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The Haunted Places Report 06/04/02  Rev. Ron Beach
 Jun 03, 2002 21:27 PDT 
“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

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Here is a complete list of writers and authors for the Paranormal
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From Rick Fisher at: "rfis-@redrose.net

The Other Side Society a Society for all paranormal groups. The Society
was formed in the hopes of bringing people together no matter what their
beliefs and opinions are.
There are two sides in ghost hunting, one uses the scientific methods
the other uses psychics. I was told there are lines being drawn if you
are not for one then you are against why? There are those who profess to
be open minded and spiritual yet condemn others for their beliefs. There
is no governing body in ghost hunting yet some believe there is.
Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just put their hearts and minds
together and work as one?
That is the purpose of the Other Side Society. Remember that most of
what we know about ghosts are just theories, lets work together and
learn from each other and find ways to prove these theories are real. If
you are interested in joining the Other Side Society send an e-mail to
me. Membership is free.



What to do When Your House Is Haunted!
By Troy Taylor
Email: "ttay-@prairieghosts.com"
Website: "http://www.prairieghosts.com"

Thanks to the type of work that I do, I meet people on what seems an
almost weekly basis who have (or claim to have) a ghost in their house.
These otherworldly encounters may not be occurring at
the present time, or may have happened in a house where they used to
live, but they assure me that strange things did, or do, occur at the
place they inhabit.
Perhaps even more frequent than these chance, fact-to-face encounters
are the phone calls and email messages that I receive from people who
also claim to be going through the same predicament. All manner of
strangeness may be reported and on many occasions, the callers and
correspondents will ask what they should do about their uninvited and
often spooky guests. Should they move out? Should they stay? Should they
talk to the specters or ignore them? What is the best thing to do in
this situation? And most of all, should they contact a ghost hunter to
come in an investigate?
First of all, let me say that over the years that I have been involved
in ghosts and ghost research, the vast majority of the cases that I have
been involved in have perfectly natural explanations. These explanations
may not be immediately realized, but they can be discovered. Of course,
that is not to say that I have not been involved in some cases that did
puzzle me and which did leave me feeling that (based on the witness
accounts and my own research) the location really was haunted.
As the witness to a series of what could be ghostly events, you (the
reader this article is aimed at) have to first determine whether or not
you think the odd happenings in your house (or business, theater, etc.)
are natural or supernatural. In order to do this, you should try and
relax and be a good observer. Even if you are scared by what you have
seen or heard (or what someone else has seen) you have to give the
occurrences some rational thought. Could those
"phantom footsteps" have been simply the house settling or the
floorboards creaking? Could that "cold chill" have been merely a draft?
Could the "ghost" that you saw out of the corner of the eye
have been nothing more than a trick of the light?
Maybe the events have explanations, or maybe they don't. Believe me, I
know that it's easy to let your imagination get away from you. All it
might take are a few harmless comments to someone else
in the house and before long, you have a "haunted house" made to order!
Here's how that works:
Let's say that you and your family just moved into an old house in a
neighborhood in your town. You don't know anything about the history of
the house but unknown to you, a family of mice lives quite comfortably
in the cellar. One night, you wake up and hear strange noises coming
from under the floor. Since you don't know that the sounds are caused by
the mice, you jump to the conclusion that
the house is haunted. Of course, it's not haunted... but that's not the
point. What is important is that you think the house is haunted! In
fact, you get quite caught up in the idea and begin to think that every
bump and creak that you hear is something ghostly. An odd reflection or
a curtain moving in the wind might even look like a ghost. Combine all
of these things together and you have a haunted house on your hands!
At this point, you have come to believe that you have a haunted house
with bumps, rappings, ghostly footsteps and even apparitions that roam
the hallways. It's not long before your family begins to
pick up on your fears, either consciously or unconsciously, and they
also begin hearing the "unexplainable" sounds and seeing the resident
You can see why it might be easy to feed off one another's fears and
literally "invent" a haunted house. That's why I try to ask the people
who contact me to step back for a moment and try to look
at the events they describe to me as a skeptic. I ask them to try and
consider some other possibilities for the events besides supernatural
ones. Sometimes this can be done and sometimes it can't. I never tell
the witness that their house cannot be haunted! Obviously, there is no
way that I can know that and for several reasons:

1. I was not present at the time the reported events occurred.
2. At this point, I have never visited the location.
3. I cannot claim to be an "expert" on all things paranormal because no
such thing exists.

