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Re: [LearnOnline2] Learn On (the telephone) Line too  Ron Wild
 Mar 02, 2000 09:55 PST 
I "attended" this "Be A Learner" teleclass on Tuesday (which means I picked
up the phone and called in at the appointed hour). I didn't recognize too
many voices from this LOL2 list, so here are the facilitator's notes;

Be A Learner: Action Worksheet
Go to a nearby preschool and watch the children play. Let them mentor you in
the ways of learning. What mistakes are they making? What do they do when
they make mistakes? How do they take the experience and apply it to their
Begin a learning journal. If you keep a diary, simply add these questions to
your daily entry. Or, if you’d rather not keep a diary, just take a few
minutes each evening to think about your learning. At the end of each day
ask yourself these questions:
What significant learning opportunities occurred for me today or this week?
What did I learn?
How will I translate that learning into my life?
Write down your answers to these questions and make the commitment to
integrate the significant learning experiences into your life.
Take on an activity in which you have no knowledge or competence. The
activity you select can be anything - Ta’i Chi, knitting, fly fishing,
painting, Web page design - the list is endless. Just find something outside
of your known universe that sounds fun! In fact, the more fun and
the further away from your set of skills, competencies and knowledge the
better. Mastering the activity is not the point. Place yourself consciously
in the posture of a learner. Make mistakes publicly. Don’t know the
answers. Ask lots of questions. You may even want to reframe
“mistakes” as “learning opportunities.” Notice what you do that opens you to
learning. As you learn about your learning in the previous activities, begin
to integrate your new understanding of learning into your life.
Given your new understanding of learning, based on your observations,
experiences and interactions with others:
What will you stop doing?
What will you start doing?
What will you continue doing?

Richard Hacker   Copyright 2000 All Right Reserved

LifeJazz Coaching   512.990.0608   www.lifejazz.com

Ron Wild wrote:

 From: "Ron Wild" <rwi-@1-900-870-6235.com>

Sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to (to actually hear a
human voice rather than read a chat response).

A "TeleClass" is essentially a telephone conference call (lead by an
experienced facilitator) with groups of 10 to 20 people with common
learning / teaching interests. The quality of learning is dependent
upon the contributions of the participants (results may vary!) The
only cost is long distance charges to the phone bridge in Florida
(usually less than $8-10 for an hour long class).

Learn more at www.teleclass.com, or join me in this class next week;

Be A Learner: Strategies for Creating Personal and Business Success
One Tuesday, February 29, 2000 from 8-9pm Eastern
Tuition: Free           Led by Richard Hacker
Come to this class to explore ways to create personal and business
success, as well as how to have an impact on the world around you.
To register, send a blank email to fr-@teleclass.com with 3777-1
(nothing else!) in the subject line.


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