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The Haunted Places Report 12/24/02  Rev. Ron Beach
 Dec 24, 2002 10:52 PST 
“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

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Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New
Year! Christmas seems to be a very active time of the year for ghosts.
Maybe they are coming back to visit family during this joyous time of
year. Maybe they are coming back because we tend to think more about
relatives who have crossed. What are your thoughts on this? Have you had
any ghostly visit at Christmas time? Let us know



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.

From Ed at: eclem-@yahoo.com

Thanks for coming back, almost like the ghost that I
was afraid wouldn't be seen again. Good luck to ya.

From KEN at: KENLCR-@aol.com

Hello, my name is Ken and I have an interest in the paranormal. I do
have a photo, however, from Halloween that I took that has weird cloud
to it. I have a book of North American Haunted Places that has some
paranormal around Allentown, PA, in which, I live close to.
Well, anyway, I believe in the paranormal. I also believe the existence
in UFOs to. Hey it is a big Galaxy out there, why shouldn't it be any
other life on other planets. It is logical to given that fact. Happy



From Kevin at: spoo-@yahoo.com

This is just a little correction to one of your sights. The Georgetown
Castle is actually a wooden Victorian mansion, not of stone. It was
built around the turn of the century on the Southside of Seattle in an
area called Georgetown, it isn't a town in and of itself. The ghost of
Sarah is actually the ghost of the wife of the builder of the house. The
builder was a local gambler who killed himself by drinking Carbolic acid
when his luck went bad. Sarah had a child by her husband, she then asked
her sister to come and stay to help with the baby. It is said that her
sister got jealous for some reason of the baby, and then killed the baby
by dropping or throwing the child out of the top turret window. After
her husband killed himself, Sarah went mad, and for years, until she
died, she was always seen in the top turret room where the baby had been
dropped or thrown.
The story of her ghost strangling herself and with the glowing eyes,
was just a local ghost story to scare people. From talking to the people
that live there, she is a very friendly and intuitive spirit. When
guests have been over, she has been seen peeking around corners into the
living room, or has been heard walking around the house. The scent of
old lavender water, like that used at the turn of the century, has been
smelled throughout the house, as if someone is walking through the
The house is now being rebuilt, and is in poor condition. The people
that live there, will sometimes give a tour of the house.
I hope that clears it up a little. I used to work right across the
street, and have taken some pictures of it. I got to know several of the
people that have lived in the area, and in the house over the years. I
got a couple of different stories, but what I have sent to you is what
most agree upon. I will send one of the pictures that I have to show you
the real house. It isn't much to see, but you will get the general idea.

Miami Ghost Chronicles is a very small group (2 persons) but we're
available to assist any group that needs a hand especially in the South
/ Central Florida Area, stories and links can be published on our sites
and, we're also available if any other group or individual needs any
type of research relating to the South Florida or Caribbean area.
Contact Marlene at miami_-@yahoo.com

From: para-@rochester.rr.com

We are the paranormal communities most controversial and unusual site on
the internet today!
Rochester Paranormal Investigators Detection Agency

The Flanders Hotel
719 11th Street
Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

The Lady in White
A brief summary of our hotel.

A happy ghost known as ³The Lady in White² haunts the Flanders, a grand
historic hotel, located on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Within this architectural masterpiece of the Jersey Shore, Emily, as she
is affectionately known, appears and disappears into walls, plays with
door locks, unscrews light bulbs, and sings happily in its halls.
A portrait of Emily painted by artist Tony Troy based on stories and
descriptions given to him by workers and guests of the hotel is featured
on the second floor. The long brown haired young women is featured by a
piano wearing a long white dress and no shoes.
Her story appears near her portrait on the second floor:
Over recent years, a ghost of a lady in white has often been seen
wandering through the Flanders by both staff members and guests. The
most recent sighting was in the basement on the building in the early
hours of July 7, 1999. She was described as being in her early twenties
with long brown hair. Two earlier sightings were of a similar young
woman standing near the grand piano.
The sightings before that were mostly confined to the lady in white
walking barefoot through the Hall of Mirrors. On many other occasions
the laughter of a young woman has been heard throughout the building.
Although a ghost, Emily seems happy enough. She¹s been heard singing
and chuckling merrily in the many grand rooms of the Flanders. A
photograph taken at a one of the many weddings held in the banquet halls
captured her ethereal form.
Workers and guests in 2002 cite swinging doors, locking doors,
unscrewed chandelier light bulbs, and a the train of a white gown
disappearing around the corner of a corridor as evidence that Emily
still happily haunts the Flanders Hotel.



