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The Haunted Places Report 07/01/03  Rev. Ron Beach
 Jul 01, 2003 06:56 PDT 

“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know your
thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site? All
items should be emailed to us at: Webma-@haunted-places.com



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.



Third Annual Independent Ghost Hunters Conference
Friday, April 16 2004, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday, April 17 2004, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Holiday Inn Harrisburg West, Mechanicsburg, PA
Sponsored by Kelly's Magical Garden and The Spirit Association of
For more information, please contact Kelly L. Weaver
at weav-@aol.com or 717-737-7623

The Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society has changed its name to the
Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania since most of our investigators
research other areas of the paranormal. The website is still the same
"http://home.supernet.com/~rfisher/pghs.html" or it can be accessed by
going to "http://www.paranormalpa.com" .
We are now taking registrations for the 3rd annual Pennsylvania
Paranormal Conference to be held in Gettysburg, PA on March 20th 2004.
Seating will be limited, this past conference drew a crowd of over 175
people. No registrations will be taken at the door unless seating is
available. We will have lectures on the two most famous ufo crashes
Roswell and Kecksburg, history and mystery of talking boards, mysterious
stone chambers, spontaneous human combustion, and bigfoot sightings.
Visit the website to find more information, have a great summer.

My name is James and I am the owner of http://www.everythingscary.com.
I’d like to invite everyone to visit my site.

From: 1879-@sbcglobal.net

We have a building in Waxahachie which was built in 1879 and over the
past 8 years several people have seen a bright blueish white light in
the upstairs. Also, many times people have heard noises in the restrooms
and will go in there and the water will be running or there will be a
very distinct perfume smell. Last night, my wife and I were upstairs
after everybody was gone and this light appeared above us. We were
petrified for a moment, but then the light moved toward us and we felt a
cool breeze and then it was gone. Suddenly we were not afraid at all, we
could sense the gentleness and the purity in the light. We will never
forget this moment.

From: rex-@earthlink.net

I live in Plymouth, Ma. and I have a ghost story from my town.
A building(preferring to remain anonymous) in Plymouth Center- this is
an apartment complex. Feelings of un-controllable grief or crying can be
felt, an apparition of a little girl can be seen at the tops of stairs
and down the halls, objects are moved, and doors open and close. A
friend of mine, who happens to be a psychic, came into the building and
immediately was overwhelmed when he entered the third floor. He stated
that there were multiple ghosts residing on the third floor.



By: Kelly Weaver
From the May 2003 Apparitions newsletter

We traveled to Cape May on Easter Weekend to rest from the conference.
As luck would have it, we stayed in the “spooked room” - as it is called
- at the Highland House Bed and Breakfast. The rooms official name was
the Garden Room. We were greeted with an area full of flowers, vines,
birdhouses, white wicker and plants. The room was comfortable and
inviting. Just what we needed to relax. We decided to take a nap after
our drive to rest before we explored the town.
While lying down on the bed, which was extremely comfortable, I felt my
hair being pulled ever so slightly and someone touching me. I was NOT in
the mood to play ghost hunter this weekend. John and I had no idea that
this place was haunted until after our reservations had been made. John
bought Cape May Ghost Stories Book Three from author Charlie Adams at
the PA Paranormal Conference, noticing the Albert Steven's Inn, where we
stayed the last 2 times, was included. A couple months ago, he made
reservations at one of the few inns that allow dogs. When reading the
book, I noticed a chapter called “The Spooked Room of the Highland
House”. “John - here's another Cape May Inn which allows pets -- the
Highland House.” He gave me a funny look. “Roo - That's the place we're
staying at!”
John assembled his handy - dandy surveillance camera on our first night
there. When we viewed the tape the next day, we saw what appeared to be
orbs shooting their way across the room and by the wicker settee. This
was well after we were tucked in so it most likely was not dust, and
dust does not make sharp, quick turns around the room like these orbs
did. (I have still only watched about 3hrs of the tape; no discernible
EVP detected - JDW)
Furniture has been heard by many different sources shuffling around in
this room while no one was occupying the space. Dogs will sometimes
avoid the second floor room and growl from the bottom of the stairs. I
must attest that Teddy Bear felt right at home, so much so, that he
plopped himself up on the bed, stretched out and waited for a belly rub
soon after our arrival. He was not feeling the least bit restless.
It was rather amusing that when I asked the elderly woman who greeted
the guests and showed them to their rooms which room was haunted she
looked at me strangely and said, "That's silly, there are no ghosts
I told her I read about it in a book and I would show it to her. I
found out later that this was the owner's mother who ran the inn during
the week for her son and sure hoped I had not opened a can of worms.
She read the whole book in one sitting and found it very interesting.
She told us her son often talked about the ghosts in the house and even
the previous owner told him about things she had encountered. Mrs.
Ripoli was not having any of that nonsense; she herself blessed the
house when her “Davie” moved in. She told us that her son was just
hearing things and there are no such things as ghosts.
The book states that even the bank mgr. who was present at closing knew
about the ghosts of the house. Another story tells of former owners who
knocked on the door and once they were invited in, began to tell Dave
about the ghosts that roam the upstairs, especially the “spooked room.”
According to the former owner there are two ghosts that haunt the
Highland House. One is the ghost of a man they refer to as the “Captain”
and the other one a woman. The “Captain” is said to be heard stomping
around in his wet boots. I don't believe I had officially “met” either
of them, and quite frankly, I didn't care. I was on vacation and had
better things to do and was a bit “ghosted out “after the conference.
The Highland House is located on 131 N. Broadway in West Cape May.

