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The Haunted Places Report 07/17/03  Rev. Ron Beach
 Jul 17, 2003 08:50 PDT 

“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know your
thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site? All
items should be emailed to us at: Webma-@haunted-places.com

I recently bought a used camcorder to use during our investigations.
However it did not come with the manual. After a brief search on the
internet I ran across a site that has manuals for many types of cameras
and the best thing is, you can download them for free. Thought I would
pass the URL on to everyone:

Sorry about the long URL!



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.



A movie about the Bell Witch should be coming out this summer. Please
visit the movie website at: "http://www.bellwitchthemovie.com/"

From Brandy at: stark_-@hotmail.com

I took a month off from our website , but it's now been updated. New
article on line featuring 8th Ave. North investigation. It's one of my
more creative pieces, I think, and I like the opening. The info on the
investigation, though, is quite true....so come on in and check it out!
I've also added a new poll to the bottom of the home page so please take
the time to look at another picture sent to me and vote: orb, no orb,
natural, or supernatural.
Our website is at: www.centralghosts.homestead.com

From: HexxMusi-@aol.com

We are currently in production of a feature film, entitled, Museum of
Souls. The movie based upon paranormal activity. We ask to please take a
look at our site "http://members.aol.com/museumofsouls/" . If anyone has
any questions I would be happy to answer them.

From: plumk-@hotmail.com

I live in the area of Buffalo known as the First Ward. The places that I
know that are haunted can not be reached but photos can be taken. My
friends and I every so often hang out at the old Grain elevators of
Buffalos past. We have witnessed orbs and figures not human walking in
and amongst the grain elevators, and every so often we have witnessed
them walking down the streets. If a person lives in this neighborhood
and doesn’t believe in ghost then they better leave because most every
house is haunted. This area is the original site of the 1812 massacre of
Buffalo where thousands of Irish immigrants were slaughtered.

From: medic-@gbronline.com

I live on Long Island [NY] and found Sweet Hollow Road along with the
area of Mount Misery Road to be quite strange. I took photos with
digital under an overpass at night and none came out. I took photos of a
cemetery and found orbs and on the road photos show glowing colorful
orbs near but not on the ground. I inverted color looked at them and
used Black and white but the same is found. On a photo under the
overpass I can never get pictures of the overpass or the entry or exit.
I will relate later a couple of incidents on this road that were strange
and I would not have believed if told. They happened to me and I am an

From: Jim at: "jvoe-@tyler.net"

There are many good things I could mention but I guess with the good
must come the sad. (10:00 PM News channel KTVT channel 11 Dallas/
Ft.Worth) News on the TV. last night (June 30, 2003) told of a fire in
one of my favorite restaurants. This one has been mentioned in William
Hauck's Haunted Places Book. In the Texas city of Waxahatchie the
Catfish Plantation had a most
destructive fire occur Either yesterday or Sunday night. The damage was
quite extensive and so far there has been no decision as to rebuilding.
An interesting item mentioned in the TV. news story was the fact the
restaurant was considered haunted. A neighbor took a picture of the
burning structure and lo and behold there was a strange wisp of smoke
and/or light appeared at one of the windows. I saw the picture on TV.
during the airing of the news story and I'd sure like to get a copy of
it. The news item also had a short interview with Melissa Baker, (now
listed as a co-owner.) she and her husband had sold the establishment I
thought about 2 years ago. As a matter of fact I received an E-mail from
her stating that.
No information has been received as yet as to whether the ghosts are
going to stay to see if the structure is rebuilt or they have already
moved on.



