asked to leave
and this led to the drape incident mentioned above. The H's were not
very nice people from the owner's interactions with them.
The current owner, as well as her family, has a history
psychic/paranormal activity. She has had one lucid dream that she can
recall that involved St. Theresa and is aware of upcoming deaths in the
family from the scent of funerary flowers she receives even though no
such flowers are ever around at the time. She has had no NDE or OBE.

Creaking/ popping type noise has been heard throughout the house but
the source can never be found. I myself heard this noise as we prepared
for the hunt. This has been happening over the last
several years.

Jan. 27, 2002 in the am the owner stated she felt as if some thing/one
had jumped into bed with her. She said it feels like a dog had hopped on
the bed. This has happened several times.

August 1972 the owner's daughter and her family were staying at the home
with the daughter and her husband in the Master Bedroom and their two
boys in the Florida Room. The daughter stated a black mass approached
her from the front Living Room window and she suffered a suffocating
feeling while not being able to move. She could not wake her husband
while this was happening. She was finally able to move and began to
scream and punch her husband who still did not wake up. The boys began
to scream and this woke the husband. The mass retreated when the husband

2001 the owner's son in law was supervising the remodeling of the Master
Bath by a local contractor. When the drywall was removed they found many
old razor blades inside it and felt they had belonged to the previous
owner. On this day the son in law heard a conversation among several
people that started out in the Living Room/Dining Room area and moved
throughout the house. He
stated that even though he could not make out any words distinctly the
two most prominent voices were male. He also heard footsteps through out
the house as if they were taking a tour.
During the remodeling the contractor stated on several occasions that
he had the strong feeling of being watched while working. At one point
he literally jumped out of the bathroom stating "There's a
man in there!" The son in law checked but found nothing and it was all
he could do to keep the contractor from walking off the job. Upon
further questioning the contractor stated that he felt a man standing
over him and watching him intently as he worked. The feeling grew
stronger and stronger and he couldn't take it any more so he ran out of
the bathroom.
The son in law stated that on several occasions he felt as if a male
presence was in the Master Bedroom/Bath with him while he finished up
the remodeling.

November 2001 during a birthday party for the owner's daughter I felt
the presence of a male standing in the Master Bedroom doorway looking
out at us while we sat in the Living Room.

Christmas Eve 2001 an orb was photographed with the daughter as she
stood in front of the Christmas tree.

6:15 pm Master Bedroom felt cool sensation on my hands after I asked if
any one present would like to make themselves known to us while we took
photos. I sat on the foot of the bed and asked again.
Lee stated he saw indentations on the side of the bed to my left as if
someone were sitting there. No team member had sat on that side of the
bed. I reached over and felt a cool spot that seemed to travel down the
side of the bed and sit next to me on my left. The AC had been turned
off but the cool remained. No EMF or temp readings showed during this
episode. Also during this we heard knocking from what Brandy thought was
the wall in the Master Bath Room. It happened several times while we
were in this room.

6:25 pm Asked the presence to replicate the knocking noises we had heard
earlier. No audible results were heard by us.

6:45 pm Brandy, Karen and I tried an EVP in the Master Bedroom until
6:59 pm. No EMF or temp readings registered during this session and we
ended it because of the amount of noise from outside
the room. Awaiting results from this session.

7:05 pm Exercise Room I felt cool in the room and the word "transient"
kept popping in to my head. No EMF registered but Karen did get a 9
Degree temp difference between my hands.

7:15 pm Guest Bed Room on the wall where the dresser sits in the corner
I got a feeling of dark and gloom. It was like a column of dark covered
the entire corner and went up into the ceiling. No EMF
or temp readings registered.

