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LoveSexyDC Weekly Update  Kathy Jentz
 Nov 05, 2004 14:31 PST 

Hi all you "Purple Hippies"!

I will be moving the LoveSexyDC list from Topica to a new list host over
the next week to Zinester.com. Stay tuned for more details...

November Party info & more news below...

- Kathy

November Raffle Prizes

Our raffle prize for the November party will be THREE
MORE certificates for One Month of Unlimited Classes FREE at the ADVANCE
Martial Arts Studio near White Flint Mall.

Fellow LoveSexyDC member Melody generously provided these and says, "We
are a professional, full service school. We teach adults, children and
families in a positive, friendly environment." More info on Tae Kwon Do
and Melody's studio at:

Sounds like some real fun for the "True Funk Soldiers" :-)

Announcing Our December Prize Raffle

My name is Tai Sutherland and I can donate a gift certificate for
December Raffle. I will donate a gift certificate from my Salon for a
mini facial, valued at $75. The name of the salon is Christie- Adam
Salon and Spa in Great Falls, Virginia. The Salon is located about 20
minutes from Tyson's Corner off of Route 7.Check out our website,

{Thank YOU, Tai! - Kathy}

LoveSexyDC November Party Details

Party theme: Pop Life

featuring top pop hits from prince and from other
artists (culture club, eurythmics, etc.)

For that authentic '80s flavor: Pop Rocks for everyone!

Date: November 14-2nd Sunday

Time: 8:00 PM, lasts until 1:00 AM (new hours)

Location: Modern, 3287 M St., NW, Georgetown, Washington DC

Cost: $7

Valid Picture ID Required
Must be 21 to enter

Dress: Stylish & Sexy (no athletic gear please)

Music: DJDredd on the turntables

Special Features:
LoveSexyDC free raffle for Tae Kwon Do lessons at ADVANCE Martials Arts
<www.advancemartialarts.com> and other amazingly Prince-ly prizes..

Be Sure to Ask the Bartenders about the Prince-ly Drink Specials

Future LoveSexyDC Party Dates @ Modern

NOTE: NEW HOURS - we will no longer start at 7:00 PM and on holiday
weekends we will stay open until 2:00 AM.

Dec. 12th-2nd Sunday (8 pm -1am)
"funk ball"-paying tribute to funk legends (james brown, sly,
pfunk, cameo, zapp, etc.)

Jan. 16th-MLK Weekend (8 pm -2 am)
prince vs outkast ii

Feb. 20th-Presidents Day Weekend(8 pm-2am)
prince vs madonna iii

All dates feature the fabulous stylings of DJDredd and are at Modern in

LoveSexyDC Fundraiser

We have a very few purple LoveSexyDC CD cases left as well as some
copies of the "Turn It Up 2.0" and "Days of Wild" Uptown books - email
me or see me know at la-@aol.com, if you are interested in
purchasing them.

LoveSexyDC Member Holds MS Fundraiser

This is to officially announce that The Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation
www.KamilahMartin.com Under the distinguished patronage of Christine
Leake in conjunction with Brent Simpson c/o The Nexus Society
www.nexussociety.com and Kathy Jentz c/o LoveSexy DC www.lovesexydc.org
requests the pleasure of your company at our Second (2nd) Annual
“Martinis & Manicures - A day of Pampering for a Purpose” Informational
Reception. November 13, 2004 1:00pm-6:00pm 111 Q Street, NW Washington,
DC 20001, offering manicures, massages, free refreshments and
information about Multiple Sclerosis. Please R.S.V.P. - reservations for
services recommended but walk-ins are welcome between 2:00pm-4:00pm
otherw ise please schedule an appointment. Charge only for services
rendered: Mini-Manicures = $14.00 / Upper Body Massage to relive body
tension and stress: 15 Minute Massage = $25.00 / 30 Minute Massage =

Best Regards,
Kamilah Martin
The Martin / M.S. Alliance Foundation
(202) 270-2490 (Phone)
(202) 387-6951 (Fax)

P-Funk Radio Broadcast
From: Keith Jackson

P- Funk Radio is ON this Friday night November 5th, 10pm 2am EST @
This Friday it's"Funk On The Road" as we broadcast Live from Detroit the
"Motor City"
from the studios of P- Funker....Gabe Gonzalez

      Tune in as you'll be gittin' some hot new jams straight out the
We're in the land of music, so we don't know what special guest might
stop by.....

