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Saturday UPDate  Kathy Jentz
 Aug 14, 2004 12:13 PDT 


I was bummed to hear I'd missed the surprise soundcheck prior to
yesterday's show. If anything happens pre- or post-show PLEASE CALL MY
CELL at 240-603-1461. That way we can race over and all enjoy!

See many of you a California Tortilla tonight 6-7:30 PM - the raffle
prizes include a "The Hits" on DVD and a cool CD from DJDredd. Don't
forget to ask for your 10% off for being a LoveSexyDC member!

NO word on an after-party or show tonight... yet.

More below...
- Kathy

From: LovMonth4

If you know of anyone who still needs tickets for tonight's concert,
please have them to email me at lovmo-@aol.com.  I have two tickets
in Section 112, Row H, Seats 7 & 8.  The cost is $78 each.

From:    pretty-@yahoo.com (Pretty Mess)

Please post my number for anyone with Saturday tickets for sale (at the
100 level)
571-264-3710... (Shay)

LOOKING FOR SATURDAY TICKETS, ready to buy!!!...703-371-5959.  THANKS!

From:    jerl-@kforce.com (Erling, Jennifer M)

Had an AWESOME time last night!!!  I was the one dancing with you with
the little LoveSexyDC banner. :)  I'm trying to go again tonight....if
you know of any tickets out there let me know!!!  My boyfriend got me a
guitar pick with "Prince" on it from a security guy on the bottom floor
after the show!!  I can't stop talking about it! :)

Nice partying with you!

Jennifer M. Erling

Friday Concert After Hours
From: Laser-@aol.com

Had a great time post-show at Aroma dancing our booties off!

Heard a rumor that Prince treated his crew to a private boat ride on the
Potomac. Anyone get any post-show Prince sitings?

What did everyone else do?

Thursday Review #1
From:    ltee-@yahoo.com (Lawrence Tucker)

OK, Folks, Here's my review!

Prince, Musicology Tour
MCI Center, Washington, DC
Thur, Aug 12th, 2004 7:30pm

The Band:
Mike Scott - guitar,
Candy Dulfer - saxophone, vocals
Rhonda Smith - bass, vocals
Renato Neto - keys
Chance Howard - keys, vocals
John Blackwell - drums
Maceo Parker - sax
Greg Boyer - trombone
Prince - vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass

Pickin up the tickets:
Got to the MCI Center around 7:00. It was packed
outside and in!
The npgmusicclub 'Will Call' Window Experience made
picking up the tickets very easy.  I got to give it up
to NPG and the MCI Center for that.  It was one of the
most organized Will Calls I've seen so far that was
organized by last names for each 'will call' booth.

Getting Seated:
As we walked in, the ticket scanner folks were passing
out the Musicology CD's to every ticket holder and
scanning tickets.
(I found out when we got home, my CD did not play on
any of my systems or computer. I contacted them and
they are sending me a new one.)

Our seats were on the floor, about 10 to 15 isles
back,  between Blackwell and Renato, very good view. I
bought them online through NPG on March 26th during
the presale.

The Show and Setlist: (this was the basic flow I can
remember, forgive me for what I missed!) It actually
started around 8:15 and finished around 10:45.

1. Musicology
2. Let's Go Crazy
3. I Would Die For You
4. When Doves Cry
5. Baby I'm A Star 
6. Shh...
7. D.M.S.R. (segue into "Pass the Peas")
8. I Feel For You
9. Controversy
(at this point he did a little "Rick James, Rest In
Peace" segment in which he played some of "Give It To
Me Baby" on bass)
10.God (instrumental-Renato Neto on keys)
11. It's A Wonderful World (Maceo on sax instrumental,
12. Sometimes It Snows In April
(Prince back on stage, this is where his acoustic set
13. Little Red Corvette
14. Cream
15. I Wanna Be Your Lover
16. Prince and The Band (new song, it was funky)
17. Alphabet Street
18. When Will We Be Paid (For the Work We Done)?
19. 17 Days
20. On the Coach
21. Rasberry Beret
22. 7
23. Sign O' The Times
24. Pop Life ( they jazzed this out!)
25. Let's Work (this was funky!)
26. U Got the Look
27. Life of the Party
28. Soul Man (the Sam and Dave cover written by David
Porter and Isaac Hayes, not the Blues Brother version)
- sung by Chance Howard
29. Kiss
30. Take Me With You ( this ended with John Blackwell
doing that intricate, funky drumbeat from 777-9311 -
he hit it!
31. Call My Name
32. Purple Rain

I love it whenever Prince plays some blues and we got
some in the form of "Trouble In My Home" and I thought
I heard him do a piece of Stanley Clarke's, "Lopsy
Lu". They also had so much fun with the crowd in so
many ways I can't describe it all here, those who were
there know!

The crowd was fantastic and Prince was relaxed and in
a happy, fun, playful mood. The band was tight. The
outfits--sharp. The whole band looked great. You could
tell he so loves and is so proud of his band. Who
wouldn't be, they are bad! They can stop and go on a
dime on Prince's cue, making it seem effortless.

I heard on KYS FM before we got there that Prince was
doing his soundcheck warming up the band playing some
live Go-Go on stage. Can anybody confirm if this was

Overall a fantastic show! They all are at the top of
their game.
If you get a chance to see it in your town, do it! NPG
got us close.
I wish they could of had the soundcheck for us for
this one too.

I want MCI to improve the quality of those floor seats
and seats in general! You can go to a movie theater
pay $8 and sit in a quality, plush, reclining seat
these days in a arena styled theater! For $78, we
should at least get that same amenity! Not fold up
chairs! I emailed them on this.


