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LoveSexyDC Weekly Update  Kathy Jentz
 Jul 16, 2004 11:51 PDT 


Several LoveSexyDC members went up to New York this week to attend those
shows, read their reviews below. Makes you wanna go to a concert NOW,
doesn't it?

We are working on details for our pre-concert gatherings on August
12-14. They will be announced next week along with our Sept-Dec party

Our August party details are below along with a VCR Alert and lots of
news links.

Take care,

VCR Alert

CBS The Early Show
Tuesday, 07/20: Rene Syler exclusive interview with Prince

August Event Details

Next month's party theme:
Prince vs. Michael Jackson vs Rick James

Date: Sunday, August 8th 2004 — not a holiday weekend

Time: 7:00 PM, lasts until 1:00 AM

Location: Modern, 3287 M St., NW, Georgetown, Washington DC

Cost: $7

Dress: Stylish & Sexy (no athletic gear please)

Featuring: DJDredd on the turntables

Note: Valid Picture ID Required - Must be 21 to enter

Special Features: Look for the LoveSexyDC Raffle Sign-up and
Be Sure to Ask the Bartenders about the Prince-ly Drink Specials

Synergy posted this at NPGMC

Synergy posted this at NPGMC:
Essence Fest incidents and accidents
Friday, July 09, 2004
By Keith Spera
Music writer

Some final notes on last weekend's 10th anniversary Essence Music

That bizarre character on skates who appeared July 2 with the all-star
band preceding Morris Day & the Time was an incognito Prince. Prince
disguised himself in a straight-haired wig, fake goatee and sunglasses
to play along with bassist Larry Graham, percussionist Sheila E and
other friends, a last-minute addition to the roster.

That Prince performed at all is a testament to the show-must-go-on
fortitude of New Power Generation drummer John Blackwell. Blackwell's
toddler daughter, Jia, passed away several days before Essence in what
was reportedly a drowning accident. Prince canceled four Chicago shows
prior to Essence, but Blackwell agreed to do the New Orleans date.

Onstage, Blackwell wore a memorial T-shirt adorned with a portrait of
his daughter. At the conclusion of Prince's show, a physically and
emotionally drained Blackwell ran to the front of the stage and held out
his T-shirt for the audience to see.

An after-party at the House of Blues was canceled, and Prince flew out
late that night.

For Prince, a Resurgence

For Prince, a Resurgence Accompanied by Spirituality
By JON PARELES, The New York Times

Prince was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame earlier this
The sound of someone knocking out a funk drumbeat thumped down a hallway
as a visitor walked into Paisley Park, the studio complex Prince built
in this Minneapolis suburb. Soon afterward the drummer emerged, wearing
a white jacket of Chinese silk, tight white pants with buttons up the
leg, white shoes and a red T-shirt lettered NPGMC. It was Prince, who
had been using the time before an interview to record one more track for
one more song in progress.

Prince has been virtually a one-man studio band since he released his
first album in 1978, and in the years since he has recorded funk and
rock, pop ballads and jazzy excursions; he has written streamlined,
straightfoward hits and complex experiments. His skill and versatility
have made him a model for musicians as different as D'Angelo, Beck and
OutKast, and his storehouse of unreleased material, which he calls the
Vault, may well hold thousands of songs.

"I record all the time," he said simply. But this afternoon he paused to
reflect on what has been his best year in at least a decade.

Prince led off this year's Grammy Awards broadcast in February, joined
onstage by Beyoncé, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame in March. His current album, "Musicology" (Paisley Park/Columbia),
has sold more than a million copies in the United States since it was
released in June, and it is lodged in the Top 20 of the Billboard album
chart. Meanwhile, Prince is selling out arenas on tour.

On Monday Prince starts a three-night stand at Madison Square Garden,
followed by shows at the Continental Arena in East Rutherford, N.J.
(July 16 and 18), the Hartford Civic Center (July 17) and Nassau
Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y. (July 20). He usually follows arena shows
with late-night jam sessions at clubs. He has also renovated Paisley
Park to change it from two recording studios to four. And on Dec. 31,
2001, he quietly married Manuela Testolini, a former Paisley Park
Prince, 46, said he was a bit sleepy as he led his visitor into Studio A
and settled in behind the 48-track mixing console. But on "Musicology"
he boasted that he didn't have an Off switch, and he grew more animated
as he spoke: jumping to his feet, picking up a guitar to play a funk
vamp, declaiming and gesticulating like a gospel preacher.

