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LoveSexyDC Weekly Update  Kathy Jentz
 Jul 09, 2004 14:52 PDT 


Congratulations to Tommy DeBrosse!!! He won the raffle for the August
14th Musicology concert tickets provided by DJDredd.

Thank you to all who made our party last Sunday such a success
including Rebecca and the staff at Modern, DJDredd, and Jenn!

Special thanks to all who stood in line when the club reached capacity
crowds - when we get past 150 or so inside, we can only let more people
in as other people leave. Usually the wait is not more than 10 minutes,
but we wanted to let you know we appreciate your patience :-).

We still have LoveSexyDC CD holders and the "Days of Wild" + "Turn It Up
2.0" Uptown books for sale. Contact me at this email if you are
interested or see me at the August events.

Much news below...

Have a great weekend,

August Event Details

Next month's party theme:
A Triple Threat
Prince vs. Michael Jackson vs Rick James

Date: Sunday, August 8th 2004 — not a holiday weekend

Time: 7:00 PM, lasts until 1:00 AM

Location: Modern, 3287 M St., NW, Georgetown, Washington DC

Cost: $7

Dress: Stylish & Sexy (no athletic gear please)

Featuring: DJDredd on the turntables

Note: Valid Picture ID Required - Must be 21 to enter

Special Features: Look for the LoveSexyDC Raffle Sign-up and
Be Sure to Ask the Bartenders about the Prince-ly Drink Specials

For more information, please visit www.LoveSexyDC.org

Favorite Prince Songs

As part of the raffle form at our July party, we asked eveyone for their
favorite Prince song. Here are the un-scientific results:

The clear winner: Purple Rain with 14 votes

With 6 votes each:
~ Adore
~ Little Red Corvette
~ When Doves Cry

With 5 votes:
~ Kiss

With 3 votes each:
~ Call My Name
~ Erotic City
~ I Wanna B Ur Lover
~ Most Beautiful Girl

With 2 Votes each:
~ Joy In Repetition
~ 1999
~ Days of Wild
~ 7
~ The Beautiful Ones

With 1 Vote each:
~ Let's Go Crazy
~ Under the Cherry Moon
~ Sexy MF
~ If I Was Ur Girlfriend
~ Soft & Wet
~ Cream
~ Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife
~ All My Dreams
~ Grand Progression
~ 17 Days
~ Parade
~ Take Me With U
~ Money Don't Matter 2Nite
~ How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?
~ 17 Days
~ Christopher Tracy's Parade
~ The Rainbow Children
~ Nasty Girl
~ Shhh
~ Supercute
~ Raspberry Beret

So, I guess that will be the Musicology set list next month?
We wish!

Concert Tickets
From: Phd-@aol.com

Do u know anyone selling tix for any of Princes's performances at MCI?
I have 2 presale tix for the Meadowlands (18 July) that I cant use. Im
told I just have to change the name on my member profile in order for
whoever wants the tix to get them. They're $87 a piece, if u know
anyone who may be interested, pls pass it on.


PS I had a ball last nite!

Prince Reunion News
From: JayMerry

In a message dated 7/5/2004 9:47:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
in-@eurweb.com writes:
Prince performs with old pals.

      *This summer, family reunions and class
reunions abound, as a number of us head home
to visit with old friends. That's also true for superstar
      Marking the 20th anniversary of his hit album
"Purple Rain," the petite performer hooked up with
Morris Day and The Time, guitarist Wendy Melvoin,
keyboardist Lisa Coleman and percussionist Sheila E,
at last Friday's Essence Music Festival.
      Prince was also joined by Larry Graham,
Chaka Khan, and Doug E. Fresh.
      "This hasn't been done like this in a long time,"
said Graham. "This is just right on time."
      Prince's show kicked off the three-day concert
festival. The reunion was attended by more than
50,000 fans, the largest crowd for a single
concert in the Essence fest's 10-year history.

I know, I know, Lisa wasn't there................

Fashion at Essence

Fashion Important at Essence Music Fest
.c The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Like thousands of others, Veronica Jones came to the
Essence Music Festival for a show, except she didn't have tickets for
any of the superstar-packed concerts.

``I came to watch the people,'' said Jones, a New Orleans native who
parked herself outside the Superdome to see the crowd pass by.

``I came to watch it because it's a trendsetter on fashion. And a lot of
people are wearing stuff that we're not wearing in New Orleans .