The Master Bed Room/Bath was once the H's room and several of us feel
that the razors blades belonged to him. There's a possibility that when
the wall was torn out in the bath that triggered the haunting. It is
interesting to note however that the Kitchen and Guest Bath has been
remodeled but no activity occurred. During the EVP session I got the
feeling that the entity is an older male who has free roam of the house.
Some of us feel it's the previous owner of the house and this is backed
up by the interview session with the current owner. He seemed to have an
obsessive/compulsive connection to the house and his personality was
unique to say the least.
Around 1998/1999 the owner's son brought home a displaced Native
American man who stayed in the Exercise Room for a period of time. This
man gave the owner the creeps and she was uncomfortable around him.
Perhaps the memory of this man was what I was picking up in the room.
The son has a history of bringing home stray animals/people and the
owner never knew who/what would be in here home from one minute to the
The Guest Bed Room belonged to the son at a very bad period in his
life. He was heavily in to drugs and alcohol while he occupied the room
and burned the rug on many occasions by falling asleep with
a cigarette. His bed was located in the corner where I felt the dark and
gloom. Left over memory/feelings from this time maybe?   

Kenneth City
Kenneth City, Florida
01-27-02 5:30 P.M.
Report by Lee & Karen West

Home built - 1957
Built on Orange Groves
Resident: Kay
Moved in - 1969

We did not observe any unusual odors. No unusual markings on walls,
ceilings or floors during the walk through.

In the bedroom Sandy's hands tingled and she felt a presence on the
bed. She also felt a cold spot (after the AC was shut off) but no
temperature change registered on the Digital thermometer. Lee saw
indentations on the bed, as if someone was sitting on the bed. One of
these indentations was in the same area that Sandy felt the cold spot.
There was one EMF spike at the bed of 2 - 3.5 and we have two digitals
with possible ectoplasm behind Sandy in this area. We all heard a
knocking noise that seemed to come from the bathroom wall. This happened
several times. We also got an elongated orb on a digital picture of this
wall. Brandy attempted to get the entity to replicate the knocking but
was not successful. Later we found out from Kay's son-in-law that the
bathroom had been remodeled and during the remodeling both he and the
tile man experienced some paranormal events.
After the wall was removed Lee & the tile man found many disposed
razors in the wall cavity. Lee then heard conversations in the living
room, dining room and family room area although Lee and the tile man
were the only ones in the house. He distinctly heard two male voices and
one female voice however there were several entities. He heard them
walking through out the entire house. At one point the tile man jumped
out of the bathroom saying someone was in there and he wanted to leave
because someone was watching him in the bathroom. Lee also felt the
presence in the bathroom. To Lee the presence seemed to be a thin
scraggly-faced old cooter with grayish black hair that was slicked back
but out of place - needed combing. Again the tile man was scared by the
presence and left for the day.
In 1972 Karen, Kay's daughter, her husband Lee and their twin boys
moved into the home. Karen & Lee slept in the bedroom referenced above
and the boys slept in the adjacent family room. One night, shortly after
moving in Karen awoke and saw a black translucent mass coming down on
her. This mass was shaped like a woman. It kept getting closer and
closer and it was suffocating. At first Karen wasn't able to move but
she was able to scream. Finally she got her hand to move and she touched
Lee. Lee woke up but was not aware of Karen or her screaming he was only
aware of the boys screaming and rushed to help them. When Lee woke up
the black mass started to pull away from Karen.
Kay has experienced the feeling of someone jumping into bed with her.
This has happened twice now and when she rolls over no one is there.
However, it does not scare her or alarm her, she simply goes back to
sleep. She did experience a dream where a saint appeared at her bedroom
door stating she had come to take Kay home.

Exercise Room
In the exercise room Sandy had a tingling sensation in her hand and
there was a 9-degree difference between her two arms (80 vs. 89). Sandi
kept hearing the word transient. We later found out from the owner that
one of her sons had brought home a displaced Indian and he stayed in
that room. We captured a line like orb on a digital picture taken of the
closet of this room.

Spare Bedroom
In the spare bedroom Sandy felt a dark, gloomy blackness in the NE
corner. We later found out from the owner that one of her sons who had
some trouble with alcohol & drugs stayed in that room and the head of
his bed was in that corner. We captured rainbowing effect in this area
on two digital pictures. Could it be that there are place memories in
these two rooms?

