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 Herb Evans
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Hudson's Advanced Revelations  John Henry
 Sep 11, 2003 02:25 PDT 

By Herb Evans<br>
            . . .
my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy
mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy
seed's seed, saith the LORD, from henceforth and for ever.  
--Isa. 59:21<br>
"The one issue between the fundamentalists and the modernists is the
integrity of the Scriptures ... Have we an infallible, supernaturally
inspired and inerrant Bible? On the answer to the question hangs the
whole body of truth? If we have no infallible Bible, then we have no
infallible Christ." --Dr. J. Frank Norris, Sixth World's Fundamental
Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 1924<br>
"I do not 'now' believe that the TR nor the MT are infallible or
inerrant, and I NEVER HAVE.   I do not believe an exact,
inerrant version or text exist." --Gary R. Hudson, October 30, 1989
(Author of , “Why I Left Ruckmanism)  <br>
and foe alike, who have been observing the "supposed Ruckmanite
Defector" (what did he defect from, if he never believed it?), will
no doubt wonder at Gary R. Hudson’s latest advanced revelation. We wonder
what the periodicals and Bible society, which sponsored his books and
tapes, are going to do with the obvious contradiction to their own
charter and position. We had tried, unsuccessfully, to get Gary to admit
to such a clear, concise statement, without success. Dallas Bunch, a
pastor in Barton, Maryland, was able to get this statement from Gary in
has come a long way from his early days of speaking
"doublespeak," and we commend him for it. We can remember when
Gary believed that the copies, which Timothy had, were
"inspired" and "preserved." We can remember when Gary
accused Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and the so-called "Ruckmanites" of
changing, adding to, and dishonoring the "God-given Hebrew and Greek
texts." We can remember when he called something the
"providentially preserved texts." We can even remember when
Gary believed that "the  correct line of Hebrew and Greek
manuscripts" were the inspired scriptures, which "cannot be
broken," and spoke of the "preserved wording of the original
            We are
most perplexed as to the reason that Gary even bothers to scold
corrections to the Greek with the English or advanced revelations-from
the English. What about Gary’s advanced revelations from the errant,
uninspired, fallible Greek and Hebrew? What a strange view of
"preservation!” We wonder if it were taught prior to
Bible Believers’ Bulletin - January 1990, p. 4<br>
------------ <br>
<i>            The
[above] article is by Herb Evans and contains a very interesting
quotation by Dr. J. Frank Norris, given in June 1924. Frank Norris is
repudiated by "Hot Dog" Hymers and Gary Hudson. He is also
repudiated by the faculty and staff at Baptist Bible College, as well as
Arlington. Read the article; it's very interesting. Notice that Gary
Hudson professed here to have an advanced revelation from what he wrote
several months ago in his book, Why I Left Ruckmanism. He said the King
James was an exact copy of the originals. I have the quotation, and it
will appear in print pretty soon in our publication called The Last
Grenade</i>. --PSR<br>
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