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The Haunted Places Report 11/13/03  Rev. Ron Beach
 Nov 13, 2003 13:55 PST 

“Some things exist whether you believe in them or not!”

Founded by: Dennis William Hauck
Edited by: Rev. Ronald E. Beach
Email: Edi-@haunted-places.com
Website: http://www.Haunted-Places.com

All information contained in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not
be used in any format without the express written permission of the




Please visit our website at: Haunted-Places.com and let us know your
thoughts & comments. Anything you like to see added to the site? All
items should be emailed to us at: Webma-@haunted-places.com



We invite your letters to the editor. Tell us how you feel about things
in the newsletter or in the ghost hunting community. All letters must be
accompanied by an email address so other readers can respond to you.

Good Evening,

My name is Natalie, currently residing in Northern California, just
outside of Sacramento. I am currently attending Stratford Career
Institute Home Study Course and planning to receive a diploma in
parapsychology. I am seeking employment in the paranormal Investigation
I have experienced several paranormal phenomena encounters over the
years and in June 2002 decided to try my hand at paranormal
photography. I used my Fuji 35mm camera (over $100+) auto focus/auto
advance camera; My Kodak 35mm ($15 camera + 3 film 24exp) auto
focus/manual film advance; a couple disposable 35mm cameras with auto
focus/manual advance; auto focus with panoramic capability manual film
no flash (no batteries required as well as my Vivicam digital (most
recent purchase), with sites I p/u 'd
feel for haunting activity I have had remarkable results with no less
than 2 of the 24 I have clearly set aside as positive results.
My first pics are of a cemetery locals refuse to venture at night- 11am
June 13, 2002 alone in small cemetery outskirts between Lincoln and
Sheridan and first cemetery for locals beyond the military cemetery now
within personal property lines. 1 clearly shows image of woman dresses
in long black gown appearing to be mourning at closer look her gown
fades with no visual of approx 1ft
from ground (no feet!), 2 the way two trees are next to one another
forms a skull between them, 3 two spirit energies one rising from
tombstone and the other clearly the image of a female sitting atop a
stone, 4 at the base of a tree a girl is visible next to a stone, and
the most active 5 shows image of a spirit energy in the form of a
gentleman in 1800 period clothing and beneath the canopy of another tree
there are two side by side with their feet and heads
out of view. This being my 1st attempt to intentionally capture
I was quite amazed myself... Which made me feel less dumb about stating
aloud to appearingly no one that I had brought my cameras and was there
to take their pictures is so desired... Since, I have taken photos at
the overflow cemetery of this one resulting in 4 pics with orbs
(nightshot); 4 pics of varied phenomena at the Winchester Mystery House,
San Jose, Calif. 2 pics taken at my house, 2 pics taken at an abandoned
ranch house (12yrs+) reportedly haunted by teens in area, and lastly 9
pics taken in Virginia City Nv. 9/13/03.
If you or if you know of anyone looking to hire in the paranormal
investigation field a person with a knack for picking up on haunts and
several dealings with the paranormal please contact me @

Thank you for your time,

Hi Ron,

It's good to have you back! I hope all is well. I was wondering what
happened to you and was going to send an e-mail this week.
Thanks for continuing the newsletter.




From: "MrMa-@aol.com"

Greetings All:
A couple weeks ago I mentioned in an update that we had something new
coming, something nobody else had, something I thought many of you would
love. I wouldn't say just then what that something was but, I can tell
you now.
I have commissioned the company that makes the police and sheriff badges
for the state of Utah to create [for the UGHS] a "Paranormal
Investigator" badge. These are finally done, they are really cool! The
are the same size, weight, and quality as a professional police officer
badge. We have these in Rhodium [silver] or Gold plated.
Check these out when you get a chance. Go to our web site
"http://www.ghostwave.com/", and follow the link or straight to the
badge page at: "http://www.ghostwave.com/pibadge.html".

New Ghostly Theatre Open in South Carolina!

Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach now hosts the latest, and most
unusual performance attraction to hit the coastline. The first
outstanding difference is, all of the performers are deceased!
'Ghosts and Legends of the Grand Strand' is a twenty minute interactive
show in which ghosts themselves tell their stories to audience members.
The venue is a first, show casing southern lore specifically related to
the Grand Strand area. Co-owner Oliver Holler comments, "Guests have the
opportunity for a genuine Myrtle Beach experience, learning
something about our area while being entertained. Our southern
coastline is, after all, referred to as one of the most haunted places
in world!"
Tourists and locals alike are treated to a recreated classic plantation
interior, complete with haunted artifacts from the 1700's and beyond.
The seating capacity provides for an intimate experience, with the
action being no more than a few feet from any of the sixty seats.
Popular stories unfold around the audience as the rich history and
folklore of the Grand Strand comes to life via high-tech wizardry and
special effects. Terry Holler describes, "Imagine being caught in the
middle of a Category Four hurricane and having the legendary 'Gray Man
appear right in front of you to warn of the coming disaster.'
'Ghosts and Legends of the Grand Strand' resurrects a varied cast of
magnificent characters such as pirates, plantation slaves, heroes,
monsters, and of course, lovers including the beautiful Alice of the
Hermitage, known to many locals as the most often sighted ghost of the
Hours reflect Barefoot Landing operating hours, usually from 10am
to9pm, and ticket prices are $4 for children 4-12 and $8 for adults.
For more information, go online at "http://www.GhostShows.com" or call

From: Meghan at: "Guenev-@hotmail.com"

Just thought I'd let you know the sign over John Stone's Inn in MA
actually reads "Spirits, Food, and Spirits" as a play on their haunted
status. I actually had my 10th birthday there when I was a little kid
because it was haunted.
I now live in Salem, MA and there are MANY haunted places there but
none of them are listed on your web site! Some people call it the most
Haunted town in New England. Look some of the stuff up. Among others
there are The Joshua-Ward House, The Witch Dungeon Museum, Old Burial
Point, and the Howard Street Burial Grounds famed for the appearances of
the Ghost of Giles Corey before any great disasters affecting the town
(including the Great Salem Fire). Look up the book Haunted Happenings by
Robert Ellis Cahill for more info.

From: "civilwar-@superpa.net"

Just a note to let you know that we exist. Going to Gettysburg, Pa. any
time soon? Why not check out the ALL-NEW Gettysburg Civil War Era Dinner
Theater? One Man...three distinctly and uniquely different
characters...one sumptuous meal.
Truly an escape back in time as we present a three-part journey to
* Civil War Era Magic Show, Featuring Close-Up and Parlor Magic of the
Civil War Era with"Professor Kerrigan.
* An "Old Timer" Sort of a cross between "Gabby" Hayes and Walter
Brennan, who will share stories about life as a civilian during the
Battle of Gettysburg and some of the more popular Ghost stories
associated with the town.
* A Theatrical Re-Creation of a Civil War Era Séance.

2 1/2 hours of sound entertainment of the era, for the entire family.
Performing Tues. thru Sat. nights at 7:00 PM , 1:00 PM Sun. Matinee,
Closed Mon. in The Historic Fairfield Inn built in 1757.

Magically yours,
Joseph F. Kerrigan
"The Professor"
We've been chosen to appear on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL'S "MAGIC ROAD TRIP".
We were also featured in the JUNE ISSUE of

From: Justin at: "OBEL-@aol.com"

There are a few places in southern California in the city of Redlands
and Riverside that I know about. A few years ago my friends and I wanted
to investigate haunted places that we new or heard about.   Redlands is
a very old city and has a lot skeletons in the closet.
* The Barton house a old brick boarded up us house located in the orange
groves. It is a place that only the brave should attempt to enter.
The Barton's when they where alive kept to themselves and I don't know
the circumstances of what is troubling the residence. I'm only 24. We
broke in one night and I don't condone that (Editor‘s note: Nor do we!).
However we where curious and we are into ghosts. We stayed only awhile,
for the second we went in it was horribly cold in this was the middle of
July. It stunk the smell was of rotting flesh, I can’t explained it.
Then we hard talking up stairs but we could not make out what the voices
where saying, it was almost whispering. Then came the running and
stomping. After that we left. A very bad place.
* The chicken coops. Is also in Redlands and located in the orange
groves. Many many years ago the man who raised chickens there. He was a
bad man, he took women there and raped them then killed them. The place
is now a wreck and hard to find. We found it. After walking around you
start feeling bad. Soon you hear the screams of women it is awful and
you want to leave as soon as you can.
* Riverside California. There is a old cemetery which goes back to the
1800's. The city stopped funding it and quickly if fell into ruin. After
exploring we discovered the last person to be buried there was in 1940.
The experiences we encountered where cold drafts everywhere. We did not
hear anything or see anything but we all had this feeling of despair
resident's living near the place have reported hearing things as well as
seeing things.
My friends and I would look to consider our selfs ghost hunters and we
try and find these places and with a open mind try and investigate.
Allot of places are bogus. Allot are not. Feel free to contact me for
further information regarding this.

