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Haunted Place Report 10/01/07  Rev. Ron Beach
 Oct 01, 2007 15:46 PDT 

"Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!"

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
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        Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know
your thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site?
All items should be emailed to us at:

         We are in the process of updating the Haunted-Places website
with upcoming events for 2007. Please email us with your upcoming
meetings, conferences, classes, or other events. Just email a short
description including dates, times, prices, & contact info to:



Detroit's Historic Fort Wayne Hosts Ghost Hunts

       Why sit on your couch watching ghost hunters on television when
you can be a ghost hunter yourself? Beginning Saturday, October 6, 2007,
Historic Fort Wayne will host all-night ghost hunts on Saturdays in
October and November.
       The ghost hunts will begin at 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. the
following day. The evening will begin with a tour of the fort, focusing
on the hauntings and ghosts. You will hear about the Civil War soldier
who, after being killed in battle, returned to the place where he
mustered; the soldier forever "doing time" in the guardhouse; the
commandant who maintains watch over his house; and more. The
participants will then be free to ghost hunt on their own.
       The ghost hunts are sponsored by the Historic Fort Wayne
Coalition (HFWC)-a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation
and restoration of the fort-and operated by Detroit Ghosts. The cost
per participant is $40; reservations are required and can be made at
www.detroitghosts.com. Proceeds from the ghost hunts will go to the
HFWC and to the City of Detroit Recreation Department, which oversees
the operations of the fort.
       Participants are encouraged to bring their "ghost hunting
equipment" (cameras, video cameras, audio recorders, flashlights,
dowsing rods, etc.) in order to capture evidence of the paranormal.
       Historic Fort Wayne is located at 6325 West Jefferson
Avenue-where Livernois "dead-ends" at Jefferson in Detroit, Michigan.

The Paranormal Awareness Society has exciting news for all of our

       PASC, a non-profit corporation, has just become a 501(c)3
charity. Becoming a charity was one of the goals PASC and that goal has
been achieved. PASC is now legally authorized to accept donations and
this status will open some more doors for PASC. For more information,
please check out our website at www.paranormalawarenesssociety.com or
e-mail us at paranormalawa-@gmail.com to see how you could
      September newsletter is at:

From Brandy Stark
SPIRITS of St. Petersburg

        As the SPIRITS gets on in age, we have had a few experiences
here and there; we are now starting to catalogue these into subdivisions
on our website. This month, in honor of Halloween, we have started our
"Cemetery Hub" upon which we will gather our cemetery investigations.
We have some urban legends, local stories, and investigator comments on
each page. The newest investigation is our preliminary review of the
Municipal Cemetery.
        There is a new poll image (and a cute puppy) on the poll page.
We have updated the Heritage Inn investigation, and we have a new
investigation added to the front page. We've just had an investigation
tonight; another one next week.... it’s a busy time so keep an eye on
the front page.

Maryland Paranormal Research Team presents Halloween Bash Fundraiser and
Bull Roast
Friday - October 26, 2007
UAW Hall
1010 S. Oldham St. at O'Donnell St.
7 pm to 12 am

        Silent Auction - Wheels and Raffles. Book signing Vince Wilson
author of Ghost Tech, and Bill Bean from the Discovery Channels A
Haunting! Music by DJ and a 1-hour and a half show by Big El..... Elvis
comes back.
        Tickets $30 per person (Must be 21 to attend.) for more info
call Dave 443-216-7413. Website   



