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List Name Jeweled Roses (JR)
Purpose: Do You Feel Your Blood Rush During A Thunderstorm? Do You Whisper Age Old Words For Beauty Over A Fragrant Bathtub Full Of Herbs And Spices? Does Dancing Wildly Around A Roaring Fire Make Your Soul Cry Out In Joy? Do You Believe In Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids, Dragons And Their Kin With All Your Heart? Do You Know That The Ghosts Of The Past Still Affect Us All Today?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions... YOU MIGHT BE A WITCH!

... And If You Are... Our List Might Be Just The Place You're Looking For!

JEWELED ROSES Is A Pagan/Wiccan Discussion List Dedicated To Exploring Our Religion, Spirituality And Beliefs... Here Is A Safe Place To Be Yourself And Express Your Love For The God & Goddess And Nature...

We Will Accept Members From All Traditions And Paths {Including Curious Non~Pagans, As Long As They Behave ~ No One Is To Attempt Any *Soul~Saving* Or Conversions Here} No Flaming, No Slurs, No Back~Biting Or Cruelty Is Allowed. Advertising Other Lists, Services Or Events On This List Is A Big NO~NO Unless You Ask Permission Of Rose And Etain, The List~Mistresses, Beforehand.   This List Is Hopefully Going To Become A Wonderful,Caring Circle Of Friends...

We Would Also Like To Share Information, Spells, Rituals, Craft Ideas, Recipes, Stories......Anything Your Heart Desires Concerning The *Practical* Part Of The Craft...

Discussions About Any Subject Are Welcome....

Faeries, Astral Travel, Mythology, Ghosts, The Tarot, The Runes, Craft History, Differing Craft Traditions, Books, ETC...

This List Will Be A Support Group And Family And We Hope You Will Join Us For What Promises To Be A Long And Loving Friendship In The Arms Of The Lord And Lady...

Blessed Be!

Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again!
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Created: Mar 14, 2001
Owners: Owner 1, Owner 2, The Elven-Faerie Princess, *hrr*
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Categories: Society & Culture  |  Religion & Spirituality  |  Faiths & Practices  |  Paganism

Society & Culture  |  Religion & Spirituality  |  Faiths & Practices  |  Wicca

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