John's comments: Only tangible evidence was what seem to be credible
anomalies on the IR surveillance camera. Again, I have not yet reviewed
full 8hr tape. Kelly got nothing on her digital recorder set on voice
activate and various readings and still photos yielded nothing. Kelly
did mention being touched when we first settled into the room, but
having stayed in dozens of haunted inns, Kelly slept better here than
any of them. Is the place truly haunted, or should we say “still”
haunted? Perhaps it is just dormant, and the spirit(s) felt comfortable
with us. When I questioned Dave on Sunday, he related that most of what
he experienced came during the period of restoration soon after buying
the place, and said it had greatly subsided. Such a pattern is not
unusual, if we look at other cases.



From the S.A.P.I. - Paranormal Investigators Newsletter


Ghosthunter: Okay, so I have a camera, voice recorder, and thermometer
to start out with because I cannot afford all of these hi-tech gadgets.
Now what do I do? If you guys do not condone sneaking in cemeteries,
houses, etc.? How do you ask for permission without them thinking you
are crazy?

Sneakinroun: Hmm. That's a hard question. I know you are impatient to go
about doing things the legal way, right? You can look for cemeteries
with no posted signs for one. Meaning, as long as there are no hours
posted, days for presentation, locked gates/doors, or no restrictions
(trespassing, beware of dog, hehe) then, you can choose to enter or not.
You do not know who to contact and a cemetery is a very public place.
Just not as popular as say....a park. If you are asked to leave...leave
to avoid confrontation. Or, you can speak with the caregiver/owner at
this given situation, to get more gainful, respecting, and critical
information. ALWAYS WEAR A BADGE to make you and your group more
professional. After all, anyone can do the same things as you and I, but
not have id. (you would do well to carry a brochure, book or magazine
with media presentation) Who would you chose to speak with? Homes,
property, historical sites??? well, it goes without saying. Permission
is always a must. Do not be a victim (lol) of being escorted off of the
premises. First of all, it's disrespectful to you and the community you
are inhabiting, searching, or participating in. Second, it doesn't help
science to know you are going about your researching illegally. Being
that there are limited sources for this field, I would opt to see groups
represent themselves without handcuffs =) STARTING OUT~ explore land,
land, land. Land holds time, time holds people, people hold history. It
may sound boring! Trust me, it can be most eventful. You can also patrol
your neighborhood....snap away. Get some experience, exposure, and
pictures behind your belt before you attempt your local cemetery,
historical palace, or media, dominated-groupie realm. It may even help
to go and investigate (for yourself) your local "haunted tours" to get
an idea of what you are looking for.