From: Christorpher at: TheGerbi-@aol.com

I am writing to you about a small and virtually unknown cemetery in
Alvarado, Texas. This 151 year old cemetery, established in 1852, has
graves from the first town doctor, to soldiers of the Confederate
Southern Army.
I am no paranormal investigator, yet I have been very attuned to
spirits since my childhood. I went to the cemetery one night last year
to investigate a little. I took along a digital camera because I do not
own a film camera. most of the pictures would not even come out. A few
of them did, yet there is an odd discoloration distorting the names and
dates on the tombstones, along with a few unexplained spikes or streaks
of light.
After discovering this, I returned to the cemetery that very same
night, with fresh batteries and all previous images downloaded and
deleted from the camera, yet to no avail. The camera would not remain
powered up regardless of what I tried. It worked just fine when I got
home, yet would not work when I was at the cemetery. I have been back
twice since then, and heard voices and whispers, and even heard a
child's laughter near a grave of a child dating back to the turn of the
20th century.
I have passed the cemetery frequently, as I live not very far from it,
and have seen very odd flashes of light, and some movement within the
shadows. I am planning to return with some better video and audio
equipment, yet at this point in time, I cannot afford the equipment
required for an advanced investigation.
I highly recommend and strongly suggest further investigation of Balch
Cemetery of Alvarado, TX. by professionals. My friends and I did go
there on Halloween night, at midnight. I wanted to take some photos, yet
half of the time the flash would not operate (This time a borrowed 35 mm
camera with auto flash). Later, while snapping a photo of a family plot
that is fenced in, as I took the photo, the gate swung open of it's own
If you have any further questions, would like witness testimonials,
would like some of the photos that I took, or would like any further
information, please feel free to contact me at this email or at
TheUn-@2Die4.com, or use any of the contacts listed below.
Thank you for your time,



