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The Haunted Places Report 02/18/03  Rev. Ron Beach
 Feb 16, 2003 19:17 PST 
“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
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Are you staring a new paranormal investigation group? Is your group
looking for new members? Does your group have an upcoming event? Has
your group done any interesting investigations? Has your group or
members of it appeared on any TV or radio programs? Do you have any
ghostly related news from your local area? If the answer to any of these
questions is “Yes”, please let us know so we can publish the information
in upcoming issues.



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.

From: VAI-@aol.com

My most sincere apologies to whomever I offended I meant no wrong to
your Web-page or especially you. I am very very sorry for your crisis
because I too have had my share of life shattered and I should've
explained myself more specifically especially at this point in your
life. I feel so lousy and I deserve it too. I am very sorry and I
honestly meant nothing by what I wrote.
To whom it may concern My prayers are with you and I hope that you will
accept my apologies. If not accepted I very much understand and I will
never find any word good enough to express just how awful I sounded.
Please I am so very sorry.

From Rachel at: range-@hotmail.com

Throughout my lifetime I've had many paranormal experiences. As a child
I could see and communicate with my Spirit Guide, Betty, but left her at
the Beach on vacation one year after my family made me believe I was
just imagining her. Several of my siblings have had sightings of angels
and ghosts/spirits, and my brother Jonathan actually experiences things
continually. My family lives in an area called Jackson, grounds where
Indian arrow heads have been found. Jonathan says that once at about age
9 he was in bed when he saw an army of Indians on horses charging toward
him with arrows and shafts in their hands yelling and shouting. He said
he was screaming to mom that they're going to get him, and my sister
stood there saying "Mom, he's going crazy! What's wrong with him??"
Since my childhood days, I've noticed little things that happened
around our apartments (3 of the 4), such as in our second one, we would
come home to all the doors being unlocked and wide open, but nothing was
ever missing. Also, things moving to different shelves in the
refrigerator within a matter of seconds. In our present apartment, the
clocks have been changed (back an hour), lights turn off, the baby's
song toys turn on by themselves, I hear "someone" coming home downstairs
when nobody is there. I heard my cat's name being whispered right by my
ear "Lucy". I have felt someone touching me when nobody is around, once
in the shower, once in the bathroom (different appt.) & once in bed.
While our baby girl is sleeping I think I hear her laughing and playing
but when I check on her she is sound asleep. The other night I was
almost asleep when I was startled awake by what sounded like a wet
raspberry and my husband jumped up at the same time and wiped his cheek
off then drifted back to sleep. I looked above us and could see a small
shadowy wispy energy floating over my husband, and then float back over
to the baby's cradle.
Both of our cats and the Baby seem to notice and watch (becoming amused
by) things that "aren't there". A few nights ago our small cat was so
aware of a presence (and one she wasn't fond of) in the living room. She
stood in the hallway with her tail fluffed out like a squirrels and
crouched down low staring down this entity that was invading her
territory. Hubby and I could feel the presence of whatever it was, the
energy was high and tense. I firmly believe in other realms of
perception, no matter how one argues it!

From: songs-@hotmail.com

I also wanted to say "thank you" for doing such a great job on this
newsletter! I really look forward to reading each issue & appreciate all
the time you must devote to this. All your hard work is very much

From Thomas at: Ramt-@aol.com

Hello again, it's me, Thomas D'Agostino from RI. Just would like to let
you know that an article I wrote on the Stagecoach Tavern in Chepachet
RI, is in the February issue of FATE Magazine
The place is as haunted as it reads and the people are still coming up
to me with the latest occurrences. My wife and I were even married there
on Halloween 2002 because we were looking for the most haunted spot we
could find. The food is unbelievable there as well and modestly priced.

From: rainwo-@hotmail.com

Greetings from Southwest Missouri..
Just got my first newsletter...I love it! Has anyone out there heard of
Ravenswood? Its in central Missouri, near Boonville. An old, declining
mansion, built in the 1880's and inhabited by a lady named Nadine. You
can take tours, if you are lucky enough to catch someone around.
Also worthwhile---the Haunted tour of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka
Springs, Arkansas.



From the Editor: I’d like to announce the birth of my first grandchild!
Dylan was born Tuesday (Feb 4th) at 12:33 am. Dylan weighed 9lbs., 9 oz.
and was 21 in long.

From Joseph at: J_bene-@msn.com

Thank you for a great site. I'm sending you my site which I made to
collect all the ghost stories known regarding the old Union Trust
building in New Haven, CT. I have heard and seen for myself, and the
amount of paranormal activities in the Union Trust building are amazing.
I hope you could list my site in your collection of haunted places on
your web site. visit my webpage at:

From Brandy at: stark_-@hotmail.com

We have a new poll and article on line at the SPIRITS site. The image
comes from South Florida for our newest poll, with results from the
December polls posted.
El Prado hosts our latest article, and Cranberry Lane is our most recent
investigation (though homestead has not allowed me to complete the site
yet). Check it out at: http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html

From Tara at: Tarada-@aol.com

I have recently started a ghost hunting group in Indiana. I would
really appreciate it if you could mention us in the next newsletter.
Right now we have a msn group called Ghost Hunters of Indiana. Anyone
who wants to join feel free. We have around 15 members right now. Thank
you for you time. I love the newsletter.

From Tracy at; tme-@aol.com

Greetings...Paranormal Investigator is seeking hauntings to investigate
in Central Indiana. Private homes, businesses! Confidential! Reliable!
...Thank you...P.S Enjoy the HP report!

Celestial Visions School of Metaphysical Arts has now opened up its
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The professors on staff volunteer their time as to ensure keeping
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proud of our staff that has dedicated their life to the said fields.

The cost of tuition is $350. Per course
The Following Are Courses Given
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Master's degree students continuing on to the doctoral program may
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Celestial Visions Talking
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From Tim at: doz-@dozierit.com

I just wanted to let you know of a local haunt in Great Bend, KS.
http://www.dozier-winery.com I have reproduced some news stories from
the local papers on the News Page.

From We Have Ghosts at: wehave-@yahoo.com

Visit us at http://www.geocities.com/wehaveghosts Haunted Reviews (
http://www.hauntedreviews.com/comwhg.html )ranked it 4 out of 5
One of the reviewers said "This site is a jewel in the
dust. Lucky to be found, but treasured when

From: BLS-@aol.com

Please add me to your list ( hauntedhollywoodtours.com ). Tours depart
nightly by appointment only at 5:00 p.m. from in front of the Chinese
Theatre. See the most infamous sites in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and
the Westwood Memorial Cemetery. Please call for more info. 818-415-8269

From Kelly at: s133-@yahoo.com

My name is Kelly, and I live and work in
Tallahassee, Florida. I have been here in Florida for
almost five years and have visited the spot in
Jacksonville where many unusual reports have
originated. It is listed as "The Greenbrier Light",
and a curious friend and I took a road trip to the
location in Jacksonville mentioned in the "Haunted
Places" book about two years ago. We did indeed see
what looked like a headlight in the area mentioned,
and surely enough, it went off the side of the road
and disappeared. We could not get close to it, nor did
all the photos we took show anything except a stark
white exposure. My friend returned last year and
actually saw the motorcycle and rider crash, instead
of just seeing the light. (He had two others along
with him). I have been unable to return, though.
The area is now a paved highway rather than a dirt
road that we originally drove on, and the surrounding woods
have been cleared out. The effect is still very
active, though, but only seems to appear after several
trips up and down the area.
Just wanted to give my small input, but wish to thank
all the people involved for a great website and
informative book. Here's hoping others will take the
chance to see for themselves!