Indeed, some of the three-day festival's most eye-popping moments were
not onstage, but in the crowd as people put on their best outfits - and
in some cases, their worst - to attend the annual event.

``It's not only just a social occasion, it's a fashion occasion,'' said
Gaithan Galloway, in red shirt, red pants and matching red shoes. ``You
do not want to come where you're looking ordinary.''

Few people fit the description of ordinary on Saturday evening, the
second night of the event. Eugenia Gipson and her date, Matthew
Eddington, wore pink - she in a hot pink dress with a J.Lo-like plunge
down the middle, along with pink shoes. He in a pink Kangol cap, striped
pink shirt, pink diamond studs in each ear and blue jeans - with a pink

``I was undecided on what I was going to wear and she already knew she
wanted to wear pink,'' he said. ``Everything I have on was bought for
the outfit.''

There were women in sequins, designer cocktail dresses and trendy tight
jeans. Strappy, stilettos were everywhere, though none of the women
wearers could rival Prince's rhinestone heels from his Friday night

Hair ranged from long and flowing tresses (real and fake), braided
masterpieces and short-cropped 'dos.

And there was plenty of flesh as some women - and a few men - wore
necklines so low that even Lil' Kim would wince. Bras covered with mesh,
miniskirts that barely covered the buttocks and almost see-through
outfits were plentiful.

``It's eye candy all over the place,'' comedian Sinbad joked backstage
after his performance Sunday night. ``All a dude has to do is sit down
and watch the parade go by. For guys who are 14 to 21 right now, it's a
good time.''

Jacinta Sole of Birmingham, Ala., was dressed in a snakeskin-print scarf
that she wore as a halter top, barely covering her breasts. Her stomach
was exposed, showing off her diamond bellybutton ring, and her tight
jeans showed off the rest of her toned physique.

``I didn't think it was sexy,'' she said with smile, but conceded she
wanted her body to show. ``I work on it and I'm proud of it, so I kind
of wanted it out.''

Ail Legaux, 26, and her friend, 33-year-old Tantreese Kelly, were a bit
more covered up but still could cause heads to spin. Legaux had on a
flowing white top with a plunging neckline and a matching pleated skirt.
Kelly wore a baby-doll top that accentuated her cleavage, jeans.

Both spent more on their outfits than their concert tickets. Legaux
purchased her designer duds for about $500, while Kelly spent $350.

But why get dressed up to sit in a dark concert hall where the focus is
supposed to be on the stage?

``It's a really nice event, and I feel it's a time we can dress up. I
don't see why we shouldn't,'' said Legaux. ``We all just wanna come
looking our best.''

``I think it's kind of a fashion show,'' said Sole. ``(People want) to
get recognized, for attention. I want to look good, too, like everyone
else is looking good. I wanna be a star too. So all the stars come to
the Essence Festival, we're stars together.''

Not everyone wore outfits that looked more appropriate for an awards
show. Lorraine Cole, 33, sported a black halter top, jeans and black
sandals. Comfort was her first priority.

``I think it's a nice event, but I think because it lasts so long, and
there are so many different things going on,'' the Augusta, Ga.-resident
said, explaining her casual attire.

However, Cole says it's a part of black culture to be fashionable at
events - and notices at non-black concerts, people are more apt to show
up in jeans.

``When I go to events that cater more to white, they're more casual at
their events,'' she said. ``I think we do kind of do a little more.''

But it wasn't simply black people dressed up. Audra Kohout, of New
Orleans, came dressed in a 20s flapper look - a hat, a low-cut black
shirt, a striped skirt with a slit up the thigh, and fishnet stockings.

``I'm a mom and I don't get out very much, and when I go out, I get
dressed up!''

Prince Reunion News pt. 2
From: JayMerry

Prince Reunites With the Time, Sheila E.
.c The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Anniversaries often bring reunions. And to mark the
20th anniversary of ``Purple Rain,'' Prince reunited with some of the
players in his musical past - Morris Day and The Time, guitarist Wendy
Melvoin and former protege Sheila E.

``This hasn't been done like this in a long time,'' said veteran
musician Larry Graham, who performed at Friday's Essence Music Festival
show at the Superdome in New Orleans. ``This is just right on time.''

Prince's show, the kickoff to the three-day annual concert festival in
the city, was a five-hour party attended by 50,000 people, the largest
crowd for a concert in the festival's 10-year history.