Revisit to 26th Avenue
By: Brandy Stark
Written in May of 2002
It is the nature of ghosts to be elusive. However, though challenging,
it is this aspect that also makes paranormal entities so fascinating.
What makes them manifest, and why?
That was the questions asked at the recent SPIRITS investigation, in
which the team returned to a site explored nearly one years ago.
The area in question is the private residence of a mother, Gayle, and
her daughter Vina. Gayle is open to the possibilities of the paranormal,
but remains skeptical of any activity in her home. Vina, an artist,
writer, and teacher, believes in the supernatural.
The SPIRITS found little activity in the prior investigation done in
October 2001. The garage was the center of activity with minor EMF
fluctuations and the sense of heaviness in the area.
It was Vina's recent report of unusual activity that brought the
SPIRITS back to recheck the house. In recent months, two separate
individuals had reported seeing a smoky figure during visits to the
home. Vina, herself, continually felt as if unseen eyes were watching
her, particularly late at night.
"I noticed that during my nightly writing sessions that at 11:00 p.m.
my eyes would involuntarily look at the doorway. Though I saw nothing
physically, my mind's eye saw thin, pale, stooped old woman. I sensed
that she wanted me to go to bed; she didn't like me working this late at
night," Vina explains.
With this new information, new equipment, and a few new team members,
the SPIRITS returned in April to examine the house. The area near the
computer, in the exact location Vina sensed the spirit, had an attic
entranceway above it. Upon entering the attic, the team sensitive
immediately "saw" a smoky form recoil back, as if in surprise. Several
photographs taken by different individuals also resulted in orb images
in the attic.
The garage, again, proved to hold the group's attention. The atmosphere
inside the garage remains palpably different from the rest of the house,
possibly because it was the site of a suicide committed in
themid-1970's. No EMF was recorded and there were no temperature
fluctuations. However, one photograph produced a light orb image in the
northwest section of the garage, which subsequent research revealed was
the area where the man killed himself.
Vina's bedroom also produced surprising images. Though the power was
turned off, low EMF levels persisted. The upper area of the room, above
the walk-in closet, and near a second attic entranceway, produced
rainbow-like auras that have appeared at other haunted locations.
Intensive interviews were conducted with neighbors who had lived near
the home and had contact with prior owners. They verified that one prior
homeowner was an older lady, often heard arguing with her son who often
worked late at night. Her physical description matched Vina's image: She
was tall, thin, and very pale. One neighbor described her as being"so
white that she looked washed out."
The interviews revealed that at least one other set of residents
reported activity in the garage. After the suicide a family of four,
mother, stepfather, and two teenage sons rented the house. One neighbor,
who was also a teenager at the time, played with the boys. She recalled
talking with the younger son, who she described as "really into dragons
and magic,"told her he saw a large red orb floating through the garage.
This same son later moved with his family out of the house. He was
devastated by the move, as he was very fond of the home and loved to
play in the attic area located in Vina's room. A short time later, the
boy died of unknown circumstances; a shocking revelation to the
neighbors who knew him.
The SPIRITS believe there are possibly three ghosts in the home. The
one in the main house is the old woman, who still shuns the night. The
second, found in the garage, may be the residue energy of the man who
shot himself in the garage. Vina's room might hold the spirit of a
playful boy who returned to the home he loved after death.
Now that the spirits have been caught on film, at least one seems a
little less shy. The morning after the investigation, Vina reported some
very strange activity. Once again working in the house, she heard her
dogs whining. She got up to find out what was wrong. As she left the
computer area and crossed through the living room, a small puff of
smoke, suspended five feet in the air next to the coffee table, caught
her eye.
The windows were closed; Vina was home alone. It did not move with the
air currents created by the fan. Where, then, did the smoke come from?
"I stared at it for several seconds, then looked around the room to see
if I could find what it might be coming from. I saw the windows were
closed, before looking at the area with the smoke again. It was gone. In
ten years of living here, this was the first time I have directly seen
anything possibly paranormal in this house," Vina said."I've not given
up working at nights, now, but I do try to accommodate the old lady by
leaving before midnight," she adds.



This section is devoted to helping those looking for paranormal groups
near their home or seeking information about various hauntings. If you
can provide answers or help to any of these requests please feel free to
email the senders.
Questions or comments for this section can be emailed to:
Edi-@haunted-places.com. Please be sure to include your email address
so our readers can respond to your request. Due to the vast number of
subscribers, we at The Haunted Places Report can not be held responsible
for the types or quality of answers and /or help you receive.
From: Beth at: "SMITH-@aol.com"

Can anyone tell me if they have had any hauntings during there stay at
the Cameron trading post in Cameron AZ ? What would be a good WWW
address for historical information on this place?

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am looking to find haunted places of southern
Washington state. I was curious to know if you had any information that
would be helpful. If so, please contact me at "sarah-@hotmail.com"

From: Dan at: “gabriel-@hotmail.com"

I am trying to organize a one night stay in a haunted
place(hotel/castle) in or around the Sussex area for a group of friends.
Please could you e-mail me back with any information you have or a list
of anywhere I could find some.

From Ginnie at: Samand-@webtv.net

I just had a dear friend and companion of 14 years just die, my Rita,
who was a Westie (dog). Any suggestions of how to contact her spirit
would be appreciated.

I am situated nicely in the Minneapolis/St. Paul are and am wondering
where I can go to learn more information about the paranormal? I am
questing for knowledge and seek any information about mediums,
spiritists and supernatural/haunted places in the area. If you have
information or leads, please feel free to contact me at
"celticspir-@yahoo.com" I look forward to hearing from anyone
and I appreciate the information.

From Jenny at: trek-@mcn.org

I am hoping that someone out there reading this can help me with some
information. I have recently heard of various places in Fort Bragg,
CALIFORNIA being haunted. I want to know if anyone knows about haunted
Fort Bragg- in particular a story of Custer and his troops being seen on
the bluffs of Pudding Creek beach. I appreciate any help in this. I have
lived in the area my whole life and spent many summer days at Pudding
Creek....never knew it was haunted though. Please be aware that I am
talking about Fort Bragg California and not Fort Bragg North Carolina.