From Judith at:viho-@oakland.k12.nj.us

Our Ghost at the:
The Flanders Hotel
719 11th Street
Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

A happy ghost known as ³The Lady in White² haunts the Flanders, a grand
historic hotel, located on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Within this architectural masterpiece of the Jersey Shore, Emily, as she
is affectionately known, appears and disappears into walls, plays with
door locks, unscrews light bulbs, and sings happily in its halls.
A portrait of Emily painted by artist Tony Troy based on stories and
descriptions given to him by workers and guests of the hotel is featured
on the second floor. The long brown haired young women is featured by a
piano wearing a long white dress and no shoes.
Her story appears near her portrait on the second floor:
Over recent years, a ghost of a lady in white has often been seen
wandering through the Flanders by both staff members and guests. The
most recent sighting was in the basement on the building in the early
hours of July 7, 1999. She was described as being in her early twenties
with long brown hair. Two earlier sightings were of a similar young
woman standing near the grand piano.
The sightings before that were mostly confined to the lady in white
walking barefoot through the Hall of Mirrors. On many other occasions
the laughter of a young woman has been heard throughout the building.
Although a ghost, Emily seems happy enough. She¹s been heard singing and
chuckling merrily in the many grand rooms of the Flanders.
A photograph taken at a one of the many weddings held in the banquet
halls captured her ethereal form. Workers and guests in 2002 cite
swinging doors, locking doors, unscrewed chandelier light bulbs, and a
the train of a white gown disappearing around the corner of a corridor
as evidence that Emily still happily haunts the Flanders Hotel.



By Troy Taylor
History & Hauntings Book Co.
Email: ttay-@prairieghosts.com
Website: http://www.prairieghosts.com