Thursday Review #2
From:    div-@erols.com (SuiteLady)

  An amazing birhtday.... my husband with me and front row tickets to
Prince!!! Got my
  tickets through the NPG Music Club, so all I knew before picking
  them up at Will Call was that I was on the floor. I almost peed in
  my pants when I picked up the tickets & it didn't really register in
  my brain until we were taken to our seats. I have never had front
  row tickets to ANYTHING!!!! For once I got to be the person that
  everybody wanted to cuss out for standing up the entire night >:)We
on the side of the stage that led down underneath & got to shake hands
Candy, Maceo, (and now I'm having a brain fart on names) the Trombone
and the Keyboardist who sang "Soul Man." Maceo is an absolute cut up -
you coulda seen some of the stuff he was doing by the stairs!
  The show was absofreakinlutely incredible!!! Master H & I danced all
  night long (my right knee was so swollen last night it looked like I
  had a golf ball implanted,) and when Maceo Parker was playing "What
  A Wonderful World" on sax, I just closed my eyes & slowed danced
  with Master H... felt like Maceo was playing just for us! *sigh*

  Had I worn the outfit I originally planned to wear, I KNOW I would
  have got on stage to dance during "You've GOt The Look" (and Master
  H agreed,) but with the weather being what it was, I was not going
  to take a chance on looking cute & catching pneumonia in the
  process. Unfortunately, jeans, t-shirt & sneakers did not fit the
  dress code for that particular number. Oh well, there's always
  Philly ;)

  Now I can't wait to find out where my seat are for the Philly


DJDREDD Featured in Wash Post Express

Did you also see the article about Dominic  (DJDREDD) in today's
(weekend edition) Washington Post Express?
-- on page 15

Check it out!

What Prince Did After THURSDAY's Show
From:     WHan1014

...you probably heard but Prince went to Ozio last nite.  Just thought
i'd mention it in case you haven't heard. 

Prince's Trombonist Greg Boyer
From:    ltee-@yahoo.com (Lawrence Tucker)

Prince's trombonist Greg Boyer who played with
Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers!

Mike Scott, his guitarist is also from DC and yes, it
has been confirmed from those that were there earlier,
Prince and The Band warmed up with some Go-Go! Dang! I
wished I could've seen that!



Friday Review
From:    gphunk-@yahoo.com (George Darden)

As posted by InnerG on the Internet.

 He also did "Call My Name" which he didn't do early in
the tour. Fools went crazy! He also cranked Beyonce
Crazy In Love and did her famous butt dance.

--- George Darden <gphunk-@yahoo.com> wrote:

 Ain't nobody bad, like Prince! As a NPG Fan Club
member I had access to tickets to this show before
they went on sale to the general public way back in
march. It was worth the wait! The #1 tour in
finally hit DC MCI Center last night. As most of you
know, the show is in the round. Set up in the middle
of the arena like a boxing match. Where I was there
were 2 ring side rows right next too the stage. Then
there was a walkway and stairs going up. I was in
the second row row B
as you go up the stairs. BEST SEATS in the house!
Unfuckingbelievable! I was so close that I actually
caught Prince eyeing my chicken wings! The boy looks
good. He is so thin though. I remember interviewing
James Brown 20 years ago and he told me he lost 6
pounds every show due to his dancing, cold sweating
etc. Prince doesn't have that much weight to lose,
he is certainly getting thinner as the tour goes on.
should have shared the wings. The show was much like
the ist show of the tour in LA that I saw closed
circuit in a theater here locally. He started with
Musicology, went into some Purple Rain stuff (not
title cut) and simple rocked the house with big,
digital sound and maybe the best light/laer show
I have ever seen. The acoustic set was a little
different from the LA show. He didn't do my new
favorite "On the Couch" last nite but he did do
Little Red Corvette the crowd favorite "Seven" aand
the blues ballad I told yall about where he talks
about "there is trouble in my house". He talks about
telling his wife to talk only during the commercials
when he is watching the game. She tells him to put
toilet seat down etc. Hilarious stuff that we all go
through. He then did something I never heard before.
"Prince & the Band" where he talks about himself and
his band and about Warner Brothers (slave era). The
lyrics are not real kind to Warner Brothers. Funny
though! Maceo was there and did a kick-ass "Pass the
Peas" with Prince and his band. Maceo was "on" all
night and jad the crowd screaming his name. I miss
Larry Graham on this tour but Rhonda continues to
impress although she didn't do a lot of soloing last
night. Once again Prince ended the show with a set
that included Soul Man, Take me with you and "Life
the Party" from the new CD. Only again he used
"Hotpants" as the base for Life of the Party not the
groove he uses on the LP. I wish he had recorded it
like he does it live. Maybe the baddest thing he did
all night. Maybe a remix in the making? He changed
clothes several times and ended with Purple Rain.
Great show! No one today can compare. JB and Pfunk
the day could work it like this. But not even JB or
puts on a show like this in 2004. Not the Stones or
the Boss either.

Prince alao performed (not complete):

Musicology (with Tighten Up)
I Would Die 4 U
Sweet Thing
Jail House Rock (commenting about being a Prince
U can be a King)
U got the Look
Sign O the Times (nice arrangement & sound)
Alphabet City
Maceo did a Trouble Funk horn riff
Maceo did Wondeful World solo

I could use more Prince guitar solos.

Funky-music list pioneer David Fleiss (good seeing
you) and his wife were there. Maybe he will remember
some songs I forgot in the excitement.

end of message
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