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Friday UPdate  Kathy Jentz
 Aug 13, 2004 09:04 PDT 

Hi all!

Great meeting many of you last night! I was the one in polka-dot top
handing out Prince postcards with our list info on the back.

We will again be meeting at California Tortilla pre-show. The manager
LOVED us and said we get a 10% DISCOUNT if you just tell the counter
person you are with "LoveSexyDC" during our pre-concert parties tonight
and tomorrow from 6-7:30 PM. See www.LoveSexyDC.org f you need details

There are now 4 UNofficial afterparties announced for after the Friday
DC show:

Juste Lounge

NONE are official - some cost $$ (Dream) - others are free with passes
or cheap. AIR and Juste are close enuf to MCI to walk - Aroma - just
jump on Metro red line and be there in 15 minutes. Dream you must drive
or cab. All promise a mix of music with Prince tunes - EXCEPT Dream,
which will be 'hip-hop.' Aroma features our DJDRedd.

Personally, I will probably party-hop post-show to all 3 events EXCEPT
Dream. Unless they announce something official tonight (which is
unlikely) - I'd suggest the same or pick which one you are in the mood

BTW Air is OUTDOORS so if it is raining at post-show - obviously it is

Much news & MANY people seeking tickets - scroll on...

- Kathy

Tickets Needed #1
From:          "c.ch" <cvx80-@yahoo.com>    

(1) Requesting, if you'd let me know +/or pass this e-mail on to anybody
with tickets for DC Prince concert this week/weekend. Have disability.
Missed the last D.C./Prince concert because of health.

(2) Looking for referrrals to Lovesexy members who'd share/discuss
Prince record collections.

(3) Hope by fluke to see you at one of the concerts. Otherwise see you
at future event. Last Lovesexy event was dropping off "1999" mini
posters at your house & going to a gathering at someone's house in

Thanks for all your hard work with Lovesexy DC!!
Take care. (cch)


Tickets Needed #2
From:          yasm-@omfestival.com
Sorry that I missed the party on Sunday, I was out of town.
I am so upset. I found someone on NPG that apparently had tickets for
Friday night and we had an agreement I was to pay him today in exchange
for the tickets, however he now claims that he gave these tickets to
relatives that just came into town. I can't believe this.

I am wondering if you know of anyone who had tickets for Friday or
Saturday night shows.

Please call me if you do 202-249-8272.

see you tonight

Tickets Needed #3
From:          "Eckhaus, Joseph" <JECK-@ftc.gov>
Andi's PC is broken...can you call her please at 301-926-8987 if you
have 2 tickets for Prince at the MCI Center. Thanks.

Tickets Needed #4
From:    hsch-@NGS.ORG

Could you send this out to the list for me? I've never posted to the
list before so I don't what your rules are.

I'm looking for one or two tickets for Saturday night. Preferably
100-level, but I'm interested in all tickets. Please call me on my cell
phone: (202) 607-5276 since I don't have computer access outside of work


Tickets Needed #5
From:    pretty-@yahoo.com (Pretty Mess)

I was at the show last night and cant get enough!! If you know of anyone
with Saturday tickets for sale..please let me know!


Thursday Review
From:    cheryl.-@mckessonbio.com (Osborne, Cheryl)

When I went to the One Nite Alone show a few years back, I thought it
couldn't get any better.

Boy was I wrong. I am still in awe after the show. That was without a
doubt the best concert I have ever been to. I may have to go back down
the MCI and by some tickets off the street so I can go again. My seats
great, the crowd was great and Prince and the NPG were totally,
absolutely off the chain.

I had to take my shoes off we were partying so hard.

It was nice to meet you at California Tortilla (I'm the woman with the
top that insisted on calling you Nancy). Thanks so much for setting
up. It's great to have a face to go along with the name.

Looking forward to hanging out with you at Modern. I went there for the
first time last Sunday and had a really good time.

Thanks for the button also. People were asking me about it.
Have a great Prince weekend.