For a city that is so filled with the history of crime, there has been
little preservation of the landmarks that were once so important to the
legend of the mob in Chicago. The most tragically destroyed of these
landmarks was the warehouse that was located at 2122 North Clark Street.
It was here, on Valentine's Day 1929, that the most spectacular mob hit
in gangland history took place, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The
building was called the S-M-C Cartage Company and was a red, brick
structure on Clark Street. The events that led to the massacre did not
begin on the morning of February 14 as many who have you believe
however, they began years before with the complex creation of several
criminal empires in the Windy City.
One of the most important criminals in pre-Prohibition Chicago was Big
Jim Colosimo, who ran a restaurant in the South Side Levee District for
many years. Colosimo was an influential brothel- keeper and was tied
closely to important city officials, thus insuring both political clout
and his ability to operate his criminal endeavors without interference.
While operating his string of whorehouses, Colosimo brought a young man
named Johnny Torrio from New York to be his bodyguard and right-hand
man. By 1915, he was the acknowledged overlord of prostitution on the
south side and thanks to his political powers, was important in other
sections of the city as well.
Ironically, Colosimo's downfall came at the same time that he developed
a romantic interest in one of the few respectable women that he had
ever known. Her name was Dale Winter, a young musical-comedy actress who
had been stranded in Chicago after an unsuccessful theatrical tour. She
accepted an invitation to perform in one of Colosimo's establishments
and the two fell in love. In 1920, he divorced his wife and married
Winter three weeks later. They took a two-week honeymoon in Crown Point,
Indiana and returned to Chicago.
On the afternoon of May 11, 1920, Colossi left for his restaurant with
plans to meet his new wife later that night for dinner. When he arrived,
he went to his office and spoke with his secretary, Frank Camilla, who
had been meeting with the chef about that evening's dinner. Colossi
spoke with them for a few minutes and then, about 4:30, allegedly took a
telephone call from Johnny Torrid that explained that a shipment of
whiskey was being delivered to the restaurant that Colossi had to sign
for personally. Colossi left the office and walked out in the lobby,
likely preparing to step outside. A moment later, two shots were fired
and Frank Camilla went to
investigate the sounds. He found Colosimo's dead body lying on the floor
of the lobby with a bullet wound to the back of his head. The second
bullet was lodged in the plaster wall. From the angle of the shots, the
killer, the police concluded, must have been hiding in the cloak room.
The murder of Colosimo remained a mystery, at least as far as legal
evidence was concerned. Most everyone believed though that the murder
had been carried out by Johnny Torrio in an effort to take over
Colosimo's operation. And who was the trigger man? According to all
accounts, it was a young man who had worked for Torrio in New York named
Alphonse Capone. He had been working for Colosimo since coming to
Chicago and a waiter saw him fleeing the scene after Colosimo's murder
but he identified him to the police only as a "stranger".
Capone was born in Brooklyn in 1899 and made a name for himself as a
slugger and a gunman with the famous Five Points gang in New York, of
which several of his cousins were members. Capone was only 23 when he
came to Chicago but Torrio soon promoted him to the post of manager in
one of his toughest dives, the Four Deuces on South Wabash Avenue, a
brick building with a saloon on the first floor, TorrioTs offices on the
second, a gambling den on the third and a brothel on the fourth. During
his time at the Four Deuces, Capone became Torrio's first lieutenant and
the chief of his gunmen.
In those days, he was rough and brutal and there was little to indicate
that he was destined for criminal greatness in the years to come. In the
underworld, he was generally known as Scarface Al Brown, a nickname that
was due to the two parallel scars on his left cheek that had been left
behind during a knife fight. Soon though, all of Chicago would be
familiar with his name.
Torrio and Capone moved up quickly after Colosimo's death. The gangs on
the south side, where Torrio had his greatest influence and Capone had
the most muscle, quickly fell in line with their plans. Up until 1922,
the Chicago gangland remained at peace but after that wars began to
erupt but most of the trouble seemed to come from the north side mob, an
eccentric legion of mostly Irish gunmen led by Dion O'Bannion. The high
quality Canadian liquor that was sent to
Torrio by the Purple Gang in Detroit was constantly being hijacked by
the North Siders. O'Bannion also moved his bootlegging operation into
Cicero, which Torrio and Capone had already staked
out as their exclusive territory.
Torrio constantly tried to negotiate with O'Bannion, rather than use
the violence that Capone urged. Dozens of meetings were held between
Torrio, Capone and the North Siders and each ended with the same
results. O'Bannion always promised to recognize the territory of the
South Siders and then turned right around and began encroaching upon it
again. O'Bannion killed several of Capone's gunmen but when Capone urged
Torrio to hit O'Bannion, his boss again asked him to wait.
Torrio's hesitation backfired on him in May 1924 when O'Bannion came to
him and told him that he planned to retire and wanted to sell Torrio his
largest gambling den and his brewery, Sieben's.
Torrio agreed to buy up O'Bannion's concerns and reportedly paid him
half a million dollars in cash two days later. The gang leaders agreed
to meet at Sieben's on May 19, as Torrio wanted to inspect his new
property. But he had not been there for more than ten minutes before
Police Chief Collins, leading 20 officers, raided the place and arrested
O'Bannion, Earl "Hymie" Weiss and Torrio. This was Torrio's second
arrest for violating prohibition. He had been arrested once and fined in
June 1923 but a second arrest could mean jail time -- a fact that
O'Bannion had been very much aware of. Torrio also realized that
O'Bannion had no intention of retiring. He had conned Torrio into buying
a brewery that he knew the police were about to shut down. It was time,
Torrio finally decided, to get rid of O'Bannion.
He waited for five months. On the pretext of buying flowers (O'Bannion
ran a floral shop on North State Street), three of Torrio's gunmen
approached the unsuspecting Irishman and shot him to
death at close range while one man held his hand in the infamous method
of the "handshake murder". The other two blasted him, leaving six
bullets in his body.
O'Bannion's death ignited an all-out war in Chicago and Torrio was the
first to feel the wrath of the North Side mob. On November 10, 1924,
Torrio and his wife got out of a chauffer-driven
limousine in front of their house at 7011 Clyde Avenue (Torrio lived
here under the name Frank Langley) and Anna Torrio began to walk inside.
As Torrio reached in to pick up some packages from their shopping trip,
a black Cadillac screeched to a stop across the street. Inside, four men
with pistols and shotguns watched for a moment and then two of them,
George "Bugs" Moran and Hymie Weiss, jumped from the car and ran towards
Torrio with their guns blazing! Torrio fell immediately with a bullet in
his chest and one in his neck. The other two men in the Cadillac,
Schemer Drucci and Frank Gusenberg, opened fire on the limousine with
their shotguns. Meanwhile, Moran and Weiss ran to the fallen Torrio and,
standing above him, fired bullets into his right arm and another into
his groin. Moran leaned over to put the next one into Torrio's head but
his gun was empty. As he reached for another clip, Ducky began honking
the horn of the Cadillac, signaling frantically that they needed to
leave. Moran and Weiss ran to the car and they sped away.
Somehow, Torrio managed to start crawling to the house and his wife,
who was screaming, came out and pulled him inside. A neighbor, who
witnessed the shooting, called an ambulance and Torrio was raced to the
hospital. Unbelievably, he survived with a permanent scar to his neck.
Reporters soon surrounded his hospital bed, demanding more information.
Torrio stated that he knew all four of the assailants involved but "I'll
never tell their names," he said.
In February, Torrio (still bandaged) was sent to federal court for the
Sieben's brewery fiasco and he received a nine-month jail sentence to be
served in the Waukegan County jail, which had medical services for the
still ailing mobster. Earl Weiss, who had taken over the leadership of
the North Side gang was fined for his first offense on violation of
Prohibition charges and when the clerk called the name of Dion O'Bannion
and the prosecutor announced that he was
"deceased", Weiss shot Torrio an evil look. Torrio got the hint -- the
North Siders may have botched their first attempt to kill him but they
wouldn't miss the second time. He left for Waukegan filled
with fear.
The treatment that Torrio received in prison though was equal to the
status of the gangland boss. The windows of his cell were covered with
bulletproof glass and he was guarded day and night by extra deputies.
Easy chairs, throw rugs, books and other luxuries were added as well and
Torrio received the special privilege of taking his evening meals in the
sheriffTs home and being allowed to relax on the sheriffTs front porch
for awhile each night, visiting with his wife and associates like Al
As he finished serving his time, Torrio had a lot of time to think.
When he got out, he announced that he was tired of the rackets and that
he was turning his entire operation over to Capone. All that he needed,
he told his younger friend, was to get out of Chicago alive. Capone
promised that he would and made good on his assurances. Torrio and Anna
left the city in an armor-plated limousine and were escorted by two
roadsters filled with gunmen. When they reached a train station, just
over the Indiana state line, CaponeTs men patrolled the station with
shotguns and machine guns until the train departed and took the Torrio's
first to Florida and then they went on
to Italy, living in Naples for three years.
Torrio got bored in Italy but knowing that he couldn't return to
Chicago, he went to New York instead, where he went into the real estate
business with the blessing of Meyer Lansky and Charles "Lucky" Luciano.
He also helped to establish a liquor cartel along the Atlantic Seaboard
and established himself as an elder statesman of the underworld. He
lived a sedate and quiet life after Prohibition was repealed but in
1936, was arrested for income tax evasion. After a series of trials and
