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RE: Fwd: [WWII_Luftwaffe] Overclaiming Pro and Cons  Cody Durnberger
 Aug 08, 2005 09:30 PDT 
And on a similar note, why do you think Bong and Boyington got Medals of Honor? Not that what they did wasn't brave, but no more so than others who were with them. They got them for being top scorers. When Bong was sent home for rest and to go on a War Bond tour, McGuire was grounded so Bong could be recieved as the top pilot.

WOODROW ANSELEn <tros-@earthlink.net> wrote:Dear Boss:


"There is also the factor to bear in mind, that unlike the RAF, the Germans publicised there Aces, and treated them like heroes. The highest medals in Germany were given out for kills, not for acts of bravery. There was tremendous pressure on German pilots to rack up huge numbers of kills".

Indeed, this hero worship was truly the case, and not in the easy, offhand and casual manner Americans adopted either. No, it was an adulation exalted to the "N-th" degree. Look at the Luftwaffes pilots' uniforms. They beautiful! I mean they could make ME look good! Oh wait Yolanda wants to say something..."never happen, buster". (Paulo is sad.)


"The RAF, in contrast, refused to officially recognise aces and only reluctantly co-operated with press interest in the likes of Tuck, Malan or Bader."

So what do YOU think? Don't you think that the pressure do be the "Top Dog" was intense? He who came out with the highest scores could expect the most rapid promotions, public adulation and monetary rewards.The combined perks were bound to have a favorable effect on the ladies too.


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