Sandy felt a feeling of a presence in the hall. We captured a fog in
one of the digital pictures of the hall. The owner stated that some
nights she hears a crackling noise in the hall. This has been happening
for several months. But every time she tries to investigate the source
of the noise the noise stops.

Dining Room/Living Room
We felt no strange feelings in this area. However, we did have three
orbs show up on a digital picture. The owner has a picture of her
daughter which was taken Christmas Eve with an orb on her chest. This
picture was taken less than two feet from the area we show the three

According to Kay the first paranormal experiences started several
months ago. She would hear knocking, creaking and feel someone jumping
into her bed. Also Lee's experience with the renovation and the
footsteps, conversations and presence was within the last year.

Kay and her family have a history of spirituality.
Kay shared the following:
· She smells funeral type flowers just prior to a family member dying
· She had a premonition of her husband's death with three separate
spectral visitations
· She has not had any OOB or near death experiences
· She has had lucid dreams

We did not sense any evil or dangerous situation during the
investigation. We felt some energy in the spare bedroom and exercise
room but believe that is from a place memory and a simple clearing would
clean those two rooms. However, we felt a very strong presence in the
bedroom. As to whether or not this presence is the former owner attached
some how to the disposed razor blades in the wall cavity, an ancestor of
the current owner looking over and guiding her - or both - it is
difficult to say. But what/whom ever it is it seems to be comfortable
there and so is Kay.

123 Digitals taken - 2 with rainbows - 2 with orbs - 1 with fog - 3
29 minutes of Video taken - no results
1 EVP - no results

Kennith City Hunt: 1/27/02
Brandy B.

Current owner, Mrs. F., has lived there for 34 years. The house was
built in 1957 by an elderly couple who were the only other prior owners.
The house was built over an orange grove.
A Native American transient lived in the back room for 6 months, in
1999. He was described as giving off a creepy sort of energy. Her son
has lived in the guest room in the past, though was treated for a drug
and alcohol problem. He had the illnesses when he lived with her. Her
daughter and son-in-law also visit frequently and will live with her for
a time until they move into their new home.
The former owners of the home were quite eccentric. Talked badly about
the current owner to neighbors (should have gotten more money out of the
widow). Current owner allowed them to live in the house from Oct. to
June, provided they pay the mortgage, because they said the new house
was not ready yet. When current owner needed the house to hold a
wedding, the former owners resented the "imposition." Did not move out
until the last minute, literally having their things removed and the new
owner had things put in the house. Took out and cut drapes before they
left. The man came back on 3 different occasions claiming to have left
tools behind in the garage. On the third trip, current owner said enough
was enough and he stopped coming around. The man was described as tall,
6 feet or so, thin, homely, scraggly. He did seem to display some
obsessive behaviors towards the house, being unwilling to leave it at
first, then returning so often for "tools".

Unusual activity:
Noises, creaking for the past couple of years. Sounds of footsteps
walking up and down the hall. Sensation (twice) of a dog or someone
jumping/sitting on bed, once the night before the investigation. The
day of the investigation, the plumbing had backed up and leaked all over
the bathroom in question, which was cleaned up prior to our arrival.
Daughter, Karen, had a dark encounter in 1972. The event was related
to outside phenomena, including her husband use of the ouija board in
prior incidents, an other family use of the ouija board. That night,
while staying in her Mom's house, a dark cloud came towards her, tried
to suffocate her. She could not wake husband through yelling, finally
able to grab on to him which woke him up. However, he did not remember
her being there and went to check on their babies. Lee was OK, incident
did not happen again.
In 2001, remodeling was being done on the house. Bathroom in back
bedroom was torn out. Lee, a sensitive, heard voices of a conversation
(mostly male), footsteps walking all over the house, when the back wall
was torn open. The wall had hundreds of razor blades in a disposable
container (common to older houses) walled up in the building. The man
who was working on the tile during the remodeling was often spooked, and
left the room once believing someone else was in there. The kitchen was
also remodeled several years ago and nothing happened during that time
The owner has had several unusual experiences. She saw a dark
shadow/cloud manifest in her bedroom when her husband was dying, knew it
was a death premonition, and believes I was his mother come back to get
him. This happened in a house up north.
She has had a lucid dream (reversing events of a forest fire), and had
a dream of St. Theresa coming to see her, to take her to Heaven. Also
has premonitions of death because she smells funeral flowers.

