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 Herb Evans
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Evans Answers Attack By Fred Afman On A Missionary  John Henry
 Sep 11, 2003 02:50 PDT 

November 18,  1976<br>
Mr. David Cimino<br>
Wonderful Word Publishers, Inc.<br>
107 W. Lincoln<br>
P.O. Box 2583 <br>
Harlingen, Texas   78550 <br>
Dear David Cimino: <br>
I have read with amazement your recent publication <u>Dear Dr. John</u>
since it was distributed during a recent missionary conference at a
school and church where Dr. Rice is highly respected and loved.  It
was most unchristian and Unethical for you to even secretly give it
out.  I have taught for thirty years in the field of Old and New
Testament, for twenty-four years at Bob Jones University and for' six
years at Tennessee Temple Schools.  Neither of these schools takes a
stand against the American Standard Version or the New American Standard
Version.  It is deceitful on the part of those who would join us in
criticizing the Revised Version to include in their criticism the above
mentioned versions.  The men who produced those texts were in my
opinion of equal faith and scholarship with those who did the King James
Version. I have used the King James throughout all of the years of my
training and ministry. I have also read <u>Which Bible</u>, by David Otis
Fuller and <u>Manuscript Evidence</u>, by Peter Ruckman and needless to
say, the spirit of Mr. Ruckman, whom I had for a student at Bob Jones
University, leaves much to be desired in Christian brotherhood and
fellowship.   I trust that the literature you publish and sand
to missionaries in Mexico, Central and South America is more uplifting
and in line with Christian ethics than your attack upon Dr.  John R.
Lest you feel that I am not qualified to speak on this subject, I have
had three years of Hebrew plus a year of textual criticism plus four
years of Greek and another year of textual criticism in that field.<br>
May I give a word of caution here. If this movment of criticizing all
those who would use for reference another good version, I would predict
it would soon become a cultic group, grieving the Spirit of God and
dividing unnecessarily the believers in the inerrant Word of God. 
The advice I give to my students is not to become involved but to become
the best men and women they can for the Lord Jesus Christ and to give
their energies for the profitable work of winning souls and building up
the body and bride of Christ by compassionate teaching of the Word of
Fred Afman<br>
April 16, 1977 (Herb Evans to Fred Afman, unanswered to date)<br>
Dr. Fred Afman<br>
3735 Monte Vista Drive <br>
Chattanooga, Tennessee<br>
Dear Dr. Afman:<br>
I am the author of "<u>Dear Dr. John, Where Is My Bible</u>."
Your letter of Nov. 18, 1976 to missionary David Cimino has come to my
attention. It is hard for me to understand the blind prejudice exhibited
sometimes by men of exceptional education. You charge us with deceit for
criticizing the ASV. In all my involvement, I have openly condemned the
ASV without dissimilation or craftiness. To my knowledge, the same can be
said of missionaries Dick and Dave Cimino. Disagree with us, say we are
wrong, but do not condemn us without facts. A man of your credentials
should be above such irresponsible charges. You charge Dave Cimino with
being unchristian and unethical, "to even secretly give it out"
(Dear Dr. John booklets). Why is it Christian and ethical for the errors
of Billy Graham and the Southern Baptists to be published in the <u>Sword
of the Lord</u> along with the branding of Dr. Ruckman as a
fundamentalist <i>NUT</i>. Why is it Christian and ethical to air the
personal life of Dr. Ruckman. (inaccurately at that). Have you written
and rebuked Dr. Rice about these matters? You fail to note that Dr. Rice
published one of the letters first that is in the <u>Dear, Dr. John</u>
booklet, which is merely a compilation of his and my letter exchange. He
published his side, but I published the entire correspondence. Do you
have one standard for Apollos and another standard for us? May I remind
you that the booklet contains only an exchange of letters representing
two sides of an issue by two Christian men. If Rice’s poor showing
embarrasses you and your position, you cannot save face by calling it an
<i>ATTACK</i> on Dr. Rice as you do.<br>
You predict this movement of Bible Believers will become a cult. Perhaps
you are not aware of the Westcott and Hort cult that is already operating
in our seminaries. I would rather believe that we are winning the
"Battle for the Bible" and our growth cannot any longer be
ignored. We are drawing the worms out of the woodwork as well. I predict
that within a few years, fundamentalists that revere the ASV will be
regarded as unsound.<br>
You say that you have read <u>Dear Dr. John</u>, and <u>Which Bible?,</u>
and <u>Manuscript Evidence.</u> You commented only on the publishers of
these books and not the contents of the books. I wonder if the contents
are too hot to handle. Could that be the reason you told your students
not to get involved? Why not advise them to win souls<i> AND</i> contend
for the faith as Dr. Ruckman, who was almost put in jail for street
preaching. When is the last time you did that? Bro. Cimino's church,
which runs between 30 and 50, and gave $20,000 to missions this past
year. Compare that proportionately to your church. All the proceeds,
which the Ciminos generate from my booklet go to missions.<br>
Last of all, you refer to the "<i>INERRANT</i>" Word of God. I
ask you plainly, "<i>WHERE</i> is it and <i>WHAT</i> is it?"
Have you ever seen the "Original Manuscripts?” In your two years of
textual criticism, have you ever personally <i>COLLATED</i> the
manuscripts? Since you have written a letter that concerns my booklet, do
you think it ethical and Christian to answer my response to that letter?
Be careful though, you may wind up in print. <br>
Sincerely, <br>
Herb Evans<br>
In response to an attack concerning the content and propagation of the
book <u>Dear Dr. John: Where is My Bible?</u>, Brother Evans once again
addresses the undocumented comments of yet another of our scholarly
brethren. -- PSR, Bible Believers’ Bulletin - January 1979, p. 
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