A True Ghost Story
Written by Tom at: HUNTan-@aol.com

       My parents and I lived in a house in the northeast Bronx, New
York for about eight years. We moved in around 1965 when I was eight
years old. The house had a resident ghost or presence that made itself
known after the old owner's workshop in the basement had been disturbed.
The old owner, Bernard Fegan, was a former seaman who was 92 when my
family moved there. As a side note Mr. Fegan had been a crewman on the
Carpathia when it picked up survivors of the Titanic. Mr. Fegan took
great pride in his house. Every Saturday he polished everything brass to
a high luster, doorknobs, mailboxes, railings, etc. He had a workshop in
the basement since he owned the house and it was his main interest and
diversion. When he died at 94 the house was sold to a young couple and
my family stayed on as tenants. Up to this time nothing unusual was
noticed at the house.
       Incidents began when the new owners began to tear out the old
workshop to convert it into a family room. Lights would go on by
themselves, objects moved and noises were commonplace. In basic terms,
all the hallmarks of a ghost were there. In our apartment the bathroom
was directly across the hall from my bedroom. At night while lying awake
in bed I had a clear view of the bathroom entrance and ceiling light
fixture. Many nights I would be awakened by the light shining into my
room without any visible presence to account for it. My father was not a
believer in the supernatural and was constantly reminding my brother and
I to turn the bathroom light off. My brother blamed me but I insisted it
was not I. My father even went so far as to change the fixture with a
new one thinking that was the problem. The light still came on. To top
it off the light was a pull chain fixture so it couldn't slip into the
on position or go on accidentally.
       A second problem was that my mother's purse was found at the foot
of her bed every night even though she left it on her dresser when
turning in. My mother was a waitress at the time and usually got home
late and went to bed. Her habit was to leave her purse on the edge of
her dresser. Every morning my father found her purse, upright, and
contents intact, at foot of the bed, about six feet from the dresser. My
father insisted my brother or I were responsible. He tried to end it by
putting a lock on their bedroom door at night. It didn’t work; the purse
was still moved overnight.
       The third thing was occasional footsteps in the hallway, noises
in the attic and the sound of doors closing. This was not much of a
bother but was unsettling when home alone.
       A fourth incident was when we were “baby-sitting” a friend's
poodle. The dog refused to go into the back half of the apartment. The
unexpected happened when one day it jumped out the window for no
apparent reason (it was a second story apartment). Thankfully the dog
had no serious injuries but it was a concern as to why he jumped.
       The owners of the house experienced similar occurrences but
accepted them as part of life and paid little attention to it. When the
house was sold in 1973 our family moved to an apartment about five
houses up the block. I was a teenager then and got to know the new
owners' teenagers. I asked if they had any problems with the house not
alluding to any of our experiences. The new owner's son told me general
upkeep problems, leaks, worn appliances, etc. and about how their father
had rewired the upstairs bathroom in an unsuccessful attempt to try to
correct the light going on at night. Other problems now experienced were
the footsteps, noise in the attic, door closing sounds and a new one,
banging on the walls in the back of the apartment. I never mentioned Mr.
Fegan to them. We moved out of the neighborhood six months later I have
no idea what is going on there now.



        This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal
groups near their home or seeking information about various hauntings.
If you can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel
free to email the senders.
         Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.

From Paul:

       We are a small group of people interested in the paranormal in
the Lowell Ma area looking for other like-minded individuals who are
interested in forming a group for the purpose of ghost hunting in the
       We have been on several ghost hunts informally including area
cemetery’s, Battle Road, and also an exciting trip to Rolling Hills
Sanitarium in Bethany NY in which we got some cool EVP's and a couple of
cool photo's. We have another trip to Rolling Hills scheduled in April
        If interested please email me at: sttohe-@yahoo.com

From Patty Wilson at: pineycre-@yahoo.com

        If anyone has had a paranormal experience of a sexual nature or
worked a case where the entity involved was sexually inappropriate
please contact me. I am currently collecting material on the subject
for an upcoming book.
       As a paranormal investigator myself, I have had cases of this
nature and there is very little literature out there on this subject. I
am hoping to compile enough data to separate types of encounters, verify
the aftermath and see how others have handled the situation.



From: Tracey

       Right on the main drag in Virginia City, NV (not much of a drag!)
is an old hotel. If you enter the city from the East -as most do - it is
on the right. It is a real old West hotel w/ cabins out back. I can't
remember exactly WHICH cabin we stayed in but the bed was on the right
as we walked in - I think it was in the middle of the row of cabins.
       I could not even go into the bathroom- very heavy in there. I
remember my husband had to sit in the bathroom while I was in there. I
tried to shower but could not stand it. I slept fitfully and at exactly
6:00 a.m. -our bunny (house-bunny, she traveled w/ us everywhere)
freaked out. I woke up and she was hurling herself against the side of
the cage trying to get away from something - climbing up the side of her
cage. In the 11 yrs. we had her I NEVER saw her act this scared. We took
her in bed w/ us but she was so upset. We had to take her outside to
calm her down.
      We just got up and left. I KNOW there was something in that cabin
that did not want us there. It was curious to see a bunny in the room,
that's for sure but there was a real sense of heaviness/unease in that
room, esp. in the bathroom. If you see the hotel - please check it out!!
I have often wondered if the owners could add to the story. We left
before they were up!
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