{Thanks our long-time member - Delores aka Summ-@aol.com designed &
made those buttons. Have a few more left to give out at our pre-concert
gathering tonight :-) - kj}

Rival Pre-Concert Parties
(:-p Go if you want to - not an OFFICIAl or LoveSexyDC event)


Join MIX 107.3 at Coyote Ugly Saloon before seeing Prince in concert at
the MCI Center, all three nights of the show, August 12, 13, and 14! The
MIX Prince Pre-Party is sure to be a good time with great bar specials
and plenty of prizes to be given away!

The MIX 107.3 Street Team will rock the house on Thursday, August 12th!

Spanky will be there to get the party started on Friday, August 13th!

Carson will keep the party going on Saturday, August 14th! (6:00-8:00pm)

Come on out and join them!

Coyote Ugly is located at 717 6th Street NW, across the street from the
MCI Center and three blocks from the D.C. Convention Center near the
Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro stop.

Friday Night UNofficial After Pary #3
(see details on After Partt #1 & #2 in our last posting.)

DREAM has also announced an After Party Friday night

Details at http://www.welcometodream.com/index1.htm

It is $20
Hip-Hop Music Mix

Friday Night UNofficial After Pary #4
(see details on After Partt #1 & #2 in our last posting.)

Juste Lounge
About 4 blocks north of MCI Arena
Free with ticket stub.

Tickets FOR SALE
From:    chris9-@yahoo.com (Chris92Heel)

Saturday 8/14 at MCI.

Lower Level, section 108, Row L.

$200 for both, OBO.

Respond to Chris9-@yahoo.com

Musicology CD Not Working    
From:    ltee-@yahoo.com (Lawrence Tucker)

What a great show. I was wondering if you or any other LoveSexyDC
members experienced the CD they gave away last night not working. I
tried mine in my computer and home stereo system and it just won't play.
My LED screen kept reading "No CD" no matter what side I put it on. Any
ideas? I emailed copycatsmedia.com and mci center inquiring as to how
one could resolve this or trade in for a new.

p.s. my review of the show to follow soon!

Copy Cats reply to me this morning:


Thanks for contacting Copy Cats. I will replace the CD for you with
new copies and some other free stuff if you can mail the disc back to
at the address below so I can check it out to determine what the issue
is. Please include a return address and a copy of this email and I'll
get this out to you right away. We have done over 1 million CDs so far
and this is the first I've heard of any problems. Can you also please
email me a link to the message boards where other fans have mentioned
similar issues.   

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards,

Crazy 4 'Purple Rain'    
From:    ltee-@yahoo.com (Lawrence Tucker)

From this morning's WashingtonPost.Com/Express August 13-15, 2004
Weekend Entertainment Section

note--some DVD spoilers!


Prince is back, so it's no surprise to see "Purple Rain" receiving a
20th-anniversary DVD release this Aug. 24. Go straight for the Disc Two
features: documentaries, eight music videos from the soundtrack and
giggle-inducing footage from MTV's '84 premiere party.

Conspicuously Missing Bonus Point:
Prince is notorius for avoiding interviews, but it's still disappointing
that he's nowhere to be found amid the bonus features.

Most Educational Point:
"First Avenue: The Road to Pop Royalty" is an informative documentary
about First Avenue and 7th St. Entry, the real-life Minneapolis club
featurd in the film.

Most Amusing Bonus Point:
Go back in time with MTV's red carpet coverage of the premiere, which
includes VJ Mark Goodman's interviews with Sheila E., Weird Al Yankovic
and Eddie Murphy. It's hard to decide who looks sillier: the revelers in
fedoras and lace gloves, or shirtless Murphy in his leopard-print blazer
and black leather scarf.

Jen Chaney (WashingtonPost.Com)

Hope you saw THURSDAY's Washington Post EXPRESS as well - 3 diff. Prince
references - you can look up online if you missed it.

We excerpted the Washington Post STYLE article in yesterday's issue.

Let me know if you see any other reviews/artucles in local DC papers.

end of message
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