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LoveSexyDC Special News Bulletin  Kathy Jentz
 Aug 09, 2004 14:22 PDT 


Got some concert tickets WANTED and FOR SALE by members below.

No news yet on any "official" after concert events... stay tuned...

Thanks to all for making it another GREAT event last night - Becca and
thr Modern crew, DJDredd & Jenn, and Kate and the Human Rights Campaign
crew! It was a special vibe esp. when a Rick James jamm filled the dance

Congratulations to our very lucky concert ticket raffle winners!

Any LoveSexyDC members going to the Philadelphia concert on Sunday,
8/22? If so, I'm starting a separate discussion list for those
interesting in getting together for that road trip.

I will send out the regular Weekly Update later this week but also any
late-breaking news items as theycome in.

- Kathy

Concert Ticket WANTED #1
From:    Lisa Burris <Lbur-@netscape.net>

If you know anyone selling tickets for August 13 or August 14, please
notify Vera.   She would like to travel to DC and go to one or both
shows - if possible.   This is her Email address -

Thanks in advance for helping.

Concert Tickets WANTED #2

Kevin would like 1 ticket (maybe 2) for any of the DC shows.
He prefers the 100 level.

Please call him ASAP if you have a ticket for sale.
Home Phone 703-723-1740

Concert Ticket FOR SALE #1
From:    "ejohnson" <evj-@comcast.net>

Hi Kathy and LoveSexy DC members:
I have one ticket for the Saturday 8/14/04 Prince show. I am going to
Thursday's night show, but being a crazed fan I bought an extra single
tix for the last show on Saturday. I can't get to the show now because
of a prior commitment so I would like to sell it. The seat is located in
Section 100, Row K, Seat 16. This is an excellent location and I would
hate for it to go to waste. I am not trying to get rich from the sale,
just face value of the tix.

Please email me at evj-@comcast.net if you are interested. It's also
on Ebay until Wednesday, 8/11/04 but I can always cancel the auction.

Concert Ticket FOR SALE #2
From:    "Maria Ellicott" <lady_cab-@hotmail.com>

my friend from Tampa is coming up to DC for all three DC shows....I"m
going to the fri and sat shows with her, but not the thurs show...so she
has an extra one....if anyone here is interested, please email her at

Rick James Interview Mentions Prince
From:    MyaBocca

Late funk legend talked about ASCAP award,
Prince, hip hop, Chappelle, and his legacy.

