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Re: [zimsite] Government responsible for civil servants  Jupiter Punungwe
 Feb 16, 2012 09:50 PST 
On the contrary what saved Zimbabwe was not the MDC joining the GNU but
dollarisation of the monetary system. The biggest problem for Zanu-PF
was a monetary system that had been completely ruined by the supreme
incompetence of Gono.

If Zanu-PF had dollarised the economy two months earlier than they did
(remember it was Chinamasa who announced dollarisation the economy),
most likely the GNU would have been still born.

The MDC guys did a little more than walk in and accept their cars and
then make sufficient noise to keep their sponsors happy while they
focused on eating together with Zanu-PF.

Let us agree, the significant policy that stopped Zimbabwe's slide was
dollarisation of the economy. That was announced by Zanu-PF after they
were forced to swallow their pride and modify their tune on sovereignty.
They were desperate. It was announced a full month before the MDC joined
the GNU.

Now can you name one MDC policy announcement or position that had
significant impact on the economy. They have been dilly-dallying on the
issue of 'sanctions', and that is the only policy issue that the MDC
have been called upon to act. As usual they have been decidedly indecisive.

The only other major policy issue that has been on the cards is
indeginisation and that again is a Zanu-PF baby. The only significant
impact the MDC has had is to increase the size of the already bloated
executive, actually slowing down economic recovery in the process.

You guys accuse others of being blinded by support for Zanu-PF. But you
are equally, if not worse, blinded by support for the MDC, so much that
facts fly past your eyes without you registering them.


On 16/02/2012 18:41, Bassoppo-Moyo, Temba wrote:

You couldn’t have been more correct mudhara……..(your quote)

They know Tsvangirayi, by putting aside his ego, joining into a
government of national unity as effectively a junior partner despite
have taken Mugabe out to the woodshed and given him a spanking at the
polls, saved thousands of lives. Everything was going to a boiling
point: even the army was restless, Mugabe was no longer able to pay
them. Wonder how long Mugabe would have hung on if Tsvangirayi had not
joined this GNU? Not too long, I do not think.


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Was chuckling to myself when I saw the Herald headline in yesterday's
paper: Prime Minister scoffs at civil servants' pay rise demands.
Talk of a partisan publication!!! Well, the figures are not there for
a salary increase for civil servants. Not long ago, before
Tsvangirayi came on the scene in February 2009, a civil servant's
salary was enough for one Kombi ride to work per week. People do not
really have that much amnesia. They know Tsvangirayi, by putting
aside his ego, joining into a government of national unity as
effectively a junior partner despite have taken Mugabe out to the
woodshed and given him a spanking at the polls, saved thousands of
lives. Everything was going to a boiling point: even the army was
restless, Mugabe was no longer able to pay them. Wonder how long
Mugabe would have hung on if Tsvangirayi had not joined this GNU? Not
too long, I do not think. People were dying like flies with nothing
to eat. Civil servants, if they blame their lot on anyone; they blame
it on ZanuPF. What is interesting, to me; if I read the electronic
version of the Herald, are the comments that people post below the
article.. all trashing the Herald (especially this article).
Sometimes I just skip the article and go straight to the comments.
Most of the comment writers are civil servants with access to
computers in their offices and time to burn (doing nothing).

The blotted cabinet, with respect to civil servants, is statistically
and effective neutral (to them). These government departments are
manned by civil servants; impossible not to throw the baby out with
the bathwater if a cabinet department is slashed to make way for a
leaner and trimmer government. Now, assume a minister is slashed,
together with his merc, 4x4 and salary; conservatively, this comes to
maybe a million dollars off the government's expenditure per year.
Now, turn around and plough this million dollars into the government
fiscus and give it the civil servants, a quarter million strong of
them.. if you are still with me; this comes to a whopping 33 cents a
month more per civil servant. A better performing economy is what we
need, so that PM's do not have to 'scoff' at civil servants salary
demands. When government is trimmed down, together with it will be
the civil servants manning those government departments.

Government has to be trimmed, that's for sure. This reduces leakages
through corruption, that is the Medusa we really have to fight. I
like Magosuthu's comment. If you have a ministry of Education with
one corrupt minister of Education; there would be less leakage than if
this ministry has three ministers (one for elementary education, one
for high schools, another for tertiary education..). Each ministry
represents an exit point for money through corruption. We always talk
about how dissipative NGO's really are: about 20 cents of every dollar
finally reaches the intended beneficiaries. Same with these banana
republic ministries. How much of every dollar disbursed by the
government for higher education finally ends up doing higher education
work? The answer might be closer to the NGO figure.