The Trailer
By Patty A. Wilson

Paul sat in my living room and chatted about ghosts for a while. I
shared with him and his daughter some of the experiences that I had had
as a ghost hunter. Paul seemed genuinely interested by the subject, but
he also admitted that he thought ghosts are interesting, he had never
really thought much about them before.
Paul sat back and shook his head as I described my first encounter with
a black shadow touching me.
"I can’t say that I’ve ever been touched by a ghost," he said, "but I
can say that I think I saw one… at least I really believe that I did."
With an opening like that, how could I do anything other than ask him to
"Well when my folks got married they lived in a trailer that was just a
little bigger than a camper. They eventually bought another trailer that
was larger and the first trailer became a storage shed. That’s really
all that I remember it ever being. It sat in our yard and that was all.
"One evening my mom was at a neighbor’s house and I went to find her. I
was oh, ten maybe eleven--I wasn’t a teenager yet. Anyhow, I was going
past the small trailer when something caught my eye and I looked in the
one window.
"A man was sitting there reading his paper and he had a cup of coffee
on the table. The only thing was no one should have been in that trailer
and there was this glow around the man and the paper and coffee cup.
"It scared me really bad and I high-tailed it to where my mom was. I
told her the story and I guess that I really seemed scared.
"Anyhow, the neighbor man was a state cop and he raised trained dogs for
the cops. He took two of the dogs, German Shepards I believe, and went
right over to the trailer.
"Mom unlocked the door from the outside and the cop ordered the dogs
in. They fussed around and didn’t want to go in there. It took him about
fifteen minutes to get them inside. But once they got in they went right
to the table, picked up a scent and headed for the back door.
"They stopped and both kept looking at this tiny hole in the screen
door. Now the back door was also locked, but the dogs kept fixing on
that tiny hole. I don’t know what it means, but I do know what I saw."
Paul shrugged his shoulders and seemed anxious to move on, so I did.
However, for the rest of the evening I could not help returning mentally
to that story and wondering if he had really seen the ghost, and if so,
the ghost of who?



From the S.A.P.I. - Paranormal Investigators Newsletter
Website: http://www.southernalabamaparanormalinvestigations.com/

Q: How can you tell an orb from a rain drop, dust, or dirty lens, etc.?

A: I am thinking you are pretty new to this. If not, check out a couple
of books on investigating or hunting, please. In other words, I would
not even attempt to distinguish the phenomena if you are shooting under
those circumstances. Here is my advice to you. Please take it! Do not
EVER rely on any pictures in those conditions. Avoid dust, rain, mist,
fog, cold weather, dusty roads or other sites where dust is making home,
noticeably in the air (do some spring cleaning if you have to), and (I
should not have to add this but here goes.) avoid sweating heat if you
are silly enough to look at your lens dripping with sweat. This no joke,
we recently had photo's turned in with this problem!



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From Randy at: yo_ga-@hotmail.com

I fully believe in the paranormal, its a great interest of mine.
However, as of the last 5 or 6 months I have had this strange thing
happening to me.
My birthday (11:28) will appear all the time. Either at work (I work
with numbers) or on my clock. It seems I ALWAYS catch my birthday
somewhere (11:28). Is this something or somebody trying to tell me
something? Or is all of this just part of my mind getting the best of
me? If anybody has any insight, please let me know. Thank you.

From Kristin at: icrav-@yahoo.com

I am new at this but enjoy it immensely. I started taking photos
at cemeteries, historical sites, and abandoned asylum. I have got
a handful of interesting pictures that I would love to have someone
experienced look at. I have orbs that I am pretty sure are moisture
orbs, but ones that are odd that I am curious of. Mists, lights, etc.
feel free to email me.
I am also wondering if someone could fill me in on any good south NJ
or central NJ places. I have some of these pics on my homepage



From: Joseph at: Village-@aol.com

When I was about 12 my parents moved into a old doublewide trailer. As
I lay in bed I could hear someone walking down the hall. I just thought
it was my imagination.
I forgot all about it until one day I was sitting on the couch
bye myself and all of a sudden the TV changed channels. I then called
the man next door. He and his family lived their when he was growing up.
He told me that his dad had died in the house, and that they held his
funeral there. My grandpa came in one day to fix something to drink, he
turned on the light and went to the bathroom and when he returned the
light was off!!! We told our neighbor about it
and he laughed and said "my dad hated for the lights to be on" I never
really understood.