appeals, he served two years in Leavenworth and was paroled in 1941. He
died in a barberTs chair (of natural causes) in 1957.
Torrio's departure from Chicago shoved Al Capone into the violent
spotlight of the Chicago underworld and it also made him the top man in
the city at only 25 years of age. He now had an annual income that would
actually land him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. And he
also had a bloody gang war on his hands. Hymie Weiss offered to stem
further violence by having Capone hand over John Scalise and Albert
Anselmi over to him. They had reportedly been in the flower shop when
O'Bannion had been murdered. Capone refused and made plans to knock off
Hymie Weiss instead. He was too slow though for Weiss and Bugs Moran had
planned their next move.
Capone was sitting with his bodyguard, Frank Rio, in the restaurant of
the Hawthorne Hotel in Cicero on September 20, 1926. The street outside
was filled with shoppers and automobiles and no one noticed at first as
the nine cars filled with north side gangsters slowly cruised down
Twenty-Second Street. One of the cars accelerated away from the others
and as it passed the windows of the restaurant, black barrels of machine
guns appeared from the windows and opened fire.
Glass shattered and wood splintered as bullets riddled the restaurant!
The car sped off and Frank Rio jumped to his feet, gun in hand. But as
Capone started to get up from the floor, his bodyguard pushed him back
down again, for he spotted the other cars in the procession. The other
eight touring cars were filled with men and machine guns. They opened
fire on Capone's Cicero stronghold, emptying clip after clip into the
hotel, spraying everything in sight. Hymie Weiss boldly climbed from his
car with Moran close behind him. Capone had over 100 men inside of the
heavily armed fortress and yet none of them faced the withering fire
from outside. Weiss ran up to the door of the hotel and opened fire with
his machine gun, waving the weapon back and forth across the width of
the passageway beyond the doors. When he finished firing, he walked
coolly back to the car and with honking and shouts, the North Siders
drove away. Over 1,000 rounds had been fired into the building and every
window in the place was shattered. Amazingly, no one had been killed.
That violent incident was Hymie's one moment of glory and revenge for
O'Bannion's murder. And while he continued to live a fearless life (to
the point of stupidity) and to goad Capone at every
opportunity, his days were numbered. On October 11, Weiss was attending
the murder trial of "Polack Joe" Saltis and his driver Frank "Lefty"
Koncil and decided to take a break and return to his
office above O'Bannion's flower shop. Waiting for Weiss and gunman
Patrick Murray in a rented room at 740 North State Street were four
machine gunners believed to be John Scalise, Albert Anselmi, Frank
Diamond and Frank Nitti. Weiss was a marked man as soon as he left his
car on Superior Street, just south of the Holy Name Cathedral. He
approached the flower shop with Murray at his side and with the
deafening sound of Tommy guns, the pedestrians on the street scattered.
Murray died instantly but Weiss took ten bullets and survived long
enough to be pronounced dead without regaining consciousness at Henrotin
Hospital. The bullets that killed Weiss tore away portions of the
inscription on the church's cornerstone and left bullet holes as a
graphic reminder of the event until the church obliterated them years
The other partners in the North Side gang were wiped out, or fled
Chicago, one by one, leaving only Bugs Moran. By 1927, Moran stood alone
against the Capone mob, most of his allies having
succumbed in the fighting. He continued to taunt his powerful enemy,
always looking for ways to destroy him. In early 1929, Moran sided with
Joe Aiello in another war against Capone. He and Aiello reportedly
gunned down Pasquillano Lolordo, one of Capone's men, and Capone vowed
that he would have him wiped out on February 14. He was living on his
estate outside of Miami at the time and put in a call to Chicago. Capone
had a very special "valentine" that we wanted delivered to Moran.
Through a contact in Detroit, reportedly Abe Bernstein, the leader of
the Purple Gang, Capone arranged for someone to call Moran and tell him
that a special shipment of hijacked whiskey was going to be delivered to
one of Moran's garages on the north side. Adam Heyer, a Moran stooge,
owned the garage. A sign out front read "S-M-C Cartage Co. Shipping -
Packing - Long Distance - Hauling".
Moran received a call at the garage on the morning of February 13,
probably from Bernstein, or at least from someone that he knew and
trusted. Bernstein, who had always been Capone's supplier, likely would
have been sending Moran quality liquor for a month or two before St.
Valentine's Day to gain his confidence. Whoever made the call, Moran
went along with it and planned the delivery for the next day.
On the morning of February 14, a group of Moran's men gathered at the
Clark Street garage. One of the men was Johnny May, an ex-safecracker
who had been hired by Moran as an auto mechanic. He was working on a
truck that morning, with his dog, a German Shepherd named Highball, tied
to the bumper. In addition, six other men waited for the truck of
hijacked whiskey to arrive. The men were Frank and Pete Gusenberg, who
were supposed to meet Moran and pick up two empty trucks to drive to
Detroit and pick up smuggled Canadian whiskey; James Clark, Moran's
brother-in-law; Adam Heyer; Al Weinshank; and Reinhardt Schwimmer, a
young optometrist who had befriended Moran and hung around the liquor
warehouse just for the thrill of rubbing shoulders with gangsters.
Bugs Moran was already late for the morning meeting. He was due to
arrive at 10:30 but didn't even leave for the rendezvous, in the company
of Willie Marks and Ted Newberry, until several
minutes after that. While the seven men waited inside of the warehouse,
they had no idea that a police car had pulled up outside, or that Moran
had stopped for coffee or that he had spotted the car and had quickly
taken cover (whichever you would like to believe). Five men got out of
the police car, three of them in uniforms and two in civilian clothing.
They entered the building and a few moments later, the clatter of
machine gun fire broke the stillness of the snowy morning. Soon after,
five figures emerged and they drove away. May's dog, inside of the
warehouse, began barking and howling.
The landlady in the next building, Mrs. Jeanette Landesman, was
bothered by the sound of the dog and she sent one of her boarders, C.L.
McAllister, to the garage to see what was going on. He came outside two
minutes later, his face a pale white color. He ran frantically up the
stairs to beg Mrs. Landesman to call the police. He cried that the
garage was full of dead men!
The police were quickly summoned and on entering the garage, were
stunned by the carnage. Moran's men had been lined up against the rear
wall of the garage and had been sprayed with machine-guns. Pete
Gusenberg had died kneeling, slumped over a chair. James Clark had
fallen on his face with half of his head blown away and Heyer,
Schwimmer, Weinshank and May were thrown lifeless onto their backs. Only
one of the men survived the slaughter and only for a few hours. Frank
Gusenberg had crawled from the blood-sprayed wall where he had fallen
and ended up out in the middle of the dirty floor. He was rushed to the
Alexian Brothers Hospital, barely hanging on. Police sergeant Clarence
Sweeney leaned down close to him and asked who had shot him."No one ---
nobody shot me," he groaned and he died later that night.
The death toll of the massacre now stood at seven but the killers had
missed Moran. Most figured that he had spotted the police car outside
the garage and figuring it for another random shakedown by the cops,
headed back home. When the police contacted him later and asked who had
sent the men to the garage, he "raved like a madman". To the newspapers,
Moran targeted Capone as ordering the hit. The authorities claimed to be
baffled though, since Capone
was in Florida at the time of the massacre. When he was asked to comment
on the news, Capone stated "the only man who kills like that is Bugs
Moran". At the same time, Moran was proclaiming
that "only Capone kills guys like that".
And Moran was undoubtedly right. The murders broke the power of the
North Side gang and while there have been many claims as to who the
actual shooters were that day, most likely they included Scalise,
Anselmi and "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn, all of whom were some of Capone's
most trusted men. All three men, along with Joseph Guinta, were arrested
but McGurn had an alibi and Scalise and Guinta were killed before they
could be tried.
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre marked the end of any significant gang
opposition to Capone but it was also the act that finally began the
decline of Capone's criminal empire. He had just gone too far and the
authorities, and even Capone's adoring public, were ready to put an end
to the bootleg wars. The massacre started a wave of reform that would
send Capone out of power for good.
Perhaps the strangest bit of history in regards to the massacre
involves the fact that Capone had not seen the last of the men who were
killed on that fateful day. In May 1929, Capone slipped out
of town to avoid the heat that was still coming down from the massacre
and to avoid being suspected in the deaths of several of the men
believed responsible for the killing of the Moran gang. While in
Philadelphia, he and Frankie Rio were picked up on charges of carrying
concealed weapons and were sentenced to a year in prison. They
eventually ended up in the Eastern Penitentiary.
Capone continued to conduct business from prison. He was given a
private cell and allowed to make long-distance telephone calls from the
warden's office and to meet with his lawyers and with Frank Nitti, Jack
Guzik and his brother, Ralph, all of whom made frequent trips to
Philadelphia. He was released two months early on good behavior and when
he returned to Chicago, he found himself branded Public Enemy Number
It was while he was incarcerated in Pennsylvania that Capone first
began to be haunted by the ghost of James Clark, one of the massacre
victims and the brother-in-law of Bugs Moran. While in prison, other
inmates reported that they could hear Capone screaming in his cell
begging "Jimmy" to go away and leave him alone. After his release, while
living at the Lexington Hotel, there were many times when his men would
hear from begging for the ghost to leave him in peace. On several
occasions, bodyguards broke into his rooms, fearing that someone had
gotten to their boss. Capone would then tell them of Clark's ghost. Did
Capone imagine the whole thing, or was he already showing signs of the