                      It all happens on your "Station for the Nation" -

Peace, Love, and Funk to Ya..............JTRP

Glamour Magazine Reference Pt. 1
From: S. Connelly

Thirteen Men to be Thankful for by Eliza Marston in the November issue
of Glamour:

3. Prince, for proving to the world that you don't have to be macho to
be sexy.

Glamour Mag Reference Pt. 2
From: Lisa

Love it!
And...check out the October 18th issue of Star Magazine - "Prince's
Palace" about the villa up for sale in Marbella, Spain.   Includes great

pics of Prince and Mayte and a more recent photo of Prince at the
Grammys in LA. It's a "Star Exclusive". (smile)

Mavis Article

Soothing the soul
With new CD, Mavis Staples continues her mission of renewal

WHATEVER ails ya - mentally or spiritually - Mavis Staples can heal it.

For more than 50 years, mostly as lead voice of the famed Staple
Singers, Staples has been applying her distinctively earthy, confident
voice to warm, Delta-flavored blues-gospel anthems of uplift and
rejuvenation. Best known of the bunch are songs like "I'll Take You
There," "If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)" and "Respect Yourself," true
20th-century classics.

And even though she has gone through some personal travails of her own
in recent years - including the death of her beloved father, Roebuck
"Pops" Staples at the end of 2000, and her sister Cleo's diagnosis of
Alzheimer's disease - Mavis Staples remains resolutely positive and
committed to bettering the world through song.

A perfect case in point is her extraordinary new solo album, "Have a
Little Faith," a set of good-time, down-home, gospel-fired numbers that
Staples will feature in live performance tonight at TLA with her band.

While gently updated in its production sound, "Have a Little Faith"
remains steadfast and true to the traditions of the Staple Singers,
including the piercing, peeling, Pops-style electric guitar work, the
sweetly surging Hammond organ lines and the frisky, "Sunday morning,"
hand-clapping percussion.

Staples didn't write the music on the album. But songwriters - including
Jim Tullio (a sometime collaborator with Richie Havens and latter-day
member of the Band), Philly notable Phil Roy and LeRoy Marinell
(co-writer of Warren Zevon tunes) - have marvelously captured the
Staples essence with songs espousing the power of positive thinking.

At turns she's celebrating the commonality of all human beings ("At The
End of the Day,") acknowledging the blessings we share ("I Wanna Thank
You") and the omnipotence of the Lord ("God Is Not Sleeping").

On "There's a Devil on the Loose," she warns of the dangers lurking at
our doorstep:

"Boys are running with the guns/Girls having babies too young."

But really summing up where Staples is coming from is the biographical
"Pops' Recipe," which recalls her dad's roots as a 10-cents-a-day cotton
picker on a Mississippi plantation, and his steadfast aim as an
entertainer to better the world with good news and good example.

As the chorus spells it out: "He said...accept responsibility/Don't
forget humility/At every opportunity/Serve your artistry/Don't subscribe
to bigotry, hypocrisy, duplicity/Respect humanity/That's Pops' recipe."

SUBHED HERE: Lifting their voices

"Pops taught us to be a family unit - close and strong," reflected the
64-year-old Staples in a recent chat from her Chicago home. "As a sort
of parable, he'd wrap 14 pencils together and show how strong they were,
how you couldn't break them. Then he'd pull out one pencil and show how
easy it was to break. He'd say 'This is what happens when you stray from
the family. This is why you've got to stick together.' "

The elder Staples pushed books like "The Art of Thinking Big" and
entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.'s autobiography, "Yes I Can," on the family
- which included Pops' wife, Ocela, Mavis' brother Pervis (who left the
group in 1971), and sisters Cleo and Yvonne.

"We didn't realize, didn't appreciate how close we were until we went
out on the road, performing together, and other young people would say
to me, 'How can you stand to be around your sisters all the time?' "
Staples recalled. "We didn't realize we were supposed to be fighting
with one another."

The first song the Staples family ever learned to sing together turned
out to be prophetic - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

"We weren't looking for a career. Pops had been singing with the Trumpet
Jubilee, a vocal group like the Dixie Hummingbirds and Blind Boys of
Alabama, but some of those guys weren't good about showing up for
rehearsal. One day Pops came home disgusted, went into the closet to get
out his little pawn shop guitar, sat us down and said 'From now on, I'm
going to sing with my children,' " Staples said.

"We went to my Aunt Katie's church that Sunday, got up to sing [with the
tiny but big-voiced, 9-year-old Staples standing on a chair], and people
clapped us back three times. We had to do that song three times, 'cause
it was the only one we knew."

Opening for Martin

The Staples would go on to record "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" "at
least seven or eight times." A new version appears, symbolically, as the
closing cut on Staples' new album.

Five years after their debut, the family group cut their first hit
record in 1955 for VeeJay, "Uncloudy Day." Despite its pure country
gospel qualities, the disc sold like an R&B record, and the Staple
Singers (dropping the last "s" on Staples for easier pronunciation) were
on their way.