What I am trying to do at this point is to simply assist the witness in
looking at what they feel is a supernatural event in another manner. As
a witness, you should not take offense at this. In fact, you should
welcome the skepticism of the investigator. A legitimate investigator
will not accuse you of lying but he will also not immediately accept
your story as fact, based on the idea that he really has very little
evidence to work from at this time. It is not that he doesn't believe
you, but only that he is keeping an open mind to everything, including
the idea that the house may not be haunted. This is the sort of
investigator that you should be looking for... not the one who
immediately accepts your story at face value. This is a sure sign of
inexperience with real cases and one best to be avoided.
However, at this point, I may have gotten ahead of myself a little bit.
As mentioned already, it is best for the homeowner to try and determine
for themselves if the possible ghostly activity has
some natural cause. In many cases, if they do contact an investigator,
that investigator may try and suggest some natural causes for the
activity and it would be best to try and rule that out
ahead of time. You might save yourself some embarrassment down the line,
although a good investigator would never try to make you feel silly for
some misidentified happenings.
Another thing that I recommend doing is to try and keep a log or a
journal of any activity that occurs in the house. This will be extremely
helpful and as a rule, I always suggest it to people who contact me
about their possible haunting. It's a great way to not only recall the
events while they are fresh in your mind (so you don't have to try and
remember them for the first time in a later interview) but also to see
if a pattern of activity exists. The determination of such a pattern
would be extremely helpful to an investigator. It could show a natural
cause for the activity (such as a furnace kicking on or a nearby fright
train passing by) or might make it possible (if the activity turns out
to be real) to decide when might be the best time for a paranormal
investigation to take place. Obviously, if it looks like the ghostly
events are occurring at a certain time (or day), then this would be the
time the ghost hunter and his team would want to be present.
When you are compiling your journal or logbook, here are a few things
that you want to be sure to include:

1. Note the exact time and date when the activity occurred.
2. Make a note of everyone who was present and what they saw. If
possible have each witness record their thoughts in their own words.
3. Try and note the weather conditions at the time.

The journal will be an invaluable piece of research if an investigator
comes to call and it will go a long way in establishing evidence about
the haunting in your home.
Now that you have been able to try and rule out natural explanations
for the events in your house and perhaps have even kept a log of the
weird things that occurred, you have to decide what you want to do next.
Admittedly, many witnesses will not have gotten this far with their own
research. Many people are frightened by what is going on and very few of
them understand it. The fact that (if you think your house is haunted)
you have gone as far as to read this article is something you should be
commended for. People are frightened by the unknown and by things that
they don't understand. I should tell you though, that in all of the
years that I have been involved in ghost
research, I have never run across anything that I would consider to be
"evil" or "demonic". Yes, I have run across some cases that are outside
of the norm, and were certainly strange, but they were not "demons"
disguised as ghosts! Despite what some people would have you believe,
the cases of people actually being hurt by ghosts are very, very rare.
There is an extremely remote chance that you have anything at all to be
afraid of, so try and relax and keep your eyes and ears open to any
other developments.
At this point, you have a choice of what to do next. You can either
learn to live with the novelty of a ghost in your house, or you can get
in touch with a legitimate ghost researcher to help you understand it
better. You may also decide that you can't abide the idea of sharing
your house with a ghost and we'll talk about what you can do about that
later. Even if you decide that you want to "get rid of" the ghost, it's
likely that an investigation team would need to determine the veracity
and extent of the haunting first.
This leads up to you getting in touch with a qualified ghost hunter,
who can come into your home and determine what sort of activity is
taking place. This is not as easy as it sounds! There are literally
hundreds of websites on the internet that claim to be affiliated with
paranormal research and it would seem that you have scores of ghost
hunters to choose from. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Once you
discard the inactive groups who still have websites, the "wanna-be"
ghost hunters who offer all sorts of services and yet have never
actually done a real investigation and the ones who think that wandering
around in cemeteries with cameras makes them "researchers"... you don't
have near as many to choose from as it first appeared! Here's some
information though that may help when it comes to actually choosing a
ghost hunter to do an investigation at your location:

1. Make sure they offer a phone number. While there is nothing wrong
with making contact through email, make sure that the group or ghost
hunter you are contacting offers a phone number where they
can be reached. This does not insure credibility but it does at least
rule out the wishful ghost hunters who are living in their parent's
basement! In many cases (as with the American Ghost Society), larger
organizations may not offer the phone numbers of their area
investigators but they should offer a main number where information can
be given out.
2. Make sure that the contact information on the ghost hunter's website
lists a first and last name of the persons who are actually doing the
investigations. If they are listed by their first names only, then it's
likely that they are not serious investigators but rather more wishful
ghost hunters looking for thrills.
3. Try and determine from the website if the investigators are someone
that you would like to have in your home. Remember, the website is the
method of advertising that they chose to offer their
services through and if the site is questionable, the ghost hunters are
likely to be as well. Anyone can put up a website but the quality of the
material on it will speak volumes about who is behind it.
4. Avoid ghost hunters who dabble in magic, the occult or offer "magical
cleansings" of homes. All of these things are the ghost hunter's own
business ( and on their own time!) but should not in any way be a part
of a legitimate investigation. If anything like this appears on the
website, move on. And be sure to ask about this when you speak to the
person on the phone because solid researchers will not employ these
5. Legitimate ghost hunters will not charge for their services. If you
are asked to pay for an investigation, then you should look for
something else. Only services that produce concrete and tangible results
are worthy of payment and paranormal research is too unpredictable for
that. In most cases, very little may occur in an investigation and no
one should be expected to pay for that. It should be noted however that
if the ghost researcher is expected to
travel (especially overnight) to reach your location, it should be
expected for you to offer that person reimbursement for their expenses.
6. Remember that legitimate ghost hunters will come to your home by
invitation. If you are contacted and are asked if an investigation can
be conducted in your home, quickly decline. Trustworthy ghost hunters
don't go where they are not wanted! This may not be the case in public
locations though, so if you are involved with a location that has a
reputation for being haunted, you may be contacted by someone. At that
point, you should simply judge the
researcher on his merits.
7. Once you believe you have found an investigator that you are
comfortable with, you need to check his qualifications for an
investigation. Ask how long he has been involved in paranormal research
and about investigations in the past, especially those involving private
residences. If he claims to be some sort of "doctor", ask where this
certification may have come from. Just because he chooses to pay for a
questionable "doctorate" from an internet university, does not make him
qualified to interact with people. Believe it or not, many ghost hunters
have never conducted an
investigation in a home (no matter how experienced they seem) and you
have to decide if you are comfortable with this person starting out in
your house. They may turn out to be great investigators, but you have to
decide if you want to be their first one!
8. Also ask the researcher if they are affiliated with a research group
or a national organization. Just because they are not does not make them
less legitimate, however being affiliated with a group that has a good
reputation can help you make a decision about allowing the
researcher into your home. You can also get in touch with the main
number for the group and check this person out before working with him.

Just remember though, once you have decided on the person that you want
to contact, you have to be patient when requesting help. Although there
are people out there claiming to be legitimate and
charging large sums of money to "bust your ghost", genuine researchers
do not charge for investigations, being more interested in collecting
evidence. Because of this, there can be a shortage of funding for most
people involved and witnesses are often asked to wait until the
investigator can be freed from his "real job".
Once you have a ghost hunter to work with, they will need to determine
if an on-site investigation of your home is needed. They will do this by
asking a lot of questions and by referring to information that I
mentioned you should gather earlier in this article. They will need to
know that you have already tried to rule out natural explanations for
the phenomena and perhaps even that you have compiled dates and times
for the reported events.
Should the researcher then decide that an investigation of the house is
warranted, then prepare to be invaded! Even though legitimate research
groups will consist of no more than 5-6 individuals, a good team can
seem like many more. An investigation can be very invasive and there
will be photographs taken of the house and hundreds of feet of video
shot. The investigators will ask you to describe the events that
occurred (perhaps several times) and your statement will be recorded.
They will ask you dozens of questions and many of them will seem
unconnected and perhaps even embarrassing. Bear with them however,
because the questions do have a purpose and the investigators will be
working to try and not only legitimize your story but also to try and
determine if the reported activity is real.
Here are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to
legitimate paranormal investigations:

1. The investigating team should be no more than 5-6 people in your
home. If the group is larger than this, then they have no idea what they
are doing and should be questioned by you.
2. The investigators should not be drinking or smoking at any time.
3. Remember that they should arrive at your home with healthy
skepticism. No one is trying to debunk your reports but have to keep an
open mind to all possibilities. Good investigators must remain
non-committal until they have had a chance to gather their evidence.
4. Make sure that the investigators seem to know how to use all of their
equipment. If there is anything that you don't understand, be sure to
ask them to explain what it is used for. If they cannot, you may have a
5. Unless the investigation was set up through you with a local
television station or newspaper, the investigators should not be
accompanied to your home with a reporter or media person. This
should never occur without your permission! The investigators are
duty-bound to keep all aspects of your case confidential unless they
have your permission to disclose anything.
6. As mentioned already, the investigators should be able to explain to
you what they are doing and don't be afraid to ask. If there is anything
that you want to know or need to information to feel
comfortable, a legitimate researcher will give it to you. Just remember
that any natural explanations that are discovered that might show the
"haunting" has nothing to do with ghosts should be properly explained.
This is not an indictment against your honesty, so don't be offended.
You asked this person in to give you an honest opinion and you have to
be prepared to accept it.
7. You can also help by making sure that everyone who experienced
anything unusual is present on the night of the investigation and that
you keep out friends and relatives who want to come over to watch the
proceedings. This can be very distracting to you and the to the
investigators and can interfere with an accurate investigation.
8. Also remember that if you become uncomfortable with what is going on
at any point in the investigation, you have the absolute right to call a
halt to everything. The investigators are present at your request and
are "guests" in your home. They should be given the respect that such a
title signifies, but they also have to respect your feelings and fears
as well.

As the investigation continues in your home, the team members will
divide up their duties and while you are being thoroughly interviewed,
other investigators will be filming and mapping the house, taking photos
and looking for any anomalies with their equipment. They will likely ask
you to show them where any odd happenings took place and may ask you to
recreate what you were doing when they occurred.
If the phenomena that you have reported occurs on a regular basis, or
has a set pattern, the investigators may want to conduct a vigil or
"ghost watch". This means that they will set up themselves and their
gear in hopes that the activity might occur again. This can be a long
process and can be very boring for you and the investigators. At this
point, you may want to consider going (quietly) about your activities
and to let them work.
You may have noticed in this article that I mentioned several times
that activity rarely occurs during the investigation. In some cases it
does though, and this can be exciting for everyone involved. However, in
most cases (if the investigator has determined that
there seems to be a strong possibility that the reported phenomena is
genuine) a follow-up investigation will be required. This usually means
a return visit that will be much less "painless" than the first, as the
initial groundwork has already been laid.
It should be stressed that a legitimate researcher will always follow
up on a case. If you do not hear from him, and the phenomena persists,
then call him yourself. Don't be afraid to get in touch with him and ask
him to come back.
The information that has come before has been mostly geared to the
witness who has experienced something out of the ordinary and while not
completely frightened by it, is curious enough to contact someone who
can tell them more. Truthfully, I have worked more often with this type
of person than any other. They aren't necessarily afraid of the activity
they have reported, but are bothered by it to the point that they
decided to seek some help.
This is not always the case though. As a witness, you may call in a
researcher to decide whether or not your house is truly haunted and once
you realize that something is actually happening (and that
others are seeing it too!), you may want to call the proceedings to a
halt. This can happen when the witness is afraid of making the ghost
"angry" and you may decide that you want to just leave well enough
alone, who knows? Some witnesses also may decide that they want
to get rid of the ghost and if this happens to you, the investigators
that you have contacted have no choice but to go along with your wishes.
But unless the investigator is a psychic (and I don't recommend
contacting a psychic for your investigation unless they are accompanied
by a legitimate team to back up their findings), they
will not be equipped to get rid of the ghosts that may be haunting your
house. Most ghost hunters are merely investigators. We do not talk to
ghosts and we don't see them around every corner. If we are going to be
able to help you, we are going to have to contact an outside source.
Let me reassure you again though that ghosts are not present to hurt
anyone and in almost every case, a family can peacefully coincide with a
spirit. Obviously though, not everyone wants that and some even insist
that the ghost itself would be better off passing on to wherever we go
at the time of death. In this case, the ghost hunter should be proactive
in helping you with your wishes.
If you have a family minister, the ghost hunter will likely suggest
that you get in touch with this person and ask them to come to the house
and to pray for the soul of the spirit that is present. This is not an
"exorcism" but simply an attempt to get the ghost to leave in peace. It
can be of great benefit to you and your family as well.
If a willing minister is not available, then the ghost hunter should be
able to suggest or find an expert in getting rid of ghosts. They may not
be a professional medium or psychic but someone who is sensitive to
spirits and who has a good reputation. It should be someone the ghost
hunter has either worked with before or someone who was referred through
a legitimate source. There is usually a complete lack of ceremony with
this type of person as they are not a phony psychic or exorcist. They
are likely going to want to look over the location and sit down and talk
with you before proceeding.
Remember though to beware of any medium that tries to pump you for too
much information up front! It is obviously more legitimate if this
person can gather impressions that match the information you already
have. If they come up with weird things that you have not
experienced and seem to be making things up out of thin air, they most
likely are!
If an authentic medium detects a spirit that is present, they will try
and convince it to move on. How effective is this? It's hard to say. It
has been my experience that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
It usually has a positive effect on the house though, no matter what
else it does. I often get calls from people who ask for this service but
in my years in the paranormal field, I have found very few people that I
can recommend as someone trustworthy enough to be given this assignment.
They are out there though and if you request it, the ghost hunter you
work with should do all they can to get you in touch with them.
In closing, I hope that this article has been worthwhile for you and
has provided you with some of the essential information that you need in
order to find a legitimate ghost hunter. I always say that ghost hunting
has several goals. Not only is the ghost hunter seeking
evidence of ghosts, but he is also there to help the person who called
him in to investigate the case. It is the ghost hunter's main
responsibility to alleviate the fears of the witness and to help them
deal with the activity they are experiencing. The witness should never
be shut out of the investigation but should be treated with the utmost
respect .. for man always fears what he does not understand.
If you are experiencing a haunting and have been thinking of contacting
a ghost hunter, then I hope that you now know what to expect from this
experience. In some small way, I hope that this
knowledge can contribute to the end of people being taken advantage of
by the questionable and inexperienced ghost hunters who are out there. A
little knowledge can go a long way and now that you know what to look
for, you can avoid the problems that so many have encountered in the
past. Good luck!



