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Re: Definitions  r.re-@juno.com
 Mar 02, 2001 22:40 PST 
 LB Force on nose at 25 MPH? <<
I am sure the formula is in one(??) of my books.
It is based on speed & frontal area (PSI vs PSI) and not the
"Fineness" Ratio. 1" WP will handle 25, 1.5 = 40, 2 = 55.
The imballance is called "cupping". Nose "stiffining"
is also important for mooring & handling & reduce drag
minutely but doesn't lessen the pressure. Battens are
required to strenghten the shape in lieu of pressure.
PS; "Aspect" Ratio relates to Lift & Drag.   I am guilty also.
I found a misuse in "Building" last month. REX

On Fri, 02 Mar 2001 07:31:19 -0800 Reed Gleason
<ree-@home.com> writes:
 We're trying to figure out what internal pressure will be needed to
keep the nose from being pushed in at a speed of 25 MPH. Given a
diameter of 14 feet, can someone (Joe Kahr, are your ears burning?)
calculate this? Does it depend a lot on the particular shape of the
envelope? We're thinking of a fairly high aspect ratio to keep the
height of the envelope low. Thanks.
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