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LoveSexyDC Weekly Update  Kathy Jentz
 Sep 24, 2004 09:11 PDT 

Hi all you "Purple Hippies"!

First a BIG THANKS to Sharon & Brian for hosting a fabulous Housequake
BBQ at their joint last Saturday night. We had some great food, great
entertainment, and an overall fantastic time by all!

The new "Cinnamon Girl" video is now out - see link at the 777Update
below. IMHO, it is one of Prince's best videos -ever. CG is Not one of
my favorites - but this artistic and well thought out video really
brings the song to life.

Housekeeping: the LoveSexyDC list was up to over 600 member emails but I
have deleted about 25 that have been consistently bouncing our Update
messages. Some up to 25 times! If you switch email addresses, please let
us know so we can switch you over.

- Kathy

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   If you are interested in donating raffle prizes, please contact me at


HouseQuake BBQ Review #1
from DJDredd

their hospitality is greatly appreciated.
the really know how to throw a party.
great atmosphere, food, drinks, and people!

sharon and brian really put a lot of effort into the event and it is
a nice thing to do.


HouseQuake BBQ Review #2

Here's a fun review from one of my guests at the party...

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen this is Bebe Van Buren and this is
your High Society Report. Well it seems that all the serious "
Musicologists" were at the Carter-Quarles residence on Saturday night
for what this reporter can only call a Prince Party extravaganza.

The guests were met at the door by the lovely Deborah Carter-Boatwright
and her dashing husband Kem Boatwright sister and brother n law to the
hosts. Don't get it twisted this couple knows how to throw a party too.

After entering the gates the guests were treated to a spectacular tent
in the back yard with scented candles,tables and chairs, a huge video
screen playing clips of Prince concerts and videos and a buffet that was
filled with culinary delicacies prepared the Great Food diva herself
Tina Carter. Julia Childs eat your heart out your day is done. Bea Smith
you aint got nothing on Ms. Tina. Hello and Good morning.

Along with the excellent food,music and overall ambience the guests were
given name tags and access passes. Let this reporter not leave out
Smitty the photographer whose camera can take the most funny looking
person and make them look good.

With all this good time going on the party went into overdrive when they
pulled out the Karoke machine. Vernon I dont know who you are but no one
will EVER EVER i MEAN EVER do Little Nikki like you do. I think Prince
would be impressed.

Of course the host and hostess Brian and Sharon Carter-Quarles who are
well known throughout the world for their fabulous parties were as
gracious as they have always been. If this reporter were Queen of
England I would surely make them Duke and Duchess of Partydom.

The guest list was a whose who of High Society favorites but then that
is to be expected at a Carter-Quarles function.

As wonderful as this party was and it was fabulous as Founder and
President of the Can I Get My Drink On club the high point of this party
was the " Life O' The Party" drink created by Deborah Carter-Boatwright.
Everytime I took a sip my body went hot. This was liquor to the 9th
power and this reporter lapped it up.

Well Darlings I have places to go and things to do. This is Bebe Van
Buren and this has been your High Society Report.

LoveSexyDC October Party Details

Party theme: Prince vs. Everybody - Part 2

Date: Sunday, October 10th 2004 (Colubus Day Weekend)

Time: 8:00 PM, lasts until 2:00 AM (new hours)

Location: Modern, 3287 M St., NW, Georgetown, Washington DC

Cost: $7

Valid Picture ID Required
Must be 21 to enter

Dress: Stylish & Sexy (no athletic gear please)

Music: DJDredd on the turntables

Special Features:
LoveSexyDC free raffle for amazingly Prince-ly prizes..

Be Sure to Ask the Bartenders about the Prince-ly Drink Specials

Future LoveSexyDC Party Dates @ Modern

NOTE: NEW HOURS - we will no longer start at 7:00 PM and on holiday
weekends we will stay open until 2:00 AM.

Nov. 14th-2nd Sunday (8 pm -1 am)
"pop life"-featuring top pop hits from prince and from other
artists (culture club, eurythmics, etc.)

Dec. 12th-2nd Sunday (8 pm -1am)
"funk ball"-paying tribute to funk legends (james brown, sly,
pfunk, cameo, zapp, etc.)

Jan. 16th-MLK Weekend (8 pm -2 am)
prince vs outkast ii

Feb. 20th-Presidents Day Weekend(8 pm-2am)
prince vs madonna iii

All dates feature the fabulous stylings of DJDredd and are at Modern in

LoveSexyDC Fundraiser

We still have a few purple LoveSexyDC CD cases left as well as the "Turn

It Up 2.0" and "Days of Wild" Uptown books - email me or see me know at
laser-@aol.com, if you are interested in purchasing them.

777 Updates
from j-@thebumpsquad.com

On November 23rd, 2004 Gwen Stefani's solo CD will drop and one of the
tracks will be feature and be produced by Wendy & Lisa.

another 777 update. 3 news items this time.

1st n foremost, I must say the in the last update, it was reported that
Wendy n Lisa are working on a track with Gwen Stefani for her solo
debut. The update thought it was breaking a story but, after the update
was sent out, I checked the org and they reported it hours earlier.   I
apologize for no proper credit being given to the org on that news. We
regret the mistake.

Item 1-NPGMC Downloads of MuchMusic Canada available 4 download on
Music Club

The Much Music performance from earlier this year is
now for download on the Music Club. Here is what PP9 had to say
about the download and how to access it:

Posted: 21 Sep 2004 22:11 Post subject: Much More Music Per4mances
now available!