Submitted by: Ramt-@aol.com

Chepachet, Rhode Island’s
Most Haunted Landmark

Chepachet is a small hamlet in the Northwestern part of Rhode Island.
It’s ancient buildings and antique shops along Main Street defy all
traces of progress and time. The village’s lavish history ranges from
the infamous shooting of America’s second
Pachyderm, Betty, to the boasting of the oldest continually running
store in the USA. This quaint community is rich with the strides of
yesteryear. It is also alive with the haunting of yesteryear’s people.
One of the most distinctive, and by far, the most haunted of these
buildings is the Stagecoach Tavern. Built in the early 1700’s, the
tavern served as a stage stop along the Putnam Pike (Route 44) from
Providence, RI to Hartford, Connecticut. Travelers would dine and lodge
while fresh horses were exchanged for the next leg of the route. The
food here is next to none as it has been through the centuries. This
great cuisine, coupled with its historic furnishing makes an
irresistible atmosphere for all. Including those who have
passed on.
It first gained its notoriety when a peddler named Acote came to the
inn as he often did to sell his wares. He checked in for the night but
he was never to leave. For the next morning, Acote was found murdered
on the back steps of the tavern. He was buried one
mile east of the inn on a hill which now bears his name.
It was also the focus of one of Rhode Island’s most controversial
political battles. When Thomas Dorr, the newly elected Governor of RI
under the People’s Party attempted to take his seat, the incumbent
Governor, Samuel King refused to step down. A rebellion ensued and
King’s troops marched toward the a waiting Dorr army encamped on Acote’s
Hill just down the street from the tavern. When Dorrsaw he was vastly
outnumbered, he dispersed his troops and fled. King’s troops lodged at
the tavern for the summer nearly bankrupting the owner, Jedediah
Sprague, as he was never compensated from the state for their gluttonous
leisure. The only casualty from the rebellion was when someone fired
shots through the keyhole of the door hitting one Horace Bordeen in the
Time went on and the tavern saw much history as many strange events
etched themselves into the walls of the ancient edifice. It is these
events that fuel the fire in the spirits of the tavern. Along with the
possible revenant of Acote is the ghost of a woman who was killed there
on Valentines Day by a jealous lover. On the anniversary of her death
each year, strange happenings let the people know she is still present.
Eva Marie, a long time employee of the restaurant and tavern has
experienced many bizarre things. Every Valentines Day, the lights will
continually switch themselves on and off with no visible
being around to touch them. Items disappear only to be found in strange
places later or are moved within seconds of their placement on tables.
This past Valentines Day, Eva witnessed the lights in the dining room
flick on so she shut them off. A few minutes later
she again noticed three lights illuminated and dowsed them. When she
went back into the dining room there were five lights on. That is when
she realized the spirit was at play so she left them on until closing
the inn.
She has also seen, along with many other patrons, the phantom of a
woman dressed in 19th century clothing sitting in the corner booth
towards the rear of the restaurant. She will appear at any time and
vanish as suddenly as she came.
The spirits of the Stagecoach Tavern seem to use many ways of
communicate with their living counterparts. One night at about 2:30 AM
after closing the bar, Eva-Marie laid out the menus on the tables for
the next morning. Arriving that morning earlier than the owner, she duly
unlocked the door to do the morning tidings when to her shock the menus
were scattered about the room with one face up in the ice bucket behind
the bar. A sconce was missing from one of the tables. It has never been
Even the owner, Eugene Waterman, has many a bizarre tale to tell of the
antiquated structure. One day he brought a box of coasters into the bar
then went to get another box. When he returned, they were gone. Upon
investigation, he found them scattered all over the stairway leading to
the cellar. He was the only occupant(living) in the building at the time
and never heard a sound even though, strangely enough, they appeared to
have been violently thrown down the stairs.
He also related that on many occasions he has heard a soft eerie
sobbing from the dining room only to find, upon checking, the room
locked and empty. Other noises such as the creaking of the archaic
wooden dining benches are more than audible from the kitchen as if
someone, or something, is sliding in and out of them.
On another occasion, Debbie, the other long time employee of the tavern
came running out of the building after hearing someone calling her from
a few feet away in the otherwise empty lounge area. As she was cleaning
the ladies room one evening, the sink kept turning itself on. Most
recently, her boyfriend brought his daughter there for lunch.
When she needed to use the bathroom, he stood outside the door and
waited. Before long, he asked her if she was all right. She said she was
playing with the little boy that was in there with her. No one had come
in or out of the ladies room. When she emerged from the bathroom she
motioned to the open door and told her daddy to say hello to the boy in
the doorway. He saw nothing but she insisted the boy was there to the
point of irritation on the part of her father ignoring her new friend.
That is when he took the food to go, and
Another ghost is thought to be that of Acote who was the peddler found
mysteriously murdered at the back steps of the inn. A few people in the
upstairs apartments have reported seeing a man in ancient, ragged attire
floating around the halls and rooms of
some of the apartments.
There is the apparition of a woman who has been seen in the pantry on
numerous occasions by many a hired hand. One night as Eva-Marie was