For complete details of all events this year please visit:

Upcoming events for July are:

Sprucevale Campout & All Night Ghost Hunt
July 26th
Ghost town of Sprucevale in Beaver Creek State Park
East Liverpool, Ohio
For members and families only. Children over 9 years old welcome.
For more info contact John or Lisa at: "mailto:jo-@majda.net"
or visit their website at: "http://www.majda.net/"



Gettysburg Civil War Era Theater is a live, one man show featuring a
Civil War Era Magic Show, an "old timer" who talks about life as a
civilian in Gettysburg at the time of the great battle and shares some
of the more popular ghost stories which have been associated with the
town and concludes with a theatrical recreation of a civil war era
The program has been skillfully choreographed by magician, actor &
author Joe Kerrigan to be educational as well as entertaining.
Affordably priced for the entire family tickets are $17.95 for Adults,
$10.95 12 and under. Shows nightly at 7:00PM.
Best Inn
301 Steinwehr Ave.
Gettysburg, Pa.
(717) 642-9215
Website: http://civilwartheater.com

Downtown Orlando Florida
8pm EVERY Saturday
90 minute lantern lead walking tours of historic downtown Orlando. Cost
is $10 per person. Orlando's ORIGINAL Ghost Tour departs from
Guinevere's Coffeehouse (on the corner of Pine and Magnolia).
Website: http://www.orlandohauntings.com
Email: Webma-@Orlandohauntings.com
Phone: 407-992-1200

Simply Spooky! (tm)
200 years in 2 hours!
Join us on this Ghostly Ghost Walk and Tour of the Historic Town of
Burlington, Ontario (Canada) where we explore 200 years of history in 2
hours. Informative, educational and accurate accounts of the history
makers from early 1700's to the present. Conducted by Patrick Cross,
Canada's top ghost researcher.
2003 Season is June 1st - November 10th
Cost: $10.00 for adults, $2.00 for children 10-16 years of age.
Email: sci-@globalserve.net
Website: http://www.globalserve.net/~scifi/latestnews.htm
Phone: 416-201-4670

Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach
Daytona Beach Florida
7:30pm EVERY Thursday-Sunday
We offer three different 90 minute lantern lead walking tours of
historic downtown Daytona Beach and Deland:

The Original Ghost Walk departs from the northwest corner of Main St &
Peninsula Dr. (Friday & Saturday)

The Riverfront Park Walk departs from the northeast corner of Orange
Ave. & Beach St. (Thursday & Sunday)

The Deland Ghost Walk departs from the corner of Woodland Blvd. &
Indiana Ave. (Friday &Saturday)

Cost is$8.00 per person. Proceeds from these tours help benefit our
research and our two cemetery preservation & restoration projects. This
is the first ghost tour in Florida that is owned and operated by a
certified ghost hunter and active certified paranormal researcher.
Website: http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com
Email: hauntsof-@aol.com
Phone: (386) 253-6034



The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is on KZUM 89.3 FM,
Lincoln, NE, and has been on-air every Saturday morning since 1984, 10 -
11:30 am Central Time. The station phone number during the program only:
402-474-5086. The host is Scott H. Colborn, Email:
Website is: http://www.thewayhomestore.com

Jeff Rense: Listen at : http://www.sightings.com/
Mon. - Fri. at 7pm to 10 pm Pacific time
Sat. at 9pm to 3am Pacific time
Sun. at 8pm to 11pm Pacific time
See Jeff’s website (link above) for a list of guests and topics

The Following two programs are brought to you via PAWEBCAST at:

Visions From The Other Side With Kelly And John Weaver:
Live every Wednesdays from 8 to 9pm EST.
Listen at:

The Lou Gentile Show
More info at: http://www.pawebcast.cc/lou.htm
Listen at: http://www.lougentile.com/
Every week night from 12 to 2am .
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