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The Haunted Places Report 09/15/03  Rev. Ron Beach
 Sep 15, 2003 07:13 PDT 

“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know your
thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site? All
items should be emailed to us at: Webma-@haunted-places.com



From Bryon Smith at: spooky-@loosecanon.tv
Website: http://www.dream-link.org/spookyplaces/news.htm

The site has been updated with new info. I'm returning to Virginia
City, NV to work on two different ghost productions during the week from
Sept. 22nd-25th.
I have also added new animated gifts to the Gold Hill Hotel webpage.
Watch a ghost transform from large invisible to small glowing orb as it
goes up the staircase.
Also working on Spooky Places novel, and accepting ghost reports and
stories from people to be included in the novel. All stories accepted
must be released by the person telling the story. Just sign a contract
saying it's all right to use their photos and story. More info will be
forthcoming. Let me know if you are interested in sharing your story
with the world.
I am writing to let you know that the UGHS has now made available "The
Ghost Hunters Handbook."
"The Ghost Hunters Handbook" (or GHB) is an easy to understand series
of discussions on EVP recording techniques. It also covers transferring
EVP from your tape recorder to your computer, "Cleaning" EVP files,
enhancing EVP files and etc. It also covers the different types of ghost
Hunting equipment and it's proper uses. Plus, it contains background on
Nancy and me, as well as each of our favorite (personal) ghost stories.
For more information on the GHB go to the web site at
"www.ghostwave.com" and look for the link (you can't miss it!) or go to
The GHB is available as a download only (for now) and is only $10.00
payable through my PayPal account (note: the GHB is in the Word Perfect
format .wpd).
Refer any questions to: MrMa-@aol.com
11th, 2003
Dinner at 5:00, Tour afterwards

Join us for a night of good food and spirits at the Haunted, historic
Griffs Landing, followed by a guided, candlelight ghost tour through the
streets of Haunted Frederick. Tour Cost: $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for
children 6 through 12. Tours are approximately 1-˝ hours in length and
leisurely covers 1.2 miles. *This is an on your own trip. All other
costs (food & drink) and transportation to be provided by individuals
going. Directions will be provided at the time of sign up. Carpooling is
Excerpt from Press Release: "Unequivocally and without doubt, Frederick
is the most haunted city in the entire state of Maryland, and we have
the facts and documentation to prove it!" explains Ron Angleberger.
"Frederick is ground zero for ghostly activity. A spiritual lightning
rod for the state's bloody past. As day turns to night, Frederick's
former citizens again take center stage in this tempestuous and
captivating city. Frederick has witnessed all sorts of horrific death
and carnage throughout its storied past. War, executions, even suicide,
this tour has it all!"
Politically savvy and defiant citizens, patriots from the Revolutionary
War, beckoning soldiers from the Civil War, unknown actors from the
stage, and countless others are just a few of Frederick's enduring
mysteries awaiting to be discovered.
Before our ghost walk we will enjoy dinner at Griffs Landing. Griffs
was established in the 1990's but the building itself has a long ago
history. The structure was built in the late 1700's or possibly early
1800's. Griffs has been featured in local magazines as a haunted
establishment. It is said that the spirit of a blonde haired woman in a
blue dress that use to occupy the building is said to have stayed
behind. Being a married woman, she had an adulteress affair and was said
to have committed suicide by hanging when her affair was made public.
Griffs is only a short walking distance from where we will gather for
our ghost walk. Their menu includes everything from a variety of
sandwiches to full course entrees. A price range for all!
All persons interested should sign up by Oct 1st. All costs and
transportation is on an on your own basis. Directions will be provided
at the time of sign up. Car pooling is suggested. Any questions... see
Kim Sheaffer or e-mail her at: "Kang-@aol.com".
Chris Coleman, author of Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War and Strange
Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground, will be teaching a course on the
paranormal aspects of the Civil War in October.
Called "Long Shadows of the Civil War" the course will be taught at
Volunteer State College in Gallatin, Tennessee. It will cover
battlefield ghosts, presentiments, haunted antebellum mansions and the
paranormal presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
Anyone interested in participating should contact Lisa Miller, director
of non-credit instruction at Vol State: 888-335-8722, ext. 3360; email
NEVADA GHOST CONFERENCE. A national conference on the scientific inquiry
into the nature of paranormal events will be held Saturday and Sunday,
October 25 and 26, 2003, at the Truckee Meadows Community College
Dandini Campus, 7000 Dandini Blvd., in Reno, Nevada. Dennis William
Hauck will lecture on the "Alchemy of the Paranormal" at 1:15 PM on
Saturday. Other lecturers include Dr. Dave Oester, Dr. Sharon Gill, Tom
and Lisa Butler, Janice Oberding, Philip Earl, Bonnie Stryker, and Kris
Hamlet. Local investigations and tours will be featured (Fourth Ward
School in Virginia City pictured above). For more information, contact
TMCC at (775) 829-9010. For a printable color brochure, go to
Elvira, investigated by many psychics, and is fast gaining a reputation
as the world's most haunted hearse. More info at:
Crucible 2003: Techniques of Transformation
Sacramento, California. October 11-12, 2003.
This year's "Crucible2003.htm" event relocates to a beautiful new
setting that offers a more tranquil atmosphere for the advanced
techniques that will be taught in the workshop. The all-day event will
be held on Saturday, October 11, 2003, at the Sierra 2 Center in
Sacramento. Located on three acres of lush landscaping, the center is
within easy reach of downtown and within walking distance of several
restaurants, bookstores, and coffee houses. Next to Sierra Green park in
the Curtis Park section of Sacramento, the center is known for its
tranquil and inspiring setting. The workshop takes place in the large
and airy Green Room and adjacent Meditation Courtyard, which features
dozens of blooming flowers and trees, lovely landscaped lighting, and a
serene waterfall. This year's experiential, multimedia event features
powerful demonstrations of both spiritual and practical techniques in
alchemy and will include live experiments and actual meditations used by
the alchemists. Certificates of attendance will be issued through
"http://www.FlamelCollege.org/onsite_classes.htm" and credit will be
given in the Alchemy Home Study Program. There will also be
refreshments, a light lunch, and a vendor area offering rare books,
recent titles, prints, tinctures, essential oils, videos, audio tapes,
and many more unique products. Private consultations will be available
on Sunday, October 12. Because of the individual work during this
seminar, space is limited to 40 participants. Please register early!
Tuition is $79 per person (discounts are available for multiple
registrations). Register at: "http://workshop_registration.htm/" .
For more info visit: "http://crucible2003.htm/".
From Brandy B. Stark at: sfcf-@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us

