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 Haunted Places
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Alchemy Journal Vol. 3 No.2  Dennis William Hauck
 Apr 25, 2002 12:16 PDT 
The next issue of the ALCHEMY JOURNAL is available!

You may view or print-out the current issue at
http://www.AlchemyLab.com/AJ3-2.htm or to view without frames (AOL), go
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I have gotten a lot of email on my last editorial in the ALCHEMY
JOURNAL. People are not only sensing "something in the air" but truly
realize it is somehow connected with their own inner states of
consciousness. To me it seems as if the divine is actually getting
closer. We are undergoing a paradigm shift from the ancient dictum of
"As Above, so Below" to the modern realization of "As Within, so
Without." This is not only happening in people, but also in our most
advanced sciences and spiritual disciplines.
The question I am often asked is why. Why all the optimism among
spiritual seekers that "something wonderful" is approaching when the
world seems to be falling apart around us, when religious dogma is
responsible for so much hate and murder? What hope is their in a world
where people will sacrifice their lives in acts of death and terrorism
but have no idea how to sacrifice their lives in acts of life and love?
In a world of fatalistic philosophies, widespread hatred, and rampant
materialism, why -- in all this darkness -- are some people suddenly
becoming more hopeful and spiritually optimistic? Hundreds of people
are telling me this; I feel it myself.
A new stage of alchemical transformation is beginning on the planet, and
we are all the catalyst. For, contrary to much of the shallow rhetoric
of our New Age gurus, it is not what we say or think that counts. That
may seem like a shocking statement from a lifelong Hermeticist, but I
have found that the fluff of enlightened sound bites and trademarked
spiritual methods mean nothing. The lip service of rehearsed ritual and
pleading prayer are equally self-serving. It is only what is truly in
the human heart that counts. For most of us, our hearts remain silent
witnesses to the folly of our egos, but once in awhile the power in our
hearts is demonstrated for all to see. That happened recently.
As a mathematician, I have been supporting and helping interpret the
statistical results of Princeton University's Global Consciousness
Project (GCP) since 1999. In math, the First Matter of the alchemists is
represented by mathematical chaos (strings of completely unconnected and
meaningless numbers). Today computers can be programmed to generate
endless chaos using sophisticated random number generators. In the GCP,
40 random number generators are scattered around the globe and feed
their chaotic stream of numbers into a central computer for analysis.
Every once in awhile, some of the numbers show an ordering or coherence.

What the project has discovered is that in times of events that touch
the hearts of people around the world, these periods of ordering of
chaos are more pronounced and last longer. Wars and natural disasters
such as earthquakes cause changes in the output of the random number
generators. To date, the most pronounced change occurred on September
11, 2001, and lasted several days. Physicist Roger Nelson, who heads the
project, summarized the intriguing effect: "Some kind of great coherence
arises when people are all engaged in the same event, sharing the same
emotions and attention in some event of deep meaning for them. That
coherent presence in the world is what causes our numbers to be
different from what they should be." In other words, from the
perspective of what is happening alchemically on the planet, it is only
what is truly in the human heart that counts.
You can view that "coherent presence," which is the collective heart of
our planet, in real time by visiting http://noosphere.princeton.edu and
selecting "NetStatus" and then "Real-Time Display." What you will see
are 40 bar-graphs of coherence from each of the random number
generators. Brighter colors and longer bars indicate increased coherency
or large deviations from chance. Turn on your speakers to hear the
"heartbeat" of the planet, which plays musical notes with pitch and
loudness related to the momentary data values against a steady
background of a normal beating heart. If you hear crashing cymbals, a
major coherency has occurred.


Dennis William Hauck
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