The lascivious young man who recorded albums like "Dirty Mind" (1980)
has affirmed a newfound faith. "I always knew I had a relationship with
God," he said. "But I wasn't sure God had a relationship with me."

One of the new rooms in Paisley Park has the word "Knowledge" painted
outside it. Its shelves hold books and pamphlets from the Jehovah's
Witnesses, and a Bible sits open on a lectern. Prince has stopped using
profanity and has stopped singing about casual sex.

"I've always understood the two to be intertwined, sexuality and
spirituality," he said. "That never changed. What became more clear-cut
to me was the importance of monogamy. And that was in the Scriptures
many years ago."
"I didn't feel like making some grand statement. It ain't like me
trying to pull the trigger back and annihilate something. I'm just
-Prince on his new album   

"The word sex has been turned into something so. . . . it means so many
things to so many different people," he added. "I don't use it much
anymore. It's been sullied."

On tour, he has been reaching into his old repertory for songs like
"Purple Rain" and "D.M.S.R.," which stands for "Dance Music Sex
Romance." Is he embarrassed now by some of the raunchier songs in his
catalog? "Embarrassed?" he said with a smile. "I don't know that word.
Have you seen my outfits?"

Tabulating Prince's current success has been contentious. On his current
tour, concertgoers receive copies of the album as part of the price of
the ticket, and those albums have been counted for Billboard's chart
rankings. "Once the ticket is sold, the CD is sold," Prince said. "It's
one-stop shopping." According to Sony Music, those albums account for
about 27 percent of sales of "Musicology." Yet even during the week
ending July 4, when Prince was not playing concerts, the album sold
61,000 copies, keeping it at No. 15.

"One has been spurring the other, which is exactly what Prince thought
it would do," said Michelle Anthony, executive vice president of Sony
Music. "With someone like Prince, you almost have cover to break all the

After complaints that Prince was giving the album away, Billboard and
SoundScan, which compiles the charts, changed the method for counting
album sales. If an album is sold with a concert ticket, the buyer now
has to specifically authorize a surcharge for the price of the album if
the sale is to be counted. Yet the rule is not retroactive, so Prince is
likely to remain near the top of the chart for as long as he is on tour.

"I didn't do this to usurp power from Billboard or SoundScan," he said.
"But the real power is in community, in actually connecting with

Prince's new visibility is not exactly a comeback. He never stopped
making albums or touring, but for years he left behind the star-making
machinery of the major labels. His longtime contract with Warner
Brothers Records turned sour in 1993 as he changed his name to an
unpronounceable glyph and appeared with the word "Slave" written on his
face. Albums credited to Prince, with songs from the Vault and titles
like "Chaos and Disorder," continued to appear on Warner until the
contract ran out, while albums credited to the glyph were released
independently. He is now negotiating with Warner Brothers over the
release of remastered versions of his old albums, including a
20th-anniversary edition of "Purple Rain."

Prince formed his own company, NPG Records (for New Power Generation,
the name of his band). Fans can subscribe to the NPG Music Club
(www.npgmusicclub.com), which offers music to download and advance
notice and discounts on concert tickets. After the Warner contract
ended, Prince resumed using his old name.

By then he had decided on a new business model. In a typical recording
contract, the label finances the recording of an album and other costs,
then recoups its investment from the musicians' royalties, typically
about 15 percent of the album's wholesale price. After costs are
recouped, the label still owns the master recording, an agreement some
musicians have compared to paying off a mortgage but having the bank
still own the house. "There are a bunch of laws on the books that allow
them to rape artists," Prince said.

Prince refuses to accept that arrangement anymore. In his current deal
with Sony Music USA — Don Ienner, the president of Sony Music USA,
called it unique — Prince pays for recording and promotional costs, and
Columbia presses, distributes and markets the album, receiving a
percentage of each sale. It is not a long-term or exclusive agreement,
although Columbia would be happy to repeat it. "No one can come and
claim ownership of my work," Prince said. "I am the creator of it, and
it lives within me."

"It's the way it should have been a long time ago," he added. "The whole
paradigm has got to shift. But I'm free now."

He tried a similar one-shot deal with Arista, in 1999, for "Rave un2 the
Joy Fantastic," credited to the glyph, but its songs were more
convoluted than those on "Musicology," which puts its funk and hooks on
the surface. The album has made it easy for old fans to rediscover him
and younger ones to connect.

