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The haunted Places Report 02/21/06  Rev. Ron Beach
 Feb 21, 2006 09:06 PST 

“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know your
thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site? All
items should be emailed to us at: Webma-@haunted-places.com

With the upcoming spring and summer everyone’s ghost hunting
activities are going to start increasing. We’re hoping to start
receiving enough info to once again publish the newsletter on a weekly
Please let us know about your groups upcoming 2006 ghost hunts /
events so we can post them in the newsletter and on the website.
Information can be sent to: edi-@haunted-places.com



From: VAI-@aol.com <VAI-@aol.com>

I'd like to take this time to Thank you for today's' and not only
today's but, whenever you get the chance to send me such wonderful
information! I really love it and I am a really big fan of yours. You
guys are really great.
If you only knew how much comfort you bring me. Since I am a strong
believer in the Spirit World I believe that they haunt or come back for
a reason! I have never feared the dead, I only fear the living. But, you
guys are exactly what I need. Being that it is so hard and difficult to
find people that are interested in what I'm interested in! Without
thinking that I'm some kind of weirdo or freak. But, I'd like to take
the time to tell you that with you I finally feel free and comfortable
to be ME! Without feeling any kind of prejudice for I take these type of
things very seriously because I find that the spirits are all around us
for a reason or other! And you are my only link to such great
information all around!
Thank You once again for taking the time to send me the information
that you do. Once again Thank you for the hard work I want you to know
that you are greatly, greatly, appreciated! And I hope that there will
be many more information to come!

Thanks Guys ! Love Ya!

Hello Folks,

The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program, broadcasting live
every Saturday morning for the last 21 years, needs your assistance in
several areas.

1) We need pre-paid phone cards, preferably with a length of at least 75
minutes. We use these cards to call our guests for each "E.U.P." radio
program. Having our own pre-paid phone cards allows the "E.U.P." program
to call anyone anywhere in the world without budget constraints from
KZUM 89.3 FM - the radio station the broadcast originates from
("http://www.kzum.org" ). We are out of phone cards at this time. I
repeat - we do not have any viable phone cards to use to call our

You may donate pre-paid phone cards to me:
Scott Colborn
1309 "A" St.
Lincoln, NE. 68502

Or, you can arrange to meet me or have me pick them up from you in the
Lincoln area.

2) Mike Lauver set up and maintains the archived podcast site for the
"E.U.P." radio program: "http://friends-of-eup.mypodcasts.net/" .
Mike tells me that site fee's are due. We're looking for several donors
who wish to contribute $10 or more. You can contact me regarding this.
Currently there are 7 archived "E.U.P." radio programs at the
"http://friends-of-eup.mypodcasts.net/" site to choose from. If you
haven't done so, listening to an archived "E.U.P." radio program while
you fix dinner or soak in a hot tub is really enjoyable - you can use
the player at the site, or you can download the program to your
computer, or you can sign up for a free podcast subscription.
If you'd like to express your thanks directly to Mike Lauver for all his
great work in archiving the "E.U.P." radio program, you may e-mail Mike
at: "mlau-@neb.rr.com" .

3) The "E.U.P." radio program needs one or two more individuals who wish
to be producers. The producers coordinate their schedules in advance and
at least one producer is present for the live radio program on Saturday
morning, 10 - 11:30 am Central Time.
The producer calls the guest just prior to the live interview, fields
inquiries from the listening audience, and generally makes my on-air
life easier.
The producer must agree to become a member of KZUM 89.3 FM (minimum
membership level is $25) and must go through a short orientation
training given by appointment by KZUM's Program Director, Craig Lowe (
"progra-@kzum.org" ). You may reach Craig at 402-474-5086 at KZUM
during business hours.
Should you have interest in occasionally (by a pre-agreed rotating
schedule) volunteering your time and energy to be an "E.U.P." radio
program producer, please contact me or Cathy Behrns
("CBeh-@co.lancaster.ne.us" ) !

Here's the upcoming schedule of "E.U.P." radio programs !

Future schedule of guests and program content......

February 25th, Dr. Allan Botkin, author of "Induced After-Death
Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma."
"www.inducedadc.com/" .

March 4th, Jeff Belanger, co-author of "The Nightmare Encyclopedia:
Dream Interpretation Specifically for Nightmares."
"www.newpagebooks.com" & "www.ghostvillage.com" .

March 11th, Laurie McQuary, Psychic Detective.
"www.lauriemcquary.com" .

March 18th, John Magnus, author: Astral Projection and the Nature of
"www.johnmagnus.com" .

March 25th, Rebecca Ann Garrity, metaphysical teacher, psychic and
"http://stephensite.net/rebecca/WordPress/" .

