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LoveSexyDC Weekly Update  Kathy Jentz
 Sep 03, 2004 11:13 PDT 

Hi all you "Purple Hippies"!

This is it! Sunday night is our big September "Dance Electric"! You've
got Monday to rest and sleep in - so make sure to come to show off your
greatest moves. Details on that event and much more below...

Also wanted to say "Thank You" again to California Tortilla & all the
others who helped make our 8/12-8/14 weekend of concerts and events in
DC such a fantastic time.

If you have not done so already, please RSVP to Sharon at
cartere-@aol.com for her BBQ on 9/18. Since this event is at a
member's own house and much work is going in to preparing the food and
such, an accurate count of how many people will be attending would be
much appreciated.

- Kathy

PS Anyone else addicted to "Big Brother" like I am? Then you'll know
that on thecurrent BB5 season, one of my fave players, Marvin, was
ecstatic to receive a copy of Prince's 1999 album as one of the perks
for being head of household this week. Go Marvin!

LoveSexyDC September Party Details
Party theme:

"The Dance Electric"

Prince vs. The Neptunes


Sunday, September 5th 2004 (Labor Day Weekend)


8:00 PM, lasts until 2:00 AM (new hours)


Modern, 3287 M St., NW, Georgetown, Washington DC



Valid Picture ID Required { Must be 21 to enter


Stylish & Sexy (no athletic gear please)


DJDredd on the turntables

Special Features:

LoveSexyDC free raffle for amazingly Prince-ly prizes..

Be Sure to Ask the Bartenders about the Prince-ly Drink Specials

Future LoveSexyDC Party Dates @ Modern

NOTE: NEW HOURS - we will no longer start at 7:00 PM and on holiday
weekends we will stay open until 2:00 AM.

Oct. 10th-Columbus Day Weekend (8pm -2am)
prince vs everybody ii
(just like we did before, prince mixed with
club hits and newer hits, hip hop, etc.)

Nov. 14th-2nd Sunday (8 pm -1 am)
"pop life"-featuring top pop hits from prince and from other
artists (culture club, eurythmics, etc.)

Dec. 12th-2nd Sunday (8 pm -1am)
"funk ball"-paying tribute to funk legends (james brown, sly,
pfunk, cameo, zapp, etc.)

Jan. 16th-MLK Weekend (8 pm -2 am)
prince vs outkast ii

Feb. 20th-Presidents Day Weekend(8 pm-2am)
prince vs madonna iii

All dates feature the fabulous stylings of DJDredd and are at Modern in

Prince HouseQuake in September
From: "Carter, Sharon" <Sharon.-@hq.doe.gov>

Prince Musicology BBQ

When: Saturday, September 18, 2004

Time: 4:00pm - 12:00am

Where: Sharon and Brian's House

8663 Glenarden Parkway

Glenarden, MD 20706

Come out and party under the tent - Rain or shine!

Prince Music All Nite Long

Video Footage

Trivia Games




Specialty Drink-"Life O' the Party"

Free Admission

(LovesexyDC Members are especially welcome!!!)

RSVP: CarterE-@aol.com

No children please.
We have no pets.

LoveSexyDC Fundraiser

We still have a few purple LoveSexyDC CD cases left as well as the "Turn

It Up 2.0" and "Days of Wild" Uptown books - email me or see me know at
laser-@aol.com, if you are interested in purchasing them.

Prince vs. MJ Mix CD
From DJDredd

For those of you that did not pick up your copy of the Prince vs MJ Mix
CD Sunday Night here is the paypal link where you can purchase online:


The CD is $10 and shipping and handling is $3 and the CD is 80 minutes
The track list is:

I want you back
Alphabet Street
Enjoy yourself
Rock my world
Remember the time
Gett Off-Urge mix
Say Say Say
Billie Jean
I wanna be your lover
What have you done for me lately?
Nasty Girl
Off the wall
U got the look-long look
Wanna be startin something
When doves cry
Raspberry beret
Don't stop til you get enough

Thanks to all who attended the Prince vs MJ vs Rick James party Sunday
night at Modern.
Next Month on Labor Day Weekend join Lovesexy DC & DJ Dredd for Prince
vs The Neptunes.

