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 Herb Evans
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The Big Waffle Annotated  John Henry
 Sep 14, 2003 05:07 PDT 


By Herb Evans

The following resolutions were adopted on June 10-12, 1980 by the
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship (IFB) in Greenville, South Carolina:


We repudiate the position of those who refer to "historic" Fundamentalism
and claim identity with it but who are unwilling to PRACTICE a militant
exposure of all non biblical affirmations and attitudes and cover their
"soft" and compromising position with the mantle of "love." (So far, so
good, but wait! -- Evans)


The Fundamental Baptist fellowship affirms its belief in the Bible, both
Old and New Testaments (66 canonical books) as the verbally and plenary,
inspired, inerrant and infallible Word of God IN THE AUTOGRAPHS [which no
one alive has ever seen], rejects as fallacious any theory of double or
triple inspiration [Bob Jones language for advocating the single EXPIRATION
of the scriptures], and rejects the books known as the Apocrypha as the
inspired word of God [as being in the Autographs?]. [How are you so sure?
Is your method for determining the canon of books different from
determining what is wrong in the KJB? What are your methods of determining
these things without the possession of the Autographs? -- Evans]

We condemn paraphrases such as the "Living Bible" and "Good News for Modern
Man" and the products of unbelieving scholarship such as the "Revised
Standard Version" [They do not mention the RV, ASV, and NASV, which they
like but what we might label Bible perversions for conservatives.] and
recognize the unique and special place of the "Authorized" (King James)
Version in the English speaking world [Tell us what that special place is!
Not at the top of their list, that is for sure -- Evans].


The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship recognizes that discussion and debate
concerning the Biblical manuscripts has begun to attract national attention
[You just ain't whistling Dixie -- Evans]. In the process there has
developed considerable confusion and misunderstanding as to the actual
issues in the controversy [Really, Now? -- Evans], causing some
fundamentalists on the one hand to take a "don't get me involved in that
fanatical sidetrack" approach [Chicken! -- Evans] and some on the other
hand, to break fellowship with otherwise good men with whom they disagree
on the subject [Listen to the secondary Separationists whining! -- Evans].
We recognize that any issue involving the eternal Word of God is of
necessity important and should be dealt with carefully, intelligently, and
prayerfully [How about scripturally? -- Evans].

Therefore, we resolve that this fellowship denounce the bitter, divisive
tactics on the part of some in this country who resort to violent,
unfounded accusations, vicious name calling and destructive campaigns in
order to propagate their position [Does this also include calling people
"fundamentalist nuts, and "that nut in Florida" and "Ruckmanites?" These
same resolutions just finished denouncing Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, W.A.
Criswell, and many schools and organizations. When your opponents are
doing it, it is bitter and divisive; when the IFB is doing it, it is a
"militant exposure of non biblical affirmations." -- Evans].

We further resolve that this fellowship take not of the large number of me
-- pastors, educators, evangelists on both sides of the debate and that we
encourage these men and schools in further scholarly discussion and
publications as long as they do so with courtesy and consideration for the
godly, fundamental men with whom they disagree [Sounds like our local
ministerial association. What happened to those who "cover their soft and
compromising position with the mantle of love business???" There is
nothing to discuss; the King James Bible is the word of God in English -
take it or leave it!].


The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship opposes the Equal Rights Amendment and
urges our legislators not to capitulate to the attempts made to pass this
amendment. Furthermore, we oppose the ordination of women to the Gospel
ministry as being unscriptural [Notice that nothing is said about a woman
usurping authority over men in the capacity of a Choir leaderess and
congregational song leaderess. You see, that would offend the Malone-ism
within the fellowship with whom they have capitulated. --Evans].


Nothing is said about interdenominationalism for that would offend
non-baptist Bob Jones interdenominationalism within this Fundamental
Baptist (?) Fellowship. What a Waffle!

Bible Believer's Bulletin - August 1981, p. 1

Florida Fundamentalist - January 1981, p. 1
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