"I make all kinds of records," Prince said. "For this album, I didn't
feel like making some grand statement. It ain't like me trying to pull
the trigger back and annihilate something. I'm just chillin'."
By this time, friends and family had drifted into Studio A: Prince's
wife, the funk bass player Larry Graham and Mr. Graham's wife, daughter,
son-in-law and grandson. The grandson, Jaiden Eittreim, 19 months old,
was poking at a keyboard while Prince pushed buttons to trigger rhythm
tracks, approving of the child's timing: "He is definitely going to be
funky," Prince said.

Eventually it was bedtime, and Jaiden started to fuss and pout as he was
dislodged from the keyboard. Ms. Testolini looked on with a smile:
"That's just how Prince is," she said fondly of her husband, "when you
try to take him out of the studio.

American Idol road show will also feature nightly tribute to Prince.   

'Idol' Tour To Feature Hits By Outkast, Alicia Keys, Beyonce
Road show will also feature nightly tribute to Prince.
by Corey Moss

Imagine "American Idol" with a Prince theme week instead of Barry
Manilow. Or top 40 — as in Outkast and Britney Spears — instead of big

Or just check out one of the 50 dates of the American Idols Live Tour
and give your imagination a rest.

The tour, which kicks off Wednesday in Salt Lake City (see "Don't Expect
To Hear 'She Bangs' On This Year's 'Idol' Tour"), will feature a few
highlights from the season, but for the most part it'll be more
contemporary than anything fans saw on TV.

"We are going very modern," said Amy Adams, who is singing Beyoncé's
"Dangerously in Love" with La Toya London and Jennifer Hudson, among
other tunes. "I think it's really neat because on the show we didn't
really get a chance to modernize who we are as artists. You got to see
our differences, but not really in a modern sense, so I think it will be
great for the tour."

And look for the performances to be better too, as each singer will be
entirely in his or her element, at least for a song.

In other words, expect Jon Peter Lewis to play guitar, John Stevens to
sing a couple of standards, and Camile Velasco to salute her idol,
Lauryn Hill.

"I get to do Aretha [Franklin]'s song 'Since You've Been Gone,' which
I've always wanted to do," Hudson said. "And me and [close friend]
George [Huff] will be doing a duet."

As with past "Idol" tours, this summer's tour will open with the
10th-place finalist (Adams doing Aaron Lines' "Knock on Wood") and count
down to the winner (Fantasia probably doing "Summertime" or "I

Then it's on to a tribute to Prince with a group medley of his greatest
hits, including "Nothing Compares 2 U" from Hudson and Huff, "Diamonds
and Pearls" from Diana DeGarmo, and "Kiss" from London.

"You know what would be nice? If he pops up onstage and says, 'You know
what? I'm here, y'all,' " Huff said. "I hope they surprise us and do

The second half of the show will also include a medley of soul tunes to
promote the group's CD as well as some contemporary pieces, including
Jasmine Trias taking on Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" and Lewis
doing Outkast's "Hey Ya!"

"It's kinda interesting putting your own take on modern music," Lewis
said. "I'm not Andre 3000 by any means."

Choreography will be a big part of the medleys and at least one of the

"When I step on the stage, you better move out the way, because I'm
gonna be all trying to dig a hole in the ground," said Huff, who's
singing the Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and Marvin Gaye's
"What's Going On." "I'm gonna be putting a hole in the ground with my
feet, I'm gonna be dancing so hard."

One of Huff's performances will feature guitar work from Lewis. In
another unlikely combo, Fantasia and Stevens will cover Queen's "Crazy
Little Thing Called Love."

What the show will not include is Leah LaBelle or Matt Rogers, the 12th
and 11th place finalists.

"We really tried to get Matt and Leah on, but unfortunately we have so
many parents this season, they're taking up the place [in the buses]
where they could have possibly been," DeGarmo said. "And it's something
that has been set in the rules from the very beginning, they only take
the top 10."

The American Idols Live Tour will wrap up in late September with three
consecutive shows in Honolulu, which has Hawaii natives Velasco and
Trias thrilled.

"When I heard about that, I was so happy and proud," Trias said. "Two
shows sold out in less than a half an hour, and the third in an hour, so
it's pretty crazy."

Hudson is just excited to go to any city. "I've never really been to a
concert, so my first concert will be my own," she said.

This report is provided by MTV News

Prince on Early Show
From:    MyaBocca

People in the News: Prince
The Associated Press
7/16/04 1:34 AM

NEW YORK (AP) -- Prince is turning down his mojo.

"I have a responsibility to (young fans) to perform in a manner that I
would like my children to be performed in front of," he says in an
interview to air Tuesday on CBS News' "The Early Show."

Prince, who has written songs such as "Gett Off," "I Wanna Be Your
Lover" and "Kiss," says he's moving away from the explicitly erotic
lyrics of the past.

