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2009 Alchemy Conference  Dennis William Hauck
 Jun 04, 2009 13:01 PDT 

Los Angeles Convention Center ~ October 23-25, 2009


► A rare opportunity to work with Alchemists from around
the globe!*
► Join us for the largest public gathering of Alchemists
in 500 years!*
► Discover the many applications of Alchemy in the modern
► Learn how Alchemy can transform ourselves and the


 Dr. Masaru Emoto
Master Mantak Chia
William Henry
Nassim Haramein
Dr. Alfredo Sefir-Younis
Hans Andrea
Dr. Gudni Gudnason
Dennis William Hauck
Robert Allen Bartlett
Barry Carter
Don Nance
Don Estes
Peter Sterling
Dr. Thom Cavalli
Micah Nilsson
Paul Bartscher
Dr. Theresa Ibis
Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil
Gary Stadler
Daniel Coaten
Duane Saari
. . . and more


 The Alchemy of Harry Potter
Alchemy for the Economy
Alchemy in the Quantum Age
Alchemy for Businesses
Planetary Stargates
Alchemy of Energy Healing
Consciousness Alchemy
Taoist Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy
Practical Alchemy
Kabbalistic Alchemy
Psychological Alchemy
Ceremonial Alchemy
Alchemical Performances & Music
Healing Herbal Elixirs
ORMUS & White Powder Gold
Alchemical Products
. . . and so much more!

Register before july 1 for early bird discounts!
Register Now Online at www.AlchemyConference.com!
Or Call 866-755-7025

Alchemy - the Art and Science of Transformation

Practitioners will share both practical and spiritual
techniques in this intensive, multimedia and educational
event. The emphasis is on real alchemy, and the goal is to
inform and empower individuals with the ancient wisdom.
There will be lots of opportunities for informal meetings,
plus entertainment and other fun surprises.
The Purpose of this gathering is multifold:

 To restore the Wisdom of the Alchemical Tradition to the
consciousness of the general public.
 To educate attendees in the true teachings of Alchemy and
the many ways in which it can be practically applied in
life, work, society, and the world at large for creating
transformation and evolution.
 To invoke the energy of World Transformation at a
Conscious and Intentional gathering of spiritual seekers,
healers, and teachers.
 To provide a forum for a “Meeting of the Masters”,
where practicing Alchemists from many different traditions
and disciplines can come together in open dialogue with the
intention of fostering collaboration, synergy, and
 To revive the times, like those of Salomon’s Temple,
Alexandria, Prague, and others when the ancient arts were
more openly discussed and practiced.
 To represent the many faces of Alchemy, thereby showing
its applicability, universality, and transformative power
that everyone can apply in their life according to their
personal resonance and chosen path.
 To continue this annual gathering that brings interested
people together each year as well as encourages people to
stay connected between conferences in various ways: small
local or regional group meetings, social networking
communications through Facebook and other online discussion

 Practicing Alchemists from 12 Countries*
Famous Authors, Consultants and Researchers*
Lectures on All Aspects of Alchemy*
For Beginning and Advanced Students*
Workshops in Spiritual and Practical Alchemy*
Informal Meetings with Speakers*
Free Entertainment and Gifts*
Scores of Unique Vendors*
. . . and much more!*

Many package options to choose from*:
 Full Event Pass (3-days)*: $295*
1-day Event Pass*: $135*
Workshop Pass*: $60/workshop
Keynote Speaker Only*: $75/keynote
Single Speaker Only*: $40/speaker*
Entertainment Evening Only*: $15
Vendor/Exhibit Pass*: Free!
* Workshops not included in 3-day or 1-day passes, there
is an extra fee for these. Single speaker fee does not
include keynote speakers.

For complete information, please go to:


Call us toll-free: 866-755-7025

This annual event is produced jointly by the International
Alchemy Guild and the Modern Mystery School. The Guild is a
non-profit organization with members in 23 countries
dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings of alchemy.
The Modern Mystery School offers spiritual training in the
ancient lineage of wisdom transmitted through the great
masters. The goal of our work is to empower individuals
with the highest level of spiritual growth coupled with
practical knowledge on how to change our personal reality
and thereby transform the world.
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