working in the kitchen, she zipped by who she thought was the cook. He
would be the only other employee in the kitchen at that time of the
evening. A few moments later she breezed by the trap door again and saw
the form out of the corner of her eye. As she moved towards the door,
the chef came in from the outside. Stunned, she turned towards the
figure at the trap door and noticed it was a woman dressed in 19th
century garments. It dwelled there for a few moments more before
vanishing in front of both employees.
I have done two separate investigations of the Tavern. One was
spontaneous due to our arriving in the middle of a “hot” evening and the
other was well planned. Both times we left thoroughly convinced that the
Stagecoach Tavern was unquestionably haunted.
The first was July 3, 2001 when we entered the tavern for some talk and
a bite to eat. Eva-Marie immediately accosted us ranting about the eerie
events of that day. She reported to us about how objects had been moved
around all day despite of the employee’s tidiness and attention to their
work. A candy bowl filled moments before was
found half empty when she turned around. This was before any patrons had
begun shuffling in. Gene also told me that on three separate occasions
that day he heard the sobbing of a woman in the closed dining room. Each
time he checked the room it was empty.
We ate and waited for the room to close then went in when all was
quiet. The period antiques and original ceiling beams cast a copious,
charming, yet foreboding atmosphere about the room. The air was so
thick, you could see it’s yellow hue draping down over the décor. As we
stood in the foyer, the light above the haunted bench began to flicker.
Assuming it was loose, I checked it. It was secured tightly in its
cavity. According to employees and patrons, it had been doing this on
and off all evening. The repetitive sequence of flashes resembled Morse
code so I jotted down the flickers as dots and dashes based on the idea
that nothing should be left unturned during an investigation. I figured
I could decode it later and maybe something would turn up.
The light was one of several attached to the same string lacing the
walls of the room so the chance of it being an isolated electrical
problem was slim at best. We replaced the bulb but the new one acted in
the same manner as its predecessor.
We had a camera I always keep in the car and snapped a few pictures. As
I stood near the silverware tray on the opposite side of the room, the
light above my head began to flash in the same manner as the first one.
As we left the room, the strange shade of yellow still hovered in the
air. They were quite relieved to lock up for the night.
Unfortunately, none of the photos showed anything out of the ordinary
but when I deciphered the sequence of flashes they astonishingly read
the phrase “I am here Sue” over and over. Could it have been an amazing
coincidence o r was someone from beyond
the grave trying to communicate with a person they knew in past life?
The next investigation, in April of 2002, was an official Rhode Island
Paranormal investigation with a four-person crew. Armed with digital
recorder, cameras, EMF meter, gauss meter, thermal scanner, and motion
detectors, we setout to expose any kind of activity and record the
proof. The room, once again, had the same eerie yellow haze looming over
it as before.
The thermal scanner did not pick up any strange temperature changes but
the EMF and gauss meters did. An old barbers chair in one corner set the
needle jumping. I checked all around the chair but the meter reacted
only when pointed at the seat of the chair even after relocating the
chair several times. This also was the case with two old dining chairs
even when we moved them to different locations about the room where no
previous readings were evident.
Our cameras, which were in perfect working order before we entered the
dining room, both mysteriously failed after a few shots were taken. I
guess some things just do not want to be photographed. After we left the
room they worked fine.
I sat in the haunted booth with the digital recorder and asked a series
of questions. When I replayed the recorder, a gravely yet very audible
voice asked “WHY?” to the second question, which was asking if the
spirits wanted to talk with us. The sound made everyone’s arm hairs
stand on end. The meters also reacted t o the booth but we could not
move the stationary unit from the wall to isolate the meters activity.
After a while any activity in the room ceased and all was quiet. Even
the eerie haze had dissipated into the void. We retired to the lounge to
record and discuss our findings.
While in the lounge, Arlene, a team member, was talking with another
member about religion when her glass exploded into small fragments from
the base hitting people as far as three feet away as if someone slammed
it with a sledgehammer. All the other glasses on the table remained
unscathed. Witnesses stared at the remains of the glass stunned by the
A crystal expert explained that a certain vibration could cause such an
exploding but all the other glasses in the place of the same make would
have followed the same fate as well. His only other explanation barring
the previous was something unseen had to have shattered it with great
force from above.
We soon left the tavern and it’s ghosts behind mingling surreptitiously
with the patrons of the present world. Although our pictures did not
reveal any photographic signs of apparitions in the
tavern, all the other incidents as well as numerous witness accounts
attest to the fact that as you read this article I have penned, you can
be sure that the phantoms residing at the Stagecoach Tavern have
permanently checked in.
How to get there: If you travel down Rte 44Interstate from Connecticut,
Chepachet center is 6 miles from the border and the tavern is on your
left boldly standing along the street. From Massachusetts it is about 20
miles into Chepachet village on the right hand side.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From: Thomas at: thomasal-@hotmail.com