RIP-Rick James


Friday @ Aroma
3417 Connecticut Avenue NW (Cleveland Park)
$2 cover
No dress code
21 and up
Dance up front or chill in the back lounge
Funk, Reggae, Dance Classics, Hip-Hop
Sounds by DJ DREDD


Sunday September 5th (Labor Day Weekend) @ Modern
Lovesexy DC Presents:
Prince vs The Neptunes
$7 cover
Smart Sexy Dress
Drink Specials & Giveaways!
Featuring DJ DREDD on the Turntables.
3287 M Street NW (Georgetown)

'Concert Values' Article in Denver Post

Excellent FRONT page article in yesterday's Denver Post - but it only
just touched the tip of the iceberg on this issue.


Check out MetroWest Daily News - Arts & Culture News

link from npgmc----------GREAT REVIEW!!


Prince strips down


Event Horizon
Prince strips down everything, including his ego, on Musicology.
by Michaelangelo Matos

THE MOST STRIKING THING about Musicology (NPG/Columbia), the first
album available at brick-and-mortar "wrecka stows" (his term, from
1986's Under the Cherry Moon) since 2001's " The Rainbow Children, " and
the subsequent U.S. tour that comes to KeyArena this Monday and Tuesday
is that they constitute the ultimate rarity in his career lately: an
event. For a while there, everything the guy did was an event: Dirty
Mind shattering taboos as much musical as lyrical, Purple Rain the
world-swallowing phenomenon, single after single remaking what you could
get away with on pop radio, Sign 'O' the Times the last great R&B album
before hip-hop began its wholesale hijacking of pop music, black and
white alike.

Obviously, Prince got used to this. He spent much of the '90s acting as
he were still an event maker, even as the actions, from the name change
writing "Slave" on his cheek in eyeliner to issuing a triple CD to a
that had barely nibbled at the two separately released discs he'd put
out in the 14 months before, seemed less and less significant. His
faithful fans were
rewarded with a lot more good music than he was commonly believed to
have made during that period 1995:The Gold Experience and 96 :
Emancipation, the aforementioned triple, are a lot better than their
reputations would suggest.

But when he returned with 1999's cameo-festooned, completely unmemorable
Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic, and then the disastrous Rainbow Children (a
preachy concept album about the Jehovah's Witness faith that sounds like
KennyG; excuse me, that's Najee, his Afro-American counterpart, soloing
all over it; what a great idea!), even someone who adores Prince as much
as I do had to get off the bus. By contrast, Musicology's strategy is .
. . surprise! There is no strategy! It announces itself by not
announcing itself at all. Musicology is just Prince, making Prince music
(meaning by himself, mostly), all in that old-fashioned Prince style we
all used to love so much. Remember that?

Actually, you probably won't, at least while this album is playing,
when he deliberately quotes himself, that is. The bridge of "A Million
Days," 'It's only been an hour since you left. . . . You're the perfect
picture of what love should look like" recalls both "17 Days" and "The
Beautiful Ones."
Even the chorus of "Call My Name" is self-referential: "I just can't
stop writing songs about you," he sings, in self-mocking acknowledgment
of both his compulsive nature and his reputation for repeating himself,
which he does later in the chorus, with the lines "I know it's only been
three hours/ But I
love it when U call my name" echoing "A Million Days."

But while it's easy to compare the sonic sparseness of Musicology to
classics like Dirty Mind, Sign 'O' the Times, and 1986's "Kiss," the
new album sounds nothing like his earlier work. Indeed, a lot of it is
rooted more in his '90s work than his '80s. The title track is a
variation on the spare
groove of "Sexy MF," from 1992's I'm Going to Change My Name to the
Title of This Album (And Lose Most of My Fans in the Bargain), which
itself was based primarily on late-'60s James Brown numbers like "Ain't
It Funky Now."