"I just want to be the best human being I can be ... on stage and off,"
he says. Excerpts of the interview were released in advance.

The 46-year-old singer-songwriter is listed as the No. 1 "greatest rock
frontman" of all time, beating out Mick Jagger and Robert Plant, in the
August issue of Spin magazine.

Prince earned a 10 out of 10 for sex appeal, in a vote of editors, and
kudos for singing like an "oversexed elf."

LSDC Members' New York Show Roadtrip Report
From:    "sconn-@juno.com" <sconn-@juno.com>

Who needs the Banger Chicks? Anybody whose taken a LovesexyDC road trip
knows that our story would make a much better movie. Whose with me?
We'll get Prince to write the soundtrack of course. I've got dibs on
Sanaan Lathan to play my part.   Let me know who you want to play yours?
Anyhow here's another scene for our movie.

Scene LoveSexyDC takes on Madison Square Garden Musicology Tour July 12
Our trip began in D.C. at 10:00 a.m. Prince music all the way courtesy
of Apple Ipod. [I definately plan to give Apple Ipod complimentary
sponsorship as part of the movie :)]
Hit New York around 3:30 p.m., ate and get diva-fied for the show.
After getting our tickets, we spent crazy money on new NPG gear.
The P.A. system was pumping Prince all the way while we waited. The
show got started
around 8:10 p.m. I'm not one for set lists so check out prince.org if
you want
an accurate set list. I will just provide the highlights.

First off the hair was Fierce with a capital F.

Outfit #1 - Jacket (black on one side long, white on the other short,
white pants)
Outfit #2 - Polka dot shirt (open all the way), white pants with white
fringe, white heels with rhinestone heels
Outfit #3 - White shirt with fringe on the sleeve, white pants, sneaker
boot wedge heel shoes
Outfit #4 - Purplish blue suit with fringe on sleeves and pants

The setlist has changed somewhat. Cream, Housequake intro, Freaks on
this Side have all been added. On the Coach wasn't played.

Oh my God, Prince and his booty. There needs to be a law against a
booty that fine moving the way it does.

And for the finale, want you all to know that Prince has a new Sexy
Dancer who sings too. Another of LovesexyDC's own has got her cherry
busted. But that's her part of the script to write :)

Came back to D.C. the next day, Prince blaring down I-95 South all the

Ciao for now. I've got to go and hide my Best Singer Award before Kathy
asks for it back :)

7/12/04 Madison Square Garden Report from Summatra
From:    Summatra

Hello LoveSexy DC -

Kathy asked me to do a "write-up" of the MSG
show, so here it goes.

I took Amtrak from DC and arrived in New York around 5:30pm. It was
raining and gray. I checked into the New Yorker Hotel (a hotel that is
WAAY past its prime ... but it is CLEAN and CLOSE TO EVERYTHING ... like
right across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden). I
was on the 26th floor. The hallways were sweltering because of no air
conditioning, and I opened the door to a teeny-tiny room with a window
unit AC, I looked out the window at the beautiful art deco carvings on
the walls of the hotel, and the decent view of the Empire State Bldg.
The hotel used to be great. But I was not in New York to critique at a
hotel, I came to see PRINCE.

I changed into my purple clothes and NPNY Tshirt, and walked 3-4 blocks
in the rain to meet up with NPNY members at a bar Mustang Sally's. I got
to meet a lot of new people (hey everybody!), but they had all picked up
their tix BEFORE the meet-and-greet... It seemed like everyone there had
1st and second row seats! Wow... I am thinking , where are MY seats
going to be?

Another NPNY member, and I left a little early to pick up tix at the
will-call window (totally painless). I could not wait to see what kind
of seats I had. Pretty dang good! I was in row D facing 'Nato Neto's
keyboards. I was so close that if I looked straight up I could just make
out what was on the big screen. So what? ... I was so close I did not
need the big screen ... thank you NPG Music Club.

I remember my first Prince Concert tickets were on the very last row, in
the back, at the top of the GMU Patriot center ... Now I am getting
GREAT seats on the floor of the "Garden"! (I hope my DC seats are as

In a word, the show was PHENOMENAL. It is the best performance I have
seen (except for Xenophobia)!

The show has changed a little bit since LA. It flowed a lot faster
(kinda reminded me of the LoveSexy concert video... one song flowed into
the next)... less Musicology, more old stuff, and medleys... but not as
short and choppy as before. It is kinda   like "the hits ... with a
sample of his lesser known stuff with a little Musicology thrown in."
Prince plays quite a few songs that the casual "Purple Rain fan" just
does not know... like, he asked everyone to sing the words to "7" ... I
bet some people are going to be running to the "wrecka sto" to fill out
their collections. The show is tight.

