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 Haunted Places
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Haunted-Places Report Christmas Shopping Issue  Rev. Ron Beach
 Dec 11, 2007 19:16 PST 

"Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!"

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




       This is something new this year, an issue with a few gift
suggestions for the Ghost Hunter in your family. If this works out we’ll
have an even bigger issues next year.

      First we would like to recommend some reading for those cold
winter nights:

Myst and Lace Publishers have a fine selection of ghost related books
and other novels. A recent book of theirs is:

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
by Ed Okonowicz
(Review taken from their website)

Tale of Love, Mystery and a Miracle of Two

        What happens when an ordinary man finds one of the most famous
objects in the history of the world that has been lost for thousands of
        For Philadelphia firefighter and bartender Joey Novak, it’s a
life-changing experience when he discovers an old suitcase holding the
lost gold presented to the Christ Child by the Three Kings. In a
materialistic, uncaring world, this everyday father and husband learns
he has been selected as the next Keeper of the Coins. His job: to share
his newfound riches and powers with the desperate and needy who will
cross his path. With the help of an ornery, impatient mentor, Joey Novak
eventually learns, and lives, the wisdom of the proverb: “It is better
to give than to receive.”
        Readers of this surprising story get to follow Joey on his
rather rocky and, at times, humorous journey.
        With the help of Janice, his wife, and a supporting cast of
quirky characters— including Izzy Bloom, an ornery mentor (reminiscent
of Mickey, Rocky Balboa's colorful trainer); JJ, Joey's deaf son; Uncle
Lou, owner of the Welcome Inn, the family saloon—and assorted barroom
regulars, Joey attempts to discharge his unusual duties as the new
Keeper of the Coins.
        Most of the action takes place in the City of Brotherly Love.
Area readers will recognize such well-known sites as Jewelers' Row, the
Art Museum and the popular Wanamaker's Christmas Light Show.
        To give more information would spoil the surprises and twists in
the plot. But Christmas is a season of love, fond family memories,
magic, surprises and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to
experience personal redemption, to start anew. That's Joey's story.
         I think everyone knows a "Joey." He's the good guy who never
gets the big break, but who never gives up, who never stops trying to
grab for the gold ring. But in real life, Lady Luck doesn't stop at
Joey's doorstep. In Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, we see what happens
when unlimited wealth and power are placed at the little guy's disposal.
Will he do the right thing? Make the right choices? Will things turn out
well in the end?
       Who knows? That's what a "what if" book is all about. We hope you
decide to get a copy and find out for yourself—and, if you enjoy our
book, get copies to share this Christmas with those you love.

You can visit Myst and Lace Publisher at:
http://www.mystandlace.com/index.html or order their books from


Schiffer Books at http://www.schifferbooks.com/newschiffer offers books
dealing with many different subjects, including ghost and hauntings. One
of their books is:

The Dead Won't Hurt You...Or Will They? D.B. Lyn
A True Tale of a Family's Haunting
(Review taken from their website)

       A true and terrifying story of a menacing, haunted home. One
woman's hair-raising account of unseen hands that leave bruises, throw
things at her head with deadly aim, turn lights off, and knock on doors
when nobody else is home. Feel chills as she sets out to finally rid the
house, and her life, of evil.

(Newsletter Editor’s Note: I personally know the author and have visited
the site of this house many times. It truly is a haunted place.)

World of the Unknown at: www.worldoftheunknown.com offers some great
ghost related videos. Among them is my favorite:

An Unknown Encounter
(Review taken from their website)

        In 1989 a small group of paranormal researchers investigated a
woman's claim that her small San Pedro, California home was haunted.
What followed turned out to be one of the most bizarre true hauntings on
record--all documented on videotape by a professional cameraman!

Strange Balls of Light!
An Attempted Hanging of a photographer!
Human Blood Plasma Dripping From the House's Walls!

        Is this the evidence the world is waiting for? Do ghosts really
exist? This 81-minute documentary delves into a world seldom seen by
most people. The world of a woman besieged by a ghostly entity. An
entity so violent that it hung a man in her attic! An entity so
terrifying, it followed not only the woman to her new home but it
pursued the researchers to their homes as well.
        Dr. Barry Taff, formerly with UCLA's parapychology lab as well
as principal investigator on the now famous "Entity" case, has stated
that this could very well be the "Mt. Everest of all hauntings at least
from the perspective of visual evidence captured on both video and still

Spooked Television Releasing has released the first of two videos titled
Children of the Grave.

(Review taken from their website)
       Children Of The Grave goes in depth, (on steroids) uncovering the
truth behind child ghosts. Unmarked graves with untold stories leads us
across six US States on a ten-day investigation hunting for child
spirits. Abandoned Orphanages to the Devils Woods unleashes a nest of
dark entities while on the mother of all ghost hunts. Emotional,
powerful and frightening! Knowing now that they truly exist, the truth
has never been scarier! An epic-reality adventure into the unknown! They
are watching and waiting… waiting for their judgment day to prevail.
        The paranormal cast includes Keith Age, Troy Taylor, John
Zaffis, Steven LaChance, Paranormal Task Force and Rosemary Ellen

Children Of The Grave - (Horror Documentary) October 2007 DVD Release
Children Of The Grave II - "The Possessed" (Horror Documentary) June

The first release can be purchased through their website at:
www.childrenofthegraveblog.blogspot.com The video is also available at
Amazon.com and target.com
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