I would like to know of any haunted places in the Sacramento area.

From: Theblo-@aol.com

Hi, I’m from Leeds in the UK. I’d like to join a paranormal or UFO
based group, anyone interested?

Hello, I subscribe to your newsletter, The Haunted Places Report, and I
was wondering if you could put my question up. My e-mail address is
My question is:
I am looking for haunted places of all sorts in the northern Virginia
area. Especially in the Woodbridge/ Manassas area. I have been to a few,
including Bunnyman Bridge, but have seen nothing, and I am eager to
investigate some hauntings! It would also help if anyone could provide
some information on Mary Washington College hauntings. I have heard a
few stories. Thanks!

My wife & I are very much interested in all aspects of the paranormal.
We are very much respectful, and are from the Southeast portion of North
Carolina. We seek a Group in the surrounding area to explore this
subject with. All replies should be addressed to: Chas-@webtv.net

From Dawn at: bigdog-@yahoo.com

I am planning my vacation this year and want to know if there is a good
place in Wisconsin to go hunting or maybe a group to go with? I am in
the Madison area. Thanks!

From Chris at: kenku-@attbi.com

I was wondering if there are any groups in the Minneapolis/St. Paul
area? I've been dubbed a "sensitive" on many occasions, and have always
been intrigued by things of this nature. I'd love to find others to
share experiences with.

From Stacie at: rall-@rochester.rr.com

Hello, my name is Stacie and I am writing you in hopes of finding a
really scary picture and story. When I was in 6th grade, many moons ago,
there was a ghost story book and on the back of it was a picture, the
scariest picture, I might add, of a creature called "The Demon of
Here I am many years later trying to find this book and the picture for
nostalgic purposes. I was reading Dennis’ book "Haunted Places" and came
across a story about the Cole House in Detroit Michigan. This sounded
vaguely familiar, but there was no picture. Is the ghoul in the Cole
house the Demon of Detroit? If it is, do you happen to have a picture?
Obviously, it is an artists' rendering of it, but the picture on the
back of the book was a black and white drawing and it was soooo spooky!
I am desperately trying to find this legend and drawing. Do you have
any information for me on this or maybe even know the book, author's
name...anything? I am trying to find it to give it to my brother at
either Christmas or his birthday in May and I would really appreciate
any help you can give me.