A small dog belonging to the Easts was on the premises, and showed no
fear of the home. He moved about all rooms freely. However, owners say
that he shows little fear of the supernatural.
Lee picked up the idea of a male entity named "Bill" who was one
possible entity haunting the area. Bill was strongest in he bedroom,
which was also the former owner's room. Lee described him as tall,
scraggly, thin, with gray and black-streaked hair. Disheveled.
During the investigation, knocking was heard against the bathroom wall
that sounded to be generated internally. During an EVP when we
requested noises be replicated they were not for either Brandy or Sandy.
This was the same wall where razors were found, and that the plumbing
was held that overflowed that day. Could be natural causes, though Lee
and Karen did not think it was due to the pipes.
Sandy picked up on the entity in a prior visit, and felt an old man's
presence was in the area of the doorway. She also sensed the idea of
"transient" in the back room, which was only later confirmed by the
owner. (Until then, no history of the house was known). Part of this
"sense" manifested in a 9 degree temp difference between Sandy's two
hands, which quickly faded as witnessed by teammated holding temp.
sensor.   Sandy picked upon negative energy in one corner of the guest
room, later told that the son who had the drug and alcohol problem slept
in that corner of the room. Sandy sensed the presence in the bedroom,
and noted indents in the bed (could or could not have been there before
the hunt).
Not much in the form of EMF nor temp. fluctuations. EVP probably will
not turn much up. Too much noise in the area to be validated.

Orbs appeared in several images. I picked up three orbs over the bed
where Lee sat using my digital camera -- very rare, as the camera has
not captured any other images for me. This particular snapshot occurred
with photos taken before and after developing without any orbs
appearing. Lens was cleaned before hunt, no other orbs in any other
pics. A mist image was picked up during the time that Sandy "sensed"
someone sitting on the bed with her. Other anomalous pictures appeared,
including a strange "line" image in the bedroom closet, orb images with
Lee and Karen.

My opinion:
I think that the prior owner of the home displayed possessive
tendencies towards the house. His behavior is suspicious, especially
living their long after the house ad sold (with permission from the
owner), and coming back repeatedly (I suspect to see what was in the
house and what changes had been made). I think that when the wall was
opened, it released a spout of penned up psy energy, perhaps left over
by the man. The razors would have had his DNA, having been so close to
his skin. The event of the conversation, the walking all over the
house, only happened the day the wall was opened, the bathroom and
bedroom being intimately connected to him during the time he owned the
house. The psy energy may have attracted his ghost, who visits from
time to time. It is possible that the current owner has attracted a
spirit, perhaps a family member watching over her from the other side.
Haunting seems strongest in the bathroom bedroom area. The back room
has a place memory, which Sandy picked up on. The guest room has a
similar place memory, both created by the turbulent personalities of men
who lived there for extended periods of time during the current owner's
tenure. The house has not been cleansed, which might remove the
negative energy. Possible transient ghosts, passing through an area that
may be psychically charged.



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I would like to find out if there are any serious investigative groups
that cover the Fort Worth, Texas area.
Also, I am in search of a group/person who would be willing to help me
develop my ability to feel the energy coming from a spirit or an object
(sometimes I just walk right into their energy when I least expect it).
I have had this since childhood but have never found anyone to guide me.
I have a tremendous desire to become part of an active/reputable
investigative team. Thank you so much for any help.