       *An autopsy Saturday failed to reveal the
exact cause of death for Rick James, however,
his three children - daughter Ty, and sons Rick
Jr. and Tazman - said Friday through a spokesman
that they believe his heart just simply gave out.
       James, 56, died in his sleep Friday morning
at his home near Universal City, California. He
gave the world such funk staples as "Super Freak,"
"Give It To Me Baby" and "Mary Jane," and was
just as innovative behind the scenes penning
songs for Teena Marie, the Mary Jane Girls,
the Temptations, and Smokey Robinson.
       It was his writing talent that caught the
attention of ASCAP (American Society of
Composers, Authors and Publishers), and
ironically, allowed him the chance to experience
a lifetime achievement award before it was too late.
       Last June, James accepted the honor at the
ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in Beverly
Hills, where he capped his acceptance speech
with the infamous phrase from the Dave Chappelle
Show, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" to thunderous
applause from the crowd. At the ceremony,
EUR's Lee Bailey spoke to him for what would
become the last time.
       "This is probably the greatest accolade I've
ever won," James said. "This is icing on the cake.
It's not only from my peers, but these are the
people who really know and appreciate the song,
whether it's for the Mary Jane Girls, Temptations,
myself, or Smokey Robinson, they know."
       At the time of his death, James (born James
Ambrose Johnson Jr.) was preparing to release a
double-album of almost 30 songs to coincide with his
25th anniversary as a successful artist. The project,
which he said would come through his own Ma Records
label, was also part of the singer's newfound peace
after years of battling drug and alcohol addiction.
He credits his 1998 stroke as God's way of slowing
him down.
       "When that stroke happened to me in Denver,
I wasn't doing drugs," he said. "I wasn't doing
anything. I might've had half a glass of champagne,
but I wasn't doing anything because I was on parole;
I was being [drug] tested, too. So when it happened,
it was so bizarre. I broke two blood vessels on the
back of my neck.
       "I was laid up in the hospital for six and
a half months, I went to a three- or four- month
rehab, then I was in the bed for a year and a half.
I just was depressed. I didn't think I'd ever be able
to perform again. But God sent this angel, and she
came and did some bodywork on me. I couldn't walk
backwards, I couldn't walk sideways, I couldn't write
my name, and next thing I know, I was running across
my room. I believe He just sat me down for a minute
to pay attention."
       The upcoming double-album was also supposed
to promote the return of "real music," which James
felt was lost on today's young artists. James said:
       "Me and Quincy [Jones] had this discussion,
and it's a really sad thing, in actuality - music is
dead. There will be no other Earth Wind and Fires,
there'll be no more Billie Holidays, Sly and the Family
Stones or Parliament Funkadelics. People get together
now and they don't know anything about music. And
I look at the artform of rap, the way they spit it, and
some of them are brilliant, and they're poets, but
some of it is just verbal diarrhea."
       James cited recent shows with the Ohio
Players and Parliament Funkadelic, and even the
new "Musicology" material from his longtime rival
Prince as examples of funk's staying-power despite
today's unhealthy R&B diet.
       "Never in my dearest life did I think I would ever
like Prince," James said, before cracking up. "But
I'm just so grateful for all the brothers out there in
funk because it's a resurgence, a revolution,
a reincarnation - it's a total blooming of something
that people thought had died."
       And speaking of Prince, James was still a little
cheeky about the artist formerly known as The Artist,
who reportedly sparked the rivalry when he kept
upstaging the braided singer while opening for him
on tour.
       "I don't have any grudges," James said of the
Purple One. "He's a great musician. I'm just not into
songs like, If I Was Your Girlfriend' or me and my
sister used to do this all night. But no, he's changed.
He doesn't have a sign anymore. I guess there's
a little bit of jealousy still there, but I know I'm
better looking - and I'm taller."
      Plans are still underway for James' life to be told
on the big screen. Comedian Dave Chappelle, whose
skits of the singer on his Comedy Central series
"The Chappelle Show" have contributed to James'
recent popularity surge, will reportedly play the
funkateer in a motion picture drama about
"basically sex, drugs, funk and roll," Rick
       As for Chappelle's Rick James parodies, he
insisted that the skits, which feature interview clips
of him providing commentary, were a collaborative
effort. He said:
        "People always say, 'What do you think about
David clowning you?' I say, clowning me? We created
that! I thought they were funny as hell because it
made people laugh. I laughed."
      A Rick James book was also said to be in the
works at the time of his death - a full account of his
childhood in Buffalo, New York; his Catholic school
upbringing; the talent show at age 15 that turned
him onto performing; his descent into cocaine; the
infamous crack pipe assault, the penitentiary; his
stroke; and his struggle to put his life back on track.
      "I feel God has got me here for a reason," he said.
"I give myself another year, and then I'm gonna retire
from the music business and do something else
I have in mind that's more spiritual. God has saved
me from so much, - overdoses and [the wrong]
people - now He's lining me up with just the right
people. I gotta do what I gotta do, then I gotta
do His will.
       "I look around and we're all getting older,
and it just brings a tear to my eye, because you
know what? We're still here, you know? Ain't nobody
saying how long this is gonna last. But right now,
today, I'm enjoying it. This is all I ask, you know.
Tomorrow's not promised."

      EDITOR'S NOTE: According to the late singer's
website, RickJames.com, a public memorial service
and viewing will be held from 5-8 PM on Wednesday,
August 11, 2004, at Forest Lawn Mortuary, 6300
Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Fans
and friends are invited to pay their final respects
to Rick James. Please note that no cameras/cell
phone cameras/video cameras/or any type of recording
device will be allowed at this ceremony. Out of respect
to the family, please leave these items at home.
      Funeral Service: The funeral for Rick James
will be private and is not open to the public.

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