I am interested in haunted places or paranormal groups in Central
Wisconsin around Oshkosh, Omro Wild Rose Area. Anyone know of any? Would
like to meet people of similar interests in this area wwa-@voyager.net

From Brandy at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us

Okay, all. The SPIRITS group has grown rapidly in the past few months,
and we're going to need to implement some new procedures. It's too
hectic to get us all together for an investigation and it's been less
organized than I'd like, so we are going to start sectioning the
investigation to ensure proper quality.
The first step is for a small group of investigators (3, if possible)
to come to a site an hour or so before the others (perhaps a bit
less...30 - 45 minutes depending on the structure). This group will take
EMF, temp readings, possibly some snapshots to help reconstruct the site
for reports, and draw a basic house plan, highlight areas of
pre-existing EMF readings, etc. We'd also like to take dust and humidity
readings...and hence the crux of my e-mail. We can also direct others to
the furthest point in the home, to work our way forward (as is standard

One: Where can we get a slingometer? An INEXPENSIVE but effective one is

Two: Does anyone have a suggestion for a dust test? Or a scale to judge
an area's dustiness? We've made notes, but I feel we need a more
standardized form with stronger terminology to clarify an investigation,
and increase its consistency.

Three: We'd like to make a pre-existing form for this first walk
through, that everyone can simply fill out. It needs to be something
uploadable, if possible, understandable by anyone who reads it, and a
form that can work on multiple computers.
Three and a half: Are there other simple things that we should note,
take measurements of, etc., in this walk through?

Four: I'd like to work on a pre-investigation form for the contact to go
over with the homeowners, which can be read with the homeowners and
teammates present at the beginning of the interview portion of the
investigation. I'd imagine it'd be important to ask about a person's
prior history outside the home with phenomena, about the events in the
home itself, any history known about the house, etc. Are there other
standardized questions I should ask in this form? I would probably
include things such as old hag phenomena, paralysis dreams,
premonitions, Slider phenomena, pets acting strangely, shadow forms,
peripheral vision manifestations, apportation, etc. I'd ask where and
when these phenomena developed in the home. I'd also like to ask
homeowners to try to dust the home either the day before or two days
before the investigation, and to shut down a/c or heat, and fans at
least two hours prior to our arrival (it's hard to ask for more than
that in Florida, and these folks are
volunteering for us, too).
The basic structure of the investigation that I'm proposing would be
Walk through and measurements by first team. Silent walk through by
entire group, with sensitivies and non-sensitives jotting down
impressions and notes to themselves, without really speaking to one
another. Then, a walk through with communications, an interview process
where the form would be read to all present, and additions or
corrections made, and closing the investigation. Follow up would include
individual team reports, additional research for the area, mapping of
the investigation against others investigations we have done in the
area, and a secondary visit to see if any phenomena can be replicated
(later date?)

From George at: nosoulpro-@yahoo.co.uk

My name is George and I run a production company in Ireland and we are
beginning pre-production on a documentary about haunted houses,
hospitals, hotels, etc. around Ireland. I am e-mailing you to ask if
there is any locations that you recommend we visit in Ireland or any
web-sites we would find helpful as we have had difficulty finding any
information about Haunted Ireland. I was also wondering about the New
England State Hospital story featured on the Scariest Places On Earth TV
show. Can you give me any info on this story, is it a truthful story or
was it created for the show? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

From: Chris-@aol.com

I live in NY and was wondering if there were any really haunted places
around NYC?

From Susan at: Suzec-@aol.com

How is it that you have nothing on the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula,
Ca? I am trying to find out who it was that was killed there, but so
far, no luck. Can you help me?



From Staff Member Linda Davis at: ghostin-@hotmail.com

The event that follows reportedly occurred in southern Mexico about a
month ago. This Alfred Hitchcock type tale was sent to me by a reputable
person who claimed its fact not fiction. Either way, it's a good story.
This guy was on the side of the road hitchhiking on a very dark stormy
night. The storm was so strong he could only see a few feet in front of
him. Suddenly out of the dark, he saw a car come towards him and stop.
The guy without thinking, jumped into the car and closed the door. He
realized there was nobody behind the wheel. The car started moving
slowly down the road. The guy looked up and saw a curve ahead. Scared,
he started to pray, begging for his life.
He was in shock when just before the car reached the curve, a hand
appeared thru the window and moved the wheel. The guy, paralyzed with
terror, watched the hand appear every time the car approached a curve.
The guy, gathering strength, jumped out of the car and ran to the
nearest town. Wet and still in shock, he went to a cantina and asked
for two shots of tequila. He then started telling everybody about the
terrifying moments he had just experienced. A silence enveloped the
crowd when they realized the guy was crying and wasn't drunk.
About half an hour later, two more guys walked in the same cantina. One
of them glanced around the room and said to the other, "Look Jose',
there's the idiot who jumped into the car while we were pushing it!"