From: Shannon at: Suga8-@aol.com"

I'm a freshman at Ogden High School, where ghost stories are available
by the handfuls. Murder, suicide, etc. Has anyone E-mailed you about
paranormal activity at Ogden High, or has anyone reported such things?
I'm interesting in exploring this possibility, so any tips you have on
possibly finding a "ghost" or even solving some old mystery would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.



From: SuperMan-@aol.com

My aunt has lived in the same house for all her life. Through this time
she has said, along with other family members, that her house was
haunted. My grandmother told me that one night she was spending the
night over at my Aunt’s house, they were sleeping in the same room when
the bathroom door down the hall started opening and closing.
No one else was in the house. When my Grandmom woke my Aunt up, she
told her it was ok and that the ghost were friendly. Well, my Grandmom
tried to get back to sleep but then the bedroom door started opening
and closing. My Grandmom said she saw white mists traveling through the
room into the other bathroom.
My aunt and uncle have also reported seeing ghost inside the house.
Some think that members of my family may posses the 6th sense.



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MARCH 2002:

Whitechapel Press announces the following book signings by author Jim

BORDERS BOOKS - March 13 - Oak Brook, Illinois - 7:30 PM

Whitechapel Press announces the following book signings by author Dale

BORDERS BOOKS - March 16 - Oak Park, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - March 23 - Oakbrook, Illinois - 2:00 PM
BORDERS BOOKS - March 30 - Highland, Indiana - 2:00 PM

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
March 23rd - First ghost hunt for 2002.
$50.00 per person.
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South Jersey Ghost Research will be conducting the following lecture.
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April 4th at 12:30pm - Free lecture with photo displays,
equipment displays, EVPs and videos.
Mt Laurel AARP

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
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April 26th - 100 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
Tickets can be ordered at: http://www.majda.net/events.html
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The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
April 12th
April 26th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
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April UFO, Bigfoot and Ghost Conference
The first annual Pennsylvania Paranormal Conference will be held April
13, 2002. It is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and will feature
lectures on UFO's and Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania as well as
ghosts. This one day event is $85.00 per person plus tax and includes
admission to the conference, lunch and a walking ghost tour.
Investigation of a haunted site for the first 25 people who register.
Seating is limited to 70 people and reservations are required by calling
the Railroad House at (717) 426-4141. Registration begins at 8:15 AM
Saturday, April 13 and conference begins at 9:00 AM. This event will be
held at the Historic Railroad House Restaurant Bed & Breakfast in
Marietta, Pennsylvania.
Located on the corners of Front & Perry Streets. Guest speakers include
Stan Gordon, Eric Altman, Rick Fisher and Karl Silvius. Other speakers
to be announced. For more information contact Rick Fisher or go the PGHS
website at "http://home.supernet.com/~rfisher/para.html"

Southwestern Paranormal Ghost Conference
April 13th and 14th in beautiful sunny Yuma, Arizona
The Yuma Spirit Hunters in cooperation with the MVD Ghostchasers of
Mesa, AZ. Proudly present the 1st Annual Southwestern Paranormal Ghost
You may register online at any of these web sites:

Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
April 20 
Hosted by Psychic/Medium and Ghosthunter Kelly L. Weaver, Founder of
Capital Ghost Forum
Contact is Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

South Jersey Ghost Research will be conducting the following lecture.
For more information visit their website at: http://www.sjgr.org/

April 25th at 7pm - 9pm Free lecture with photos displays,
equipment displays, EVPs and videos.
Atlantic County Library: Galloway Twp Branch, Galloway, NJ
306 East Jimmie Leeds Road

MAY 2002:
South Jersey Ghost Research will be conducting the following lecture.
For more information visit their website at: http://www.sjgr.org/

May 2nd at 7pm - Free lecture with photos displays,
equipment displays, EVPs and videos.
Bellmawr Public Library, Bellmawr, NJ
21 E. Browning Road, Bellmawr, NJ 08031

