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New Film on Mysticism  Dennis William Hauck
 Nov 17, 2013 09:55 PST 

THE MYSTICS: A Journey into the Mysteries
An Epic 13-part Documentary Series on the History of Mysticism

The International Alchemy Guild and Alchemergy Films are supporting a
new independent film project from director Erik Paulsson. The
documentary series will take the audience on a journey around the world
and throughout time to follow the evolution of the world’s great
mystical traditions and meet some of the mystical philosophers who have
imparted their wisdom teachings to humanity.

The mystics are shamans, druids, and philosopher sages of ancient China
and Greece. They are the gurus and Vedic philosophers of India, and the
oracles of ancient Egypt. They are the prophets and magi of the Middle
East. They are alchemists, Hermeticists, and theosophists. They are the
Buddhists, Gnostic Christians, Jewish Kabbalists, Sikh Masters and
Muslim Sufis.

The mystics all believe that there is more to reality than we can
perceive with our limited five senses, and that through training, all
human beings can transform their minds in order to experience higher
states of consciousness. To mystics, the ultimate goal of life is
enlightenment or gnosis, Greek for “knowing.” They believe that
attaining these states leads to a profound understanding of the
mysteries of the Universe, and thus their methods are known as the
mystery teachings.
As this gripping story unfolds, we will journey through 5,000 years of
history, from the Shamanic traditions of hunting gathering societies,
through the emergence of Eastern and Western mystical philosophy, to the
modern spiritual integration movement, which seeks the parallels that
connect all mystery teachings, and their correlation with modern
scientific theory.

The series will introduce audiences to a wide variety of wisdom
teachers, from the better known to the more obscure. It will explore
many of the great mystical traditions including Shamanism, Taoism,
Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, the Chaldean, Egyptian and Greek mystery
teachings, the great philosopher sages from China to Greece,
Zoroastriansim, Jewish mysticism as expressed through Kabbalistic
thought, the Jesus mystery teachings, Gnosticism, Hermeticism,
Manicheanism, Alchemy, the Christian mystics, Sufism, Baha’i, Sikhism,
Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Theosophy, etc.

Producer/Director Erik Paulsson

Sundance Award Winning producer Erik Paulsson (Eve & the Fire Horse) has
spent several years researching the project, which will follow the
evolution of the world’s great mystical traditions spanning more than
5,000 years of history. The series will begin with the nature
worshipping traditions of the world’s earliest cultures, follow the
emergence and development of both eastern and western mystical
philosophy, and end with the modern spiritual integration movement which
seeks the parallels that unite all spiritual traditions, and their
correlation to modern scientific theory.

“With this series,” notes Paulsson, “I want to show audiences that at
the root of all major world religions lies a common understanding, known
as the Perennial philosophy. I want to help tear down the walls created
by religious dogma. My goal is to open people’s eyes to the Universal
truth underlying and potentially unifying all religions, to free their
minds from limiting beliefs. Entrenched belief systems build walls that
prevent individuals and society from growing, and have caused too much
bloodshed based on intolerance.”

“Essentially this series is about humanity’s search for the common
truths, or the unified field theory, that will unite us as a global
community. It will also demonstrate how we went out of balance when the
patriarchies of powerful religious institutions went to war against
nature worship and feminine wisdom. In this critical time, as we face
environmental destruction and an existential crisis caused by rampant
individualism, it is more important than ever for humanity to learn
about our spiritual roots and understand the perennial philosophy which
conveys the interconnectedness of all life.”


Contribute to the campaign to produce this series and/or share the
promotional video. Please visit: IndieGogo.com and search for “The
Mystics: A Journey into the Mysteries” or follow this link:
http://igg.me/at/the-mystics/x/2334516. For photos or interviews
contact: Erik Paulsson, eapau-@gmail.com. To embed the video, use
this link: http://vimeo.com/79358849. Download the Press Release from
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