Do you have a ghost hunting tip you’d like to share with our readers?
Send to us at: Edi-@haunted-places.com

Never Trespass!!!
By Dave Juliano
Email: "shado-@theshadowlands.net"
Website: "http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/"

Although this seems like a no brainer, it seems that some of the
people that want to be in this field make the rest of us look bad by
trespassing on private property. If the cemetery has signs posted
listing hours please respect them. If a gate to a property is locked,
stay out. If it appears to be an abandoned building, stay out unless you
have permission from the property owner. This is also for your safety.
Keep in mind that each time one person gets caught trespassing and tells
the police they were hunting for ghosts, you make all the serious
researchers in the field look bad because un fortunately we are all
lumped together by the general public



Memorial May Put Ghost At Rest
A beloved Snohomish librarian finally gets her marker
Original source unknown
All copyrights acknowledged

SNOHOMISH --Reference librarian Mike Malone knocks softly before
entering the Snohomish Library's staff room, even though he knows no one
is inside. No one mortal, that is.
It's a courtesy the staff routinely shows for Catharine McMurchy, the
late librarian who is believed to haunt the library with a friendly
Last year, the library learned that there may be a reason why McMurchy,
who worked at the library from 1923 to 1939, hadn't left the building:
Her grave lacked a marker.
"We believe Catharine's spirit remained here with us, rather than
making her journey to the other side, because she had no grave marker,
which, statistically speaking, is the sixth most likely cause of a
haunting," said Malone, who spoke at a memorial celebration for McMurchy
on Saturday.
McMurchy, who died on Jan. 26, 1956, was buried in Seattle's
Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery. Her burial was paid for by King County
because she had no money.
An old family friend told the library that McMurchy lacked a grave
marker after seeing an article in The Herald about four reporters who
spent the night at the library on Halloween 2000.
Malone decided something had to be done, and started a fund-raising
effort. He collected $360 from library patrons and donors as far away as
Alaska. An older man donated $50, saying McMurchy had taught him how to
read and encouraged a lifelong love of books.
Paul Elvig, vice president of Evergreen-Washelli, donated a black
granite stone, inspired by the memory of a librarian he went with on
bookmobile runs near Vancouver, Wash.
They often ate lunch near a cemetery, and "she made me promise that
there would be a tombstone on her grave or she would come back and haunt
me," he said. "I heard about Catharine and thought, ooh, I'd better do
A grave marker reading "Catharine McMurchy, 1871-1956: Cherished
Snohomish Librarian" was put in place three weeks ago.
Malone, who rang a bell to end the memorial service and symbolize
McMurchy receiving her angel wings, said the memorial and the new grave
marker may help McMurchy make the transition.
"We're giving her the choice," he said. "This may give her the boost,
but she may enjoy the library too much."
McMurchy, whose spirit is credited with alerting a patron to an
overheated heater in the loft before the library caught fire, "will
appreciate the gesture, I think, but will always look in on the
library," said Debbie Young, former children's service librarian.
She and several other employees and patrons say they have seen the
spirit, felt her presence or heard her footsteps in the historic
Carnegie library, especially the second story and loft workroom.
Malone, who has had several close encounters with the spirit, said that
when the library moves to its new building next year, he plans to take
McMurchy along.
He said before an old opera house in Yakima that's believed to be
haunted was remodeled, the dust on the stage was swept into a jar. It
was sprinkled on the stage after the remodel, and the ghost returned.
Before moving to the new library, "you can bet your bottom dollar I'm
going to be up in the loft with my whisk broom and my jar," Malone said.
"We're going to take her with us."