Many of Musicology's bass lines are slapped and plucked, a style that
Prince has utilized since early in his career, but even more so as he
began moving away from the colder, electronic textures that marked his
'80s work in favor of the looser, jammy style of more recent albums. It
also seems reasonable to credit part of this shift to Prince's long
association with Larry Graham, the former Sly & the Family Stone and
Graham Central Station bassist and current Jehovah's Witness, whom
Prince has credited with indoctrinating him into the faith.

That faith was what Prince was most famous for not long before
release. In October of last year, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the
of Prince's hometown, reported that he'd been knocking on doors in the
Minneapolis suburbs, accompanied by Graham. On Yom Kippur, the most
important holiday on the Jewish calendar, Prince and Graham visited a
Jewish couple in the suburb of Eden Prairie during a football game,
staying 25 minutes and leaving the couple a pamphlet. The famous
visitors were unfailingly polite, but the couple was annoyed; the
Minnesota Vikings had just gained possession of the football, and they
missed the action.

For a while, the account of this event was one of the most-forwarded
in the music industry; I received it no less than a dozen times, usually
people who knew I had just finished writing a short book on Sign 'Ob'the
Times. Having just expended a huge amount of energy in a comparatively
short time to finish writing 28,000 words about him, about an artist
whose work has been more crucial to me in more ways than nearly anyone
else, I found the e-mails depressing. This honest expression of faith,
however ill advised or timed, seemed to cement Prince's reputation as a

Even if Musicology wasn't made to specifically ward off that perception,
it's certainly been marketed that way. Prince is his own man, always,
and if
he appears calmer and more relaxed than ever on this album and in his
public appearances, good on him; it certainly doesn't seem pernicious.
But it is calculated, and it has largely worked. That, and the fact that
along with the
Pixies' reunion and people actually taking Morrissey seriously again (it
was a mistake the first time, people), Prince's new surge is evidence of
revivalism, particularly '80s college-rock revivalism, at its baldest.

It's also just desserts, because even if he'd kept knocking on doors and
done nothing else, Prince has already been everywhere over the past few

Alicia Keys turned his old B-side, "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore,"
into a hit in 2001; the Neptunes' nimble funk-and-roll is unthinkable
Prince's example; listen to their production of No Doubt's "Hella Good,"
Jay-Z's I Just Wanna Love U (Give It to Me)," or Britney Spears' "I'm a
Slave 4U," for starters. Basement Jaxx's and OutKast's most recent
albums pay such
explicit homage to the guy : Jaxx's "Right Here's the Spot" name-checks
"Delirious" and "All the Critics Love U in New York," while "She
Lives in My Lap" pays Sign's "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker" the
sincerest form of flattery) that they practically owe him royalties.

The critical plaudits that have greeted Musicology seem out of
with the modesty of its actual music. Part of that has to do with the
that he's accrued just by getting famous again,finally, a maker of fun
music the press can take seriously. (I will love calculated, pre-tested,
manufactured pop as long as I draw breath, but anything is better than
Hillary fucking Duff.) Still, everyone else has weighed in on the title
track's most
eyebrow-raising line, so let's try it ourselves, shall we? "Wish I had a
dollar 4 every time U say/ 'Don't U miss the feeling music gave U/Back
in the day?' "
Well, I certainly miss the feeling Prince's music gave me back in the
though the feeling Musicology gives me, as muted and mild as it
frequently is,
isn't too bad, either. But I'm not feeling especially cynical about
right now, even though most of what crosses my desk is mediocre to
horrid. I
am, however, pretty certain that the kind of musical conservatism Prince
gives the rah-rah to here is something I'd prefer to leave as far behind
as possible.

That conservatism was presaged by the many comments on 2002's three-disc
concert box, One Nite Alone . . . Live!, and last year's Live at the
Las Vegas DVD to the effect that we're hearing "real music" played on
"real instruments," which is pretty ironic coming from a guy who as much
as anyone popularized the use of drum machines and synthesizers in pop.
It's what's most disappointing about Musicology. But to some degree,
it's also what's most satisfying about it. Over the last dozen or so
years, Prince has become a chopsman, valorizing technique over ideas,
but for the most part, Musicology keeps the instrumental flourishes as
straightforward as the melodies.