The show started out on a bizarre note - Prince, onstage in a disguise
of a straight-haired wig, hat and beard, playing the guitar on inline
stakes as relatively unknown performers danced or sang around him. The
most famous person to come on stage at that point was Graham, formerly
of Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station.

Then, the mysterious figure onstage announced Sheila E., and the
audience erupted in cheers as she ran through her 1984 hit ``The
Glamorous Life.''

Day and the Time, billed as the opening act to Prince, emerged later.
Day, who starred with Prince in the groundbreaking film version of
``Purple Rain,'' joined his preening sidekick Jerome as they sang old
hits like ``The Bird'' and ``Cool.''

Prince didn't hit the stage until nearly 11 p.m., but the crowd didn't
seem to mind - middle-aged women squealed like schoolgirls and young men
barely older than Prince's 25-year career bounced up and down as he
performed classics like ``Little Red Corvette,'' ``Controversy'' and
``Adore,'' as well as material from his most recent album,

Sheila E. rejoined her former mentor onstage to perform along side him
on ``A Love Bizarre'' and other tunes, while Melvoin - who along with
keyboardist Lisa Coleman were simply referred to as Wendy & Lisa in his
old Revolution band - also sat in with his New Power Generation band.

Other surprise guests included Chaka Khan, who joined Prince to sing ``I
Feel For You'' - a cover of his song that she made a monster hit in the
1980s; and old school rapper Doug E. Fresh.

The high-energy show ended on an emotional note as Prince performed
``Purple Rain'' and spotlighted drummer John Blackwell, whose 2-year-old
daughter, Jia, accidentally drowned just days earlier. An emotional
Blackwell pointed to the image of his little girl on his T-shirt, as
Sheila E. embraced him and the band walked off the stage.

Essence Music Fest
From: JayMerry

Essence Music Fest Turns Into Pilgrimage
.c The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - When Essence decided to stage a concert extravaganza to
celebrate their 25th anniversary in 1995, officials at the black women's
magazine were a little worried about the festival's prospects.

``Essence had never produced a concert before,'' Susan Taylor, Essence's
editorial director, said of the concert, which was held in New Orleans
over the Fourth of July weekend. ``We weren't all that sure that it
would be the tremendous success that it was.''

This week, Essence will be celebrating another milestone as it marks the
10th year of the music festival, which is expected to draw more than
150,000 fans from across the nation. More than just a concert, the event
provides a spiritual and educational component to the event as well,
making it a ``Party With a Purpose,'' as they like to call it.

``I try and go every time I can,'' says Prince, one of this year's
performers. ``It's just too much good energy, too much positive energy
not to get a part of it.''

The festival will be held at the Superdome and other venues. Prince
kicks off the festivities Friday night; other performers include Mary J.
Blige, LL Cool J, gospel star Donnie McClurkin, Gladys Knight, and a
reunited New Edition (sans Bobby Brown).

Essence never intended the 1995 celebration to be a yearly event; the
first concert, which featured Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, B.B.
King and Patti LaBelle among others, was billed as a one-time event.

``We thought it would be a magnificent way to celebrate to have the
largest selection of black talent that the nation had ever seen, and to
have our readers join us,'' Taylor said.

But it drew 150,000 fans who wanted more.

``We heard from readers and folks that had attended and asked us to
please, please keep it going, because it was the best thing they had
ever attended,'' Taylor said.

About 1.5 million people have attended the festival over the years. Not
only are there superstars performing each night, but there are
``superlounges'' featuring oldie acts or those who have yet to hit the

``It has such a diverse schedule of artists and stuff, it's just
everybody you can think of. You see people that you didn't even know was
still around,'' said Frankie Beverly of the veteran soul act Maze, who
have closed out the festival every year.

Most of the acts jibe with the positive, uplifting message Essence tries
to project. But there have been aberrations.

In 1999, R. Kelly was among the headliners. Known for material that runs
from the sexually explicit to inspirational, Kelly chose to focus on the
raw side of his repertoire, including a segment in which he was to
invite a female audience member onto a bed onstage. The performance
angered some, and the festival producers stopped the performance. Kelly
never appeared again.

Taylor said organizers try to make sure that the acts adhere with the
family-friendly atmosphere.

``That's always been the idea behind the music festival, that we didn't
want people to not feel comfortable bringing their children or their
grandparents,'' she says.

In 1996, Essence threatened to pull the festival out of New Orleans when
then-Gov. Mike Foster announced plans to end affirmative action programs
in Louisiana. Foster backed off.