I will be giving a lecture about ghosts in Surreal and modern art at
the Dali Museum, Oct. 25.



A Florida Ghost
By: Brandy Stark

During the year there are times when it appears that there is a natural
increase in the report of ghostly phenomena. October, of course, is a
major season for paranormal investigation but, oddly, so are the hot
humid summer months leading up to Fall.   The reason for this is
unknown. Perhaps Florida’s intense heat and nearly inhumane outdoor
conditions drive individuals inside allowing them more exposure to
potential entities within the home. Summer rains occur nearly daily,
complete with lightning, which is said by some to allow for entities to
These factors combined also appear to augment the ghostly activity of
the Tampa Bay area. In June, the SPIRITS were called to Temple Terrace
to investigate a condominium shared by a graduate student, her two dogs
and one cat.
I had been to the home one time prior to the investigation. She
invited me for a small cookout shortly after moving into the condo.
While we were there, the homeowner started taking pictures of various
individuals with her digital camera, then downloaded the images for us
to see. Next to me in two separate pictures was a small bright orb.
None of the other pictures possessed this image. I feared that I had
inadvertently brought a "party crasher" with me.
The homeowner, excited with this find, attempted to duplicate the image
while I was there but no further phenomena occurred.
However, months later she contacted me again. The orb, apparently, was
the manifestation of another "invisible resident" of the home. She
reported sensing the heaviness in her bedroom and had a dread of
sleeping there. She had dreams in which she spoke with the ghosts, and
her cat often watched some invisible force moving through the rooms.
Our investigation revealed two locations of activity. In the bedroom,
several sensitives felt a very heavy atmosphere surrounding them and
described a fight scene between a man and a woman. Another sensed
spectral energy that blanketed the whole room, possibly trapped there
due to the activities of the arguing couple.
Meanwhile, an independent entity "paced" outside the bedroom urging us
out according to one psy-sensitive. We returned to the living room and,
again, our equipment picked up small EMF fluctuations. Cameras from
nearly every teammate captured orb images this time. The small bright
orb returned again, this time settling next to the homeowner and her
dogs. Another orb moved around the room investigating us as we
investigated it.
Both entities appeared to be male. One was a "drop in" spirit who died
in a car accident as a young man. His life, he said, had been
directionless and his death pointless. He wandered the earthly plane
looking for companionship and friends. He appreciated the beauty of the
homeowner, though he was not fond of her dogs.
The second entity was a fatherly figure who had possibly known the
homeowner a short time. He lived in the area as her neighbor; the two
shared a common wall.
During the interview, we learned that, indeed, the homeowners neighbor
had died shortly after she moved in, though she did not know him well.
She also reported hear-say from the neighbors about a former couple
occupied the condo before she moved in. They could hear them arguing
and things slamming against the walls. No one died from the incidents,
though apparently a strong psychic residue was left behind.
Though the homeowner lived in the building for a year, the activity
remained mild until the late spring/early summer season. Now, the home
has sold and she has moved to a cooler more northerly climate. It will
be interesting to see if the entities follow her, or if we get a call
from the new homeowner asking us for an investigation.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.
From: "GayleG-@hotmail.com"