4 those who missed it, we have added new videos 2 the MUSICOLOGY
DOWNLOAD STORE of Prince & The NPG's live per4mances on the Much
Music Channel this past summer. Filmed at the Much More Music
in Toronto during the Musicology Tour, Prince and the band
per4med "Musicology," "Kiss," and "D.M.S.R." b4 a hyped studio
audience of NPGMC members.

Just visit the MUSICOLOGY DOWNLOAD STORE and check out the last
on Mixer 1.

Recently updated, u can now scroll 2 the second and third mixers
just a click of the buttons in the lower right corner of the
Each mixer has 7 faders with different downloads on each fader, more
added each month.

Also, the NPG album NewPower Soul has also been added 2 Mixer 3 of


Pretty cool news since all I saw was a bad transfer on housequake. I
am sure most of u are like screw the new live performances, let me
download New Power Soul right now!!!

Whatever. My happy ass (another nickname) is downloading this stuff


Newz Item #2- new mags with u know who on the cover

The December Black beat(U.S.A.) is out now with Prince on the cover
for $4.99
(um 4.99? My pro football weekly is only 3.99! What the duck?
Uptown had more pages for 7.99. insane. O.K. enough in the bubble

(I know u Europeans want to say American Football is not really
football, so go right ahead.)

The Italian Vogue with Prince on the cover has NOT yet hit American
shores BUT will be within the next two weeks (longer for bookstores

Please Note: The Italian Vogue in America runs about $9.99 to about
$19.95 in U.S. Currency. It depends what comes with the mag. The
latest Italian Vogue on our shores is sitting at $19.95 so the issue
with him on the cover might be the $9.95 kind. For those impatient
souls, some ebay sellers are auctioning off the issue. I will have
patience, grasshopper, cuz I rather find it in my grubby lil hands
and tear off that lame plastic shrink wrap.

This info on the domestic release of the Italian Vogue, is provided
by me, j7, and was not taken from any site.
Just doing research and looking out 4 the update NPG babies.
(yes, even the baby in the Hawaii special edition box set poster, so
don't hate.)


Newz Item #3-Horny cd out now, baby!

Posted by nbn on the one n only org . Welcome 2 the new Margolin
in the mix. Another Leo in Val's life. Oh lawd.

HORNHEADS release new CD

"FAT LIP" - the Hornheads (formerly the NPG Hornz) 3rd solo CD, is
now available at CD Baby.
Since recording "5 Heads Are Better Than 1" (1997), we've kept very
busy performing and working on over 100 CD projects with many
talented musicians. Fortunately, we found enough time to make
Hornheads CD. We probably spent as much time joking and laughing
during the recording sessions as we did playing. "Fat Lip"
the pure energy and spirit of the Hornheads.
-Michael B. Nelson


Thank you!

CD Baby is having a sales competition for inclusion on a
so if you are planning on getting "Fat Lip", doing it in September
will be greatly appreciated!

This update is dedicated 2 Aunt Esther. Go on shake it Fred. Peace.


O.k., this was found by gapeach on the org.

I am digging the video and he got the girl he wanted 2 be lil miss

Any1 want to discuss the ending?

Here is the link 2 the video:


u can bump it up 2 fullscreen as well.


Musicology News Links

~ ENHANCING Surround Sound for your Home Theater
Digital Post Production - Newport Beach,CA,United States
... Dolby Digital 5.1 was also used to broadcast the opening night of
Prince's Musicology tour via satellite from Los Angeles to other major
markets in the United ...

~ IN the company of genius
Philippine Star - Manila,Philippines
... J; Now 16 by Various Artists; Happy People/U Saved Me by R. Kelly;
Straight Outta Ca$hville by Young Buck; Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson;
Musicology by Prince ...

~ PURPLE Rain/Mayor of Sunset Strip
Hollywood Reporter - Los Angeles,CA,USA
... Anyone needing a refresher course in Prince musicology will be well
served by Warner's double-disc version of the film (retail $26.99). ...

~ RECENT stories by Michaelangelo Matos
Seattle Weekly - Seattle,WA,USA
... restructures, fans and artists are scaling back. Event Horizon
strips down everything, including his ego, on Musicology.

~ AMERICAN Music Awards nominees announced
Detroit Free Press - Detroit,MI,USA
... Alicia Keys. Favorite album: "The Diary of Alicia Keys" (Alicia
"Musicology" (Prince), "Confessions" (Usher). Favorite male ...
See all stories on this topic:

~ ALAN Jackson Bumps McGraw Country heroes dominate the charts
Rolling Stone - USA
... And the comeback story of the year Prince lost his nearly five-month
Top Ten foothold, as Musicology dropped from Nine to Thirteen (63,000).

~ Y los nominados son ...
El Universal (México) - Distrito Federal,Mexico
... Studdard, Usher. _ Album: "The Diary of Alicia Keys", de Alicia
"Musicology", de Prince; "Confessions", de Usher. _ Artista ...

~ AMA says Yeah! to Usher
Pioneer Press (subscription) - St. Paul,MN,USA
... Native son Prince's "Musicology" was nominated for best soul/R&B
The awards will be presented during a Nov. 14 ceremony that will be
live on ABC. ...

end of messages

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