From Jaime at: "jaime-@hotmail.com"
I'm in the New Harmony, Indiana area and am curious as to any known
hauntings or meetings in my area.

From: "pollito-@myacc.net"

Is the blockbuster in Coral Springs, Florida haunted?

I was wanting to know about some haunted listings in or around the Fort
Smith area. My e-mail is "Soulci-@hotmail.com"

From: "pulls-@hotmail.com"

I would like to now if there are any haunted places in or near Santa
Barbara, California.

From: "susan.-@ntlworld.com"

I am looking for some where haunted in Whitefield, Manchester or around
the area.

From: Rob at: "R5-@aol.com"

I would like to go to Peyton colony in Austin Texas, is there any way
you can give me directions to this location or any other locations in or
around Austin, Texas?

From: Chris at: "Chrs-@aol.com"

Do you have any detailed directions to Dudleyville, CT? I know it is
near Cornwall, CT but that’s about it.

From: Holli at: ZeppyCh-@aol.com"

I was wondering if you knew about a house ....address is ??? Oakwood
Drive in Argentine MI. It was on the news the other night "Topic
Line"haunted house. It seemed that the people that lived there 2 years
ago practically vanished into thin air, so to speak. They left
everything. Consider yourself leaving after you read this email and
never coming back to your home! Just left it all; food, clothes, beds
TV, VCR, cars. family pictures.
Well i just wanted to see if anything ever happened at the property
since me and my family went out there to investigate We also spoke with
neighbors about the situation and they said they have not seen anyone
leave or enter for 2 whole years. They have said sometimes hear screams
and shouts in the home. Now it is just strange that people left like
that I don't know about you, but I do not know anyone to leave their
things like that in their home and vanish. It kind of reminds me of the
movie Amityville .
This is seriously not a joke, it might sound crazy but I am really
interested in this .I felt very strange when I was on the property. I
know there is some kind of history to this house, they have said no one
has been paying taxes for 37 years and they cannot find the owner. It is
very strange because it isn't an ugly, messy house; it sets on a nice
piece of land. I have searched your database and found nothing
concerning my issue. If you can tell me what I can do to find more
things about it.

From: Simona at: "eeg-@yahoo.com"
If you can answer this, I live in Scotts Valley, California. Are their
any haunted places near me? (I live near Santa Cruz, and San Fransico, I
live about an hour away from San Francisco)

From: "DADDYSGR-@cs.com"

I was wondering if you could send me info on places to go in Tennessee.

From: Gisselle at: gpar-@collegeloan.com

I saw on TV where people can get a haunted hotel room to spend the
night. do you have any information about this? I live in San Diego, CA .
and I will like to find out about this!

From: Debbie at: "Ddavi-@aol.com"

I am wanting to write a book on Haunted Hotels. Do you have any



From: "Jmcgh-@aol.com"

In 1996 I moved in to a cozy rock house in New Braunfels Texas. I was
told it had recently been moved to the 5 wooded acres from a small town.
I fell in love with the house. My children had an entire upstairs to
themselves. Two bedrooms and a bathroom at the end of the hall. It was
But night after night my youngest daughter; Chelsea; would come running
downstairs crying, hop into my bed, and fall asleep. I would try and ask
her what was wrong but she would be too much of a wreck to answer. I
asked my oldest daughter; Sierra. She said that she and Chelsea had
talked about it before. That a little boy kept running by their doors. I
didn't know what to say. I didn't believe them.     
A friend of mine at work was into the whole paranormal thing, so I
asked her to come over to my house, and just poke around upstairs. Not
telling her about my girls, and their encounter with "the boy". To my
astonishment she was very interested in the house. She told me a small
child or a dog was haunting the upstairs and that it wasn't allowed to
come down. I was speechless. But she continued. A tall man was haunting
the downstairs. I was even more amazed. I had seen the man out of the
corner of my eye, several times. My husband had been having dreams where
he said he saw a man standing over our bed. He would punch at the man,
and slam his fist straight into the wall. And it got worse. I began to
see the man allot. While doing dishes, or just walking down the hall. My
children were afraid to be alone. I loved the house but new I could not
live here. So we began to search for a new house. And we found one, a
nice furnished house in Canyon Lake. It is not my dream house like the
one In NB but it will do. That is my scary encounter with the



No listings for this month.
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