It wasn't long before they had their own Chicago radio show, were
opening for Sister Mahalia Jackson (Staples' role model) and then
regularly selling out 10,000-seat arenas, especially in the South, as
the headliner on multi-act gospel shows.

The causes of social empowerment and justice became intertwined with
their music's spiritual core in 1963, after Pops took the family to hear
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preach at his church in Montgomery, Ala.

"When we got back to the hotel, Pops said, 'I like his message. If he
can preach it, we can sing it.' So we started writing and performing
songs like 'March Up Freedom's Highway,' about the historic civil rights
march from Selma to Montgomery, and 'It's a Long Way to D.C.' about the
march on Washington, and 'When Will We Be Paid.' "

The Staples, she recalled, "made many appearances with Dr. King, singing
before he would speak. His special favorite of ours was 'Why (Am I
Treated So Bad)', written for the Little Rock children who were barred
by the police from boarding a bus to go to school."

In 1968, the Staples clan made an important move, signing with
Memphis-based Stax Records and moving toward a more embracing style of
what Pops would call "affirmative, happy music that makes a positive

Three years later, the album "Be Attitude: Respect Yourself" took them
to mainstream and worldwide acceptance, first with the title track
belted brilliantly by lead singer Staples, and then with the No. 1 hit,
"I'll Take You There."

"The church wanted to put us out because of 'I'll Take You There,' "
Staples recalled. "They said we were singing 'devil's music' because it
was played across the board on R&B stations. But the devil doesn't have
no music. We were singing God's music. In that song, we were talking
about taking you to heaven."

'A whole brand new day'

In truth, the Staples were, as Staples put it, "taking the weight" for
changing the sound of spiritual music, for funking up their arrangements
with those red-hot Memphis horns and rhythm sections.

"We were the pioneers for contemporary gospel and got jumped on for it,"
she still believes. "Eventually, the fury died down and we were invited
back to church. And don't you know, the first song they wanted to hear
was 'I'll Take You There.' "

Ironically, she would later be turned off by some of the turns
contemporary Christian music took. "I felt like the kids were making a
mockery of God's music, when I saw a Kirk Franklin video with scantily
dressed women kicking up their legs. But Pops said, 'Mavis, it's a whole
brand-new day. We wouldn't do it that way, but everything must change.'

Staples eventually came around to the new order of things, even signing
as a solo act to longtime fan PRINCE's Paisley Park label in the late
'80s and cutting two albums with the controversial talent as her
producer and songwriter.

"It turned out to be a wonderful experience. He's the most beautiful
young man, very humble and very spiritual. He was so bashful he couldn't
even talk to me, face-to-face, though he'd talk to my sister Yvonne and
I'd write him long letters - 14, 15 pages long - telling him things from
my childhood. On every song on my album 'The Voice,' I hear something
out of my letters."

Family affairs

A couple of tracks on Staples' new album were originally intended to be
on one last Staples family project. Then sister Cleo fell ill and could
no longer perform. And an ailing Pops came up with enough material and
strength to record a full disc on his own.

The sessions were completed shortly before his death on Dec. 19, 2000.
Not long after, the Staple Singers were inducted into the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. (Staples said that final Pops Staples album will come out
next year via Alligator Records, her new home.)

"After Pops went, Cleo really fell apart. So I took off a year to work
with her, to find out what this disease is all about," Staples shared.
"Eventually I got her with a mother and daughter care team who're truly
angels, who're with her all the time, and she's doing real well. My
sister Yvonne told me I should go back to singing, and she'd keep the
books for me.

"But after I did the album and the first three concerts I was really
feeling the loss, being alone out there. I told Yvonne, 'You just have
to come out and sing with me. I have to hear one Staples voice.' So
she's out on the road with me again."


Musicology News Links

~ AMAs slated Nov. 14
SunHerald.com - Biloxi,MS,USA
... Alicia Keys. Favorite album: "The Diary of Alicia Keys" (Alicia
Keys), "Musicology" (Prince), "Confessions" (Usher). Favorite male ...

~ Prince's video princess of terrorism
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
... 11. It's a single off his new album, "Musicology," and touches on
the Iraq war and religion. MTV said it plans to air the video, perhaps
as early as this week. ...

~ Prince sparks controversy with explosive new video
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX,USA
... 11. It's a single off his new album Musicology, and also touches on
the Iraq war and on religion. MTV said it plans to air the video
sometime in the next week. ...

~ Violent Prince video too hot?
Lansing State Journal - Lansing,MI,USA
... It's a single off his new album "Musicology," and also touches on
the Iraq war and on religion. MTV said it plans to air the video
sometime in the next week. ...

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