psychosis that would haunt him after his release from Alcatraz prison?
Whether the ghost was real or not, Capone certainly believed that he
was. The crime boss even went so far as to contact a psychic named Alice
Britt to get rid of Clark's angry spirit. Not long after a séance was
conducted to try and rid Capone of the vengeful spirit, Hymie Cornish,
Capone's personal valet also believed that he saw the ghost. He entered
the lounge of Capone's apartment and spotted a tall man standing near
the window. Whoever the man was, he simply vanished. Years later, Capone
would state that Clark followed him to the grave.
When Capone returned to Chicago in March 1930, he found the climate of
the city had changed considerably during the time he had been away. His
popularity had waned and the police were adamant about putting his
operations out of business. Police Captain John Stege even posted a
guard of 25 policemen in front of the Capone home on Prairie Avenue with
orders to arrest him as soon as he arrived from Pennsylvania. Capone
slipped quietly into the city though and took up residence at the
Hawthorne Inn in Cicero, when he spent four days answering mail and
getting caught up on the state of operations. Then, he and his attorneys
blatantly called on Captain Stege and the United States District
Attorney and found that neither of them had an actual warrant for his
arrest. With that settled, he returned to Chicago.
While no charges had actually been filed against Capone, there was
nothing to prevent the police from keeping him under surveillance. Two
unformed policemen were then assigned to follow Capone everywhere he
went, day and night. Capone's empire was staring to crumble.
He also began losing some of his men as well. Fred "Killer" Burke was
one of the most deadly of Capone's gunmen and was allegedly one of the
machine gunners at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. He was a known
murderer and he and his partner, James Ray, had robbed several banks in
Ohio dressed as policemen -- the same m.o. used by the St. Valentine's
Day killers. After the Clark Street slaughter, Burke was spotted in
December 1929 by policeman Charles Skelly in St. Joseph, Michigan,
fleeing the scene of an auto accident. Skelly curbed Burke's car and
jumped on the running board. Burke shot him three times in the stomach
and drove away. Skelly died three hours later. The gunman was badly
unnerved and he crashed his car into a telephone pole, where police
found it and traced it to his address. In the house, they found a
machine gun that was later traced to the guns used during the St.
Valentine's Day massacre. Burke was captured in April 1930 but was never
convicted for the massacre. He was convicted of Officer Skelly's murder
instead and was sent to the Michigan State Penitentiary for life.
Michael "Mike de Pike" Heitler was another Capone henchman, although
Heitler turned on Capone after he was ignored and demoted in 1931.
Angry, he wrote a letter to State's Attorney John A. Swanson and
disclosed all that he knew about Capone's prostitution organization. A
few days later, Capone had Heitler brought to his headquarters at the
Lexington Hotel and threw the unsigned letter in the gunman's face. He
told Heitler that he knew that only he could have sent the letter but
Capone never explained how he had gotten his hands on it. On April 29,
1931, Heitler's corpse was found in a burned-out house in Barrington.
Investigators reported that Heitler had been burned alive.
Frank Rio had been Capone's must trusted bodyguard, having saved his
boss' life during the attack on the Hawthorne Hotel. It was also Rio who
learned about the plot being hatched by Guinta, Scalise and Anselmi and
informed Capone about it. According to the story, Rio heard Scalise
bragging about being a "big shot" and he managed to convince Capone of a
possible plot after a fake argument in which Capone slapped Rio in front
of Scalise and Anselmi. Scalise
later approached Rio and told him that the Aiello brothers had a $50,000
reward for anyone who would kill Capone. They wanted to know if Rio
would join them in collecting the reward. Three days later, the bodies
of the would-be assassins were found dumped in a car in a Chicago park.
Rio's loyalty apparently faded through when Capone went on trial for tax
evasion in 1931. One report has it that he smarted off to Capone as the
mobster was being fitted for some new suits, remarking that he wouldn't
need them in prison. Capone was enraged and Rio vanished shortly after.
By 1930, the United States government had gotten involved in Chicago's
dilemma over how to get rid of Al Capone. Washington dispatched a group
of treasury agents (Eliot Ness and his "Untouchables") to harass Capone
and try to find a way to bring down his operation. In the end though, it
would not be murder or illegal liquor that would get Capone, it would be
income tax
evasion. He was arrested on October 6, 1931 and indicted. On October 17,
he was convicted on five counts, three of evading taxes from 1925 to
1928 and two of failing to file tax returns in 1928
and 1929. He was sentenced to spend 11 years in a federal prison and was
first sent to Leavenworth and in 1934 was transferred to the brutal,
"escape proof" prison known as Alcatraz.
The massacre also began the decline of Bugs Moran as well. With the
remnants of his gang, he attempted to take back control of the Gold
Coast, but Capone's men were too powerful. His lot did improve somewhat
after Capone went to prison in 1931 but it didn't last long. Although
Moran did drift into oblivion after Capone was sent to prison, he did
have one small piece of revenge for the events on Clark Street.
According to reports, Bugs and two others caught up to "Machine Gun"
Jack McGurn in a bowling alley on February 14, 1936. McGurn was
machine-gunned to death with his sleeves rolled up and a bowling ball in
his hand.A small paper valentine was found on his bloody corpse.
The once powerful gangster was reduced to petty burglaries by the end
of World War II. He first moved to downstate Illinois and then Ohio
before a failed robbery got him arrested by the FBI. He was sentenced to
serve ten years in 1946 and his release found him quickly re-arrested
for another robbery. This time, he was sent to Leavenworth, where he
died from lung cancer in February 1957.
Chicago, in its own way, memorialized the warehouse on Clark Street
where the massacre took place. It became a tourist attraction and the
newspapers even printed the photos of the corpses upside-down so that
readers would not have to turn their papers around to identify the
In 1949, the front portion of the S-M-C Garage was turned into an
antique furniture storage business by a couple who had no idea of the
building's bloody past. They soon found that the place was visited much
more by tourists, curiosity-seekers and crime buffs than by customers
and they eventually closed the business.
In 1967, the building was demolished. However, the bricks from the
bullet-marked rear wall were purchased and saved by a Canadian
businessman. In 1972, he opened a nightclub with a Roaring 20's theme
and rebuilt the wall, for some strange reason, in the men's restroom.
Three nights each week, women were allowed to peek inside at this
macabre attraction.
The club continued to operate for a few years and when it closed the
owner placed the 417 bricks into storage. He then offered them for sale
with a written account of the massacre. He sold the bricks for $1,000
each, but soon found that he was getting back as many as he sold. It
seemed that anyone who bought one of the bricks was suddenly stricken
with bad luck in the form of illness, financial ruin, divorce and even
death. According to the stories, the bricks
themselves had somehow been infested with the powerful negative energy
of the massacre! Whatever became of the rest of the bricks from the
building is unknown. Or that's what the legend
Whatever the legend of the bricks themselves and whether or not they
have somehow been "haunted" by what happened, there is little doubt
about the site on Clark Street itself. Even today, people walking along
the street at night have reported the sounds of screams and machine guns
as they pass the site. The building is long gone now, demolished in some
misguided attempt by city officials to erase all vestiges of Chicago's
gangster past. A portion of the block was taken
over by the Chicago Housing Authority and now the area where the garage
once stood is marked by a fenced-in lawn that belongs to a senior
citizen's development. Five trees are scattered about the area and the
one in the center actually marks the point where the rear wall once
stood -- where Moran's men were lined up and gunned down.
Passersby and the curious have sometimes reported strange sounds, like
weeping and moaning, and the indescribable feeling of fear as they walk
past. Skeptics have tried to laugh this off, saying that the sounds are
nothing more than the overactive imaginations of those who know what
once occurred on this site but based on the reports of those who had no
idea of the history of the place, something strange was apparently
occurring. And those who were accompanied by their
dogs also reported their share of weirdness too. The animals seemed to
be especially bothered by this piece of lawn, sometimes barking and
howling, sometimes whining in fear. Their sense of what
happened here many years ago seems to be much greater than our own.
According to reports, residents of the senior housing complex had
strange encounters of their own, especially those who lived on the side
of the building that faced the former massacre site. A television report
from Canada interviewed a woman who once lived in an apartment that
overlooked the small park area and she often complained that at night,
she would hear strange voices, sounds and knocking on her door and her
window. She complained to the management, who dismissed her claims as
imagination but assigned her another apartment. A new tenant moved into
the rooms and she too complained of odd happenings, including knocking
sounds that would come at her door at night. When she opened the door to
see who was there, she never found anyone nearby. One night, the new
tenant even stated that she saw a dark figure who was wearing an old
style hat. He remained in place for a few moments and then faded away.
Most of the strange phenomena experienced by the new tenant also faded
away and soon eerie events either stopped completely -- or she got so
used to them that they no longer bothered her anymore.
The inexplicable sounds and the odd behavior of the animals continue
along the street though. Even after all of these years, the violent
events of the city's gangster era still reverberate over time. Men like
Al Capone, whether city officials want to admit it or not, left an
indelible mark on Chicago. It appears that the events of St. Valentine's
Day 1929 have left one too!