Has your group recently completely an interesting or unusual
investigation. We’d love to hear about it! Tell us a little history
about the site, why it is considered haunted, and the results of your
investigation. Email your report to: Edi-@haunted-places.com . Be sure
to put Investigative Results in the subject line.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From: "ajrc-@aol.com"

I visit the Albany, NY area once or twice a year. Does anyone know of
any haunted places I could go on my next trip?

From: Lyle at: "valen-@charter.net"

I am interested in documented cases in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Also
in the Youngstown and Girard, Ohio area where I grew up in a haunted
house. Everyone says I need to write a book about them.

From: Susan at: “susan.-@btinternet.com"

I am trying to find out some information about a haunted place in
Amesbury in Wilthsire UK. The name of the place many years ago was
called Vinney's cottages and it was then made into one house. It was
then turned into a museum (so I was told). My mum lived here with my
grandparents and they had to leave when she was 4 (1946) because of the
place being haunted. I am trying to find out any information I can as my
daughter is wanting to do this for a subject at school.
She had heard the story from my mum and that the ghost in which my mum
has seen a few times was supposed to be something to do with Henry 8th.
It could have been one of his wives. I was also told that one the
Henry's used to live there.
If you have any information which can help me I will be so pleased, or
if you have any e-mail address or telephone numbers so I can call

From: "Smart-@aol.com"

I am very interested in information about any haunted hotels in the
mobile, Alabama or New Orleans area. Could you please e-mail me any
information regarding information to either or both the places?

From: songs-@ttinational.net

I wanted to pose this question to the readers here, as I'm interested
in feedback from people who are actually out in the field. I am very
well read on subjects of the paranormal, and come from a family of
"sensitive" people, but am not involved in any research groups.
My two-year old daughter began to complain of noises in her bedroom
about a week ago. I surmised that this could be attributed to any number
of things inside/outside the house. The past few nights, she has been
refusing to sleep in her room, citing that there is a monster in there.
Now, I know that "monsters" are a normal part of growing up & active
imaginations in children, but my daughter is with me all day and has no
access to anything on television, other than PBS, or access to anything
else that talks of such things.
Last night, I asked her to describe the monster to me. Her reply (as
best I could make out from a 2 yr old) was that the monster was opening
& closing his mouth at her. He was also playing "hide and seek", by
hiding in and out of one particular wall of her bedroom. She also said
something about him wearing a backpack on his tummy.
Now, my husband thinks I'm nuts, but we live in an area that is ripe
with civil war sites, and to me this sounds almost like a description of
a ghost. I'm not up to date on what exactly civil war uniforms looked
like, but vaguely remember seeing some with a bag in front (haversham?).
My daughter is terrified of sleeping in her room, and this all began
quite suddenly. Has anyone had experiences with small children and these
things, or could her imagination actually just be that good at such a
young age?

From: Shelia at: "glitterw-@adelphia.net"

I live in Rutland Vermont and I am trying to connect with other people
who have interests in the supernatural world such as ghost spirits. They
never offer any workshops that I know of around here. Can you help me?



From: Tory at: "torysha-@monad.net"

I'd like to share an experience I had this Christmas season. Well, I
ended up catching a cold and was sick throughout the Christmas holiday
so I took naps to try to make myself feel better.
The Sunday before Christmas I was just getting ready to take a nap when
suddenly I heard my little wind-chime rattle (the wind-chime was hanging
from my light fixture in my bedroom) I looked up at it and sure enough
it was swinging as though something had hit it. I gave it a puzzled look
and then thought of my stepfather who died in 1991. See, I had my
bedroom door shut and there were no windows open for any breeze to move
the wind-chime and even in the summer when I do have a window open the
chime has never moved unless I hit my head on it. I am sure it could've
been my stepfather just letting me know he is home for the holidays. I
wished him a Merry Christmas.



