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Alchemy Conference Speakers  Dennis William Hauck
 Jul 10, 2011 07:19 PDT 

September 16-18, 2011 - Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach,

For complete information and special offers, visit
www.AlchemyConference.com/?amigosid=5 .

Download the flyer at
www.AlchemyStudy.net/downloads/AlchemyConf-2011.pdf .                 

This is the fourth meeting of alchemists from around the world and
includes traditional and modern practitioners on both spiritual and
practical paths of the Great Work. This year's speakers offer a diverse
and enlightening look at the power of alchemy on all levels of body,
mind, and spirit.

Bodily alchemy is a prominent theme at this year's conference. In a
presentation entitled "Supreme Inner Alchemy," Master Mantak Chia
teaches a fundamental alchemical energy meditation called "Awakening
Healing Light and Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit." In "Soul Rising:
Alchemy and the Awakening of the Soul," William Henry elaborates on the
profound connection between alchemy and the Tibetan "rainbow body of
light" and the transfiguration and resurrection of Jesus Christ into
light. Christina Bjergo also explores alchemical body work in her
workshop "The Alchemy of Dreaming Through Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong."

Along the same lines, Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov reviews his
groundbreaking research and equipment he invented for measuring the
human energy field and its applications in the areas of medicine,
parapsychology, and biophysics. Sonia Barrett will lecture on stepping
beyond the boundaries of the Collective Human Program through the
particle wave dance going on inside our bodies. In "The Alchemy of
Cyborg," Ross Bochnek envisions the evolution of man and machine from
both biological and spiritual viewpoints.

Egyptian alchemy is also a popular theme with speakers. Drawing from the
5,000-year-old myth of Osiris, Dr. Thom Cavalli reveals the alchemical
recipe embedded in this ancient story. He will hold a workshop on
applied methods called "Becoming Osiris, A Journey into Eternity." Nicki
Scully taps into her experiences with Egyptian alchemy and discusses
methods of transforming fear as a path to enlightenment. The powerful
implications of the Emerald Tablet's dictum 'As Above so Below' are
examined by Maja D'Aoust in her keynote address "To see a World in a
Grain of Sand."

Alchemy as a path of initiation is also a prevalent theme. Tim Wallace
Murphy, in his keynote address "Cracking the Symbol Code," looks at the
powerful initiatory symbolism of the transformative spiritual alchemy of
ancient Egypt. In his presentation "From a Dead Stone to a Living
Philosophical One,” Dr. Stanton Marlan explores a wide range of powerful
images that are actually archetypal signatures of the soul that can
guide us through the Great Work of alchemical initiation. Vernon Roth
looks at the nature of alchemical initiation from ancient America,
Egypt, Greece to Ireland- and modern research that confirms many ancient

Dr. Gregory Brown presents the Western path of initiation and the
integration of the opposites as a powerful path of growth using applied
techniques from alchemy and the mystery schools. Spiritual leader and
practicing alchemist Gudni Gudnason reveals the amazingly powerful
secret alchemy preserved in the kabalistic text "Aesch Mezareph" ("The
Purifying Fire"). Author Kathleen McGowan talks about her bestselling
books dealing with esoteric studies, prayer, and other spiritual

Steve Kalec looks at mastering the alchemical art as an ancient path of
initiation in his lecture "The Initiatic Potentials of Alchemical
Operative Work." Dr. Bruce Fisher shows how to open one's Inner Vision
through the Hermetic viewpoint and tapping into the power of the
Universal Polarities, i.e., the masculine and feminine potencies that
drive all processes in the universe. In his lecture "Alchemy and the
Ascent of the Soul," Brian Cotnoir examines the alchemical processes of
the ancient initiatory practice of chrysopoeia, that is, the art of gold

Practical lab work and the preparation of alchemical medicines is also
an important part of the conference. Practicing alchemist Robert
Bartlett will relate his experiences working with Frater Albertus, and
he will also do a workshop on the techniques of herbal alchemy in making
spagyric tinctures, essences, elixirs, and vegetable stones. In his
workshop, Dennis William Hauck reveals the ingredients and secret
processes of an ancient Egyptian alchemical demonstration called the
Arcanum Experiment. Barry Carter shows how we can use ORMUS alchemy to
double the production and nutrition of fruits and vegetables and
describes some simple methods that anyone can use to concentrate the
ORMUS minerals

Russ House will be offering a workshop on the fundamentals of alchemical
practice. Gabriel Maroney will include discussions in his presentation
on the history, theory, and practical aspects of traditional laboratory
alchemy as well as an exploration for a new, yet traditional, theory of
evolution. Dr. Werner Nawrocki explores alchemy as a method in the
future development of the world and looks at the differences between
scientific and metaphysical thinking to reveal applied alchemy as a
basis for diagnosis and therapy for personal transformation.