Is it possible to have the Mitt Romney's of Zimbabwe to run for public
office? The man is filthy rich already. He is proven with respect to
running a large corporation, and most likely should be able to run the
largest corporation in the country: the government. Obama's salary is
on record. Myself, as professor of chemistry, coupled with my
consultancies and summer work, do pull down a salary not that much
less than what Obama makes. Clearly the motivation for these folks is
not going there to make a ton of money. Newt, Rick, Mitt all released
their tax returns last week: they are rolling in money, those folks.
Ole' Newt is making 3 million dollars a year, why would he spend so
much of his time and money to audition for a job that pays a paltry
$300k+ per year? Now check out late Maurice Nyagumbo (he of the
Willovale scandal); would you blame him for being corrupt? An
under-achiever of remarkable proportions, you give him a government
post because he contributed to the war? We really make too much out
of this idea that we fought during the war, and so we deserve the best
of what Zimbabwe has to offer. We have veterans here in the US who
fought in Vietnam, Iraq, second world war.. if we have to reward each
and every one of them with a government post because of their
service... my goodness!!! Ian Smith himself was an RAF pilot in the
second world war, and saved our butts from the Germans (actually
exposed himself to enemy fire). How much action and danger did Mugabe
really have to face during our civil war? None! He should shut up and
go back to Zvimba to retire.


Ishe komborera Africa (Enoch Sontonga, 1897)


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*Subject: *[zimsite] Government responsible for civil servants

"................. is not Government that puts food on the table for
civil servants."

It is the responsibility of government to put food on the tables of
civil servants. Government is their employer, and government should is
not a slave running entity. Any caring employer should try and ensure
the welfare of their employees is well looked after.

What is not government's responsibility, is to put multiple cars in
the garages of senior politicians and ensure astronomically
paying jobs for the cronies and relatives of political leaders.

Right now, the Zimbabwe government is underpaying civil servants
because it is spending too much on an over-bloated executive (70 plus
ministerial level posts are simply too much).

On top of that some government arms such as the PM's office are famous
for having a very large 'kitchen cabinets'. That is people with no
official role in government but just hanging onto the coat tails of
appointed leaders in order to make money.

I think Mangosuthu Buthelezi captured the essense of Zimbabwe's
problem (and much of Africa) when he said "Too many, and I dare say
the overwhelming majority, are trying to make money on account of
holding public office, being in politics or exercising public power."

As long as that political remains, Africa is going nowhere in terms of



Prime Minister scoffs at civil servants' pay rise demands




Wednesday, 15 February 2012 00:00

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

*Felex Share Herald Reporter*
PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has told civil servants that
expecting a salary adjustment soon is "daydreaming".
Civil servants unions said they were left with no option, but to
approach President Mugabe.

The Apex Council, which met the premier at his Strathaven home said Mr
Tsvangirai had left them in the "cold and confused".
The unions described yesterday's meeting as a discussion "of promises
and more engagements" without anything concrete.

The workers had to approach President Mugabe last year after
exhausting all negotiating channels.
The workers subsequently got a salary increase after meeting the

Teachers Union of Zimbabwe chief executive, Mr Manuel Nyawo, said: "He
(PM Tsvangirai) was not clear as to what Government was doing or
intends to do to solve our problems. In fact, he told us that he is
not Government that puts food on the table for civil servants."
"He told us that we were expecting too much and for us to get anything
soon was daydreaming. It was a matter of proposals and issues of those
dysfunctional taskforces, which he said he would try to resurrect."

Mr Nyawo said it was clear the PM had not done any consultations as he
was telling them "peripheral issues".
"We thought by calling for a meeting, he had done the necessary
consultations but it seemed he had not because we had to restate our
demands to him again.

"The only solution lies in the Head of State and Government and
Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces because he is the
one who can tell the way forward.
"PM Tsvangirai is not abreast with what has been going on because he
kept on talking about peripheral issues such as restructuring the
Public Service Commission and harmonising labour laws, which is not
one of our demands."

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Mr Raymond
Majongwe said: "Of course, the things he said are also important but
with regards to the real bread and butter issues he has no solution."
"We are tired of being told same old stories and what we need is
action. What makes this a sad story is that in the meeting the PM had
no timeframe when he intends to come back to us with feedback.
"He promised to track the taskforces set on resource mobilisation and
though it's a good idea, I don't think it will produce results because
the taskforce has failed to please the workers," said Mr Majongwe.

The workers are demanding a minimum salary of US$538.
Their salaries were increased to US$296, up from US$253 after they
went on a five-day strike last month.

Apex Council chairperson and Zimta president Mrs Tendai Chikowore said
the premier had not done his "homework properly".
"Though these were not negotiations with the premier, from the talks
it was evident there was no consultation on his part," she said.

"What we want is a clear roadmap and how the salaries are going to be
addressed. We wanted to use him as an avenue and if nothing comes out
from his promises we are going to the President."
Zimta chief executive Mr Sifiso Ndlovu added: "He told us that a
salary review depended on the good performance of the economy, which
is not new to us.

"We are just hopeful that something will be done by Government to save
the situation because the workers have suffered for too long."



*One minister one car**is as important as **one man one vote**.*

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