History & Hauntings Tours
Hosted by: Troy Taylor
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Saturday, May 4 - 7:30 PM
New! Spirits of the Civil War Tour
Deluxe Dinner Tour: $45 per person
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Gettysburg Ghost Conference–Voices from the Past: The Art of EVP
May 4th & 5th, 2002
Hosted by the International Ghost Hunters Society (Website:
www.ghostweb.com )

Saturday, May 11th 2002 - 1:00 PM
Best Western Conference Center
Janesville, WI 53546
For tickets, visit our website at:

Admission: $16.00 per person
The Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group is presenting a
seminar focusing on haunted locations in Southern Wisconsin and Northern
Investigators from different locations in Wisconsin and Illinois will
presenting video and photo evidence while discussing some of their most
interesting cases. Other areas of interest such as, Investigators
equipment and usage, common types of hauntings and psychic aspects of
paranormal investigations will also be covered.

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
May 11th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
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The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
May 17th
May 31st
$50.00 per person.
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West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
May 24th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
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Saturday, May 25 - 7:30 PM
New! Spirits of the Civil War Tour
Standard Ghost Tour: $30 per person
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Ghost Safari's 2002 Conference,
"Evidence and Enigmas" will convene May 25th all day and into the
evening at the Holiday Inn in Broken Arrow, OK. Ghost hunters,
researchers and paranormal enthusiasts are invited to attend this
informal but jam-packed conference. Featured will be some of the best
ghost investigators in the country presenting the current state of their
research along with photographic, video and audio evidence. The cost is
$30 and includes continental breakfast, afternoon snacks and exciting
door prizes including a Trifield Natural EM Meter, Vivitar 3-D camera,
Gauss Master meters and several other prizes. Attendees will be
encouraged to present their own evidence at several open "Show and Tell"
sessions so bring those photos, videotapes and EVP samples! We'll have
all the state-of-the-art presentation equipment and a bang-up sound
system! The conference will also include vendor and information tables
all in a huge conference room. Email rich-@ghostsafari.com and visit
www.ghostsafari.com for more information and to register on line.

JUNE 2002:

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Saturday, June 1 - 7:30 PM
Special! Haunted Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour
Decatur, Illinois - Hosted by Troy Taylor
A walking tour of the most haunted cemetery in downstate Illinois, based
on the book "Where the Dead Walk" by Troy Taylor!
Special Thanks to the "Haunted Decatur Tours": $12 per person
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West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
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http://www.majda.net/ )
June 14th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
Tickets can be ordered at: http://www.majda.net/events.html
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The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
June 14th
June 28th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
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American Ghost Society 2002 Haunted America National Conference
June 20 - 23, 2002
Hosted by Troy & Amy Taylor (American Ghost Society Founders)
at the History & Hauntings Book Co. Building
515 East Third Street - Haunted Alton, Illinois
Detailed information is available at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com".

On June 23-26, 2002, The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
will sponsor its 27th annual conference on "MEDIUMSHIP: A DOORWAY TO
OTHER DIMENSIONS OF EXISTENCE" at Rosemont College, Rosemont,
Pennsylvania (11 miles west of Philadelphia).
For details of the program and to register, go to the ARPR Web site -
"http://www.lightlink.com/arpr/" - e-mail bat-@infi.net, phone
860-242-4593, or write to ARPR, P.O. Box 614, Bloomfield, CT 06002-0614.

For your information, the ARPR Web site has over 225 links separated
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Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, Parapsychology, etc.

A special SPIRITS art show featuring photos shot during SPIRITS ghost
hunts, and art by SPIRITS members.
June 28 - Aug. 13
Snooty Judy's Gallery - Dunedin, Florida

Images will include "false positives", spectral shots, and "no result"
pictures that also capture and embody artistic qualities of
For more info contact Brandy at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
The SPIRITS website is: http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
June 29th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

JULY 2002:

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
July 12th - 130 tickets available.
July 26th - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
Tickets can be ordered at: http://www.majda.net/events.html
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
July 12th
July 26th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