** April 1st, Mellen-Thomas Benedict. The Near-Death Experience.
"http://mellen-thomas.com" .

** April 8th, Charles Hall. The "tall white" ET's.
"www.millennialhospitality.net" .

April 15th, Dr. Ruthie Grant. Toxic People and Personality Disfunction.
"www.ithoughtiwasthecrazyone.com" & "//www.ruthieogrant.org".

April 22nd, Art Campbell. A UFO crash at San Augustin, New Mexico in
"www.theufostore.com" .

April 29th, Frank Joseph. "Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America:
Lost History and Legends, Unearthed and Explored."
"www.ancientamerican.com" .

May 13th, Dr. Bob Curran, author of "Vampires: A Field Guide to the
Creatures that Stalk the Night."

Thanks for taking time to consider the needs of the "Exploring
Unexplained Phenomena" radio program. Thank you for your support in all
ways! 21 years and counting - and still having fun on Saturday mornings.

All the best. Walk in Beauty, Peace.
Host of the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program, Saturdays
10 - 11:30 am Central Time, on KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE, and worldwide
via "http://www.kzum.org" .
Archived for listening and Pod-casting on
"http://friends-of-eup.mypodcasts.net" , with a link to a free
pod-catcher utility here: "http://ipodder.sourceforge.net/index.php" .
Director of Advertising, Sales & Marketing for:
"Buy Lincoln: Lincoln's Free Guide to Locally Owned Businesses!"
"Good Eating: Lincoln's Restaurant, Food & Entertainment Guide."

Life Coach and Mentor - live dynamically and let go of life's baggage.
Be joyful !

Guitar Teacher to those who rock and those who are about to rock.

Scott Colborn's e-mail address: "scottc-@inebraska.com" .
Home phone: 402-477-8846.
Cell phone: 402-770-8604.

"Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest."
Mark Twain.



The Trailer
By Patty A. Wilson

Paul sat in my living room and chatted about ghosts for a while. I
shared with him and his daughter some of the experiences that I had had
as a ghost hunter. Paul seemed genuinely interested by the subject, but
he also admitted that he thought ghosts are interesting, he had never
really thought much about them before.
Paul sat back and shook his head as I described my first encounter
with a black shadow touching me. "I can’t say that I’ve ever been
touched by a ghost," he said, "but I can say that I think I saw one… at
least I really believe that I did." With an opening like that, how could
I do anything other than ask him to explain?
"Well when my folks got married they lived in a trailer that was just
a little bigger than a camper. They eventually bought another trailer
that was larger and the first trailer became a storage shed. That’s
really all that I remember it ever being. It sat in our yard and that
was all.
"One evening my mom was at a neighbor’s house and I went to find her.
I was oh, ten maybe eleven--I wasn’t a teenager yet. Anyhow, I was going
past the small trailer when something caught my eye and I looked in the
one window. "A man was sitting there reading his paper and he had a cup
of coffee on the table. The only thing was no one should have been in
that trailer and there was this glow around the man and the paper and
coffee cup. "It scared me really bad and I high-tailed it to where my
mom was. I told her the story and I guess that I really seemed scared.
"Anyhow, the neighbor man was a state cop and he raised trained dogs
for the cops. He took two of the dogs, German Shepards I believe, and
went right over to the trailer. "Mom unlocked the door from the outside
and the cop ordered the dogs in. They fussed around and didn’t want to
go in there. It took him about fifteen minutes to get them inside. But
once they got in they went right to the table, picked up a scent and
headed for the back door.
"They stopped and both kept looking at this tiny hole in the screen
door. Now the back door was also locked, but the dogs kept fixing on
that tiny hole. I don’t know what it means, but I do know what I saw."
Paul shrugged his shoulders and seemed anxious to move on, so I did.
However, for the rest of the evening I could not help returning mentally
to that story and wondering if he had really seen the ghost, and if so,
the ghost of who?



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.



From: "charlie-@hotmail.com"

My friend told me this story about when she was up north in Wisconsin
staying in some cabins with family during the summer. A few things
One time, during the night, the radio just suddenly turned on, the
dial moved around playing different stations- mostly static. He got up
and unplugged it, and for the rest of the night it stopped. But then, a
couple nights later, the same thing happened. This time, her dad got up
to turn it off, but when he turned it off it kept going. When he
unplugged it, it kept on playing! He finally resorted to throwing the
radio on the ground, smashing it into pieces- which is what it took to
turn it off.
After that, they figured it was time to leave, so they planned to take
off the next evening. During the last day they were there, my friend
decided to use the sauna. The sauna was very safe. Since it's not good
to be in a sauna for too terrible long, you want to avoid getting locked
in there. That's why whoever had made the sauna put the lock on the
inside. But when my friend tried to open the door, she realized it was
locked. The thing that is most interesting is that the lock was not one
that you could pick or lock if you had a key from the outside. It was
one where the metal clasp fits inside the hole on the wall. When she
asked someone who had used it, they told her that the lock could've
never done that by itself, for it was hard enough to lock when you were
in the inside.
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