Ghosthunter: I am really interested in ghost hunting but am on a TIGHT
budget. Are there any alternatives to such an expensive hobby for

HuntingBroke: (LOL!) Well, let's see. For the basics, yes! In fact, it
is these little things that you can use to conduct a full investigation.
~Camera- $15.00-up You don't have to have a jazzed-up digital or 35mm.
Although professionals suggest it, it is not a requirement. Your photos
are basically going to tell you the same thing. If you don't have a
camera- you can buy the disposables until you can buy a 35mm or better.
When developing them (based on the assumption you don't own your own
photo lab if your are using a disposable), make sure you tell the
developer to develop ALL pictures regardless of what they think is under
or over exposed! ~EMF- $40.00-up No EMF? No problem! Until then, just
use a compass. Better yet, use your compass anyway! This is also a tool
used to detect electromagnetic fields. Compasses can run anywhere from
$1.00-up. but, if you get close to $40.00 buy your EMF first, k? I use a
key chain compass along with my LED flashlight, very handy.~Thermal
Scanner- $50.00 & up Brrrrrr. Is it getting cold? You wouldn't precisely
know without some form of temperature gauge. My suggestion, digital
thermometer. They can come with external probes. Although doesn't
usually, instantly detect they are still a good source of inconsistent
temperature changes. Costs start around $10.00 & up.~Voice recorder-
$20.00-up These little things are all going to run about the same.
There's digital, micro cassette and standard They are used to detect EVP
(electronic voice phenomena). No matter what you use, an external mic is
a MUST! This could also run you $10.00 &up. You could pull out your old
recorder (you know the one that holds your standard tapes and is
probably stuck in a closet or under a TV shelf somewhere) and attach an
external mic. Viola. ~Camcorder- $200.00&up. This is tricky because you
can easily log on to Ebay and buy one. However, I would not suggest
buying from an individual who is not reputable. Camcorders are not a
must, but are very interesting to use at a stand-still motion especially
with night vision! So, when you can afford it, you may get a better deal
because these things go in monetary phases. Just wait a while and they
will probably go down in price. Disposable camcorders~HUH? ~Anyway, I
hope this helped out a bit. Let me know if I missed anything!



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From: Laura at: laura.c-@sympatico.ca
I can't seem to find some information. I'm looking to be part of a
'ghost hunt' (I don’t like calling them ghost hunts) but I'm in northern
Ontario in Canada. I've been asking around and I've come up with
nothing. I'm a beginner, so I wouldn't know what to do to start one

From: Ramt-@aol.com
I am looking for places in RI that are haunted and could use some help
from the readers. If there are any places I would appreciate the
information. Thank you very much.

From: Blzf-@netscape.net

I need to ask for advise from the readers for how to cleanse a house of
pure evil. I moved into a house with a good friend of mine shortly after
his roommate killed himself. The person that killed himself had a guide
in the spirit world that would give him a warning when something bad was
about to happen. After he died you could still feel his presence in the
house, but the negative energy from his "guide" was stronger. We have
tried to purify the house with various common remedies (Sea Salt, Holy
Water, Sage, etc...) but nothing has worked. Also, before I moved in my
roommates had a white witch try to purify the house.
The spirit went into hibernation until there were more people in the
home and things got worse from there. From time to time you can actually
feel the life being sucked out of you and the anger and bitterness rise.
This evil presence takes a liking to my room (the room which my friend's
roommate killed himself). He will not show his true appearance to any of
us...To me he appeared as a little boy and to my roommates, nothing or a
black mist.
Over the year that I have lived here I have noticed a few warning signs
when he is around...like the cats are trying to attack the ceiling or
thing getting a bit tense. He will break things, grab at my feet in the
middle of the night and will linger until the anger in you rises and
world war 3 breaks out between my roommates and myself.
There is one other spirit in the home that was here after the home was
built, she will allow you to see her and is also very mellow and tries
to help when things get out of hand. I'm thinking she is losing power
over him as things are getting a little bit more violent.
Does anyone have any other suggestions to try and get this spirit out
or even to help it find it's way out to wherever it needs to go in the
after life.
I am planning on moving out, but not because of the spirit and I could
not live with myself is this negative entity hurts my roommates 8 year
out daughter.

From: Sweetthi-@aol.com

I’m trying to find some info about Houston, Texas. I remember when I
was a teenage girl, a cemetery there is haunted. I’m trying to find out
about it but cant remember where it is located. I can tell you a little
about it. It’s on a real dark road and you have to park about a mile
down the road. There was a girl and boy that were killed on this road in
the 70‘s. The cemetery has a blue light that follows you around.