Alchemists Andrew Ozinskas, Gabriel Maroney, Gary Stadler, and Tom
Waters will be manning a working alchemical laboratory at the center of
the conference and will be performing a variety of alchemy experiments
and instructional demonstrations.

Several speakers explore the power of consciousness in alchemical
transformation. In his keynote address, Dennis William Hauck focuses on
the power of consciousness in alchemy, as he looks back at his
apprenticeship in Prague in the 1970s. Russ House reflects on his years
in alchemy as leader of the Philosophers of Nature group and some of the
personalities and teachers he worked with.

In her lecture, Dr. Theresa Bullard introduces a revolutionary process
for transforming consciousness, through the awakening of the genius
within. In her workshop, she will illuminate the keys to shifting the
way we think and perceive from an imperfect state to a state of
operating at maximum potential based on the quantum realm of
possibility. "Amazon John" Easterling looks at "The Role of Edible
Alchemy in the Evolution of Consciousness" and the role of unique
botanical compounds in our spiritual and physical processes. Nicki
Scully will do a workshop on alchemical healing that focuses on
directing personal energy consciously by working with plant and animal

Other conference speakers present a smorgasbord of interpretations of
the possible applications of alchemical principles. Philosopher and
political scientist Steve Bhaerman will be talking about spontaneous
evolution and the creation of a new super-organism called Humanity. He
will also be giving a workshop on the alchemy of humor. In his
“Conspiracy for Greatness” lecture, Behnam Bakhshandeh examines areas of
our lives that we have impacted with our "conspiracies" for smallness
and how we can free ourselves from these limitations.

In his workshop "The Secret Tibetan Contribution to Alchemy and Making
the Philosopher’s Stone," Art Kunkin shows how ancient spirit teachings
support his own experiments in ingesting a unique radioactive material
as the fabled Stone. John Riley examines the shifts into higher
consciousness taking place on the planet using advanced technologies
such as the Lifestream Generator.

Astrologer Michelle Karén takes a look at the alchemy of 2012 and
explain why our times are so unique in the whole history of humanity, as
a shift in global consciousness is about to take place. In "Soul Rising:
Alchemy of Synthesis and Distinction," Myra Jackson elucidates the
opportunity given to us all to be as alchemists in council with all life
during these defining times.

Patrize Maleze reviews the practical lab work of modern alchemist
Cyliani (author of Hermes Unveiled), who is said to have discovered the
Philosopher's Stone. Tony Matthews, grandson of the mysterious Lapidus,
reviews the work of the modern alchemist who sought the Elixir of life.

In her lecture "Alchemy for Corporate Leadership," Kim Page shows how
the operations of alchemy can be applied to the workplace to make it
more alive and adaptive. Duane Saari reviews the operations of Basil
Valentine's Azoth drawing and offers practical methods of applying them
in our daily lives.

Mark Romero introduce participants to his musical technology and
demonstrates how his music instantly shifts listeners into higher states
of consciousness and physical energy. He will also be holding a workshop
on how to open and accelerate your divine potential using sound and
other techniques he has discovered.

Jonathan Quintin looks at sacred geometry and its connection to the laws
of creation and the inner workings of Nature in a revealing lecture on
the hidden beauty and power of Nature. Tess Whitehurst offers some
practical advice on alchemical housekeeping and how to use sacred space
in our lives to promote healing and transformation.

This year's International Alchemy Conference offers a rare opportunity
to stretch our minds, learn new tools for transforming our lives,
network with some of the most interesting people on the planet, and join
in interactive events and hands-on workshops. Together, we will carry
the alchemical spirit forward in modern times.

The International Alchemy Conference will be held September 16-18 at the
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California.

Download a flyer at www.AlchemyStudy.net/downloads/AlchemyConf-2011.pdf

For complete information and special offers, go to
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