The Evolution of a Florida Ghost Hunter
By Dusty Smith
Email: DBPRGc-@aol.com

(Special note: We just took on a massive cemetery restoration project
that is going to run into the millions of dollars. Any help I can get in
getting the word out about the tours and how the tours help fund this
project is greatly appreciated. Thank you.)

When I first started "ghost hunting" it was a hobby. Going out on the
weekends, leaning over cemetery walls, creeping around old abandoned
buildings and visiting historic sites. This was when the Daytona Beach
Paranormal Research Group was formed. In those days I had my 35-mm
camera, a Guasmeter and a digital camera. This was fine...for a while.
The next step was to round up a few willing friends and find locations
to document. This was easier than I had thought it would be. Before I
knew it I was taking courses, studying everything in print I could get
my hands on, corresponding with authorities in the field and ordering
equipment that most single moms do not own. Then I discovered the
Internet and the amount of credible and not so credible information and
documentation available.
As word spread that we were doing paranormal investigations, the
emails, phone calls and contacts seemed to be never ending. With each
new and more involved case we worked, the more equipment we needed to
add. We have never charged a fee for doing investigations, and some of
the equipment was a bit out of my price range. Like many people I live
just a bit above paycheck to paycheck. But now I had started this new
venture and couldn't and wouldn't turn back, these people needed our
help, but we needed money for equipment and supplies. I decided that
ghost tours might be the answer, not only would it provide some badly
needed funds, but we could document activity on each tour as well and
educate the public about the spirits in the Daytona Beach area.
It took 18 months to do all the background research and documentation
to birth Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach ghost tours. I decided
early on that a portion of every ticket sold and the booklets and
T-shirt sales profits would go directly to the research group.
Our first walking tour went around the oldest cemetery in Daytona
Beach, Pinewood. After learning about the huge amount of vandalism that
had been done inside of Pinewood we began to volunteer our free time
there. I began to research more on Florida cemeteries. In 1998 the
Florida Saving Graves Commission discovered 3800-4000 known cemeteries
in Florida and 40-50% of them were abandoned or severely neglected. Many
of these cemeteries include veterans of the Civil War, WW I, WW II, the
Korean conflict and the Vietnam War, not to mention many people who
helped build the sunshine state.
We eventually learned of another cemetery in Ormond Beach that was in
much worse shape than Pinewood. Gethsemane Cemetery had several open
sites, broken headstones, vandalized sites and grass growing as high as
my hips, and no one taking care of it. After adopting Gethsemane
Cemetery I decided that another portion of the tour profits would need
to go to this preservation project.
Nearly two years after adopting Gethsemane, we stumbled upon Saints &
Sinners Cemetery, one that the Saving Graves Commission didn't find. I
literally stood with my mouth hanging open in shock when I first walked
through this lovely old cemetery. There were open sites, stolen, broken
and vandalized headstones, deer carcasses that hunters had dressed on
top of a crypts, bullet holes in nearly every headstone, some sinking
sites, some rising sites, and someone was kind enough to walk through
the cemetery pick up ALL the metal name plates and dump them in a pile
in the middle of the woods. There is illegal trash dumping in the middle
of the cemetery and weekend bonfires and parties held by some of the
local youth. That is only the beginning of the trouble at Saints &
Sinners Cemetery.
This will be a decade long million dollar project to restore this
cemetery to what it should be. One of the residents of the cemetery is a
WW I veteran who survived the war, however his headstone did not survive
the vandals. It has many bullet marks on it and will need to be
replaced, there is no way known to repair it.
There is little to no funding in municipalities for cemetery
preservation & restoration. Most vandalism goes unnoticed or
unprosecuted. Many communities employ the use of volunteers to aid in
some projects, but many more cemeteries go uncared for. A factoid to
chew on; 40 years after a perpetual care cemetery sells its last plot,
the company that owns it will go bankrupt and the cemetery will be
abandoned. That's the best case senario, some fall into abandon and
neglect even before all of the plots are sold.
The evolution of Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc. and
Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach ghost tours had shown their true
paths. The research group is now a nonprofit corporation and the tours
are ever growing.
Currently we offer three different tours, with a large percentage of
profits going to cemetery preservation & restoration, research and
education for the public.
The Original Ghost Walk is an hour and a half long walking tour down
the moonlit streets of Daytona Beach. This tour blends local history,
folklore and scientific data. This tour is offered year round every
Friday & Saturday night at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $8 per person, children
under 6 are free, and group rates are available.
The Riverfront Park Ghost Walk is a two hour long walking tour of the
downtown business district. The Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group,
Inc. has documented all of the haunting tales. Including the spirit of
the nationally recognized town dog, whose spirit still lingers in
Riverfront Park. This tour is offered year round every Thursday & Sunday
night at 7:30pm. Tickets are $8 per person, children under 6 are free,
and group rates are available.
The Deland Ghost Walk is an hour and a half long walking tour through
the business district of our County Seat. This tour blends the local
history and documented cases from this historic town. This tour is
offered year round every Friday & Saturday night at 7:30 PM. Tickets are
$8 per person, children under 6 are free, and group rates are available.
For any of our tours, call (386) 253-6034 to make reservations or for
more information email hauntsof-@aol.com or visit our website at
http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com . To find out more about our research
visit http://www.dbprginc.org .
The tours are still in their infancy and are providing some funds for
our cemetery restoration projects. We spend very little of the money
from ticket sales on advertising and I still will not taken a
"paycheck". We rely on networking, word of mouth and local businesses
that will allow us to place rack cards in their establishments for free.
Some of the local businesses have also been kind enough to give our tour
guests drink specials and discounts on meals for taking the tours.
I believe in giving back to the community and the tours and our work
are doing that. So, if you're ever in the Daytona Beach area and would
like to be introduced to some interesting haunts and some fun spirits,
send me an email or give me a call, and know that the money you spend is
going to a very worthy cause that preserves our historical past for our
unknown future.
If you will not be visiting the Daytona Beach area, find a group in
your own area to volunteer time to or start your own restoration
project. The spirits will thank you for your efforts.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From: Kevin at:

Can you give me any information about the history and haunting of the
Forpaugh's Restaurant in St Paul? In a nutshell, the restaurant, which
once was a private residence, was the site of a woman's suicide. She was
a maid in the house at the time and she killed herself because she
became pregnant by the man whom she worked for. I believe his name was
Forpaugh, although I'm not sure because the house which later became the
restaurant may have changed owners.
The hauntings are attributed to this woman who killed herself and
include bus carts moving by themselves across the floor, dishes and
silverware rearranging themselves, and unexplained lit candles appearing
in the second story window.]
What I would like to know is what this woman's name was because I had a
paranormal experience on Christmas Eve, 2002, that may have involved
her. If this is insufficient information for you, can you tell me what
my resources are so that I may conduct the research on my own? If you
would like more details on my experience, please e-mail me back and I
will be glad to provide you with those. Thank you.

From: barryr-@whsmithnet.co.uk

I was just wondering if you could send me any information on the church
ruins in Clophill, Bedfordshire as I have heard that it is extremely
haunted. Thank you.

I am interested in joining a local paranormal group in Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada. If you know of any please email me at: scull-@hotmail.com .

From Robert at: Mala-@aol.com

Have you ever received reports of ghost encounters at the Monterey Post
Graduate School California?

From Benjamin Kluter Groningen,The Netherlands
Email: Asa-@home.nl

I always look forward to the next email of The Haunted Places Report.
In the context of research for a book I am writing on quantum thinking,
I am looking for solid empirically based answers or investigators
testimonials to the following question: Temperature shifts, the well
known "cold spots" are amongst the most common phenomena one can
encounter at haunted locations. I've encountered this phenomenon myself
by actually waving my hand "through" an entity in my own house that made
its presence noticeable by an irritating breathing sound that imitated
exactly the breathing of a living person. I only felt the cold and never
investigated cold spots by using a quick reacting thermometer, because I
am not a practicing ghost hunter but just a person who had to get rid of
an annoying disturbance.
I have always suspected that the cold one often feels in the presence
of an earthbound entity is in fact feeling the loss of energy from ones
own etheric double. The relation between the emotions anger, depression
and fear and an energy leaking etheric field is well known to therapists
who clean their patients aura’s of etheric obsessors.
I must say that at that moment I was not afraid when I waved my hand
through this sarcastic breathing cold spot. I had had so many trouble in
my home with this intruder that my feelings were merely balancing
between stoicism and annoyance. (A bit like: Oh it’s you again! Why
don’t you just shut f*** up! – Sorry for the language, but anyone who
has gone through a process from being afraid and feeling threatened by
an entity that disturbs your own home to hating it more than your mother
in law- so to speak, will recognize these emotions).
My most recent conclusion after reading the haunted places report
newsletters is that cold spots can also be measured objectively by a
sensitive device. So I guess that an entity may sustain itself by both
drawing energy from the electromagnetic field of living creatures and by
absorbing heat out of the air. Extra information on this subject is
therefore very welcome. I’m not a haunted places report veteran so
perhaps there is something in the archives from previous newsletters I
have missed.
Thanks in advance if you could offer me some tips.