From Charles at: tru-@bellsouth.net

Throughout my life I have had unexplainable experiences, and I know
that my mother and her mother had them also. The first that I remember
happened as I was sitting in my grandma's lap in the hall in front of
the gas heater. This was when I was around 5 years old, in 1965. My
sister was living with my grandma and I was visiting with my parents.
Only the two of us were there, my grandma and me.
Her house was small--a kitchen, 3 little bedrooms, a living room and a
bath. It is a curious fact that each of the rooms had a hook and eye
latch OUTSIDE of each door. We were sitting in the hall that led to the
living room, the bath and my sister's room. My grandma was telling a
story and I was staring at the closed door to my sister's room. The
latch was not locked, but hung loose, and as I watched it, it began to
swing to and fro. I called my Grandma's attention to it and I said it
was Carol (my sister) in there trying to scare me. My grandma said in a
low, unemotional voice that it wasn't Carol. I got up and went into the
room. I looked in the closet and was under the bed finding no sister in
hiding, when I realized that it wasn’t my sister and I high-tailed it
out of there.
That's the end of that story. It impressed me that my Grandma had seen
what I had seen, had not tried to stop me from investigating and that
she had not tried to convince me that there was a rational explanation.
I see things occasionally still, but I try to ignore them if possible.
This house that we bought a year and a half ago seemed to have some
spooks when we first moved in, weird noises and sparkly light floating
around. I even woke up answering people I thought were talking to me.
Now, we seem to be on our own here. Thank goodness.



For complete details of all events listed in this section please visit:

MARCH 2003:

Second Annual Paranormal Pennsylvania Conference
March 22, 2003 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
All day event featuring lectures on Bigfoot, Ghosts, Psychic Phenomena,
UFO's and more.
author book signings and walking ghost tour of Gettysburg.
$75.00 per person must register before February 1, 2003
For more information contact:
Rick Fisher (717) 871-8610
Email: rfis-@redrose.net
Website: http://home.supernet.com/~rfisher/pghs.html

APRIL 2003:

“Second Annual Ghost Hunters Conference”
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Governors Ballroom, Radison
Penn Harris in Camp Hill, Pa.
For more info contact Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com



Gettysburg Civil War Era Theater is a "Live", One-Man-Show featuring a
Civil War Era Magic Show, an "Old Timer" who talks about life as a
civilian in Gettysburg at the time of the great battle and shares some
of the more popular GHOST STORIES which have been associated with the
town and concludes with a Theatrical Re-Creation of a Civil War Era
The program has been skillfully choreographed by Magician, Actor &
Author Joe Kerrigan to be educational as well as entertaining.
Affordably priced for the entire family tickets are $17.95 for Adults-
$10.95 12 and under. Shows nightly at 7:00PM.
(717) 642-9215
Website: http://civilwartheater.com


Where: Downtown Orlando Florida
When: 8pm EVERY Saturday
Cost: $10
What: 90 minute lantern lead walking tours of historic downtown Orlando.
Orlando's ORIGINAL Ghost Tour departs from Guinevere's Coffeehouse (on
the corner of Pine and Magnolia).
Call 407-992-1200 for tickets and details.
Website: http://www.orlandohauntings.com
Email: Webma-@Orlandohauntings.com

Simply Spooky! (tm)
200 years in 2 hours!
Join us on this Ghostly Ghost Walk and Tour of the Historic Town of
Burlington, Ontario (Canada) where we explore 200 years of history in 2
Informative, Educational and Accurate Accounts of the history makers
from early 1700's to the present. Conducted by Patrick Cross-Canada's
top Ghost Researcher.
2003 Season is June 1st-November 10th, 2003
Cost: $10.00 for adults, $2.00 for children 10-16 years of age.
For Bookings, Contact: 416-201-4670
Email: sci-@globalserve.net
Website: http://www.globalserve.net/~scifi/latestnews.htm



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.


The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is on KZUM 89.3 FM,
Lincoln, NE, and has been on-air every Saturday morning since 1984, 10 -
11:30 am Central Time. The station phone number during the program only:
402-474-5086. The host is Scott H. Colborn, email at:
"kcol-@inebraska.com" and website is:
"http://www.thewayhomestore.com" .

Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Live every Wednesdays from 8 to 9pm EST.
Listen at:

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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