My favorite song on the album isn't one that's been talked about much in
the reviews I've seen. "What Do U Want Me 2 Do?" sounds at first like an
afterthought. It's a simple pop song with a popping bass line, airy drum
machine programming (like a sparer "Ballad of Dorothy Parker") abetted
by what sounds like live cymbal work, and jazzy guitar. The lyrics find
Prince the happily married musician spurning an advance from a fan:
"Can't U see this
ring?" Like most of his best later work, it breaks no ground. But it's
enough to make you wonder what the album he's allegedly planning to
record for Blue Note might be like. If nothing else, the fact that
there's a reason to look forward to a new Prince album feels like its
own reward.


Prince plays KeyArena at 7:30 p.m. Mon., Aug. 30;Tues., Aug. 31.
$49.50; $75.

Careful What U Wish 4


By Jason Ferguson

The list of items that Prince fans have clamored for is a long one.
Topmost, of course, is unfettered access to the legendary "vault" of
unreleased material, followed closely by remastered and expanded CD
editions of his seminal '80s work. (Prince's creative masterwork, Sign
the Times, is currently a sonic disgrace on CD, and the various 12-inch
mixes and B-sides he's released throughout his career could explode most
his albums into two-CD affairs.) After those, however, the list gets a
little more diffuse. But a proper DVD edition of Purple Rain has made it
the "wouldn't it be nice" section of many fans' want lists, given that
Warner's original DVD release is a cheap, dark, pan-and-scan stereo
that's more appropriate for, say, Police Academy 8 than for a film that
defined the summer of 1984 and helped shift the pop music landscape far
beyond that.

Thanks to Prince's recent return to the pop charts with Musicology, it
seems that the financial wisdom of granting some wishes has become
apparent, which gives us not only a stunning "20th Anniversary" DVD of
Purple Rain but also not-so-hotly-anticipated DVDs of 1986's Under the
Cherry Moon and 1990's Graffiti Bridge. First the bad news: Anyone who
there the first time knows that there's little need for a DVD version of
Under the Cherry Moon, a poorly thought-out ego romp of massively bad
proportions. Yes, there are some funny bits and the soundtrack ("Kiss,"
"Mountains") is excellent; but seeing Prince in a bathtub once in your
is one time too many. Worse still is Graffiti Bridge, the supposed
to Purple Rain. The "film" resembles nothing so much as an on-the-cheap
music video that's as self-aggrandizing and inscrutable as the songs are
wretched. The audio/video quality on both discs is as good as could be
expected, but given the color-to-monochrome transfer of UTCM and the
shot-on-a-soundstage-on-weekends feel of Graffiti Bridge, a visual feast
not on the menu. Both DVDs are fun, if you're a Prince fan with a
willingness to laugh at him. The widescreen/surround presentations are
nice, if unnecessary, and the addition of music videos ? including
from Prince's surprisingly excellent "Nude" tour on the Graffiti Bridge
disc ? makes it easier to plonk down the reasonable price of $15 for
awful movies.

Now, the good news. It goes without saying that Purple Rain was the
that made Prince a household name, as it was omnipresent during the year
its release. From the release of "When Doves Cry" to the premiere of the
movie and on through his sweep of the awards shows, Prince owned 1984 in
way that's allowed him a life of unparalleled creative freedom since
(Whether that freedom has been altogether good is another debate
Thus, the cheapness of the previous DVD edition of Purple Rain has been
perplexing, but most chalked it up to Prince's longstanding tiff with
Warner Bros. This new, two-disc version completely rectifies all the
shortcomings of the old disc. Aside from a cheesy menu interface, it's
largely perfect and as good a version of the film as is likely ever to
available. (Waiting on those deleted scenes to show up? Don't hold your
breath.) The first disc is home to an immaculate and bright widescreen
transfer of the film, presented in 5.1 surround sound with commentary
tracks from the director, producer and cinematographer. Although digital
remastering didn't do much to improve the razor-thin plot that pits
against Morris Day in a battle for dominion over Minneapolis' funk scene
(!), the newly improved soundtrack does worlds of good for the
of one of rock & roll's classic movies; throughout, the DVD sounds
exponentially better than the currently available CD.