From: Alzhei-@aol.com

Anything in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona area? I know we are not a
very old part of the country.

From Jackie at: gambita-@suscom.net

Are there any groups in St. Augustine, FL that I can join? I plan to
visit there at the end of next month and plan to move near there in the

From Tom at:Tomw-@aol.com

On the 7th March this year I am staying at is known as "The Most
Haunted Inn in Britain" - The Crown Hotel, Bildeston, Suffolk. I have
booked room 6 (apparently the most haunted room there) purely in the
search to find out if ghosts exist.
I really want to know more about the place....do you have any

From: Kitty at: kittysk-@sbcglobal.net

My currant studies involve portals. These studies comprise of
experimental methods to locate accurate prediction of occurrence through
historical data, video and categorization of different energies that
manipulate this form of passage.
My experience include first hand observation, a high degree of
perception and years dedicated to the development of paranormal
interpretation. A vast library of video, photographic and data
documentation, the bases of my research, substantiate my theories.
Translating this rare video evidence has proven to be complicated.
Historical comparable is nonexistent, and lacking advanced digital
editing equipment slows the process immensely. A collective effort is
imperative to the advancement and success of this cutting edge
Therefore I seek collaboration with those in the video
production/editing profession. And am hopeful through these
correspondences a discerning group of diverse intellects will form,
dedicated to advanced understanding through digital Documentary.
Please view my web page photos at:
http://pages.ivillage.com/missminny/kittyskitchen/ And let me know if
you or an associate is willing and able to contribute the level of
curiosity required in this front line research.

From Deanna at: DGib-@triadfinancial.com

I believe my Apartment is haunted. Is there a way to find out for sure?
Please contact me about this matter.

From: Evelyn Gagnon at: evelyn_-@hotmail.com

Please tell me, what are the signs of a haunted house?



From : dark-@sbcglobal.net

It was about 12 years ago, I was 2 years old. my mom, sister and I
lived in an apartment in East Oakland. Our apartment only had 2 rooms.
My sister was 5 and we didn't have that many things in our room.
My mom had bought us a small little chair. It was about 1 foot off the
ground, so we decided to put it up on our dresser. That night, the house
was very quiet, too quiet. I couldn't go to sleep. After a hour of
laying down looking at the ceiling, I saw something at the corner of my
eye moving back and forth. It was the chair, except that their was
nothing in it. As I was turning my head, it rocked faster and faster.
Then a shadow appeared on the wall. I was shocked! I tried to scream my
mom's name but nothing came out. It was a shadow of a very small girl
wearing a dress.
Just as the chair was slowing down from rocking so hard, the little
girl turned her head and looked at me. I finally got my voice and
screamed. My sister got up and start screaming too. I said,"Don't you
see it?" Just then it was gone.
The next morning I woke up and walked over to the dresser slowly with
tears in my eyes still from last night. There sitting in in the chair
was strands of blond hair, and a piece of what I guess was her dress.
I've never got over that.



For complete details of all events listed in this section please visit:

Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach
Where: Daytona Beach Florida
When: 7:30pm EVERY Thursday-Sunday
Cost: $8.00
What: We offer three different 90 minute lantern lead walking tours of
historic downtown Daytona Beach and Deland.

The Original Ghost Walk departs from the northwest corner of Main St &
Peninsula Dr. (Friday & Saturday)

The Riverfront Park Walk departs from the northeast corner of Orange
Ave. & Beach St. (Thursday & Sunday)

The Deland Ghost Walk departs from the corner of Woodland Blvd. &
Indiana Ave. (Friday &Saturday)

Proceeds from these tours help benefit our research and our two
cemetery preservation & restoration projects. This is the first ghost
tour in Florida that is owned and operated by a certified ghost hunter
and active certified paranormal researcher.

Call (386) 253-6034 for reservations and/or more information.
Website: "http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com"
Email: "hauntsof-@aol.com"


Continuing the monthly offering of classes on
Parapsychology, Psychic Phenomena, and Ghost Hunting:

"BEING PSYCHIC: Focus on Extended Sensory Perception and
Spirit Communication"
Saturday, February 22nd, from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.
Location: Pleasant Hill, CA (near San Francisco/Oakland).

This class/seminar will cover the "informational" psychic
abilities that have been called extra-sensory perception:
telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. We'll discuss
how these abilities show up in people's experiences,
both those of the average person and the ostensibly more
"talented" psychics. We'll also discuss the role telepathy
and clairvoyance play in ghost encounters, hauntings and
With discussion of parapsychological research from the
early days to the more recent remote viewing, ganzfeld, and
staring studies, attendees will also learn the evolution of
research methods in the laboratory. Some time will also be
spent discussing the recent research of Gary Schwartz,
working with psychic mediums at the University of Arizona.
We'll discuss how these abilities are experienced and
accepted or rejected in various cultures around the world,
and the major part Belief plays in having and developing
ESP. We'll also discuss the major debate in Parapsychology
dealing with Survival (of Bodily Death) vs. Super-Psi as
conceptual explanations for a variety of ghostly and
after-death experiences.
Finally, we'll take some time to try a few experiential
situations. We'll conduct some clairvoyance and remote
viewing "tests" as well as play a few telepathy
and psychometry games based somewhat on my experience of a
TV game show that was in development for the Game Show
Network last year (that show currently in limbo, it seems).
The instructor is parapsychologist/paranormal investigator
and author Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
Auerbach is Director of the Office of Paranormal
Investigations, President of the California Society for
Psychical Study, a Consulting Editor for FATE magazine, an
Adjunct Professor in Consciousness Studies at John F.
Kennedy University and President of the Psychic
Entertainers Association. He is the author of 4 books and 2
audiotapes, and has appeared on dozens of national and
local television programs as an expert on ghosts and
poltergeists. Visit his website at "http://www.mindreader.com"

Space is strictly limited (to 12 people)!

COST: $95 per person
$80 for Seniors and Students (with current school ID)
Attendees of past classes should contact Loyd for info on a
discount. Space is strictly limited! Advance reservations are a
Please note that the sooner you get back to Loyd, the
sooner he can guarantee a spot in the class (he turned
several people away in January).

Note: Lunch is not provided. There are a number of
restaurants in the immediate area. Students of these seminars, along
with the instructor,usually adjourn to one of them as a group.
Pastries, coffee, tea and other soft drinks will be provided in the
morning and throughout the day.
For Information, contact Loyd Auerbach via email at
"esp-@california.com" or call him at (925) 518-4071.
(or call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at (415)
249-9275 and leave a message).