From Chris at: nichola.taylor2

I wonder if anyone can help me. I had to work in a farm house in Wales
near Abergwynloyn. It was a old farm house, which had a working farm
next to it. Apparently, many years ago, it is said, a young girl died
falling in the sheep dip. She supposedly has been seen appearing at the
window. We used it as a unit as a children’s home, most of the social
workers who stayed said that that they had experienced things tugging of
sleeping bags. I got the feeling that there was not just a young girl
but also someone else (less pleasant). Does anyone know anything about
this place or somewhere similar in the area? Also does anyone know much
about Bloodybush cottage near Kildere?

From: SuprT-@aol.com

I am interested in putting on a Ghost Conference in Virginia Beach, VA
I would appreciate input from the Ghost Community on who you would like
to lecture and on what topics. Please e-mail me with your suggestions.

From Julie at: julie.h-@btopenworld.com

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am going to visit family in
Ontario, Canada in August. I would be interested if anyone could tell me
if there will any haunted tours in the Newcastle/Bowmanville areas. I
would be grateful for any information I receive.

From: Ann2-@msn.com

I had a friend I had seen on and off for almost 12 years. In 2003 he
committed suicide shooting himself in the chest. I have had some weird
things occur since but have just tried to put them
out of my mind and move on.
The last three weeks, every time I look at a digital clock or my cell
phone it has 1:11 or 3:33 or 4:44. This happens 3-4 times a day. I am
not looking for it either....I will be asleep and wake up and it
will be 1:11. Or I will hit snooze and then it will go off at 5:55. I
wake up and it be 4:44.
Has anyone heard of this odd thing and what does it mean. Like I said
some unusual things have happened but I am not one to dwell on these
things, not that I do not believe in them...but
I just don't know what to do about them.

From: jbai-@hotmail.com

I'm looking for some reputable paranormal groups in the Los Angeles area
- some who wouldn't mind a curious observer to tag along.

From Tami at: Happy-@webtv.net

Hi! I love your web site! It's been awhile back that there was a meter
for sale that I would be interested in buying. It registered storms
before they happened and other things we cannot see. I don't remember
what kind of meter it was. Can you help me out? Keep up the great work!
You guys are awesome!

From Kristen at: monkeyg-@excite.com

I was wondering if you could kindly help me. I am looking for hauntings
that are in France and I've came up empty. Do you know of any? Any help
w0uld be greatly appreciated!

From Kim at: Jaco-@cs.com

I read (about a year ago) either in this newsletter, or a site
connected to it about Pirtle Cemetary in Pirtle, Texas being haunted by
a light in the far corner.
I am looking for anyone that has more information on this and if anyone
knows if it is the Pirtle Cemetary (Baptist) or the Pirtle Cemetery
(Methodist), there are 2 different ones with the same name. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

From Dave at: dvdst-@yahoo.com

Would like to hear from those who have a ghost in their homes and would
like to talk with some one about. Also would like to hear from a real
medium in the Anderson,S.C. area who could be available to help other
people with their spirit problems and help release them.



From: Barbara at: Suesue-@cs.com
Recently I went on a fishing trip with my boyfriend, it was early
spring and cold out as we drove up to the White Mountains in Arizona to
one of the man made lakes there. We unfortunately left too late in the
day to fish on that particular day, it takes about 5 hours to get up
there from Phoenix. As we drove through the dark forest I said to my
boyfriend ' ever hear of those stories where people see a white figure
by the side of the road, you know the kind where they just disappear.
Like those ladies in white or something. I'd love to see something like
that someday with you'. I then quickly added 'Not here though, its too
dark out here'. I felt as if someone was listening to me at the time. It
felt very spooky out there in that dark woods that night.
We came into one of the little towns in the mountains, at 8:40 pm and a
wind storm was howling about us, we turned a corner and standing in the
middle of the road in front of us was a ghost. It was a white luminous
shaped being about 5 feet high and more, floating above the road about a
foot. It had the shape of a human but we couldn't discern any identity,
neither could we tell if it was a man or a woman. It was the color of
the whitest silvery moon and to tell the truth, it was incredibly
beautiful. We had been carrying on a conversation until we caught sight
of it, our words came to an immediate halt. Honestly we were both
speechless. I stared and looked for some sort of source of light to
cause it. There was none.
I was the one driving, and being unable to do anything but stare I
continued to drive, automatically, wanting to get as close to it as I
could. I was able to drive right up to the ghost, where it floated right
in front of the hood of the car only about two feet away or less, as we
drove nearly into it we watched it slowly disappear, leaving only a gust
of blowing dust crossing the road in front of us.
I haven't been able to forget this experience, it was fabulous. I' d
love to see another ghost. If anyone can guarantee where I can,
(especially in Phoenix) please do let me know. I have gone back and
looked for this one, but no repeat performances have been granted. Sigh.