For complete details of all events listed in this section please visit:

JUNE 2002:

“Book Signing With Author Patti Starr”
Wednesday, June 5th
7:00 pm until 8:00 pm.
Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington KY.

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, June 7th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, June 21st
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt”
June 14th
Moundsville, West Virginia
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

“The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt”
June 14th
June 28th
Mansfield, Ohio
For more info visit: "http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html"

“American Ghost Society 2002 Haunted America National Conference”
June 20 - 23, 2002
History & Hauntings Book Co. Building
515 East Third Street
Alton, Illinois
Hosted by Troy & Amy Taylor (American Ghost Society)
Detailed information is available and linked from their website at:

June 23-26, 2002
Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pennsylvania (11 miles west of Philadelphia)
For details of the program and to register:
ARPR website: "http://www.lightlink.com/arpr/" -
Email: "mailto:bat-@infi.net",
Write: ARPR
P.O. Box 614
Bloomfield, CT 06002-0614
Phone: 860-242-4593

"SPIRITual Encounters"
June 28-August 11.
Snooty Judy's Fine Art Gallery
514 Skinner Blvd., Dunedin, Florida
Gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday noon-4.
Gallery phone: (727) 734-9835
Contact Brandy Stark for more information at: (727) 821-5759 or by email
at: "mailto:sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us"
process which continues today.

“Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale.”
June 29th
Near East Liverpool, Ohio

Hosted by M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Investigators ( Website:
"http://www.majda.net/" )
Date subject to change due to the weather.
Open to members only.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

"Investigating the Paranormal: Ghosts and Hauntings"
Saturday afternoon, June 29th, 2002 from 1 to 5 p.m.
Metropolitan Hotel in midtown Manhattan
The contact information for the Foundation is: Parapsychology
Foundation, Inc., 228 East 71st Street, New York, NY 10021, tel:
212-628-1550; fax: 212-628-1559; email: "off-@parapsychology.org;"
Website: "http://www.parapsychology.org/"

JULY 2002:

“Ghost Hunter's Tour- "Behind the Scenes" of Haunted Alton!”
Saturday, July 13 - 6:30 PM
Alton, Illinois
Hosted by: Troy Taylor
More information about the tour at:

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, July 15th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt”
July 12th
July 26th
Moundsville, West Virginia
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

“The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt”
July 12th
July 26th
Mansfield, Ohio
For more info visit: "http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html"

“The Haunted West Virginia 2002 Ghost Hunters Conference”
July 19th, 20th & 21st
Parkersburg, West Virginia
For more info visit: "http://www.hauntedparkersburg.com" or email Susan
Sheppard at: "shep-@wirefire.com"

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, July 19th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Annual Fall Festival”
Alton, Illinois
July 26
Hosted by Troy Taylor
Contact Troy at: "ttay-@prairieghosts.com"

AUGUST 2002:

“Annual Haunted Halloween Night”
August 2
Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois
Hosted by Troy Taylor
Contact Troy at: “tta-@prairieghosts.com"

“Ghost Hunter's Tour”
August 3
Alton, Illinois
Hosted by Troy Taylor
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, August 2nd
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt”
Mansfield, Ohio
August 2nd
August 16th
August 30th
For more info visit: "http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html"

“West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt’
August 9th
August 23rd
Moundsville, West Virginia
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, August 23rd
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at


“The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt”
September 6th
September 14th
Mansfield, Ohio
For more info visit: "http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, September 6th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Saturday, September 7th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, September 13th
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“History and Haunts Cemetery Walk”
Saturday, September 14
St. Peters Cemetery, Smyrna, Del.
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail
to: "ed-@mystandlace.com"

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tour (departure from NEW JERSEY)”
Friday, Sept. 20
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt“
September 20th
Moundsville, West Virginia
Last ghost hunt for 2002!
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

“Ghost/History Gathering”
Saturday, Sept. 21
North East, Md.
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“KateFest 2002”
Adams, Tennessee
September 28th and 29th
The KateFest Web page (""http://www.katefest.com"") is constantly
updated as things come together.