Annual "Dead of Winter" Event
February 22
Alton, Illinois
Hosted by Author Troy Taylor atthe History & Hauntings Book Co.
515 East Third Street in Alton, Illinois.
This chilling eventwill feature some of the most frightening ghost
tales and encounters ever recorded, including phantom attackers, haunted
police stations, spirit-infested jails and much more!
More info at: "https://www.prairieghosts.com/winter.html"


St. Louis Community College (Florissant Valley) "GraveyardGhosts"
February 24
Hosted by Troy Taylor
6:00 pm
For more info, send email to: ttay-@prairieghosts.com

MARCH 2003:

William Woods University - Fulton, Missouri - "Confessions of a
Ghost Hunter" by Troy Taylor
March 4 at 7:00 pm
For more info, send email to: ttay-@prairieghosts.com

Candlelight Walking Tour
March 22
History & Hauntings Tour of spirited sites in old downtown Alton and
lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours. $15 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

Second Annual Paranormal Pennsylvania Conference
March 22, 2003 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
All day event featuring lectures on Bigfoot, Ghosts, Psychic Phenomena,
UFO's and more.
Author book signings and walking ghost tour of Gettysburg.
$75.00 per person must register before February 1, 2003
For more information contact Rick Fisher (717) 871-8610
rfis-@redrose.net or visit

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
March 28th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: http://www.majda.net/

Dayton Ghost Hunter’s Society Paranormal Conference
March 29
Hosted by the Dayton Ghost Hunter’s Society and featuring authors and
speakers on ghosts and hauntings, including American Ghost Society
founder Troy Taylor. Event held from 9-5 pm at the Charity Grange,
located at the corner of Grange Hall Road and Dayton-Xenia Road in
Contact Howard Collins at "hccs-@aol.com" for more details and

APRIL 2003:

Candlelight Walking Tour - History & Hauntings
April 4
Tour of spirited sites in old downtown Alton and lasts approximately 2
1/2 - 3 hours. $15 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

Second Annual Ghost Hunters Conference
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Governors Ballroom, Radison
Penn Harris in Camp Hill, Pa.
For more info contact Kelly Weaver at: Weav-@aol.com

Spirits of the Civil War
April 15
7 pm
Prairie Commons Library, St. Louis, Missouri
With Troy Taylor, including haunted battlefields, prisons and haunts of
Abraham Lincoln.
For more info, send email to: ttay-@prairieghosts.com

Special Ghost Hunter's Tour
April 26
A special edition of the History & Hauntings Tour that
includes not only the ghost tour, but also a one-hour presentation by
authorTroy Taylor about the secrets of ghost hunting. The evening lasts
approximately 4 hours - $40 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
April 18th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

MAY 2003

Ghost TrackerTs Conference
May 2
San Francisco, California
Reps and Speakers from the American Ghost Society include Gloria Young
and Janice Oberding(Haunted
Nevada). Event will be held at the haunted Queen Anne Hotel and will
include walking tours of the city and a special late night tour of
Haunted Alcatraz! Reservations are a must andmore information is
available from Gloria at "ghosttr-@yahoo.com"

Special Ghost Hunter's Tour
May 10
A special edition of the History & Hauntings Tour that includes not only
the ghost tour, but also a one-hour presentation by author Troy Taylor
about the secrets of ghost hunting. The evening lasts approximately 4
hours - $40 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
May 16th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"
Second Annual Paranormal Places Seminar
Hosted by the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group
Sunday, May 18, 2003
Best Western Conference Center
Janesville, WI
12:00 - 5:00 p.m.
$25.00 per person (advanced ticket purchase)
This year's theme is centered around the Heartland of America and we
are very pleased to welcome some very exciting heartland speakers such
as Authors, Troy Taylor and Dave Goodwin.
Tours, workshops and other weekend events will be offered as well as
great presentations on Haunted Highways, Haunted Military Bases and a
slide show presentation on some of the most haunted locations in Rock
County, WI.
For more information or to purchase tickets online, please visit our
website at: "http://www.ParanormalResearchGroup.com"

Candlelight Walking Tour
May 23
History & Hauntings Tour of spirited sites in old downtown
Alton and lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours. $15 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

Candlelight Walking Tour
May 24
History & Hauntings Tour of spirited sites in old downtown Alton and
lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours. $15 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

JUNE 2003

Special Ghost Hunter's Tour
June 7
A special edition of the History & Hauntings Tour that includes not only
the ghost tour, but also a one-hour presentation by author Troy Taylor
about the secrets of ghost hunting. The evening lasts approximately 4
hours - $40 per person.
More info at:"http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

Spirits of theCivil War
June 10
7 pm
Tesson Ferry Library - St. Louis, Missouri
With Troy Taylor, including haunted battlefields, prisons and haunts of
Abraham Lincoln.
For more info, send email to: ttay-@prairieghosts.com

Candlelight Walking Tour
June 13
History & Hauntings Tour of spiritedsites in old downtown Alton and
lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours. $15 per person.
More info at: "http://www.prairieghosts.com/tours.html"

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
June 14th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

Seventh Annual Haunted America Conference
June 19-22
Hosted by Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society. Special Tours,
Events and Speakers including Loyd Auerbach, David
Hatchers Childress, Dale Kaczmarek, Rene Kruse, Troy Taylor, John Brill
and more! Details are now available on the website at

Member’s Only Ghost Hunt / Campout
West Virginia State Penitentiary Moundsville, West Virginia
June 28th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

JULY 2003

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
July 12th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"


West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
Aug 8th
Aug 22nd
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"


West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
Moundsville, West Virginia
Sept 12th
For more info contact John or Lisa at: jo-@majda.net or visit their
website at: "http://www.majda.net/"



Gettysburg Civil War Era Theater is a "Live", One-Man-Show featuring a
Civil War Era Magic Show, an "Old Timer" who talks about life as a
civilian in Gettysburg at the time of the great battle and shares some
of the more popular GHOST STORIES which have been associated with the
town and concludes with a Theatrical Re-Creation of a Civil War Era
The program has been skillfully choreographed by Magician, Actor &
Author Joe Kerrigan to be educational as well as entertaining.
Affordably priced for the entire family tickets are $17.95 for Adults-
$10.95 12 and under. Shows nightly at 7:00PM.
(717) 642-9215
Website: http://civilwartheater.com


Where: Downtown Orlando Florida
When: 8pm EVERY Saturday
Cost: $10
What: 90 minute lantern lead walking tours of historic downtown Orlando.
Orlando's ORIGINAL Ghost Tour departs from Guinevere's Coffeehouse (on
the corner of Pine and Magnolia).
Call 407-992-1200 for tickets and details.
Website: http://www.orlandohauntings.com
Email: Webma-@Orlandohauntings.com

Simply Spooky! (tm)
200 years in 2 hours!
Join us on this Ghostly Ghost Walk and Tour of the Historic Town of
Burlington, Ontario (Canada) where we explore 200 years of history in 2
Informative, Educational and Accurate Accounts of the history makers
from early 1700's to the present. Conducted by Patrick Cross-Canada's
top Ghost Researcher.
2003 Season is June 1st-November 10th, 2003
Cost: $10.00 for adults, $2.00 for children 10-16 years of age.
For Bookings, Contact: 416-201-4670
Email: sci-@globalserve.net
Website: http://www.globalserve.net/~scifi/latestnews.htm



   The media listing mainly cover the 8pm to 10pm time slots. Most
listed times are Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings
for the correct viewing times in your area.


The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is on KZUM 89.3 FM,
Lincoln, NE, and has been on-air every Saturday morning since 1984, 10 -
11:30 am Central Time. The station phone number during the program only:
402-474-5086. The host is Scott H. Colborn, email at:
"kcol-@inebraska.com" and website is:
"http://www.thewayhomestore.com" .

Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Live every Wednesdays from 8 to 9pm EST.
Listen at:

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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