The bonus disc is fleshed out with three minidocumentaries, the best of
which is the one that focuses on Minneapolis' legendary First Avenue
nightclub, where the performance scenes were shot. Many of the
from the film (who all look really old now, except for Prince, who ...
didn't show up) chime in on the importance of the club and give a great
feel for how diverse and tightly knit the city's scene was then. The
two bits are typical "making of" and "impact of" pieces that provide
occasionally interesting insight. However, the inclusion of every music
video from Purple Rain ? from "When Doves Cry" and "Let's Go Crazy"
a jammed-out concert version of "I Would Die 4 U/Baby I'm a Star" to the
clips crafted for The Time and Apollonia 6 (yeah, there was a video for
"Sex Shooter") ? and footage from MTV's premiere party makes the second
disc nearly as necessary as the first.

It's painful to look back on Purple Rain, see the "fashions," follow the
"plotline" and realize that 20 years ago, you were old enough to dig it,
but young enough not to care. But the songs and the vitality behind the
performances have yet to dim in the intervening years, and for that
alone, the movie deserves the fine treatment this release gives it.

Pre-Concert Song Mix Available?
From:    SUSAN McCULLOUGH <princess-@yahoo.com>

Still recovering from Musicoligy?!?! I don't think I'll ever recover I
can't stop reliving it! Thanks again to our man PRINCE!

I wuz wondering, you know at the shows how they had the music playing
and the ever so cool pics on the big screen? Well, do you know if they
have a copy of that mix of songs they were playin? AND I've been
looking for that song C-O-O-L. Is it under Prince or The Time? I
looked on my Cyrystal Ball (no pun intended) and didn't see it. Where
can I get a copy of that song expecially? That whole song set was soooo
sweet and had me sooo pumped up in NYC and in Harford CT. Any ideas?
Have a purple weekend! Miss you guys back home in MD!

{KJ says: Yep, COOL is off The Times first album I believe.
   Don't think that mix will every be for sale - but you could create
your own funky one :-) I'm sure someone out there has that list of songs
posted somewhere...}

Philly/DC Reviews
From:    "K Thiero" <thie-@hotmail.com>

I went to the Philly show on Tuesday, and it was great; however, I think
DC was still more hype. Philly is kind of lame with the love for
Prince, I agree with your assessment! OK, The Time was great, and Patti
Labelle showing up was very cool, but some people were sitting down. I
couldn't believe it! I think the Saturday show in DC was the best,
performance-wise for Prince, the additional songs on the acoustic set,
and the encore just made it for me!

Check out NPR : Michael Eric Dyson: Finding Faith at a Prince Show
From:    MyaBocca



OMG!!! I just got CHILLS listening to that! I can't even think of what
I want to say about it.   To think that Tavis and Michael Eric Dyson,
who I respect and Bette Midler, who I've loved for years are pretty much
the same kind of fan that I am (and that they would so publicly say so)
is absolutely amazing! It makes ME feel good. Imagine how HE feels!!

BET.com Purple Rain Page

From: MyaBocca


KJ's Musicology Review

My review of the 7 Musicology Tour shows I saw:

Short Version:

DC 8/14

DC 8/13
Denver 8/20
Boston 8/18

DC 8/12
Boston 8/17

Philly 8/22

Looking back at all 7 concerts I attended on this tour - it is a big
mixed-up ball of fantastic music. Though several highlight moments do
stand out:

~ Prince cracking himself up over playing a "country" tune to the Denver
~ The "get a room" couple in Philly (you know who your nasty selves
~ Witnessing the blistering guitar in "Question of U" - coming out of
nowhere in Boston.
~ Looking way up to the nosebleed seats in DC and seeing EVERY SINGLE
PERSON dip, dip, and dip some more. That was an awesome sight.
~ Many, many more such moments - but it'd take a book to report them

Musicology News Links

~ FOR Myself and Others: Past, Present and Prince
Africana.com - Africa
... As the Musicology tour winds down, Prince's profile is higher than
it has been in at least a decade. The Musicology album is platinum ...