``We're a company who looks at the bottom line very critically, but
that's not all we look at,'' Taylor said. ``We really decided that we
were going to take the financial loss and we were not going to go into a
city and empower a governor who was trying to disempower our people.''

Empowerment is a major aspect of the festival. While the concerts are a
major draw, thousands also go to seminars and lectures on such topics as
relationships and spirituality.

There's also an activist component of the festival. There will a push to
register voters - Democratic booster Donna Brazile is expected to attend
- while there will also be discussions on how to combat negative images
of black women, particularly the hyper-sexualized ones seem in many
black music videos.

It's unlikely there will be any such images this weekend, with a
cleaned-up Prince as the main draw and acts such as Blige, who preaches
the gospel in between hits.

``The music festival, that's the party,'' said motivational speaker and
author Iyanla Vanzant, who's attended the festival off and on since its
beginning. ``People really come out to have good healthy, wholesome

On the Net: http://www.essence.com

Musicology News Links

~ ROYAL treatment
Times Picayune - New Orleans,LA,USA
... He then released his best-received album in years, "Musicology," and
launched a tour that finds him selling out large arenas once again. ...

~ JADAKISS plants 'Kiss' atop album chart
... 13 with 56,000 copies; it has sold 454,000 to date. With the
of Prince's "Musicology" (NPG/Columbia), which moved up one to No. ...
See all stories on this topic:

~ `KISS of Death' bounces the Beastie Boys
Charlotte Observer (subscription) - Charlotte,NC,USA
... Prince's "Musicology" holds the fifth spot (92,000), and "Redneck
Gretchen Wilson finished sixth (86,000) with her debut album, "Here for
the Party.".

~ NO, no! Kodak hasn't skipped
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester,NY,USA
... the Counting “Crowes,” actor Robert “Denero,” Brad Pitt’s
latest role as “Archilles,” and Prince, whose new album Musicology
”tethers on the ...

~ PRINCE Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Purple Rain
andPOP - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
... the beginning of Prince's career sang together to hits like "Little
Red Corvette" and "Adore" as well as from his newest contribution,
"Musicology ...

~ PRINCE reunites with old friends at Essence Fest
... down as he performed classics like "Little Red Corvette,"
and "Adore," as well as material from his most recent album, "Musicology

~ THE music industry's 100 most influential people
New Zealand Herald - Auckland,New Zealand
... an urban lifestyle brand. 49 Prince: The pint-sized artist is
the world with his new album Musicology. 50 Norah Jones: Ravi ...

~ PRINCE holds court at Essence fest
Times Picayune - New Orleans,LA,USA
... He and the nine-piece New Power Generation opened with "Musicology,"
the title track of his latest CD, copies of which were distributed free
at Dome entrances. ...

~ PRINCE reunites with The Time, Sheila E.
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
... bounced up and down as he performed classics like "Little Red
"Controversy" and "Adore," as well as material from his most recent
"Musicology ...

~ NIGHT BEAT: Performers fight album slump
Las Vegas Review-Journal - Las Veagas,NV,USA
... and put on live shows.". Prince has a brilliant solution, too. His
new "Musicology" album is in stores. But when you buy a Prince ...

Something to do TONIGHT
From: Djdr-@djdredd.com

Friday @ Aroma
3417 Connecticut Avenue NW (Cleveland Park)
$2 cover
No dress code
21 and up
Dance up front or chill in the back lounge
Funk, Reggae, Dance Classics, Hip-Hop
Sounds by DJ DREDD

Prince Pasta Gone?

New World Pasta to Close Omaha Plant

HARRISBURG, Pa., July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- New World Pasta Company today
announced that it will discontinue manufacturing operations at its
Omaha, Nebraska facility on or about September 4, 2004. The facility
employs 17 salaried and 79 hourly employees. Production at the Omaha
facility will be provided by other New World Pasta manufacturing

"We regret the impact that this closing will have on our dedicated Omaha
employees. The closing of this plant was a difficult decision, but it
was a necessary one in order for the Company to continue its focus on
reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and being competitive in the
marketplace," said Lisa Donahue, Chief Executive Officer of New World
Pasta Company.

New World Pasta Company is a leading marketer and supplier of dry pasta
in the United States and Canada, with well-known brands such as RONZONI,
Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, New World Pasta Company has
over 1,000 employees in the United States, Canada and Italy.

 What, no more Prince pasta?? Oh, my goodness? Remember what a big
stink he raised about that commercial with the purple draped stage? LOL

end of message

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