Do you know anything about a Saddler Hill in Clay County Ky.
From: kris-@kdselec.fsnet.co.uk"

Please can anyone tell me where there is a hotel that is haunted in the
midlands of England, that me and my friends could spend a night at.
I am looking for a book about Eastland, Texas regarding cults or ghosts.
Please email any info to: "charlene-@hotmail.com"
From Stacey at: "sch-@mainetimes.com"

I am a writer for the Maine Times, a regional monthly lifestyle
magazine based in Bangor, Maine. About a year ago, while at a friend's
house, I perused the National Directory and seem to recall an item from
Ellsworth, Maine, in which a ghost named Sally Weir was said to stalk a
nearby lake and her head was supposedly kept at the Ellsworth
Courthouse. Anyone have any additional info?
My name is Patty Wilson and I have authored 5 books about ghosts in
Pennsylvania. I am currently working upon a book entitled Real Ghost
Hunters that will feature the lives and work of Pennsylvania Ghost
Hunters. If you'd like to learn more please e-mail me at
"pine-@pennswoods.net" and type Real Ghost Hunters in the subject



From: Billy at: "Jackj-@aol.com"

I was 20 yrs old when I went to spend the night in an older house my
parents had recently moved into. My mom had told me she heard things at
night and had been seeing dark shadows of human figures.
I was sleeping in the back bed room and about 1:15 am I was awaken by a
weird laugh and then it felt like someone sat on my chest and my arms
were pin down. I felt two quick hard punches to the face and a loud
laugh. I was able to jump from the bed and began swinging my fist in the
dark room.
My mother rush in, turning on the light and asked me what was wrong.
She said I had a very fearful look on my face. After I told her what
happened I grabbed my blanket and slept on the couch.
I found out later a man had hung himself in that room. My parents said
they would turn off all the lights before leaving home and return to
find them on. They moved shortly after this.



Fort Delaware Ghost Lantern History Tour
Sept 19th, Friday, 7 p.m.
Delaware City, Delaware
With author Ed Okonowicz
For more info call: 302 834-7941
Ghosts of Old Bedford Walking Tour
September 20th
Patty A. Wilson and Scott Crownover are hosting haunted history walking
tours of the historic heart of Bedford, PA. The tour includes:
Stories of the hangings in the town square - The exciting escape of Davy
Lewis - The haunting that resulted in an exorcism at the Russell House -
The ghostly child seen at the oldest cemetery in town - A haunted
elementary school and so much more.
The tour is approximately 1 mile long and takes about 1 hour to
Adult tickets $5.00 children under 12 $3.00 Tours begin at 6:30 p.m.,
8:00 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. each night. For more information or group
reservations call (814) 276-3935 or send checks to Patty Wilson, PO Box
227, Roaring Spring, PA 16673 to hold your spot for this tour. Tickets
available at the tour site each night.
Mid-South Paranormal Convention
September 27th & 28th 2003
2900 South 7th Street
Louisville, KY
For more information or if you are interested in renting a booth please
call Keith at (502) 636-3532 or email Lisa at
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society invites you to it's second annual
Mid-South Paranormal Convention
Special Guests and Speakers will be:
Troy Taylor, famed author of more than 27 books, ghost hunter and
President of the American Ghost Society .
Kriss Stephens, Paranormal Investigator for MTV'S FEAR.
David Goodwin, author of "Ghosts of Jefferson Barracks" AGS
Represenative for St. Louis, and a member of the Ghost Research Society.

Dr. Alan Brown, author of "Shadows and Cypress" and Professor of English
at University of West Alabama

Others to be announced
We will have plenty of booths on all subjects of the paranormal,
including tarot cards, psychics, jewelry, ghost equipment
demonstrations, photos, and much more. We also have a special ghost
hunters event lined up just for Sunday evening. Watch
"http://www.louisvilleghs.com/" for all the updates.
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