History & Hauntings Tours
Hosted by: Troy Taylor
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Saturday, July 13 - 6:30 PM
New! Special Ghost Hunter's Tour- "Behind the Scenes" of Haunted Alton!
Alton, Illinois - Hosted by Troy Taylor
A special four-hour ghost hunter's tour, beginning with a presentation
on ghosts, hauntings and ghost hunting by Troy Taylor and then an
in-depth tour of Alton's most haunted places! :$50 per person
(Tickets on Sale - Starting March 25)

AUGUST 2002:

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
August 2nd
August 16th
August 30th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
August 9th - 130 tickets available.
August 23rd - 130 tickets available.
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
Tickets can be ordered at: http://www.majda.net/events.html
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com


The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
September 6th
September 14th
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt 
Moundsville, West Virginia
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
September 20th - 130 tickets available - Last ghost hunt for 2002!
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public.
Tickets can be ordered at: http://www.majda.net/events.html
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com


October 1-31, 2002
Newport, Rhode Island

Largest month-long Halloween "spooktacular" in North America
established in 1999 to promote a positive view of Halloween. Featured
over 120 events in 2001,including: Halloween Market, haunted hayrides,
vampire and ghost tours, Halloween parties, murder mysteries, ghost
ships, psychic readings, author book signings, Edgar Allan Poe Weekend,
wizard workshops, Opening Day
Scaremony and more.

Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
http://www.majda.net/ )
October 19th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: MAJD-@aol.com

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt
Mansfield, Ohio
November 9th
November 23rd - Last ghost hunt for 2002!
$50.00 per person.
Open to the public. 
For more info visit: http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

03/10/02 - Sun/Mon
Guest: Linda Zimmermann
A former Research Chemist and author of several books of American
history, humor, science and science fiction. A series of lectures on
local lore and legend led her to write "Ghosts of Rockland County." Due
to the popularity of that book, Ms. Zimmermann wrote "Haunted Hudson
Valley." She frequently lectures in the tri-state area and is already
working on additional ghost books.
Website: "http://www.frontiernet.net/~lindazim/"

03/11/02 - Mon/Tue
Guest: Dr. Steven Greer
Disclosure Update
Website: "http://www.disclosureproject.org"
Guest: Jonathan Goldman
An internationally acknowledged teacher, musician and pioneer in Sound
Healing. He is the author of HEALING SOUNDS, president of Spirit Music
and director of the Sound Healers Association.
Website: "http://www.jonathangoldman.com"

03/12/02 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Dr. Seth Shostack
Astronomer and SETI expert (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence),
with news on ET and the SETI Institute, which is the real-life basis for
the story portrayed in the movie "Contact".
Website: "http://www.seti.org"

03/13/02 - Wed/Thu
Guest: TBA

03/14/02 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Dr. Michio Kaku
Professor of theoretical physics
Website: "http://www.mkaku.org/"
E-mail: "mka-@aol.com"

03/15/02 - Fri/Sat


Thu - 14th at 8pm - Most Haunted in America
Thu - 14th at 9pm - World’s Creepiest Destinations


Thu - 14th at 8pm - Ghost Detectives


Thu - 14th at 9pm - Hauntings Across America


Tue - 12th at 10pm - Charmed: Enter the demon


Tue - 12th at 8pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: normal again

NOGG (Children’s Programming ):

Sun thru Sat at 8pm - Ghostwriter


Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards
Tue - 12th at 8pm - Outer Limits: Human Operators
Wed - 13th at 8pm - Outer Limits: The Other Side
Thu - 14th at 8pm - Outer Limits: The Shroud
Fri - 15th at 9pm - The Chronicle: Hell Mall


Tue - 12th at 8pm - Mysterious Ways: Love is Divne
Fri - 15th at 9pm - Mysterious Ways: 29


Fri - 15th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of Wales
Fri - 15th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of England
Sat - 16th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: The Truth of Tutankhamun
Sat - 16th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of Ireland
Sun - 17th at 8pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of Wales
Sun - 17th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare: Castle Ghosts of England


Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/visions.htm
Sundays from 6 to 7pm

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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