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Announcing Wednesday's Accessible World Symposium  Pat Price
 Apr 03, 2005 18:17 PDT 

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An Accessible World Symposium

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

12:00 Noon to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time


George Buys

Telephone: 810-667-3043

E-Mail: bu-@talkingcommunities.com

Living in an accessible world is only a dream for many who must meet the
daily challenges imposed upon them by a variety of physical disabilities.
However, each Talking Communities monthly Accessible World Symposium is
designed to make this dream a reality by educating the general public, the
disabled community and the professionals who serve them. The presentations
in this event contain highly relevant information about new products,
services, and training opportunities designed specifically to eliminate
geographic and access barriers that adversely affect these groups of people.

During the event, major players in the disability field will present their
solutions to accessibility problems. Attendance can be from your home,
office, or wherever in the world you may be. There is no registration
fee. All you need to participate in the virtual audience is a computer, a
sound card, speakers and a microphone. Text chat is available for those
without a microphone.

Entrance to this event begins approximately 30 minutes prior to the start
of the symposium:

1) Go to http://www.talkingcommunities.com

2) Select the link "Enter Here."

3) Type your name and press ENTER.

A small software applet will download on your computer as you enter the room.

Session 1: 12:00 Noon Eastern

The Better Business Bureau - Promoting an Honest and Ethical Marketplace

Speaker: Michael Lauf, Senior Trade Practice Consultant

Learn what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides to the public and
business community. This will include common scams, bogus business
opportunities, complaints and dispute resolution, becoming smarter
consumers, online resources and much more. Mr. Lauf will discuss how
persons can protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft and
how to obtain reliability reports on companies before doing business with them.


Michael Lauf, Senior Trade Practice Consultant

Email: mla-@evansville.bbb.org

Web: http://www.bbb.org

Session 2: 1:00 p.m. Eastern

The Many Facets of OcuSource.com: A Review Of The Resources Available On
The OcuSource.com Portal For The Vision Impairment Industry.

Speaker: Lou Lipschultz, O.D., CEO

OcuSource.com is the portal for the vision impairment industry. OcuSource's
mission is to bring the visually impaired community into seamless contact
with each other and with service providers such as doctors and
organizations, and manufacturers of adaptive devices. Visitors are free to
use search utilities to find doctors and organizations, identify products
with a product analyzer tool, buy or sell via auctions, and much more.


Dr. Lou Lipschultz

E-Mail: lo-@ocusource.com

Web: http://www.ocusource.com

Session 3: 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Freedom Scientific Braille Displays: More Features And Less Expense Wanted
By Users

Speaker: Ron Miller, Product Manager

For several years, Freedom Scientific listened to users of braille
displays, gathering information about the features they most wanted. They
said they wanted a more streamlined device, an ergonomic control layout
that more naturally fits the placement of the hands, and navigation that is
easy to learn and to customize for their personal needs. They also wanted
these features in a more affordable braille display. The result was Freedom
Scientifics new Focus 40 and Focus 80 Braille Displays, introduced in
November. As well as incorporating usersmost-requested features, the new
Focus displays have introduced the revolutionary concept of eliminating
seams in the reading surface, resulting in a presentation that feels like
reading braille on paper. All this has been delivered at a price that sets
a new standard of affordability in the market.


Ron Mille, Product Manager

E-Mail: ro-@freedomscientific.com

Web: http://www.freedomscientific.com

Session 4: 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Innovative Rehabilitation Technology, Inc. (I.R.T.I). Accessible Media

Speakers:   Peter Proscia, President & CEO. , Tim Simonetti, Vice President
of Engineering, and Mark Wronski, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Following an overview of the organizations rich 25-year history of
dedication to locate low cost consumer technology and through accessible
documentation or modification, time will be given to explaining the
benefits of the Daisy Digital Talking Book format and providing information
about the software tools it has developed to make it fast, easy, and
affordable to create this media.


E-Mail: in-@irti.net

Web: http://www.irti.net

Note: Archives of each symposium are available 24/7 at

For more information, contact:

Pat Price, Event Coordinator

An Accessible World

E-Mail: Pa-@talkingcommunities.com

Tel: 317-254-1185

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