~ PRINCE returns to pop royalty
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
... again. His new album, "Musicology," is his best in years, and the
46-year-old is a man everyone wants to see. Monday's ...

~ 'COMEBACK' isn't in Prince's vocabulary
Everett Herald - Everett,WA,USA
... Just mention the idea that his latest album, "Musicology" - coupled
with a tour, TV specials and magazine covers - has anything to do with
regaining the ...

~ PRINCE'S unpredictability is no surprise
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
... stop.". But as the Musicology tour may have Prince rejecting blatant
sexuality, it is also his call for the return of musicianship. ...

~ PRINCE: After the summer's drought, Seattle will soak up some ...
Seattle Times - Seattle,WA,USA
... Both appearances were part of Prince's PR plan for his new album,
which represents a return to the rhythmic, sensual, neo-R&B sound of the

See all stories on this topic:

~ LOOK for Jay-Z to clean up at MTV awards
Austin American Statesman (subscription) - Austin,TX,USA
... Best male video: Jay-Z "99 Problems," Prince "Musicology," Justin
"Señorita," Kanye West with Syleena Johnson "All Falls Down," Usher with
Lil Jon ...

See all stories on this topic:

~ PRINCE retakes his old throne
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
... Prince is a class act and a gifted performer, obvious facts from the
get-go as he jump-started the already electric crowd with "Musicology"
and a hit-laden ...
See all stories on this topic:

~ 'NOW 16' Replaces Simpson at No. 1 on Album Chart
Reuters - USA
... Prince's "Musicology" jumped six places to No. 3 with 99,000 copies.
After four weeks, "NOW 16" (Universal/EMI/Sony Music/Zomba) has sold 1.2
million copies. ...

See all stories on this topic:

~ 'NOW That's What I Call Music!' tops chart
Big News Network.com - Australia
... 2 from the top spot. Prince's NPG/Columbia set Musicology jumped
places to No. 3, and rap supergroup 213 lands the chart's top debut with
a No. ...

~ BRIEFLY: Dave Matthews Band, Bon Jovi, Ashlee Simpson, Eddie ...
LiveDaily.com - USA
... 2. Prince (news)'s "Musicology" jumps five places to No. 3, while
group 213--which features Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg--enters the
chart at No. ...

~ SUMMER'S almost gone
Broomfield Enterprise - Broomfield,CO,USA
... First up is Prince; the little purple guy brings his rapturously
Musicology tour to the Pepsi Center on Aug. 27 and 28. Then, on Aug. ...

~ PRINCE pulls out the hits to keep fans on their feet
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
... Prince's latest tour follows the spring release of "Musicology," his
most accessible and entertaining album in years, exploring the heady
of funk as ...

~ PRINCE'S royal tunes, cool moves light up KeyArena
Seattle Times - Seattle,WA,USA
... of smoke out of the center of his cross-shaped stage wearing a
white suit, he opened with the funky title tune of his new comeback
"Musicology ...

~ VINTAGE concert T-shirts are fashionable -- and valuable.
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis,IN,USA
... During this year's Ozzfest Tour, souvenir stands were filled with
Black Sabbath T-shirts, and Prince's "Musicology" tour has included the
sale of T-shirts ...

~ A true artist
AZ Central.com - AZ,USA
A few nights earlier, she was invited to be the surprise opening act for
Prince when his "Musicology" tour rolled into her native Philadelphia.
See all stories on this topic:

~ SHORT List
Portland Tribune - Portland,OR,USA
The latest album from Prince (he finally has given up his symbol-as-name
bit), “Musicology,” is a compendium of the signature sound he created
merging jazz ...

~ JILL Scott returns to show she's a true artist on `Vol. 2'
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
... A few nights earlier, she was invited to be the surprise opening act
for Prince when his "Musicology" tour rolled into her native


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