“History and Haunts Cemetery Walk”
Saturday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.
St. Mary Anne's Cemetery, North East, Md.
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at


October 1-31, 2002
Newport, Rhode Island
More info at: "http://www.hauntednewport.com"

“Haunted History Cemetery Tour”
Friday, Oct. 11 at 6:30 and 8 p.m.,
Head of Christiana Cemetery, north of Newark, Del.
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, Oct. 18
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“History and Haunts Cemetery Walk”
Oct. 19, Saturday, 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.
Old Drawyers Cemetery, north of Odessa, Del. (or perhaps a new cemetery
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Campout / Ghost Hunt in the ghost town of Sprucevale”
October 19th - Date subject to change due to the weather.
Near East Liverpool, Ohio
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "MAJD-@aol.com" or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

“Fort Delaware Ghost/Lantern Tours”
Friday, Oct. 25
Fort Delaware
Call Fort Delaware for reservations and exact departure times at (302)
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Ghost Tour of the Haunted Village”
Saturday, Oct. 26 at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.,
Dover, Delaware
For additional information, call Ed at 410 398-5013 or send an e-mail at

“Paranormal Conference”
October 26-27
Haunted Fourth Ward School Center in historic Virginia City, south of
For more information contact Mark Guilford at "mguil-@earthlink.net"
or Janice Oberding at "obee-@aol.com".
Conference registration page:
"http://www.sacramentoparanormal.com/vcpc2002.html" "


“The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt”
November 9th
November 23rd - Last ghost hunt for 2002!
Mansfield, Ohio
For more info visit: "http://www.mrps.org/ghost/index.html"

APRIL 2003:

“Second Annual Ghost Hunters Conference”
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Governors Ballroom, Radison
Penn Harris in Camp Hill, Pa.
For more info contact Kelly Weaver at: "mailto:Weav-@aol.com"



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.


Once again, due to problems beyond our control TV listing this week are
not complete and may not be accurate. The service that provides our
listings have been having internet related problems. Hopefully these
will be resolved in time for next week’s issue.
Please check your local listings.


Tue - 4th at 8pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Sunday thru Thursday at 11 and 11:30pm - Crossing Over With John Edwards

Tue - 4th at 8pm - Outer Limits:
Wed - 5th at 8pm - Outer Limits:
Thu - 6th at 8pm - Outer Limits:
Mon - 7th at 8pm - Outer Limits:


Tue - 4th at 8pm - Mysterious Ways:


Fri - 7th at 8pm - Truth or Scare:
Fri - 7th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare:
Sat - 8th at 8pm - Truth or Scare:
Sat - 8th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare:
Sun - 9th at 8pm - Truth or Scare:
Sun - 9th at 8:30pm - Truth or Scare:

ART BELL ( Website: http://www.artbell.com/index.html ):

06/04/02 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Bruce Moen
If we could peel back layers of "reality" like the skins of an onion,
what would lie beneath? Bruce Moen, veteran explorer of the vast,
uncharted spaces beyond physical existence - beyond reality - goes
further and deeper than ever before in his quest for knowledge. Moen
takes us on his odyssey across the strange and wondrous landscape of the
afterlife realms where he meets those who have gone before, asking them
some of our greatest questions: What is consciousness? Where do we, and
our perceptions, fit into what's ultimately real? Website:

06/05/02 - Wed/Thu
Guest: Prof. Ted Bryant
Ted is a physical geographer with broad interests in geomorphology and
climatology. He is currently a member of the Quaternary Environments
Research Centre. Ongoing research interests involve the definition and
mapping of the geomorphic signatures of tsunami, global climate change
and sea-level rise, and climatic and oceanographic natural hazards. Ted
has an international reputation with his research on catastrophic
tsunami, being one of the first researchers to identify a wide spectrum
of signatures of such events in the coastal landscape.

06/06/02 - Thu/Fri
Guest: Bob Lazar
One night in May 1989, a reporter broadcast a story from a satellite
link in Las Vegas Nevada. A young physicist spoke under hidden identity,
and told us of nine alien discs held near Groom Lake by a small,
autonomous group of the American government. He used the pseudonym
"Dennis" which turned out to be the name of his superior at the base. A
few weeks later he went on camera using his real name, Bob Lazar, and he
has been the subject of world-wide curiosity, speculation and
controversy ever since.
Website: "http://www.boblazar.com"

06/07/02 - Fri/Sat

The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is on KZUM 89.3 FM,
Lincoln, NE, and has been on-air every Saturday morning since 1984, 10 -
11:30 am Central Time. The station phone number during the program only:
402-474-5086. The host is Scott H. Colborn, email at:
"kcol-@inebraska.com" and website is:


Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Listen at: http://www.pawebcast.com/visions/visions.htm
Wednesdays at noon and 9pm.

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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