For complete details of all events this year please visit:

Upcoming events for July are:

Fort Delaware Ghost Lantern History Tour
July 11th, Friday, 7 p.m.
Delaware City, Delaware
With author Ed Okonowicz
For more info call: 302 834-7941

West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghost Hunt
July 12th
Moundsville, West Virginia
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "mailto:jo-@majda.net"
or visit their website at: "http://www.majda.net/"

Sprucevale Campout & All Night Ghost Hunt
July 26th
Ghost town of Sprucevale in Beaver Creek State Park
East Liverpool, Ohio
For members and families only. Children over 9 years old welcome.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "mailto:jo-@majda.net"
or visit their website at: "http://www.majda.net/"



Gettysburg Civil War Era Theater is a live, one man show featuring a
Civil War Era Magic Show, an "old timer" who talks about life as a
civilian in Gettysburg at the time of the great battle and shares some
of the more popular ghost stories which have been associated with the
town and concludes with a theatrical recreation of a civil war era
The program has been skillfully choreographed by magician, actor &
author Joe Kerrigan to be educational as well as entertaining.
Affordably priced for the entire family tickets are $17.95 for Adults,
$10.95 12 and under. Shows nightly at 7:00PM.
Best Inn
301 Steinwehr Ave.
Gettysburg, Pa.
(717) 642-9215
Website: http://civilwartheater.com

Downtown Orlando Florida
8pm EVERY Saturday
90 minute lantern lead walking tours of historic downtown Orlando. Cost
is $10 per person. Orlando's ORIGINAL Ghost Tour departs from
Guinevere's Coffeehouse (on the corner of Pine and Magnolia).
Website: http://www.orlandohauntings.com
Email: Webma-@Orlandohauntings.com
Phone: 407-992-1200

Simply Spooky! (tm)
200 years in 2 hours!
Join us on this Ghostly Ghost Walk and Tour of the Historic Town of
Burlington, Ontario (Canada) where we explore 200 years of history in 2
hours. Informative, educational and accurate accounts of the history
makers from early 1700's to the present. Conducted by Patrick Cross,
Canada's top ghost researcher.
2003 Season is June 1st - November 10th
Cost: $10.00 for adults, $2.00 for children 10-16 years of age.
Email: sci-@globalserve.net
Website: http://www.globalserve.net/~scifi/latestnews.htm
Phone: 416-201-4670

Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach
Daytona Beach Florida
7:30pm EVERY Thursday-Sunday
We offer three different 90 minute lantern lead walking tours of
historic downtown Daytona Beach and Deland:

The Original Ghost Walk departs from the northwest corner of Main St &
Peninsula Dr. (Friday & Saturday)

The Riverfront Park Walk departs from the northeast corner of Orange
Ave. & Beach St. (Thursday & Sunday)

The Deland Ghost Walk departs from the corner of Woodland Blvd. &
Indiana Ave. (Friday &Saturday)

Cost is$8.00 per person. Proceeds from these tours help benefit our
research and our two cemetery preservation & restoration projects. This
is the first ghost tour in Florida that is owned and operated by a
certified ghost hunter and active certified paranormal researcher.
Website: http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com
Email: hauntsof-@aol.com
Phone: (386) 253-6034



The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is on KZUM 89.3 FM,
Lincoln, NE, and has been on-air every Saturday morning since 1984, 10 -
11:30 am Central Time. The station phone number during the program only:
402-474-5086. The host is Scott H. Colborn, Email:
Website is: http://www.thewayhomestore.com

Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Live every Wednesdays from 8 to 9pm EST.
Listen at:

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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