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The PM's homosexuality flop  Jupiter Punungwe
 Oct 26, 2011 11:43 PDT 

A typhoon is rocking the Zimbabwe political boat. Heated debate has
erupted over PM Morgan Tsvangirai's recent statement on BBC that he
would like to see gay rights included in the new Zimbabwe constitution.
This despite the fact that the vast majority of Zimbabweans are
staunchly opposed to such a development.

Not only do Zimbabweans see gay acts as unnatural, but they view an
endorsement of the practice as a serious erosion and compromising of
their cultural values. For example how would our culture handle Peter's
family trying to pay roora for Paul. Come to think of it, who pays roora
Peter or Paul? Vana tezvara vanenge vari vapi? Or maybe the Prime
Minister thinks we should do away with this thing of roora altogether?

Given that he was brought up as a typical conservative Zimbabwean male
nobody believe that the Prime Minister genuinely supports gay rights.
Therefore Zimbabweans have no reason fear that gay rights will actually
be smuggled into the constitution. But the Prime Minister has put
himself in a situation where it is obvious that he is lying. Either he
is lying to the British that he supports gay rights or he is lying to
Zimbabweans that he is opposed to gay rights.

I suspect he is lying to the British in order to get more money out of them.

But Zimbabweans do have one thing to fear. The prime minister's
inconsistency and flip-flopping is strategically dangerous. Who knows
maybe in future he might sell out Zimbabwe in ways that are far much
more damaging than wanting to see a man allowed to marry another man.

But come to think of it maybe I am wrong. We all know that the Prime
Minister rejected his wife's sister who had been proposed as a
chigadzamapfihwa (substitute wife). Maybe he wanted the brother. People
should ask him to clarify. Maybe he was sincerely endorsing gay rights
after all.
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