The Set List? I don't do set lists, cuz I am too busy screaming and
looking around. Here is the setlist that somebody else did ...

To sum it all up:

1 - Prince performed at the top level of all his many talents ... he
RIPPED into just about every solo he had, his voice was beautiful, he
looked great ... too cute! And he just skipped, and clowned and pranced
and danced all over that X-shaped stage.

2 - The NPG was perfection. John Blackwell (my fav) was awesome, and
'Nato (my 2nd fav) was playing some freaky stuff during the interludes
and costume changes. Every body else was fabulous 2.

3- The MSG crowd was INTENSE. It was completely sold out, people were
dancing in the aisles and we all screamed for the ENTIRE show. The
atmosphere was like a club show with 20,000 people. I have never seen
anything like it.

I can't wait for DC! Oh yeah ...save your money cuz the concession is
HIGH... it was worth it, though.

- Deloris

News Links

~ THINGS look rosier for the Purple One
New York Newsday - New York,NY,USA
... He's also generating controversy, albeit not the sexiest kind: By
away a copy of his latest disc, "Musicology" (NPG/Sony), with each
sold on his ...

See all stories on this topic:

~ PRINCE reigns over lesson in "Musicology"
Newark Star Ledger - Newark,NJ,USA
... concert. But this wasn't any concert. It was part of Prince's
Tour" (named after his recent "Musicology" album). Presenting ...

~ JORDAN Center among top venues for ticket sales
Penn State Live - PA,USA
... Top-selling concerts and events during the time reported at The
Jordan Center included Dave Matthews and Friends, Prince's Musicology
Tour, Toby Keith ...

~ MUSIC: Prince, Madison Square Garden
Financial Times - London,England,UK
... collage flashed across the video screens, until finally the musician
rose from beneath the stage and went into the title track of his new
"Musicology ...

~ PRINCE tickets to go on sale this weekend
Visalia Times-Delta - Visalia,CA,USA
... His current album, "Musicology," has sold more than a million copies
in the United States since its June release, and it remains in the Top
20 of the Billboard ...

See all stories on this topic:

~ 07-15-04 EUR ALL ON ONE PAGE
Eurweb - UK
... cents for non-members. The music icon is currently touring the
in support of his latest album, “Musicology.”. MY NECK, MY ...

~ NEW PRINCE SONG AVAILABLE ONLINE: Purple One releases 'Silver ...
Eurweb - UK
... and 99 cents for non-members. The music icon is currently touring
country in support of his latest album, “Musicology.”.

~ CONCERTS: Sales down, prices up
The Union Leader - Manchester,NH,USA
... much money.”. Topping the Top 50 grossing tour list: Prince, whose
Musicology Tour has so far yielded more than $45 million. He ...

~ PRINCE, 3 Doors Down are week's hot tickets
Staten Island Advance - Staten Island,NY,USA
... On Friday and next Sunday, his "Musicology" tour stops at the
Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ Prince wraps up his
stay at Nassau Coliseum on ...

~ LONG Players: Beasties, country women bring the heat
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - Minneapolis,MN,USA
... (CR). Prince, "Musicology" (NPG/Columbia) -- The hoopla of his
concerts is over. The magazine covers are starting to look alike. ...

~ PRINCE Tour Coming to Fresno
KFSN - Fresno,CA,USA
Prince will bring his Musicology Tour to the Save Mart Center on
September 4th at 8pm. The concert is a couple months ...

~ READING Between the Lines: Prince's Bad Press
Africana.com - Africa
... Supporting his latest album, Musicology, the concert I attended was
the second of a three night, sold-out engagement at the Excel Arena in
downtown St. Paul. ...

~ BILLBOARD Bits: Prince, Mr. Cheeks, Fantasia
Billboard - USA
Prince's tour in support of his latest studio album, "Musicology," is in
the midst of a multiple-night stand at New York's Madison Square Garden.

~ PENN State Grit
Centre Daily Times - Centre County,PA,USA
... Top selling concerts and events during that time included Dave
and Friends, Prince's Musicology Tour, Toby Keith, Barney's Colorful
World ...

~ NEWS in brief from central Pennsylvania
Centre Daily Times - Centre County,PA,USA
... Top selling events at the arena during that time included Dave
and Friends, Prince's Musicology Tour, Toby Keith, the USHRA Thunder
and ...

end of message

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