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2nd Coming of The Braille Free Press  Patricia Price
 Feb 19, 2004 09:56 PST 

Publication Designed To Bring About Change in ACB

In April of 1959, Hollis Liggett published the first issue of The
Braille Free Press. The publication of this news source as an
alternative to the National Federation of the Blind's Braille Monitor
was necessitated by NFB leaders' total grip on internal media, which
prevented those with dissenting view points from distributing vital
information to rank and file members of the Federation.

Although a milestone which is still celebrated by free-thinking people
who are blind, the publication of the Free Press also represented a time
of sadness and an unrelenting personal and political crisis for those
who banded together to attempt to reform the Federation, to tell members
about that leadership's excesses, and to create and distribute the
alternative newspaper.

As we embark on producing our own "Free Press" on the
www.braille-free-press.org web site, we empathize--as never before--with
our brothers and sisters of four decades ago. The crisis in ACB seems,
like that crisis of the 1950s, to be unrelenting. We know of no other
way, except to band together to publish the truth, to communicate the
story of what has gone on in the ACB since Christopher Gray's election
of 2001, except to create a new Braille Free Press.

We hope that, once you who love the American Council of the Blind as we
do, know what has happened, and understand the current president's
willingness to sacrifice good and loyal people's careers in order to -
at any cost - preserve his complete control over the organization, you
will band together, one with another, to take back the ACB, to restore
the democratic principles of a free press and freedom of speech, and to
make constitutional and organizational changes to restore the Council to
its former position as a beacon of hope for every person who is blind.

To read the first issue of the new "Braille Free Press," visit this URL:


Penny Reeder, Editor
Braille Free Press
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